Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 158

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Intelligence gathering and the princess of the magic sword

Side: Yuki

「What can I sayー, it was really delicious」

「Indeed. There were also condiments like pepper and salt, this is an amazing inn」

It’s just like Ria said, this inn used spices for cooking.

Well, though it was just pepper, it was compared to a black gem in medieval Europe.

You can see how good is this inn at cooking by just that.

…Although still incomparable with Weed.

「We have finished eating, now to sleep」

「Indeed. After all, those people from before may be around」

Although it does not seem that it will be solved even if we spend the day sleeping for today. The problem is…

That green-haired princess looks like a battle junkie just like Seraria.

I guess Jessica and her subordinates are seriously searching for us following that princess’s command.

After all, I’m sure those kinds of military officers are preferred in this continent where local warlords are fighting.

Beautiful, strong and popular women.

They should be a good morale-boosting mascot for the country.

「I’ll leave this body to Doppel, after all, I need to prepare dinner at Weed」

「We are in a faraway place, but somehow, it seems as if we were on a day trip」

Ria is making a complicated face.

Is that not good? A day trip.

Rather, I don’t want to leave the pregnant group alone one day if possible, since I don’t know what kind of effect the meals will have on the baby if they are not balanced.

Also, I don’t want to tire myself since the trip just started.

It’s better to play a relaxing game at home. Whether it’s about my wallet or about using the time efficiently. Since if something happens at home, I can be there immediately.

After all, when I think I should return from my work destination every time I receive a call, my tension dissipates, and nop, I don’t like that.

Ah, I kept secret about that green-haired princess.

Regardless of the information source, about the magic sword, or the nature of the princess character, if I give them unnecessary information, the martial arts faction of the pregnant group will be eager to fight, while the internal administration faction will ponder about many things.

Everything is for my wives and our children on their belly.

That’s why the expedition team is trying not to talk about careless things until we can gather more reliable information.

As a matter of fact, we have reported about the village after everything had already happened.

There are no particular abnormalities at Weed.

The allied forces have successfully built defenses around the old demon king’s castle and have begun working with Ririana to cut down the retreating Rumel invaders from within.

As for Rankusu, the vestiges of the previous king have completely disappeared and a new Rankusu is being built mainly around Taiki-kun.

Taiku-kun is the type of person who likes to do as he likes, rather, I’m sure he wants to go on a journey in search of a way to return to his world, but for the moment he will be unable to move freely.

There are also giving their thanks to Weed and Gartz, it’s going to be tough on him. That’s an example of how troublesome it is when you do everything publicly.

Like that, I make the food, I ask about Weed’s situation, I check the status of the pregnant group, and spend the day chatting with them.

Next morning, usually after preparing a normal breakfast, and then eating it, I prepare to go to the new continent by using Doppel.

「Okay, I’ll work hard today too」

「That’s right」

Yeah, this indeed works. I feel like I’m going to my workplace.

After all, you have to work to eat even if you go to another world.

I can understand it that way.

On earth, people are traveling around the world for work, isn’t that right? There are a lot of splendid people who learn a foreign language without having a cheat like me, negotiate with other countries, and get good results.

From the point of view of such people, people like me have it easy.

「Then, this body already ate too, now to talk with the people of this inn」

「Right. It’s troublesome, but Doppel also has to eat outside of the dungeon. And like Ria said, it’s time to gather information」

Before transforming, Doppel body is featureless, or rather, something similar to a mollusk, and is a magical life form, once it transforms, it earns all the perks and disadvantages of such race.

Naturally, they eat food and excrete as well.

Well, if it couldn’t transform, it wouldn’t possible for it to join our group.

「Ou, were you able to sleep well?」

「Yes, and the food was delicious. And the beds were clean, everything was perfect」

「Then, that’s good. Now sit down. I’ll bring you the breakfast」

「Thanks a lot」

I and Ria sat in some free seats.

