Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 163

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Negotiation and contest

Side: Yuki

Now, Marley, the Wind Princess Knight, as far as I’m concerned, finally regained the energy to speak.

She even jumped towards me, I wonder where the frightened woman went?

「Ria, let her go. For the time being, the princess won’t attack us here.」

「Understood. Well, I don’t think she’s strong enough to revolt」


The princess, frustrated, sat back in her chair.

「First of all, it’s good to see that you are not hurt」

「What do you plan to do with us?」

「Going straight to the main point, huh? Even though I heard you were frightened just a moment ago?」

「That’s because I was dealing with the demi-humans. I personally don’t discriminate, but people as a whole have discriminated a lot. It’s not funny being killed in retaliation」

「So that’s what you mean」

Indeed, Mauve and the others returned with Steve to the dungeon, saying they didn’t want to take part in handling the captured women.

Since the goblins were the main reason of their defeat, they only helped with the transportation of the injured, so does that mean that Tori and the others took care of the princess and the others?

Well, it can’t be helped that they are scared.

「Well then, now we can talk normally, right?」

「Yes. There’s no problem」

「Well, as for your treatment, since we, the mercenaries, single-handedly defeated you all, we’ll have full discretionary authority over the captured supplies, prisoners of war, etc」

Though I don’t need any of it.

Normally, there would be a lot of uproar about money, food, and women.

Of course, only if really lived by this continental standard as a mercenary group.

But us, we can get supplies at will via the dungeon, and my men are happy as long I pay them their salaries? or so I hope.

By the way, even if we obtain money from this continent, it would be meaningless since it can’t be used in Weed. Weed is the only place where goblins can go shopping.

Women don’t get rap*d either. The goblins prefer to have a carefree life, or so they say.

Unlike wild goblins, the existence of a safe place inhibits the need to breed, you know? The Guildmaster and Zargis also said so.

「So you mean that you won’t be hand us over to them, the demi-humans, correct?」

「That’s was the idea. But we’re in a bit of disagree with the demi-humans right now, you know?」

「What do you mean? I thought you guys were hired by the demi-humans」

「Rather than being hired I think it’s more correct to say that we were threatened. Since the demi-humans defeated the Zilba Empire this time, they were going to use this to gather the demi-humans that were dispersed all over the place」

「What did you said!?」

「Ah, by the way, we were the ones who actually defeated the Zilba Empire soldiers who came before you, the princess」

「So you’re telling me that they let the soldiers escape on purpose to get you guys on their side?」


「I understand now. I thought it was strange. Even the army I lead has all been captured or killed, so how could the soldiers of that stupid nobleman escape?」

「Oh, there’s a misunderstanding there. We captured your soldiers, but we didn’t kill them. They’re all alive. It would be too much trouble if they got violent or tried to run away, so we did inflict some serious injuries, though」

That’s how much of a gap between our abilities there was.

「…So, you just were playing games with us?」

「Let’s put that aside, what we’re talking now is about the treatment of your group. Are you aware of your position?」

「Yeah, you guys couldn’t just walk away from the demi-humans. Does that mean that if we report back to the Zilba Empire that you’re not an enemy you’ll let us go?」

「No, you’re pretty stupid, aren’t you? For the record, the highest fighting force, which is the princess and their unit, in the Zilba Empire was destroyed. I don’t know whoever the Emperor of the Zilba Empire is, but you think he’s going to leave us, mercenaries, who accomplished this alone?」

「Tsk, it looks like you’re not stupid either」

「What? You sure have the nerve to attempt such a thing, huh? Why don’t I just kill someone in front of you?」


「Well, I know that you can’t deprecate yourself given your position, but… We have the initiative. It’s fine to look for compromises, but stop trying to test other people. As for our side, it means what I say when I say I’ll annihilate your unit」

「…you’ll be at war with the Zilba Empire」

「If only there was someone who could report. I’m amazed that you can say such things when I said that I could annihilate your entire army. Those soldiers who escaped earlier will give vague reports because of a conflict of interest. Besides, if they come to attack us, we’ll kill them all. Besides, we beaten them so bad that they won’t think a second time about attacking us」

「You think you can win?」

「You sure have the nerve to say something like that for someone who lost 2500 to 150」

「That’s true, but the Empire has over 300000 troops. Give me a tenth of that, and you won’t have any means of defense, I’m not right?」

「I have one」

It’s not like I don’t have one, when the matter becomes troublesome, it’s going to be a parade of modern weapons.

