Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 165

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Side: Yuki

The princess has escaped, and the matter with the village has been settled.

All that’s left is to build up the defenses and get ready for the incoming enemy’s large army.

Let’s leave the call of the demi-humans to the village chiefs.

The situation is still too unstable for us to leave this place, but if I were to tell the truth, we don’t even need to stay since we have already gathered our forces.

So, the most important thing to do right now is to befriend Jessica Wide, a former member of the Wind Princess Knight unit of the Zilba Empire, who holds information on the Zilba Empire that will become a hostile force.

They say that information is more important than money.

「Now, Jessica. What do you plan to do from now on?」

In the meantime, I’ll take care of her wishes.

The first step to leveling your likability is to care for the other.

Even though she is a prisoner, she’s also an important source of information as long as she doesn’t run away, and it’s not like we were particularly harmed by Jessica.

Although we were attacked by her army, there were no casualties. And our supplies have hardly decreased.

I even served Steve and the others some fancy liquor after their victory as their reward. Then there’s the labor of preparing nearly 2,500 ropes for capturing people and also the transport of supplies. Ah, should I add the treatment fee?

Properly speaking, it’s not a problem for me because I can use DP to replenish supplies by using the dungeon.

Besides, it’s impossible to run off DP unless I use them too much. Weed’s ten thousand inhabitants and three thousand strong men are supporting us.

「What do you… mean?」

「Although you are a prisoner I will keep my promise with the princess. As long as you don’t run I won’t give you weird orders. I’ll respect your will. Though, I’d like if you could give me as much information as you can」

「Are you planning to attack the Zilba Empire?」

「No, it’s just for defense. As you can see, we’re too few in numbers, and although our stance, we have become the enemy of the human race, it’s the height of folly to start the fight ourselves, right?」

「You’re indeed correct. I am also reported dead, so fleeing means that I would have to go to another country. I’m indebted to the Zilba Empire. I have no reason to go to other countries. As I promised the princess, I’ll concentrate on either ensnaring Yuki or gathering information about this place」

「Fumu. So you are openly declaring that you will become a spy? Even though you won’t be able to go too deep?」

「I suppose so. Therefore, I’m going to work for the leader, which is you, Yuki. You told me that it was okay to do what I wanted, right? Don’t worry I won’t assassinate you. You and Ria are both worth sacrificing my life for to obtain you. If you want, I will love you, Yuki, with all my heart?」

Uhee. She’s truly a true soldier or should I say a too serious one?

Leaving that aside, if I apply a designated protection, she will also be protected, I can even put on her a collar, and that will keep us safe.

With her attitude, she will likely receive the designated protection. Should I try it?

「Let me see… If you get my designated protection, I’ll show you the information you want to see. What will you do?」

「What is that designated protection?」

As expected, she is the type who nods quickly.

「Let’s see. It’s very tedious to explain the details from the beginning. Simply put, a slave collar. It’s like a simplified version of that」

「A simplified version of a slave collar? How and where is that simple?」

For the time being, I’ll tell you the added ability of the designated protection.

To recap, no killing or wounding is allowed in the dungeon, movement is restricted, information is restricted to be kept private, those who received the designated protection can communicate with each other at a distance, and of course, attacking me is not allowed.

She wouldn’t understand even if talk about dungeons, so I’ll explain everything besides that.

「Fumu fumu, there’s no difference between a slave’s collar. If there is a difference, it’s that Yuki is willing to ease the restrictions given how I behave?」

「Well, something like that. I can even abandon you in a space where there is nothing. In a sense, it can be said that the restrictions are more severe than a slave’s collar」

Herge said it was lighter than a slave’s collar, but that’s only if you’re on the protected side.

If everything about you is restricted, then it’s even more troublesome alternative than a slave’s collar.

「However, you’re going to tell me the secret of your mercenary group’s strength, is that correct?」

「It’s not like it’s a secret or anything」

Anyway, even if I show you, you will only end with a big headache, and that’s really troublesome, you know?