「Hey, old man. You got a lot of empty chairs here, eh? Have the others already finished eating?」

I look at the empty dining room, and then I give talk to the cook.

「No, including your group, there are a total of three that are staying on the inn right now. Besides, as you know, this inn is expensive」

「Even so, it seems that you are doing well」

「Well, people use this place like a restaurant more than an inn. You should see this place at noon, this place filled with customers」

「If it’s so, then I understand」

「As you can see, there are almost no customers in the morning. So I use this time to prepare for the day. Here’s the breakfast」

Breakfast is lined up in front of us.

Bread, and what seems to be bacon and salad. Well, a common western-style meal.

That I still want to eat rice must be because I am Japanese.

It can’t be helped that there is none here, so let’s eat this normally.

「Hey, old man. Did the others who are staying here have finished eating and left?」

「Nn? Only one group left. As for the other group… Oh, are you eating breakfast?」

When I was asking him, one of the groups that we’re staying here came to the dining room.

Just the right time, as I’m having breakfast, I’ll try to get some information.

「Hey, if it’s good with you, how about we talk a little while we eat… or not?」

The moment I turn around, I deny the invitation words as soon as I said them.

After all, it can’t be helped. It’s ‘that’ person.

「Aaah!! All this time you were here!!」

「It’s as it is said, under our noses」

That green-haired princess and her servant.

Ahー, what’s with this kind of flag? Please, someone, teach me how to destroy flags!

I just wanted to gather information leisurely.

Ooh, please, God!!


…Ah, that’s right, the God was Luna. So it’s no use praying.

Wait, that’s wrong, I said MY, so, it’s my God, in other words… since I don’t believe in her, ummm, then let’s go with Amaterasu Omikami.

I’m Japanese after all.

『That’s me』

My God is dead.


Now, let’s leave aside the useless goddess who only brings trouble…

「Why do you come to sit at our table as if it were something normal?」

「You invited me to eat with you, didn’t you?」

「Wait, I said that I wasn’t at the end, right? With a strong pronunciation in the rejection」

「I didn’t hear that part」

「Well well. In any case, you are already exposed Yuki-san, so the least you can do is listen to them for a while, can you?」

Ria’s right.

As we were in the same inn, this situation would have happened anyway, so let’s think of this as if I were dealing with the problem early.

Since it came to this, I’ll try to gather information out from these gals.

「Oh, so you are called Yuki? And what could be the name of the woman next to you?」


「Stop. There is no reason to give your name to a person who doesn’t give theirs. Come on, let’s eat」

「I understand」

「You two, aren’t you being too rude? The princess is asking you!」

When we start eating, the servants talk a little angry shocked by our reaction.

「No, I don’t know who you two are, besides, you don’t want to name yourselves. Could it be that the courtesy of this country is to force the other to give his name?」

「No, the natural thing is to give your name first…」

「Then, I’m not the one without manners. You seem to be some celebrity in this town, but even so, we know nothing about you. Rather, are you not supposed to give your name first even if we had been aware?」


「Ahahaha!! Attacking the too serious Jessica with common sense and even manage to close her mouth? Well, it’s natural for you to not be aware of me if you were traveling, but I’m sure at least you’ve heard rumors about my person…」

With that said, the green princess, stood from her seat and pulled a sword which is believed to be a magic sword.

「I’m the Knight Princess of the Zilba Empire. Marley Heat」

「I’m telling you, don’t know anything. So, that servant is called?」

「As you might have guessed, this one is called Jessica, the princess’ servant. I’m sorry for being rude earlier」

「Well, I understand that person there is a runaway princess. I don’t care either way. Then it’s my turn to introduce myself, as you have heard, I’m called Yuki. A traveler. Now in the middle of considering becoming a mercenary」

「I’m Yuki-san’s wife, Ria. I’m a traveler just like Yuki-san」

For some reason, these two stiffened upon hearing our introduction.

「What’s the matter?」

「Ah, it’s nothing. So you were the wife and not a lover?」

「It’s rare to be married and also be a traveler. Ah, are you planning to settle somewhere?」

Ah, it’s about that?

