Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 173

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Experiment and negotiation

Side: Yuki

「So, how are you two feeling?」

I currently came to where the two, magic sword users, sisters are. To decide what to do with these two in the future.

No, it’s not a problem even if a war with the Zilba Empire starts. The army that these two sisters brought with them has been nearly annihilated, and even if I let the sisters make a false report, a large reconnaissance team would come soon.

No matter how I make them lie, there is no way to erase the fact that most of their army was destroyed.

Even I am unable to revive someone, and although I’m suspicious of Luna, but seeing as she hasn’t done such a thing in this world, could be that she isn’t motivated enough to do it.

Because if a person can come back to life, other problems would soon follow.

So, it’s only a matter of time before the Zilba Empire finds out about us.

Even though I had a hand on this, it would have ended in the same way would I have left it to Steve.

「…What happened to all the soldiers?」

As I was thinking about various things, Or○ー, no, Olive opened her mouth.

It wasn’t a reply to me, but a question.

「Don’t you already know how it turned out?」

By now, most of them have been smashed to atoms and even those who survived have been seriously injured.

Ah, as always, those soldiers are paying for their own feeding needs.

Their supplies were seized and now are being distributed. There’s no need to open Weed’s wallet every time.

After all, they were attacking. There’s no reason for us to suffer a loss.

「…After you captured us, you told your men to treat our soldiers. Are there any survivors?」

This time, the young sister, Pikumi○(ピクミ○), Mist speaks.

「Haa, you have to answer my question first. Be aware that you don’t have many choices in many ways」

「How dare you after behaving so cowardly!!」

「Onee-sama, please calm down」

Oh, so I will be treated as a coward after all?

「It seems that you are feeling lively. But there is not such a thing as a coward. How was I cowardly? I mean, you were the one who said you were going to win, right? In fact, you outnumbered us over five times and lost. Which is the coward here?」

「That, that’s just a strategy-desuwa!!」

「Then winning with a few numbers was also a strategy. Who the hell is going to fight against such an overwhelming number head-on? Would I have fought in such a way, annihilation was the only way that awaited us」

No, even if we had fought head-on, I don’t think even one person of Weed would have lost. Besides the demi-humans, of course.


「Well, no matter what you say, it won’t change the situation」

「Then, what did you come here for?」

Mist glares at me.

「I came to introduce myself. At that time, you were just talking and talking, so before I could introduce myself, I crushed you all, but I think now we can talk normally」

「…I’m called Olive Melt」

「…I’m her sister, Mist Melt」

They reluctantly introduced themselves.

I already knew your names, though.

「I’m… well, I’m the leader of this mercenary group, I’m called Yuki」

「…Do you understand? Now you’ve definitely turned the Zilba Empire as your enemy」

「So? You attacked us, and we intercepted. That was the result. If the Zilba Empire’s troops comes to attack us, then I’ll just annihilate them again. They will just bring soldiers like a fool in the same way. There’s no such thing as an easy target」

「……Is that attack something that can be done over and over again?」

Mist stares firmly at me and asks me a question.

Are you probing? How could you win?

Yes, good, this is the correct path. Don’t give up, seek out a way.

Even though civilization is a little behind the times, but it seems that there is even a child like Mist in such a place.

This kind of thing it’s what can surpass strong people and cheats.

There are few who call themselves ‘strong’, ‘geniuses’ or ‘cheats’, rather, they are called by others such. But wait, I’m not a genius in gags? Though I’m doing such thing right now.

Oops, let’s answer her question first.

「I can do it as many times as I want. Even more powerful than that. By the way, it has a maximum range of about five kilometers, so if a large army is coming, I’ll just pull the trigger, and bang, good bye」


The sisters are at lost at my words.

The sisters thought that it was a one-time attack, a trump card, but in truth, despite not being able to be released infinitely, it could plow the whole area… it’s the type that raises the budget.

So, from the point of view of Earth, their way of fighting it’s antiquated… it’s rude to even compare it with the first world war. The old way of fighting, assembling numbers and forming ranks, is not going to win the battle.

「That’s why, hmm, let’s see. If you and your sister are willing to help me with something, I’ll let you take the surviving soldiers home with you」

Yup. Even if I make them prisoners, eventually I’ll run out of their supplies and I’ll have to supply them from Weed.

