Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 161

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A proper fight? The other side

Side: Yuki

「That’s why, do your best」

「It’s not about doing your beeeeest-ssu!! Are you making fun of me? You’re doing it-ssu, general!!」

「No, I really think you can do it」

「Impooosible!! It doesn’t matter how much you want it, to face 2500 soldiers… To suppress them with only just the goblin squad is impossible!!」

「I’m not asking you to kill them all or to hold them off for a year. We just need to attract their attention for an hour or so」

「I’ll die-ssu!! We’re all gonna die-ssu!! You’re terrible!! You’re too heartless to tell us to go to our deaths-ssu!!」

「No, I already told you what I found out, didn’t I? The opponent, the Wind Princess Knight, has the highest level and is 72. The others are around 30. Steve’s level is over 300. Even your subordinate goblins are level 150 to 200, you all have very high levels!!」

「It’s not good even if you say like a mail-order program from somewhere-ssu!! Our numbers are too different-ssu!! General, you always say, “always think that something could happen” isn’t it true!!? Even if my power is over the level 300, my strength as a race is low-ssu, that’s why I always lose against Seraria-nee-san!!」

「You win once in a while, right?」

「Occasionally!! Okay, then at least give a gun-ssu!! In that case, I’ll try to annihilate them all-ssu!!」

「Fool. That will make us stand out. Modern weapons are only for dungeon defense. Other than that, you’ll have to conform to the level of this civilization. Sword and magic」

「HiiiIiii!! What an anachronism!! Swords and magic aren’t even popular nowadays-ssu!!」

「It doesn’t matter if it’s popular or not, you just have to do it. Just to make our position clearer」

This time we have around 150 and we have to deal with Wind Princess Knight’s army, 2,500.

It would be easy to win using modern weapons, but that would leave a breeding ground for future problems.

We are being monitored by both sides, by the demi-human from behind, and by the army of the Wind Knight Princess who has come to attack us.

They would say, ‘they were able to win because he used such a weapon’. There will be those who say so, both on the side of the enemy and the side of our allies.

So, we have to make them feel that we have won with our own strength so that the future will go smoothly.

Using modern weapons it’s an ability on its own, but most of the time, those who lose try to find the cause of their defeat not because they were no match for their opponent, but because they try to find what was so different about them.

No, it’s a very accurate analysis of the war potential, but using that as an excuse will not change the outcome.

It would be okay in the case we could conquest this new continent with a firm stance.

Unfortunately, but that’s not what we’re here for.

So, fighting in the same way as the enemy, or rather, in a situation which they believe is advantageous for them, we crush the enemy.

The enemy will then understand the difference in our strength.

Unlike being annihilated by incomprehensible modern weapons, they will certainly understand.

That there is an absolute difference in power.

And so, the guys who were waiting and seeing are getting ready to run away when they see that although we are few the little chance of winning they have, but the result of this is that the guys who were running away can’t complain to us.

And so, I explained to Steve. Nevertheless…

「What can I say-ssu. Even though it’s a safe zone level zone, you never know what’s could happen in a new continent, and that Wind Princess Knight, was it-ssu? I’m not sure what kind of magic sword it’s carrying either-ssu. There is too much uncertain information. So, I can’t tell my men something like ‘be bait’, can I-ssu?」

「Seriously, I wonder who you resemble? About that emphasis on safety measures?」

「The general, right」

Is this what I look like?

「But, you know, if Steve and the others don’t go to the front, we can’t go to the sides. Is there an alternative, Steve?」

「Then, please let Riel’s nee-chan stand in front. That way, I can feel a little more at ease-ssu」

「No, no, the beast folk, Riel, Tori, and Kaya, have to go to the surprise side」

「Why is that-ssu?」

「We were able to stop the enemy’s advance because of the demi-humans. That’s what opportunistic people are going to say」

「Ahー, I see. The enemy is not the problem but what’s behind us-ssu」

「That’s how it is. So I can’t have me, Ria, Mauve, or even Asurin and the others help you, Steve. Because the surprise attack has to be done by us mercenaries」

「If you don’t do that, the opportunists are going to throw a tantrum and will argue about Riel-nee-san’s war result-ssu?」

「That’s right. Wouldn’t it be better to cut down on the hassle a little bit? So, you have to make them think you’re easy to attack from the point of view of the enemy. Who would they be most cautious about, a force of goblins or a force of us mixed together?」

「If you want to make a surprise attack, then our side should have only troops who are easily looked down. After all, the strength of goblins seems to be low even in this new continent. The enemy will happily kick them away and immediately go to the rear for cover, or go straight to the village-ssu」

Steve’s unit, the Goblins, makes the best decoys no matter where or how you look at them.

In fact, in terms of battle power evaluation, if you fight 100 times against Wind Princess Knight’s army, you can win 98 times. With just Steve’s squad of course.

Two of those losses are Steve and his unit self destructing. Maybe they’ll slip and fall and hit their heads and die.

In the first place, the only person who can inflict fatal injuries on Steve and the others is the princess equipped with the magic sword.

Others can only bruise them, but not fatally, unless you let them do it unilaterally.

Because the goblins are equipped with a set of ordinary wind cheat armors made by Narujia-san.

「Haa, I understand-ssu. When we die, please put a Caesar salad on our graves」

「That’s just your favorite, isn’t it? Rather, you’re a goblin, so why don’t you have something else, like meat or something? Why is your favorite food similar to Ellis!?」

「Even for goblins vegetables are delicious!! Besides, there’s nothing I can do about my favorite food being the same as your wife even if you complain-ssu. Rather, I think Ellis’s nee-san’s favorite food is the general, don’t you think?」

「What’s with that food!? I’m not food, am I!?」

「Well, maybe she looks at you like a prey/food-ssu?」

That means something completely different right? Ellis was amazing at night.

「Leaving that aside, you agreed, right?」

「Yeah, I just have to do it right-ssu?」

「Good, then I’ll give you a reward」

「I’d riot if we are paid the same as usual-ssu」

「It’s something better than that」

When I say so, Asurin and others come in.

They will also participate in the operation this time.

If I pamper them too much by leaving them behind in the rear all the time, my other wives will get angry.

That’s why, Steve being the bait this time is also to help Asurin and the others.

「Oh, if it’s not Asurin-sama」

Asurin is also Steve’s godparent, so he has more respect for her than me. Hey.

The purpose of bringing Asurin is simple.

If you have more respect for her than me, then…

「I don’t understand much about something so difficult, but Steve and the other will do their best, right?」

「Well, something like that」

「Yup. Thank you. Good luck, Steve and the others」

「「「We’ll do our best!!」」」

The other goblins behind Steve who were refraining from speaking responded with a vigorous reply.

「But don’t overdo it, okay? Let’s all go home and have a nice dinner together」


「Ah, if possible, try not to kill the enemy soldiers. I’m sure their family members will cry if not」


When Asurin finished, the goblins scattered in unison, with angry shouts echoing here and there.

「You guys, listen up, this fight is all about us working hard!!」

「Asurin-sama wants to have a good meal with us!!」

「Listen, don’t ever die, don’t do anything that would make Asurin-sama cry!!」


This is how the morale of the goblins reached its peak.

The result was that the goblin unit annihilated the assault force, including Wind Princess-san.

Thanks to that, we, the surprise troops, crushed the rear main force with plenty of time to spare. The troop headquarters fell.

Of course, not a single enemy was able to even escape.

Well, we were in the surprise unit, so in a way, we were the main force.

Now, let’s see how we can meet with the Wind Princess.

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