Even Jessica wouldn’t be able to keep up with us, so even if she showed it to other princesses and such, they wouldn’t understand.

In a sense, I saw that Jessica had such a talent and so I took her prisoner.

「Does that response means that you are okay with receiving the designated protection?」

「Yes, I am, please」

And so, the designated protection was easily accepted.

Oriel was the only one who took a backlash, well, he had a different position at that time.

「So that’s how it is, she is Jessica, someone who will become a friend? of ours. Please give her your welcome」



My wives replied normally.

Steve looks awkward because he’s the one who fought her.

Mauve and the others just nodded their heads and didn’t pay any particular attention, I guess the real battlefield is like this.

It’s like that, you can’t hold a grudge for everything.

Or rather, Mauve and the others are deliberately avoiding the issue. Please, don’t say anything bad.

「Jessica-san, I’m called Shera. I’d be happy if I could hear a lot of stories」

「Jessica-onee-chan, my name is Asurin. Nice to meet you」

「I’m Filia!!」

「Labiris. …*gigle*」

Unlike the time when she greeted Tori and the others, Jessica’s face seemed stiff as she greeted Shera and the others.

「Ah, yes. Nice to meet you」

As expected, is there a problem?

Is she not good with children? Let’s talk to her when Asurin and the other are away.

「Asurin and the others are preparing Jessica’s welcome party. I’ll be giving her a tour, so Asurin and you all will have to work hard for today’s meal. Now it’s the time to show me what you’ve learned so far」

「「Yes!! I’ll do my best!!」」

「I understand. But take your time」

「Yuki, you got an interesting girl again」

Saying that, the younger group went back to the inn.

I tried to talk to Jessica who was seeing them go away…

「Yuki!! Why are there children in your mercenary group!!?」

Eh, what are you mad about?

「Fighting is something we adults should do, and the children who are responsible for our future should at least stay healthy until the time comes!! Why did you bring them to such a battlefield!!」

Ah, now I understand. She is really too serious.

「I understand what you’re saying, but isn’t it bad to leave them in the village where you stopped by? And that doesn’t mean that the village will be safe in the future」

「I now that. But a bigger fight is coming up here in the near future」

「Eh, are you trying to deceive me?」

「I’m sure even you, Yuki, knows it. Even the Zilba Empire is not a monolithic. There are even people who want to overthrow the princess」

「I’m sure there are. I believe we are in the right time to buy time」

「Then why!! Why such a…」

「Don’t worry. This is what those kids wanted…」

「Something like that can’t be…」

Then, I say something that silences Jessica.

「Didn’t you hear? It was us and those children who crushed the main squadron of your princess!」


「I’ve been saying from the beginning, didn’t I? That the princess won’t and cannot become an obstacle. However, if we antagonize them, it will be difficult to move, so we are taking the necessary steps for that to not occur」

Then Ria pulls Jessica’s hand.

「To where…?」

「You want to know, right? Why is that Yuki, why is that we have such a strength that defies common sense?」


「In that case, follow us. Asurin and the others are waiting for us to eat. I’ll guide you before the food cools down. That’s okay, right? Yuki-san?」

「Oh, it’s been a while since I’ve been to Weed. Ah, don’t be lax with the defense, okay? Steve」

「Yeah yeah, you can go-ssu. Ah right, please buy some chocolate flakes for Super Lutz」

Hey, you are the one who wants that!

While making such promises, I took Jessica with me and went into the dungeon.

「Yes, this is a certain city inside of the dungeon. It’s no exaggeration to say it’s the most developed on our continent, Weed」


Jessica’s eyes were already turned into dots.

For the time being, I took her to the government office so that I could save time in the explanation as much as possible, but the office is already close to a four-story modern building.

Outside, there are ordinary concrete streets, modern private houses and shops are spreading.

「Now now, this is a pamphlet. Let’s see, let’s start by opening page three」


She opened the page as I told her.

