Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 162

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A disturbance… before the negotiations.

Side: Yuki

For the time being, the princess of the wind is stupefied, so there is a problem even before negotiations.

While we waited for everything to normalize, we went to the opportunist elder to talk, but…

「Well done!! I believed in you!!」

「Talking big to someone who didn’t send reinforcements, huh?」

Next to the elder, the man who was always criticizing us said something in a good tone so I silenced him with a sarcastic remark.

「I’m sorry. As a village, we’ve been playing it safe」

The elder bowed his head deeply.

「No, I don’t think you guys made the wrong choice. It’s just that when you get hand-waved back as he did earlier, it feels, you know how, right?」

「I guess」

「 Now you know what we’re capable of, don’t you? For the time being, any prisoners we get on this matter are ours to deal with. I won’t take your opinion, and that’s what I’m going to do.」

「What did just say!?」

「Haaー Do whatever you want, being hostile or not. If you want to get in our way, I won’t be going easy. Regardless of the outcome of the joint operation, the results this time were obtained by us alone. Naturally, we get to manage the prisoners and supplies we have at our disposal, don’t we?」

「It’s reasonable-jana. After all, we were waiting and seeing the result and we did not send reinforcements at all. I won’t let him take the spoils from you all. So please, forgive this man for his tyranny」

「It’s okay since there’s no real harm done. Well, if you try to get your hands in our spoils in any way, I’ll take care of it myself, okay?」

「It would be nice if you could inform me if something were to happen. After all, you don’t want to offend the village, do you?」

「There would be no need for such a thing unless you go too far. Try hard not making it easy for us to destroy this village」

If you ask me if I want to risk my life to protect the village, I say no.

Because the purpose of our defense system is simply to protect the ruins and dungeons.

They would be no different from an enemy if they were to bring us harm.

「…It seems that for you all were just an extra bonus-jana」

「What, you just figured that out? You thought we were just a convenient mercenary group? After all, you didn’t even send reinforcements in that battle, and you were already prepared to flee when the opportunity arose」

「I can’t do anything if I’m told that」

「Elder! Why are you letting them do as they please!!」

One young man barks.

What the hell is he saying? You people were the first to do as you pleased.

「Calm down. We were the first to tie these mercenaries to our people-ja. No matter how you think about it, we were the ones who did as we pleased, after all-ja」


「But, what’s your plan? Do you plan of fighting against this group of mercenaries? An opponent who defeated 2500 soldiers with only 150?」

「That was only because we were there together with our people!! It’s not the fruits of that person from the human race!!」

「Haa, I haven’t received any report about three beast folk having eliminated 2500 enemy troops. One hundred goblins crushed the charging cavalry. And 50 or so ambush troops that were on the flank has annihilated the enemy’s main force」

「That’s an exaggeration, of course! I’m sure everything it’s because of those girls and that that man from the human race has nothing to do with it」

「An exaggerating, you say? Could my fellow villagers who took the trouble of monitoring them report such a thing-nou?」

Aah, I had intended to arrange it so that it wouldn’t be like this, but this kind of problem comes up after all.

「So, even if it was an exaggeration, and even if these three beast folk girls were able to pull it off, it wouldn’t change the battle results of the mercenary group. Are you going to take that away from them?」

「I’m not. In the first place, those girls were forcibly taken over by that man of the human race..」


The cat-eared beast folk youth who had been complaining broke through the wall and flew out.

No, Riel was the one who threw him outside, but the people in the village only saw this young man flying out.

「Shall we shut up now? I think I’m starting to regret a little bit saving you」

Seeing Riel lowering her fist, the villagers seemed to figure out that Riel had done something about the young man flying out.

「I’m the same. For the sake of the people of the same race as me, I helped them by ignoring your instructions, and this is the result…」

「Yuki, there’s no need to negotiate. From the beginning, we should have them follow us, or make them go away if they didn’t. These guys are completely making fun of us」

Tori, too, states an unusually strict opinion and looks at the villagers as if they were trash.

As for Kaya, she is very angry with the way the village is handling the situation, saying that we should bring fear to the negotiations.

In short. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii, these three girls snapped.

「Rather, mocking Yuki-san is out of the question. You mock a woman’s husband and then ask him to give you more of his spoils of battle? You’re an idiot!!」

「It’s exactly like Riel said. Yuki-san is still laughing, so I won’t do anything about it, but in the unlikely event that you even try to step in Yuki-san’s shadow, be prepared.」

「Tori is also soft. I’ll kill you all in that case. Or rather, it’s more difficult to defeat Yuki than to defeat us」

Ah, the problem here is how I’m treated impolitely rather than the result of the war, huh?

I’m glad Asurin and the others aren’t here.

Just because I was ridiculed, they acted recklessly in the Litea war. It shouldn’t be strange for the situation to become a bloodbath by now.