Certainly, if you get married, it will result in having children, so it’s natural to settle down somewhere.

Wait, I already settled down. But even so, it feels like I’m leaving Weed to work.

「Ahー, what, um… right」

What should I say?

It’s unnatural for a married couple to travel. Did I make things awkward?

「Then you can leave it to me. If you become my subordinate, then I can guarantee your livelihood, and I can even prepare a place for you to live in the capital of the Zilba Empire, what do you think?」

AhーAh, she said after all.

As expected, if you find a capable person wandering around, it’s natural for a person standing on the top to try a seize such person.

「I have no intention to take part in the war, even so?」

「Indeed, we want a safe place or place where we can gather information」

「Muu, my intuition says that we can’t leave someone of your skill alone…」

「Princess, I understand your feelings, but as you heard, they are a couple, so I don’t know about involving them in the war」

Fumu, so she isn’t the type to say unreasonable things.

Well, I can always hear the situation on the continent by leading Ria.

「Ye~ah. I feel like it’s regrettable, but it can’t be helped. However, I can’t tell you anything confidential, you know?」

「I don’t mind, but at least I want to hear where the war will be fought or the wars that will begin. If it’s only that it should be okay?」

「Then let me tell you. Since the princess is not good at separating that kind of secret information from the general information. I’m sorry for showing such show before, I apologize for that」

It went well.

I’ll record the audio to let everyone hear it later with CALL.

After all, this is important information, and besides, hearing the nuance of the unedited voice is important since everyone could have a different opinion when listening to it.

Then, for nearly an hour, we listen to the information about the Zilba Empire from their side.

Well, although there’s a small difference, It’s almost exactly as Luna described, a war between local lords.

The Zilba Empire has been fighting against the ones who are trying to steal their country for the past ten years.

「That reminds me, why did you come as Knight Princess? Are you two alone staying in this inn?」

「Ah, I was wondering that too. Umm, Marley-san is a noble, so there should be other soldiers with them?」

Yeah, why is there a person calling herself princess staying at such an inn with only her servant?

Isn’t such a thing already strange?

「Ahー, I brought soldiers with me. About 2500」


「Ah, right. But, isn’t it something easy to guess just by seeing the soldiers coming and going? It’s not something so serious as to be confidential. Rather, we cleaned up the mess that that idiot left, so there’s no secrets or shit, right?」

「Well, you are indeed right」

「Hm? Then why so many soldiers? Are you going to war with so many soldiers gathered?」

「I wonder? It’s just about cleaning after my relatives. Ah, you are wondering why are we two alone in this inn? It’s related with what I just told you」

「What do you mean?」

「It’s simple. We went to the other party who caused the scandal, but as they were trying to push the blame away by flattering us, we got annoyed and came out」

「It’s like Jessica said. Well, I won’t say that there was no danger, but there is almost no one stronger than us, so if we were to die by something like that, that would be the was furthest we could reach」

「Please, be a little more mindful of your behavior, princess. Travelers like them are fine, but if people from the Zilba empire were to hear you, they would end worried. There is no one who can beat you, princess. So please stop speaking of things like death」

H~m, it’s the same everywhere.

I don’t want to take responsibility. And it’s troublesome to hand the problem to someone else and even to try to curry to favor with them.

It takes time after all.

「I didn’t hear the cause of reason for the cleaning up? Then, can I ask you where do you plan to take the soldiers after this? After all, I don’t want to go in that direction」

「It’s okay to say it?」

「It should be fine. After all, if they were to get involved by mistake, we will end up helping them in the end」

With the permission of Jessica, the princess opens her mouth.

「The place is the boundary between the forest and the plains where the ruins are said to be inhabited by beast folk and the elves」

Hey hey, my next opponent is the ace of the Zilba Empire?

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  2. “There is no one who can beat you, princess. So please stop speaking of things like death」”
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