Yeah, it’s probably better than Crack and Alshtail who say at the beginning that everything was a dream or something.

「Weed’s population is constantly growing. As you can see, it’s a place far different from others and a rather isolated environment. The pamphlet says that the total population is 13,000, but just the other day, we received a certificate of residency and now it exceeded 17,000」

「Eh, wait a minute, why is the population growing so much?」

「Eh? Isn’t Ririana-san sending everyone who is feeling unwell or has it rough living to the dungeon gates?」


Well, I left that part to Seraria and Ellis, after all.

Doing bureaucratic routines is too troublesome!! So this a good place to leave all that troublesome work. A Japanese office like on the earth.

「Hmm… to think that a city was spreading under the ruins…」



Ah, that’s right, there’s no dungeon there so she doesn’t even know what a transfer gate it is?

Rather, from where should I explain to her…?

「Ria, leave the Weed introduction for now. She needs an explanation in advance, after all」

「I think you’re right. I will go and rent an empty room in the government building」

「What? We are not under the ruins on the underground?」

「No, you’re correct but at the same time incorrect, should I say?」

Would she believe if I told her that it’s another continent?

This is bad~, it’s really hard to explain about us to someone with a civilization gap.

「Yuki-san, I rented a conference room on the third floor~」

「Oh, then let’s go?」

「Please, wait a moment. According to the explanation, hmm, this government office, was it? This place is where the information of the people is managed? To be able to rent such a place so easily…」

「Ahー, that’s right. Let’s see. Let’s just introduce who we are at Weed. I’m Weed’s army adviser, the general of the monster army, and the army direct commander, Yuki. Though I’m not much involved in politics, I have a great deal in authority」

「I’m that Yuki’s adviser secretary and one of the wives, Ria」


Of course, she would be surprised.

She thought we were a mercenary group, but the truth was that we were a high-ranking member of another country’s military forces.

「Ah, that’s right. I’m sure there is some information you want to give to the princess, you can write to her normally」

This kind of compassion is important, isn’t it?

「W-Who is going to believe something like thatーー!!」

Yeah, I thought so.

She would only think I’m crazy here by telling her that she can write what she saw here.

「This is just the beginning. First, we’ll start with basic knowledge」

「Indeed. Common sense may be different in places you don’t know of, so first, she should study」

「This is just… just the front? P-Princess. Our opponent may be the legendary Demon King…」

Hey, I’m not tired enough for a job change after my wives recognized me as a hero.

「Jessica-san, please don’t say such rude things towards Yuki-san」

「I’m s-sorry. It was too… too unexpected…」

Oh, Ria is scolding her in some weird way?

Even Deriyu is a demon king, right? So I don’t think there is any problem even if I’m told demon king?

「Yuki-san has already a hero which is me and a demon king called Deriyu-san as wives. It’s not a mistake to call him a Hero or a Demon King, but even that it’s an underestimation!!」

Ah, it’s about that?

Jessica looked like a rusty tin toy making a *gigi* sound while moving her… neck…

「Ria’s a hero and…」

「Yes… That’s a fact」

When I answered, Jessica squatted down while holding her head.

「Impossible. But the scenery in front of me is real. But, as expected, a hero is… and even a demon king? A lie. But having that kind of strength…? Wait a moment, so Yuki is even above them? What’s that, what kind of living thing is that? A dragon? It’s no wonder, dragons are stronger than heroes and demon kings. He is a dragon and so this city is…」

Oh, she is confused.

Now I don’t know if I can make it in time for dinner~.

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    1. Thanks to the virus outbreak people have a lot more time for translating novels. My country has been digitalizing like crazy lately, suddenly it turned out, all those things you used to have to spend the whole day waiting in line at some government office to take care of, can easily be taken care of on-line.

  1. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    Jessica broke, haha.

    I suppose Yuki is like a dragon and Weed would be his domain over which he rules like a king?

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