I refuse to do that, so I’ll have them go home.

The same plan as with the princess.

That’s what will make me earn the most time possible and it doesn’t cost a lot of money.

「…so, some soldiers survived?」

「How many are left?」

「1023. Aren’t you glad that survived more than expected?」

In fact, once the sisters were captured, Steve and the others dragged the soldiers the sisters brought, postponing their treatments, to be able to use them in a certain experiment.

As a result, only 1023 people remained.

And also I found that my healing magic is amazing.

Until now, it was unclear how effective my healing magic was on people, and it seems that it’s a little bit different than normal.

Apparently, a lost limb cannot be healed by the magic extra heal, but I found out that it can be cured by my extra heal.

In other words, soldiers with missing limbs can have their limbs completely restored.

Although I’m still pondering with Zargis why is there such a difference, I think it must be due to how we perceive the human body.

Luna says my ability is the result of using my powers in a different way to the rest of this world, that this is no one-of-a-kind ability, just a simple difference in how I use them.

That is why I thought it may be how I perceive the human body.

In the first place, this world’s healing magic is really healing magic…?

Ah, no no, I’m getting off track.

I’m talking with the sisters right now. I’ll talk about this another time.


But it seems the sisters are still worried.

「…may I ask what do you mean by cooperation?」

「A natural question. What, it’s easy. In addition to examining your magic swords, I want you two to join me in a couple of experiments」

「What accursed thing are you saying!! This is a treasure that our founder left us! Using it for an experiment is!!」

「So it’s okay to ignore the possibility that it could be broken in battle, huh?」

However, it’s like I heard from Jessica.

Jessica told me about the magic sword, which is a legendary weapon forged long ago by a person called the founder to fight against demi-humans.

No, it’s not legendary or anything if it was man-made by a person.

As for that person called Founder, I have no information at all.

Though there are a lot of legends, but related to the time when they fought the demi-humans, the Founder was considered a hero among the people, and how was he like at that time? It’s described that he was a wonderful person. That’s the only thing left.

Seriously, it’s a pain in the ass to even look for information.

I know now how hard it’s for the people doing historical researches.

「Onee-sama, please calm down. Are you telling us that you will return our magic swords?」

「Is that true!?」

「Of course, the two of you are the only ones who can use the magic sword. If I don’t return them, I can’t do any experiment. Ah, that right, you can take the magic sword back with you when you go back」

Though the details are unclear, even ordinary people who can’t read know the importance of magic swords on this continent.

If you keep something like that, things are bound to get weird.

After all, there are other countries than the Zilba Empire who wants the magic swords.

「An experiment? If we help you with that, you will really return the surviving soldiers and the magic sword and release us, right?」


「But you have no guarantee that we won’t go on a rampage?」

Even if they struggle, the only damage they can do with their shabby magic sword is to the extent of giving Steve a burn.

「No, it’s okay if you struggle. You just try to not get hurt」


「There’s no way those who can’t even scratch me can handle the others」

「Onee-sama, let’s obediently follow Yuki’s advice. It’s frustrating, but we are not match for him. If something goes wrong and our magic swords are taken away, it would be a problem. The lives of our soldiers are at stake too. Would you please be patient with me?」

「…If Mist says so. I understand. I’ll accept Yuki suggestion」

「Good, we have a deal. I’ll have the detailed paperwork brought to you later, so you can sign it」


Who in their right mind will let you out with just an oral promise?

If I can have a document signed, then I’ll be able to use it in various ways later.

Though I don’t know if they realize that there is such a possibility.

「The experiment starts the day after tomorrow, so, well, you can take your time until then. Ah, these experiments are not anything unreasonable too. Though I asked for your cooperation, it’s not like the experiment will take your lives or anything like that, after all, it’s written in the document」

They are important, right? Documents.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    The Zilba Empire army, gone. Reduced to atoms.

    ould I have fought in such a way, annihilation was the only way that awaited us
    -> …only path that awaited us
    (This sounds better.)

    This kind of thing it’s what can surpass strong people and cheats.
    -> it’s—> is

    「1023. Aren’t you glad that survived more than expected?」
    -> Aren’t you glad that there were more survivors than expected? (The previous sentence sounds wrong)

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