Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 160

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The Princess of the Magic Sword and the Mercenaries?

Side: Marley Heat Zilba Empire: Wind Princess Knight

「Princess, we will arrive at the demi-human village tomorrow morning」

Jessica announces the report in the tent.

She’s as diligent as ever. This time, the battle we are going to fight cannot even be called a battle.

First of all, we were the ones who started this conflict, but they didn’t think it through when they took prisoners.

They should have just killed our soldiers and shut their mouths.

As a result, they have further draped the rope around their necks.

The troops I lead have gone to destroy them.

「What’s the situation with the villagers?」

「Yes, they are not running away. It seems that victory went to their heads, and now they got carried away. It looks like they’re preparing to intercept our troops」

「Haa, if only they were a little smarter, they could have lived accordingly….. No, this is not something that I should say as I’m part of the human race who drove them to go so far」

「I don’t think this is something the princess should worry about. If left alone, they could invade the villages and towns of the Zilba Empire. This is also to protect the people」

「I know. But we’re not going to annihilate them, are we? We are only going to eliminate those who come to us and let the rest go」

「That should be okay. Even though their numbers were inferior, they captured most of those idiot noblemen’s soldiers. It would only cause more damage if they resist with desperation. I’m sure the higher-ups will be more than happy if you give them the head of the enemy」

「You’re too serious. I just don’t want to behead women and children, though」

「That should be a good excuse to make them accept the result. Normally, annihilation is the normal path. Since if not that would create a breeding ground for future problems」

What can I say? She’s a good subordinate since she’s willing to make my wishes come true.

「Fumu. Tomorrow, as planned, the army will march early in the morning. We’ll have it done by evening. After all, we still have to join the invading army of the Enalia Holy Land」

「Yes. However, recently, something entered my ears」


「The scouts report seeing what appears to be a person from the human race among the enemy」

「Hoo. We had the same report from a soldier who ran away」

「indeed. I thought it was ridiculous, but it seems to be true」

「So, mercenaries, huh? How many of them? Since they want to fight my troops from the Zilba Empire there must be a decent number of them, right?」

「Yes, the number is about 150」

「Hoo. It’s privately owned and their number is amazing」

「However, the majority of them are goblins」

「What did you say? It’s not the Blood War Mercenaries, is it?」

Blood War Mercenaries.

Literally, a mercenary group that makes blood rain down when fighting.

They use a large number of goblins to stop their opponent’s movement and uses each and every goblin to cut through their enemy, thus raising their military gains.

If it’s just about fighting efficiency, using more goblins is pretty good.

But for goblins to multiply they have to have a mother.

The Blood War Mercenaries collect women from enemy armies and enemy cities and villages as loot, impregnate them with goblins and throw them into battle.

Since it produces results they are in great demand, but I don’t like those kinds of mercenary groups.

「No, the Blood War Mercenaries are rampaging farther in Enalia Holy Land, so they can’t be here」

「Fumu, then it’s another mercenary group?」

「Probably. Though, it’s unclear why they’re taking the side of the demi-humans」

「If the soldiers who escaped and came back are right, it looks like they are pretty strong to be so few」

「Yes. However, our side has 2,500 soldiers and even the princess is here. I don’t think we can lose」

「……Fumu. Certainly, there are a few losing factors in the situation. But be careful. Even the minority has its ways of fighting」

「I fully know that. We’ll increase security at night」

「I leave it to you」

After seeing Jessica leave the tent, I drink the wine I brought with me during the march.

「Fuu. Seriously, after all this fighting, the only thing I’m looking forward to is drinking」

My face is reflected in the wooden cup of wine I poured.

「Maybe I should have gotten more of this wine」

In fact, she got this wine from Yuki and Ria which they had acquired on their travels before reaching the town of Fail.

No, I think it’s more accurate to say that it’s was a thank you for the information I gave them.

Although I only spent three days with them, I had a good time with them every day.

We even had a light match in which we found they were even a good match with Jessica. I’m sure they would be able to reach the top even in my unit.

Alas, they were husband and wife seeking a safe place to settle down, and couldn’t be brought in as my subordinates.

If they were here, it would have made the boredom go away a little.

In the end, that day ended with no night raids.

「What do you think?」

「Who knows? It can’t be that they’re planning to deal with us with such numbers, right?」

The next day, we started our march early in the morning as planned, but to our surprise, the enemy came out.

We’re facing the enemy on a grassy field about ten kilometers further than the village where the ruins are supposed to be.

But their numbers were the problem.

It looks like it’s only about 150.

「And all they have are goblins?」

「No, according to the scouts, there’s a few humans and demi-humans mixed in」

「Fumu, then are they the commanders?」

「It’s natural to think so」

「So, what do you think is the reason they came out here?」

「That is, to get the people in the village to escape? Maybe they thought the enemy was bigger than what they expected, so now they are just trying to get away」

「Then I can understand why they came here with such numbers. They’re holding us up」

「That would be the case. However, that’s also convenient in a way」

「Indeed. If we defeat them here, the demi-humans will abandon the village and flee, and we’ll get our heads, so there would be no reason to chase those who have fled」

「And I wouldn’t have to force my way into the village anymore」

「Right. If their defense system is based on the village, we’ll take damage. But since we’re going to fight in plains, it’s going to be our overwhelming victory」

「What I’m worried about is the possibility of the enemy in front of us being a decoy and be hit in our rear」

「I see. However, if they try to outsmart us on this plain, we’ll find out soon enough. Deploy a defensive force in the rear, just in case」

「Yes, princess」

「Let each side deal with them. They have not been trained in such a way that they cannot do something so simple. As for us, we’re going to crush the enemy in front of us!! The quicker we defeat them, less sense will have an attack from behind!!」

I tell her so, and then I kick my horse and I start running towards the enemy.