I guess they don’t realize that they will have to fight with Weed’s unique assets.

In terms of numbers, if we’re going to fight the Zilba Empire, the number of monsters I can summon is about 10,000 Lv 100 monsters.

At this point, it’s not even a fight, and with the addition of our overwhelming strength, the only way for them to defeat us it’s only for them to have same level of technology as we do.

Of course, with the current era of sword and magic, they have a long way off.

「Well, that doesn’t mean that I want to go to war. If you the princess can keep quiet about this, I will let you all go」

「Up to what point should I keep quiet?」

「Let me think. About us being mercenaries in general? No, they’ll find out sooner or later. H~m, there’s no point in blocking the information, is there? Anyway, if word gets out and more troops comes in, it’s gonna be a couple of months, right?」

「That’s a given. However, there will lot of magic sword user like me coming, definitely. Individually, they are not as good as me, but together, they can even surpass me」

「Hee, I didn’t think there were other magic sword users out there」

No, I expected it.

Rather, why only swords? They are hard to use.

「That’s an army of over a million, including that magic sword-user. You think you can defeat that?」

「Ahー, yeah. Easily enough I suppose」

「What did you said!!?」

Oh, her true feelings has come out.

A magic sword is not threat at all.

Even Steve managed to handle her, so It’s not like it’s going to be difficult for me and my wives

Besides, it’s also pointless in another way.

「I was defeated without using most of my magic sword power, but that won’t happen next time, and when the other magic sword users find out about how I was defeated, they’ll come with their full strength from the start!! Don’t take them lightly!!」

「No, you are the ones who are underestimating us… Okay, I’ve decided the release conditions」

I came up with an interesting condition.

After all, whether I kill the princess or let her go, the enemy will come to this village sooner or later.

And although killing them will make the demi-humans happy, but there’s no point in doing that as they have had a bad attitude towards us.

However, if I just let them go, the princess will just report back to the Zilba Empire and will return in a few days later.

It would make everything easier if I could just let them escape, however, my relationship with the demi-humans will deteriorate. We still need to find the cause of the magic depletion in this new continent, so it’s not a good idea to cause discord here. If the cause of the depletion is demi-human related, then I can’t take my eyes of them.

But then, when the enemy comes, and they will, in addition to dealing with the enemy we will have to deal with the prisoners and that will be a waste of labor and supplies.

「What? What should I do to get released?」

「I’ll have you fight me with your magic sword. So if you win, I’ll let you go unconditionally. If you lose, we’ll take, yes, Jessica is fine, we’ll take her as our prisoner」

「Huh? Rather, what’s the point of those terms? And about Jessica too, if you are fond of her, why don’t you pin her down right now?」

「Haa, I already have wives, my plate is already full of women. It just that she seems useful for paperwork and so on. I mean Jessica of course」

「Correct, Jessica administrative skills are amazing. I’m always relying on her」

「Then there’s no problem. If you don’t want Jessica taken from you, you have to defeat me.」

「Wait, that’s not it!! I’m asking you what’s the point of all this!!」

「It’s doesn’t matter where we go, we will attract attention from somewhere. To be honest, I don’t want to make any enemies. It would interfere with our future objectives」

「Come to think, you’ve said it before. That you are not participating in this war because you want. Could be relationed with your job as mercenary?」

「Who knows? I don’t see a reason to talk you about it. For the time being, I don’t want to kill the any princess and go to full war with the Zilba Empire. And I don’t want to get hostile with the demi-humans either. So, I’ll pretend like the princess ran away. Well, it would be boring to let you merely escape, so I thought about getting information of the magic sword users」

「I see… so you need information to think about how to deal with the magic sword users, huh? I understand. I’ll take that offer」

And so, a one-on-one battle with the princess was decided.