「Ria, it’s okay」

「Eh, can I kill them?」

「It’s not that!!」

Ah, it’s hopeless. It seems that even the blood got into Ria’s head.

I shouldn’t say what happened to the pregnant group. Or this village will disappear.

「Well, it seems that we lacked a little of manners and lost our composure. Let’s pull out of here for now. We don’t want to have to pluck the life we’ve deliberately saved ourselves. Please discuss carefully here」

Saying so I left the meeting place.

Well, their only options are to run away or obey.

After all, Riel, Tori, and Kaya proclaimed that they should be eliminated.

It would be a big explosion if after all this I say, ‘let’s have equal relationships’, right? Of course, I’m talking about my wives.

However, I’m sure the bloodthirsty demi-human who has a lot of grudge against the human race would have that kind of reaction.

I know how you feel, but if you make that choice, you’re going to die, okay?

The elder has it tough being the one who has to persuade the others~. As expected, it’s good to have a job where you can take it easy, isn’t it?

「Oh, Yuki-san, welcome back. Marley-san has finally cooled down」

Upon returning, Shera reported immediately,

Shera has been doing more as royalty than I, so she is the most charismatic in terms of field command, among the expedition members,

It’s not like I can’t do it, but I have the policy of not using as much as possible such convenient tools, besides, Shera’s familiarity with them is better than mine.

「I see. Then, I’ll try going there」

「Yes, please. We have frightened them. If Yuki-san and Ria who are acquaintances are going to see them, then maybe they will talk」

「Are they scared?」

「Yes. It’s because they were annihilated by less than a tenth of their troops, and Marley seems to have fought directly with Steve, so she felt the difference in power」

「It’s not like I don’t understand it, but is it okay for a general to be like that?」

「I don’t know very well, but I guess it can’t be helped. From the soldiers, we’ve been treating until now, and Yuki-san’s information gathering, Marley-san seemed to be unbeatable so far. I guess her foundation was destroyed in a matter of seconds」

It should be the effect of relying on the magic sword to raise her level.

I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of competition with a little strong people in the past, but we’re literally out of your league.

「I should try meeting them I suppose. Ria, I’m swapping with Doppel, who met the princess, but want to go first?」

「I think so. We’re both women, so I’ll go ahead and have a chat with them. Instead, Shera-san, I’ll ask you to escort Yuki-san」

「Please leave it to me」

「Ehー it’s not too much a bodyguard?」

「「No, it isn’t」」

I wonder how much they care about me?

There are times when I want to be alone, but then I remember that there are times when I can relax at home alone.

If I take one step outside, Ria will follow me, I’m sure I can get rid of her, but later I will be scolded in a big way.

I should swap with Doppel now, or rather, I should switch from Doppel to Doppel…

It has become complicated. In the new continent, there’s a Doppel who looks exactly like me and a Doppel in disguise.

Let’s go to Ria’s place instead of thinking about stupid things.

If I let Shera be my escort, then the rest of the department would stop.

「Hi. Ria, how it’s going on?」

「Oh, Yuki-san」

「Aah!! You were the commander of this mercenary group!! Or rather, how you got here faster than us!!」

Ria easily catches the princess who throws herself onto me.


「Marley-san, you are a prisoner. Please stop behaving that way towards our leader. Next time your neck and torso will be separated, okay?」


Fumu, they look fine to me.

The village should be done with their talk, so I wonder if we can finally move forward with negotiations?

Nowー, what shall we negotiate~?

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  1. Cheers for the chapter, and all your hard work!

    Negotiate their terms of surrender? Dude you can end kingdoms by your lonesome. Just take your SUV thing and drive up to the castle and run over the gate. Dictate your terms for their surrender under while standing under a beach ball sized fireball and it will all be yours xD

    1. This quote from Isekai wa Smartphone more or less sums up Yuki’s attitide towards a plan like that:

      [A scene takes place in a throne room, MC and couple of his wives discuss with the king on how to stop an ongoing invasion of a superior neighbouring country]
      “Alright, then. All we have to do is show them a little force, right? Then we can force them to hear us out. How about that?”
      “Oho? You mean to crush the Holy Empire, then?”
      “No, no. Not that. I don’t want to do that, it’d be a major pain in the ass. I’d have to deal with the fallout.” I shook my head at [spoiler], who was cackling like an idiot. The prime minister was startled by my casual words, but quickly gave me a wry smile.
      “It’s all well and good to fantasize… But it’s not as if you could defeat the Holy Empire.”
      “Uhh… I mean, I could. If it’s just a country, I could go ahead and wipe them out no sweat. What I really hate is the fallout afterward, where I’d have to figure out what to do with the broken nation. I don’t really enjoy the idea of conquering
      nations and expanding territory, honestly.” I shrugged slightly, but my words left the Primulan people stunned.

  2. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    There’s no need for negotiation, is there?

    Just spit out your demands, already.

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