Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 175

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The secret of the magic sword – Middle Chapter

Side: Kaya

Everyone was surprised at Yuki’s words.

And with more reason, I’ve never heard of a weapon made from dungeon core as a material before…

However, according to Yuki, its performance as a weapon is not very good.

This is something I understood when the sisters used their magic swords.

Because my flame magic is stronger. One of the causes is the forced leveling with Yuki, however, I feel like, on a fundamental level, my magic is different.

As I skimmed through the materials, I remembered the experiment.

At the time, I had been summoned by Yuki and went to the place of the experiment.

There were the sisters and Zargis, the guard Ria and Jessica, in addition to the four little ones.

「Oh! Sorry, Kaya」

「…don’t worry, I’ll have Yuki make some inari for you」

「Yeah. I’ll leave it to you」

「Ah, onii-chan, me too!!」


「Yuki-san, I want too!!」

「What a terrible man. Just Kaya…」

Yeah, it’s noisy around Yuki as usual.

It’s not like I hate it, but I prefer tranquility, besides, I don’t stick too much with Yuki when I’m not under the covers.

Although Riel is wondering why, I like this kind of distance.

「Yes yes, I’ll make some for everyone. Come on, I’m going to go to work now, so don’t interrupt me, okay?」


Yuki tells that to the little ones and turns to me.

「I have a visitor, will you be alright?」

「Nn, no problem. I think it will be a good learning experience for everyone」

Despite being experienced as Yuki’s assistants, their combat experience is overwhelmingly lacking.

I think it’s important to increase that experience, even if it’s just a little bit.

I wonder if we should use the experiment that the sisters and I are doing if it results useful.

「Hey~ Yuki-san, is there no reward for me?」

Riel who is at the side and also is participating in the experiment raises her voice in protest.

「Riel, you’ll have a selection of sashimi later」

「Yup. I’ll do my bestー!!」

A cheap woman, Riel.

…Although I’m not in a position to say anything either.

「So, are you okay with a steak, Tori?」

「Ah, yes. Thank you for bothering」

And Tori is too self-assertive.

Even though there is nothing to be ashamed of that you like meat, but in front of Yuki, she’s trying to be a lady.

And yet, you could hear those intense sounds coming from the futon.

「Now, are you okay with your preparations?」

「…Yes, no problem」

「…hmm, I’ll be using the magic sword, so don’t let the kids get too close…」

Ah, I forgot that the main actor of today were the sisters.

It seems that neither of them can keep with our routines.

Well, of course. At glance, Asurin and the others are really kids.

They have a higher level than us and other than experience and skill, they lose to everything.

I don’t think they can do anything if their opponent is Asurin and the others.

「Yes. Onee-chan and the others are saying something like this. Let’s go a little further」



Though they are listening to what they are saying, their expression remains subtle as to whether them being in this place is a problem in itself.

「Then, let’s start okay? Here, the magic swords」

Yuki said so and pulled out one magic sword after another from the ITEM BOX, and then threw them at the sisters.


「Eh, you can use the item box magic by yourself!?」

「Of course I can. Don’t be surprised by everything. Have you already felt the difference between you two and we?」

Yuki’s item box is indeed a rare skill, but it’s not like we are on our continent right now.

It’s like we went beyond the definition of rare in this continent.

「I don’t care about that. Is there any change in your magic swords?」

「…Mist, let’s obediently accept the reality」

「…Yes, onee-sama」

At Yuki’s request, they waved their magic swords and generated a slight amount of fire and water.

Hmmm, it looks like they are not using their magic, but using the power of the magic swords to activate the magic.

A different type of weapon or armor than what Ria wears.

Ria’s hero equipment is only activated after sucking Ria’s magic.

We’ve also been given improved weapons and armor for our own use, but they’re the type that is also powered by our own magic.

I guess it’s like those electric lamps that illuminate without using magic for the civilian population.

Though that’s a metaphor, but I think it’s the right one.

「I don’t have any particular problem. However, since you said it was an experiment, I also thought that the magic sword had already been broken apart.」

「Let’s see. Nothing seems to be wrong」

「Then, you don’t have any problem with doing the experiment」

「I don’t mind.」

「Goood. Then, show me what techniques you’re good with the magic sword. You can use even your special moves to kill us, you know? After all, I’m sure you don’t want to show us your secret skills」

Yuki said that and walked away from her sisters.

Surprisingly, I thought they would suddenly attack.

「Could you stop staring at us like that? We are aware that we are prisoners」

Perhaps they were aware of how we were seeing them, that they appeared like they weren’t going to do anything.

「…we’re just standing guard. It’s natural that you will be seen with such harsh eyes」

I replied to Olive like that.

About how they could be so stupid to start a war with us.

Personally, I don’t like people who start fights for their own selfishness. It makes me remember that Loire guy.