「So, what are you thinking?」

「I’m sure you too, Zargis, are aware of this, right? What did you find about the magic sword that you just returned to the princess?」

「It’s abnormal. To think that after absorbing up so much magic power it’s only being able to exert that level of power」

Yes, when I looked into that magic sword, I felt a great discomfort.

The quality is different from the enchanted weapons that Narujia-san makes. No, should I say the direction?

「Let me tell you what I found. Also, don’t miss this fight. The green gem attached on that magic sword, although in different shape and color, that’s a dungeon core」


「In addition, it’s amassing quite a bit of magic power… no, of DP. I suppose it’s reasonable if they were used all this time in wars」

「…makes sense. Is it the effect of a dungeon core that is sucking up too much magic?」

「No, I don’t know the details. That’s why I don’t want to keep that magic sword nearby」

「Indeed. If that thing is really a dungeon core sucking up magic power, we can’t just leave it by our side, where magic power is abundant」

「Yeah, I thought about breaking it…」

「But since we don’t know what the purpose of the magic sword is, it’s not a good idea to break it or change its owner? Ah, so in order to gather information, you’ll fight her?」

「That’s how it is」

While we were talking about the magic sword, the princess also finished talking with Jessica, who also became the reward of the duel.

「Forgive me, Jessica. I’ll definitely win」

「Princess… I believe in you」

I’m pathetic, eh?

However, the conditions are unprecedented. Even if we lose, Jessica will be the only one staying.

「Now, let’s start the fight?」

「Hmm. This time I’m going to give it my all. Don’t think everything will go like in that fight」

The princess had already drawn her magic sword, and the wind started to blow.

Could you stop? You’re making the dust fly.

「Then, Jessica-san and I will serve as referee. It’s OK to kill, but please understand that it’s over if we accept that someone is incapacitated」

Both nodded.

「Here we go. Start!!」

Ria lowered her hand, and in the next moment, the princess wielded her magic sword on the spot.

「I know you guys are strong. But how about at long distance?」

When she swings the magic sword down, a vortex of wind, a tornado-like thing, extends towards me.

I wonder if it can be cut?

But my predictions never came true.

「It’s g-gone!? The wind!? How!!」

That’s right, I used the nullifying field of magic.

Normally, tornadoes extend from the top to bottom.

That’s why, in a space where the magic disappeared, it can’t maintain its shape and will dissipate.

Well, scientifically speaking, a tornado is formed by a powerful upward air currents in a highly developed cumulonimbus and it’s said that can extend itself to the vicinity of the ground.

Based on this, If I create a cumulonimbus cloud in front of the princess, and set the ascending air current and ground point with me, the effect will last even without magic, however it would be too much to leave it to the all-powerful magic, so that should be enough.

「Is this the technique you used when you erased the fireball and my magic sword wind!?」

Oh, it’s excellent that you can recognize it after only seeing it twice.

Well, I’m not so kind as to spoil my secrets.

「Well, now it’s my turn, okay?」

「Guu, then, what about multiple of them!!」

The princess wielded her magic sword again, and multiple tornadoes were heading this way.

However, you are naive. I’m using the nullifying magic field.

Each and every one will be nullified as they pass through my field, no matter how many you throw.


「I hope you understand now. In the first place, it doesn’t matter if there’s a magic sword user or not involved in this war. There’s no difference between them and shit. And..」

I made the position that the princess is in a magic nullifying field.

Now, will the magic sword work? It’s not in a depleted state, that space is just completely devoid of magic.

「? You won’t come? Then magic sword!! Unleash your power!!」

Come on, give it your all from the beginning.

Oh, could be that? Is it possible that unleashing the power of the magic sword will cause damage to the user?

I was expecting and waiting for the attack…


Nothing happens.

「Why!? Why is that the magic sword doesn’t work!?」

Ah, so that magic sword is just a sword in the nullification field too.

There is not depletion phenomenon since it doesn’t take away the magic itself, but the release system in no longer available at all.

Well, I don’t need more information.

「Then, goodbye」


Though I went easy on her, but one hit to the abdomen and the princess collapsed.

「It’s over!! Is that okay, Jessica-san?」

「…Yes, the princess has… lost」

Fuu, now I got rid of a nuisance.

Let’s get Jessica into protective custody and win her over.

Since the members of this expedition are not very good at clerical work.

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