Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 176

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Sorry, I was busy these days, I’l try to have more chapters in the later days, so don’t worry, I won’t stop translating this novel!

The secret of the magic     Final Chapter?

Side: Riel

After looking at Yuki-san’s story and materials, I understand that the Dungeon Core is used in the magic sword, but where is the meaning in that?

I did some experiments with Mist, and found that my magic is enough to counteract hers, moreover, the large scale magic is too big of an opening to use in melee battles, and it won’t work against a high level like us.

As a weapon, it’s not too bad, except that it doesn’t convert magic to DP, so it has a lot of storage inside.

Eh? I feel like I’m on something…

「Hey, Yuki-san. How can a dungeon core accumulate magic power when it’s outside of the dungeon?」

Such words came out of my mouth unintentionally.

It’s not I particularly thought about it, I just thought it was strange.

「You noticed well. You thought it was weird because we tried to make the same」

Saying that, Yuki-san took out the sword with the dungeon core attached to it.

「See this? This a replica of the magic sword that Narujia-san made for me in the past week」

「It’s rude to call it a replica. Please don’t lump it with those defective products. Well, the idea was interesting. It uses the dungeon core as a tool to accumulate magic power, thus reducing the burden on the user. It was a completely blind spot. I wouldn’t have been able to understand it if I had developed a magic tool capable of being used by anyone before. Ria-san’s armor is the type that moves by supplying magic from herself, so the concept was completely different!」

Narujia-san explains confidently, but I don’t understand half of it.

For now, I think it’s convenient because you can accumulate a lot of magic power.

「Well, If I were to sum it up briefly, she’s saying it’s amazing how much magic you can accumulate in the dungeon core」

「Ahー, please don’t summarize it like that!」

「Sorry. We’ll be explaining the magic sword now, so the details of the sword made by Narugia-san will be asked later」

「Muuー. it can’t be helped」

Narujia-san returns briskly with small steps to her seat in frustration.

「Returning to the topic, how do you accumulate magic? If you slash an enemy, you can accumulate a certain amount of magic. If you kill someone, you can get all of their magic power. In a way, you can say that it’s completely the same as a dungeon, but it’s not wrong to call it a weapon. This means that even if you are outside the vicinity of the dungeon, it is still possible to accumulate magic power」

「I see. But for what purpose was it made? And why are there so many magic swords being made?」

「I don’t know that much. I wonder if they came up with the idea of reusing the dungeon core during their long war, or if the dungeon master is still alive and doing something with it… That reminds me, how do they handle the dungeon cores on this continent?」

「I’ve never heard of it being used like that. I knew already that it had the capacity to accumulate a lot of magic power, you see, it’s already being used as a barrier tool in the royal castle to make it harder to use magic. I used it for protection rather than for attacking」

「Ahー, they are like a great version of the magic stone dropped by a demon, huh? Then, it wouldn’t be strange for the dungeon core to be used as a weapon. Why have we been using it only for defense?」

「That’s because a dungeon core it’s already rare enough. Wouldn’t it be troublesome if you used it as a weapon and someone took it from you? Or rather, you won’t use rare core when you don’t know if you’ll succeed」

「So that’s what this is about. But that other continent is using it as a weapon. Or rather, isn’t it even rarer on that continent over there?」

「Indeed. Dungeons are already called ruins there」

「So that’s what you mean…」

Yuki-san noticed something after talking with Seraria.

「Hey Luna, come here for a second」

Yuki-san used CALL to call Luna.

I wonder why does he have to call that goddess again?

「What? The drama I was watching was in a good part」

Luna appeared, wearing a jersey and holding a bag of potato chips in one hand…

Uwaa, doing such things it’s not good even if you are a peerless beauty.

I need to be careful and work hard every day so I don’t become like that.

「There’s something I want to ask you. You said that there was only one dungeon master on that continent at that time?」

「Hm? I didn’t say that. At that time there was only one, and he died a long time ago. Even the other died before thatー」

「Didn’t he have an apprentice or something like a subordinate?」

「Who knows? I don’t know that much, but one day, requests of exchange of DP stopped coming, so when I went to see, I found he was dead」

「How did he die?」

「A slash from the back. Well, he wasn’t like Yuki who spent his time in the dungeon and he didn’t have a robust defense at that point, so I’m assuming he was done in a rather normal way. I don’t know if it was betrayal」

「I see. So, did he collect a lot of DP through the dungeon core before he died?」

「Noー, to begin with, he was managing that continent all by himself. He used to ask for quite a few cores every time to build dungeons all over the place. At that time, he was the one who earned the mostー」

Ah, so it’s was not like that?

Normally, it would be more efficient to expand the area of control like Yuki, besides, there is no point in ordering a lot of cores.

「…For now, I get the rough of what’s going on」

「By the way, why are you asking such questions?」

「…You are really unreliable」

「Of course, you wouldn’t be able to take care of the rest of the planets if you have to take into account so many little details. It’s the same everywhere, isn’t it? The higher up you get, the less you can get involved in the little things」

「Although it’s a sound argument, you should say that after you’ve done something about that sloppy outfit of yours」

「What are you talking about? You’re the one who called me out during my break」

I understand what Luna is saying, but I don’t want to agree with her.

「I don’t know how the magic sword was created, but it seems that it used a lot of materials」

Seraria ignores Luna and continues talking.

「But the magic depletion problem has existed before that, right? In that case, I don’t think the magic swords are relevant after all」

「It’s exactly as you said, Riel. What do you think of that point, Yuki?」

Ellis agrees with me.

Rather, Ellis, isn’t this the first time you’ve spoken at a meeting? Didn’t you say that your morning sickness was terrible today?

I wonder if you are alright?

「It’s probably not directly related, but if we can find out how the magic sword was created, I think we can get closer to the cause of the depletion」

「…I understand. You’re going to find the reason why the dungeon master at that time created the magic swords for, right?」

「Yes, we have finally a clear goal now. Let’s follow the footsteps of the dungeon masters on this continent and find out how many magic swords there are. If we do that, I’m sure we’ll find something」

「That’s good. But, the movements of the Zilva Empire and its relationship with the demi-humans… Uuuggghhh」

「Eh? Ellis!? W-what’s wrong!? A-a doctor!? The doctor is!?」

Ah, as expected, she was forcing herself.

Everyone gathers around Ellis.

「Yeah, I know, Yuki-san is going to be a father soon, so please everyone calm down~」

Suddenly, Lilyciu-sama appears and checks Ellis’s condition.

「Yeah, it’s morning sickness. There’s nothing you can do about this, so bear with it」

「…Yes, there’s no problem. It’s proof that I have a child after all… ugh….」

「Okay, okay, let’s just lie down for a minute~」

In the end, the meeting ended like that, waiting for Ellis’s recovery.

But for now, our objectives are the dungeons and magic swords.

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  1. How interesting. Possible betrayal of a dungeon master. Maybe it’s something similar to what Yuki wants his monsters to do.

  2. I wonder if a manga about a magic researcher, where you’d need to understand a basic level of some rules, like a set of runes or something, to be able to follow the story would work. It might be tough, people are already having problems to follow the story of this novel’s manga adaptation.

  3. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    Maybe the dungeon master of the Empire died but was able to keep his bloodline intact by producing offspring like Yuki who later become dungeon masters of their own? I think it’s possible that all the dungeon cores have been used up to produce magic swords.

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