「You can put up with this much. You start a fight, you get caught, and you ended with your body intact. We didn’t even beat you, isn’t it better than your army?」


「Onee-sama, it can’t be helped」

So you don’t even try to deny it, huh?

Hm, after all, that’s how it is. No matter what your mouth says, you don’t have the power to enforce it.

Yuki doesn’t torture people unless something serious has happened. Or rather, he doesn’t have the time.

After such an exchange, the sisters showed off their magic sword skills.

「Waa~ Amazing!!」

「Nii-sama also want weapons like those?」

「Fumu fumu」

「…I’m sure the weapons Yuki wants are even nastier 」

Just like that, the little ones are screaming *Kya kya* at the sight of the sisters’ magic swords, but for those of us who gathering information through observation, there is something strange.

So far, they are not going beyond the normal level of magic.

If I had to say an advantage, it would be that the amount of magic needed to activate magic is infinitely small.

As we saw earlier, it consumes far less magic than the amount of magic we use.

There is no doubt about it, since we can read the flow of magic with the magic sensing skills.

It’s like the wands of our continent?

Even my special stick skill needs a magic stone to be activated, making it easier to use it.

But in this case, the power it uses its different? Like it’s completely different? That’s how I felt.

「Fumu fumu, how about you Zargis?」

「I think so too. Let’s just say it’s kind of disappointing….」

Yuki and Zargis seem to have the same feeling as I do.

As expected, something is lacking. I wonder if it’s because we are too strong?

「…Let’s do it. Although we have been defeated, underestimating the magic sword and our power is an insult to the Zilba Empire」.

「Onee-sama… I understand. Let’s show our full power!!」

Then, the two idiots draw enough magical power from the magic swords to cover the entire test site, and cast flame and water magic, however…



With such a sound, the flow of magic disappeared.

「What the hell are you two doing? If you use magic with that kind of power, it will explode. You will be just wasting equipment and materials」



「Seriously. Why do you let the blood get over your head so quickly? So, what do you think, Zargis?」

I think Yuki used the magic, magic elimination, just now.

He is terrifying, even if he is my husband, after all, that way, any kind of magic is completely nullified

It would be fine if we could do physical ability and physical enhancement magic like Deriyu does, but we’re still not even half as good at controlling as Deriyu.

「Fumu, it’s true that the scale is great, but it’s easy for individuals to recreate it, and I think that people like Yuki and I, who are skilled in magic, could do it faster and on a larger scale」

「Rather, that way you only just need to amass magic power. Wouldn’t it be faster to drop a bomb?」

「That’s true, but let’s just say that Yuki is the only one who can do that. At any rate, it’s confirmed that it uses the dungeon core to draw magic. With the amount of magical power the sisters had, it would be impossible for them to cast that large-scale magic. Why don’t Yuki try to take control of the core?」

「I thought about it, but if there’s still an administrator, they’re going to find out about us. That’s where the problem lies」

「Ah, I understand. Should I try making the same thing?」

「That would be the best. Now, we should observe in an actual battle. We had a total victory after all at that time」

「That’s the best thing if it comes to a fight, though.」

The two of them finish talking and their gazes turn to us.

「That’s how it is, Riel and Kaya, you two will be their opponents」

「Leave it to meー」


When we stand in front of the sisters, the older sister gets a little cranky.

「Is it okay? It will be difficult for me to control myself if my opponent is a demi-human, you know?」

She ignores me, and talks to Yuki.

Don’t talk so familiar with Yuki, woman.

「…Ah? Oh, good luck with that. Kaya, don’t kill them」

「…I will only half-kill them」

「Oh my, you shouldn’t say what you can’t」

And in the next moment, I was blowing away Olive.


「Ahー Ahー, that’s not good, Kaya. I have to see how the sisters use the magic swords」

「Ah, sorry, I forgot」

After being blown to the wall, Olive stands up.


「..Her bones are broken. Haa, heal」

It can’t be helped, I’ll heal you.

Heal magic so useful, let’s be grateful to Lilyciu-sama to make me be able to use it.

As for Luna… Well, whatever.

「…Come on, let’s continue. I’ll be troubled if you don’t properly use your magic sword to attack me. You don’t seem able to defend yourself against my attack, so I’ll go easy this time」

「G-Go easy!? Hyaawa!?」

It can’t be helped, so I lightly hit Olive with a stick just like in practice.

On that day, Olive fell without being able to her magic sword.

As for Mist, it seems that Riel was able to handle her well.

Thanks to that, I didn’t have much inari left to eat.

Seriously, I’ll make them use the magic sword properly tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    If the dungeon swords no longer work, would that mean the dungeon master of that continent is dead?

    1. On that note, I’m expecting the dungeon master to be female, since it seems that only females can use the sword.

  2. Or a perverted male impregnating women without their knowledge to amass DP.

    Thanks for the chapter. Just read all the chapters that have been released since two years ago. Thanks for picking this up.

    Stay safe and healthy everyone.

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