Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Trap 14

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Desilusion – Heart throbbing school edition – 1

Side: Seraria

『Oh, Yuki!!』

『Yui!! Sorry, but everything is fine now!! Since I’m here now!!』

On the TV screen, a young man and woman were hugging each other.

The screen changed and the ending is flowing.

「Fuwaa~. I couldn’t separate my eyes off the screen」

「I know, right」

It’s as Lutz said, they couldn’t separate their eyes from the screen.

We are now watching a DVD that my husband had with him.

At first, I had the misconception that there were people inside the box, but then I understood that this was something similar to CALL, but with the difference that this was recorded and can always be seen.

I thought it was magic, but then he told me it was technology, even so, I still don’t get it.

My husband never lies, so he must be right.

The content was a love story set in a school that we now run with our husband.

This is how the building called school that my husband speaks must be.

It encourages study to work on what you like in the future.

Then, while you study hard, you make friends, you get angry, and you fall in love.

A very lovely setting.

「Haa~ school? I’ve always been studying in monasteries」

「Oh, so it was like that for you Rurua? I’m bad studying. But an athletic club may be good」

「Yeah. As for me, I’m interested more in the kendo club. It’s a club that uses a katana, right?」

「…I thought that the school store was interesting」

Rurua and Riel were having fun also talking about the school.

「Shera-chan, how about you?」

「Yes, I think it’s amazing」


「Ooh, what’s the matter, Filia?」

Shera, Deriyu, Asurin, and Filia were also absorbed in the talk.

「I think I would enter the student council」

「I agree. I wonder if I should be your assistant in that case?」

「…Maybe me too?」

It was the same for Ellis, Milly, and Labiris.

Fumu, I came up with a good idea.

「Hey, I was thinking, husband will try to spread the television someday, and whatever is projected on the tv will be the topic of discussion for everyone, right? So I thought, why don’t we try writing our own little story?」

「Fumu fumu, that seems fun」

「Right? However, it would be hard to read every single piece if it’s about anything, so… What do you all think about writing a story about the school we just saw?」

「I agreee!!」

Filia raises vigorously her hand in support.

Everyone else had the same opinion.

Husband often talked about challenging yourself.

※From here on, each person’s will told their story. A quite abridged story.

Author: Seraria

When I arrived at this school, I accomplished my fateful meeting.

If it were a normal day, right now I would be receiving compliments as if I were a princess, I would be kept at a distance, and even treated delicately as if I was going to break.

I have already prepared myself for such a thing, as my position was that of an politician.

However, something happened on my first day I went to school.

「You’ll be attending this school starting from today」

「Yes, if that it’s my father’s will」

「I know you love me… However…」

I look around, looking for were those last words come from, could they have come from within me? But everyone is just looking at me from a distance.

Nobody is willing to interact with me.

It was then when I met him.

「What? You’re in the way standing there. Won’t you move aside?」

As if he didn’t care who I was, he gave a brief comment.

If you saw it from the side, it was nothing more than a rude act.

That was my encounter with Yuki.

My days became brighter as the days went by.

…For details, see the original version. ※There is no such original version.


「Fumu fumu, a love story between a princess and an ordinary man? A simple approach~」

「Yeah yeah, I think it’s good」

「Fufufu. Then, what about this?」

Author: Lutz

「Now this is troubling~ To think I overslept」

I leave the house in a hurry.

To think that I overslept today of all days on my first day after transferring.

「But if I run… somehow…」

Somehow I’ll be there on time.

Hurry up, faster.

Because I was thinking about such a thing, my mind was elsewhere.

「I just need to turn around that corner…」

I didn’t even think about the possibility of a person being there, so I went full speed.

Naturally, anything can happen if you do such a thing absentmindedly.


I bumped into something.



I lost my balance being the one surprised.

But I never fell on the ground.

「Are you okay?」

Because he was holding me.

「T-Thank you」

That was how the encounter between me and him, Yuk, wasi.

After that, I managed to arrive in time to school and for some reason, I ended in the same class as him.

Then several things would happen.

……For details, see the original version. ※There’s no such version.

「What do you think?」

「Well done. Such an exciting encounter」

「It’s leaves an impression」

It became animated talking about this story and that story that everyone created.

A very pleasant time.

Now, I wonder what kind of evaluation will my husband who is not here give?

Comment: Yuki

Hm? Are these not okay as stories, eh?

What’s my opinion about me in those stories?


Seriously, it’s impossibleー.

Someone like me getting out of my usual routine to speak with a princess, something like that it’s impossible.

I would persist in being a small ordinary person and live a peaceful life as a commoner, is it not obvious?

There’s the story of Lutz too, as a story, it’s completely impossible.

I won’t do something like bumping against someone at a corner.

Rather, I would never do something like going to school at the last moment.

And if for some reason I was going to be late, I would just be late.


What’s with you all?

Don’t Seraria and even Lutz look in a bad mood?

Wait a second, I just gave my opinion as myself!

What’s wrong with that!?

No, I properly told you.

As stories, they are interesting, didn’t I?

I only told you that if it were in real life, I would ignore all that…

Eh? I can’t do that?


Another school delusion will be told in another occasion.

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  1. Thanks for translating this. I stopped reading this novel 2 years ago when someone else stopped translating it. I’m glad I can read this novel again.
    It’s a crazy world out there now so stay safe and healthy.

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