「All troops, follow the princessーー!!」

Jessica raises her voice, and my army begins to move as well.

I’m sorry, I don’t know which mercenary group you are, but if you’re going to be our enemy, I’ll eliminate you.

「The enemy is on the move. But it’s too late!!」

「The enemy is moving!! But you’re moving too slowly, follow the princess and cut the enemy’s troops in half!!」

The enemy saw that we had launched an assault and finally began to disperse.

Too late.

Moreover, what were you thinking when you choose to divide your troops to stop my assault unit of 500 cavalries led by me? Speaking of really bad moves.

At this rate, they will be crushed by numbers, unable to resist.

「Well, it’s okay. You goblin, you are the first!!」

I was one of the first to cut an enemy down.

Or so I intended.

Then I was going to slash the next enemy or so was my plan.

「So slow-ssu」

I thought I heard such a voice coming from a goblin.

「Huh? Guu!?」

Then I was thrown from the horse.

What happened!?

I immediately used the wind magic of the magic sword to regroup myself and land safely.

「Hey, you’re in my way-ssu」


The moment I landed, the goblin’s sword sent me flying.

I reflexively shielded with my magic sword, but to be forced to retreat with just that, what kind of goblin is that!?

「Hohou. To be able to react. It’s like the general said, you are a fighting race it seems-ssu」

The goblin looked at me and muttered praise.

Rather, a goblin speaking!?

A monster that understands the human language exists only in legends.

Every single one of them is a complete monstrosity, such as a dragon or a minotaur.

However, the monster in front of her is just a goblin.

「Now now, you seem to be surprised-ssu. I’ve got work to do too-ssu. If you don’t attack, I’m not going to do anything either-ssu」

With that said, the goblin runs off.

「Princess!! Are you okay!?」

Jessica finally catches up with me.

「!! Wait, stay back!!」

Yes, the assault force led by Jessica had also come here.

What just happened was so out of touch with reality that I couldn’t get my mind around it.

That goblin, leading the other goblins was running towards Jessica and the others.

In other words…


Blood splatters fly.

「What. Other than that woman, everyone is a small fry」

That goblin’s job is to destroy the enemy.

「Hey, do it as a planned-ssu!!」


With an unmotivated reply, the scattered goblins cut off my men who were surrounding them.

「So you are the commander!! Brace yourself!!」

Before I could run and catch up, Jessica was glaring and pointing her sword at the goblin who had knocked me down.

This is bad, that thing rank is totally different. Jessica can’t handle it.


I poured out my magic power and used the power of my magic sword.

The origin of the Wind Princess Knight, a ranged attack with the wind produced from the blade of the sword.

I’m sure I took the goblin’s back, though.

「Hey hey, you have to come up with a better idea, don’t you think-ssu? And this onee-chan smells just like me-ssu」

The wind blade was easily cut off with a dagger and nullified.

Incidentally, Jessica’s sword was also beaten by the goblin’s dagger.


「Yeah, it’s great that you haven’t fainted. So I’ll give you a reward-ssu. I may be a commander-ssu, but I’m not a general-ssu. I flatly refuse that job-ssu」

I don’t understand what it means.

There is someone higher than that goblin in their chain of command?

No, it doesn’t matter, rather, the assault unit is on the verge of destruction.

Somehow, we have to withdraw…

My body is nearly unscathed, I can avoid that goblin commander and make a breakthrough from the other goblins.

After all, our numbers are still higher.

Though this can’t be called a battle, but we can at least run away.

With that in mind, I move away from the goblin commander and go help the soldiers who are being attacked by the other goblins.

「Forgive me, Jessica!!」

Right now, it’s sheer stupidity to fight that goblin commander in order to save Jessica.

First, scatter out the other weak goblins, then surround them and smash them down.

「Ah, yes. Life is not that easy, is it-ssu?」

The goblin commander throws such words without chasing me down.

「Move awaaaaAaaaAy!!」

I had no time to question those words.

I have to save the lives of many of our men as soon as possible!!


Such a high-pitched sound echoes.

My magic sword was stopped by a mere goblin.

It wasn’t that goblin commander this time.

「Ooh? This is Delta 04. Currently engaged with a little strong nee-chan. Take care of the rest」

I was stunned.

I’m just a little strong?

This is… bad.

The words of that goblin commander finally made sense in my head.

Life is not that easy.

I, the strongest in this army, am fighting with an average enemy’s soldier with all my strength.

What this fact means…

「Withdraw!! Withdraw now!! Escape as many as you can!!」

There was not the slightest hint of victory.

The meaning of the enemy’s dispersal was only to attract our troops.

After all, one goblin is equal to or better than me.

「Ahー, excuse me-ssu. It’s already over-ssu」


As I was frantically crossing swords with that regular soldier, the goblin from earlier, the one commanding them, called out to me.

It’s over? What’s over?

As if that goblin had realized that my strength was gone, the goblin that I was crossing swords stepped back.

I lowered my hand sluggishly while holding the magic sword.

I look around.

It was a bloodbath.

The people lying on the ground were all dressed in a familiar armor.

There was no goblin corpse anywhere to be seen.

Faintly, a bloody-stained armor moves.

「Are you alive? Pull yourself together!! I’m taking you to the headquarters to treat you, so…!!」

Saying that, I carried that subordinate on my back and finally turned my attention to the headquarters and noticed.

「…Ah, aaaah」

The flag of the headquarters was broken. Smoke was also rising from the headquarters.


I was completely defeated.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    Yuki’s wives and human/Demi-human subordinates haven’t even shown up yet and the enemy commander, who’s the strongest in the army, was defeated after going all out against a goblin.

    She was right. This won’t even be a battle, since one side has an overwhelming advantage.

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