Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Trap 15

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Side: Yuki

「That reminds me. Obon festivalー It’s about time」

That’s right, this world is like the earth, it has twelve months.

And right now we are in mid-august.

In this world, it’s not called august like on earth but 「Arcueu」, and it seems that the meaning behind such a name it’s hot days.

Let’s use numbers! After all, it’s divided into 12 parts.

When I told this to my wives, 「Now that you mention, you’re right. It’s easier to write that way, so I wonder why we never thought about that?」

The civil servants, Seraria, Ellis, Lutz, Rurua and even Shera accepted it easily.

Currently, we are spreading the use of numbers for months in the dungeon, but it was also accepted very quickly.

It has to be ‘that’, a pain in the neck for everyone, I’m sure.

As I was thinking about something like that, a hand moves around my neck, followed by a tightly hug from someone.

「What’s Obon?」

Lately, Seraria skinship has become intense.

It’s not like I hate it, but I’m more worried about my clothes becoming dirty as I’m eating watermelon.

Currently, everyone is carefreely eating watermelon at the inn.

It may be because there was no watermelon on this continent that everyone was a little taken aback eating the red contents, but after trying it, it 5twere quickly devoured.

…Should I make them try tempura?

「Nnー Do I have to be detailed? It’s too tiresome… In short, it’s something like honoring the dead」

「Like visiting a grave?」


「A strange festival, huh? It’s not like you can’t visit the graves whenever you want」

「It the place where I lived, it was said that the dead returned to life at this season. Therefore, it’s a tradition to go to meet them at their graves and then take them to your home and enjoy drinking or talking with your relatives. And then, in the end, take them back to their graves, it’s such a custom. Well, now I only visit graves at that time and my relatives only get together in those times too, so I think that’s the strong point of having such festivity」

「Oooh, it’s different from ghost and zombies?」

Hey hey, it may be the same in some way, but the difference is that it is physically impossible for the dead to return, at least those of Japan.

「In that side, there are no monsters. There are no such things as ghosts (Goosuto)… Although there are no such things, it’s the time where people makes ghost jokes」


Ah, ghost(Goosuto) and ghost (Yuurei) are not the same here?

No, it may be because of how I perceive it, ghost(Goosuto) it’s a monster and ghost(yuurei), well, something weird after all, so I guess the word was not translated properly.

「Ah, well, it’s not so different than a ghost(Goosuto), but if I had to say a difference, then, invincible?」

「Is it invincible?」

That’s because you can’t touch them and they can move freely, they can even teleport, and that’s why it’s called ghost.

Like the one that appears if you watch a VTR.

「You can defeat ghost here, right?」

「Indeed, with a single stroke of a sword」

That’s right, physical attacks are effective against the ghosts of this world.

To be more precise, it can be touched by putting a layer of magic on the sword.

That’s why someone like a Valkyria, a magic warrior like Seraria, can easily defeat it.

On the other hand, a warrior who can’t use magic on their weapons will have a hard time against that kind of existence.

You can think of it as the same as Wiz, 幽○か any X weapon won’t be effective. (TN: Sorry, it’s censored and it doesn’t make sense)

「Nii-sama, in that case, let’s visit the grave of those children!!」

「Indeed. Let’s properly clean their graves」

Filia and Asurin who were sitting on my knees were listening to my conversation with Seraria.

「Those children? Are you talking about that weasel and that raccoon?」

「Bubuu!! Cough, cough!!」

「Are you okay, Deriyu? Here, water」

「F-Forgive me. Labiris」

The person in question who killed those two was eating watermelon when Seraria said so and now was choking over.

I’m sure such a thing hurt your ears.

「Yes. We should go to greet them and clean up their graves」


「I agree」

After placing the peeled skin of the watermelon on a plate, I look around.

「So, what do you think about visiting the graves, everybody?」

「Nnー I’m reached a good stopping place with my work, so I’m okay」

「Me too」

「I’m okay too」

「Riel, I believe that you have paperwork to do, isn’t that right?」

「Eh, It’s okay I can do it a little later. I’ll finish everything later」

Like that, it was decided to visit the graves.

「So here is where the mother and father of those children are sleeping」


「That’s right」

Shera, Asurin, and Filia were staring at the graves of the many animals at their feet.

Shera wasn’t there when Deriyu came, so she doesn’t know the circumstances behind, but since she gets along with Asurin and Filia, she somewhat understands the situation.

After we finished cleaning, the only thing left to do was to visit the graves.

Rurua and Herge went to the where the children died, while Riel and Tori went to where the monsters died on the last battle.

Everyone was moving as their will.

There’s no distinction between monsters and animals in this dungeon’s cemetery.

If you are family, it doesn’t matter if you are a famous person or animal, even a monster, you will be buried in the same graveyard.

In the first place, this public cemetery began with Asurin and Filia’s animals.

The people who live in the dungeon also acknowledge this.

「Deriyu, are you okay?」


Probably she is the person who didn’t want to visit this place the most.

Deriyu, the one who killed those animals.

「What is it? I wonder if myself is allowed there, or something…」


「Kyuu Kyuu」

Deriyu who shows such hesitation at walking approaches to the children whose parents are now sleeping.

「What’s with you guys?」



Deriyu’s shoes are being bitten and pulled towards the graves.

「Deriyu-onee-chan. Let’s visit the graves together」

「Let’s do it, do it!!」

「It’s that okay?」


Being her back pushed by the children, Deriyu prays quietly in front of the grave for their happiness in the next world.

「I hope that with this, Deriyu-sama can forgive herself a little more」

「It won’t be going like that. It would be different if they were enemy soldiers. After all, I killed such cute creatures. Well, it’s not just that. I’m remembering everything I did so far」

Shera and Seraria look at Deriyu who doesn’t get up from the grave and then they murmur.

「Husband, I’ll leave Deriyu to you」

「Yes. It worries me seeing Deriyu like that. Please take care of her」

「Um? Why my?」

「Oh my, what an unromantic guy」

「Indeed. Only Yuki-san can go there with her. Please give her a lot of love」

With that said, they went away from the graveyard.

Seeing Deriyu’s state, everyone sends their gaze toward me and went away.

Hey hey, you understand each other too well, wives!




The little kid’s group also turned their eyes towards me like saying 「Just go now!」.

Ehー, how should I talk to Deriyu when she is like that?

「Yaa, I’m anpanman」

Such way won’t work, I’m sure.


I called her somehow.

I thought about leaving her alone until she finds peace of mind…

But everyone told me to go. Or so it felt.

「*gusu*… what?」

Without looking back Deriyu replies.

Ah, I see, she is crying.

It can’t be helped, if I don’t force her, she won’t turn around.


I pulled her shoulders as far as I could to turn her around and embraced her face.

「I know it’s impossible to tell you to not worry too much. However, I don’t want Deriyu to look like that」

Yeah, cool lines don’t come out from my mouth.

My body is getting itchy.

「…Can’t you be a little cooler?」



Deriyu rubs her face on my chest and is breathing heavily,

As for me, I’m sweaty for having cleaned the graves, it’s summer after all.

「Umu. Yuki’s smell made me feel better」

「Then, let’s return」

I carried Deriyu as a princess in my arms.

That reminds me, I never did this for Deriyu.

「Wai- Yuki!?」

「Alright, let’s compete in who can get home first!!」


「I’m jealous, but… it can’t be helped」

Like that, we hastened our return home.


Such cries echoed in the cemetery.

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