Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 157

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I don’t need such a fateful meeting

Side: Yuki

「Yes. I, Yuki, have infiltrated one of the cities which seems to be part of the Zilba empire」

『Um, Yuki-san. It’s a serious infiltration… You don’t have to report everything like they do in a program report』

『It’s okay, Tori. It’s more fun this way, isn’t it?』

『Listen me for a second, okay? I’m sure you understand, Riel, that even with Doppel we can’t use human bodies, so only Yuki-san and Ria have infiltrated into the enemy city』

『I fully know that, it’s going to be okay, okay』

『Are you sure?』

As you can see from the conversation between them, there is a weakness in Doppel’s body, and such is that it’s difficult to move the body when this it’s different from the original body.

It seems that it’s difficult to control when the senses change too much.

As for me, I only changed a little my size and shape of my body, but I didn’t go so far as to change my race.

I don’t understand the sensation of how cat ears and rabbit ears move.

Mauve and the others have just gotten used to Doppel, so if they were to change Doppel’s shape a bit, they wouldn’t be able to use it and wouldn’t have brought them with me.

Ria gave a completely different impression from when she was wearing ordinary and simple armor now that she is wearing hero equipment, so she followed me.

Right now doppel’s body is like Kiyu’s.

「Even though I wanted to make a joke using CALL, you are harsh」

「…Yes. The smell is really harsh」

This is truly like medieval Europe.

I’ve never been there, but it’s like the 100 years war era, something like that?

If you leave the main street and look into the alley a little, the smell of human waste hangs in the air, even human corpses are rolling around.

Should I say that it’s a natural view given they are in a war?

This town is called Fail and is part of the Zilba Empire territory.

About three months ago, this territory still belonged to the Holy country Enaria but they lost it or so it seems.

I just got all this information by coming into contact with the townspeople.

「The only place left to gather information it’s a tavern, I suppose」

「Yes. I believe that a bar or even an inn are good places to gather information」

「Ah, that’s right, there was the inn too. Or rather, we should first ensure where we are going to sleep and talk to the inn owner?」

「I think we should do that. Since we don’t even know where the tavern is」

I don’t want to go to a bar and end up involved in a fight.

It’s like Ria said, it’s unlikely that an inn would treat their guest badly, so we should gather a lot of information after first looking for an inn. A tavern should be our last option.

Besides, it’s not worth going there during the day.

「I wonder where there could be an inn~? Let’s try asking at that store」


For now, we make our way towards a store that caught our eyes.

「Hey, welcome. What kind of weapon are you looki-… it seems that you ain’t ‘ere to buy, nii-chan」

「Ah, do I look like that?」

「Somehow. The armor you are wearing, is brand new, right?」


「That girl ov’ere also has quite fine items. They were made by a very skilled guy, ain’t that right?」

「Ooh, it’s indeed like that. I asked an acquaintance with good skill」

Rather than being skilled, it’s a cheat class type of skill.

「Well, we are looking for an inn. Okay, give me this knife」

As I said so, I took a bunch of knives that looked like throwing knives.

「You know yer stuff, eh? One silver coin and thirty iron coins」


I took out the money from my wallet.

In this new continent, there is a currency with a lower value than copper coins, and it is iron coins. One copper coin is made of 100 iron coins, and the iron coins are counted in ten.

It seems that iron coins as currency existed in the other continent too, but due to the constant wars and fights against monsters, iron is used primarily as weapons or farming tools.

It’s easy enough to use to not to have to do detailed calculations.

Well, it’s not like I don’t understand, but for someone like me who lived in Japan using yen coins, I can’t accept that they don’t have one similar to the 100 yen.

Oh, if it’s about the money, it’s from the soldiers from the Zilba empire that we captured.

Well, your stuff is mine, something like that. Just think the good luck you had by not losing your lives.

「Well, that’s right. Young man, what are you wishing for?」

「Let me see. I’m not looking just for a place to sleep, but a place where the food is delicious」

「If it’s like that, then go east on this street, and you’ll find an inn called Rabbit. I recommend that place」

「Thanks. I’ll come back if I need something in the future」

「You’re welcome. Don’t you die working as mercenary, you hear me? It won’t be fun dying at such age」

「I fully know that」

After saying that, we left the weapon shop.

「An old man who likes people」

「Yes, he even told us to not die. It may be part of his trade, but he didn’t tell us anything shady. If trust is lost, it will also affect their business. If something comes up, we should go there to talk」

「Yes. For now, we are going to the inn, right?」

「Well, I don’t know which side is east, but I’m sure we’ll find it if we continue walking」

People who live in the city will know which direction to take, but because we arrived recently, we don’t know which side is east and west.

「Oh, it seems we were lucky」

「Indeed. Rabbit, this is indeed the inn that old man recommended」

After walking the path we choose, we found a sign that says “Rabbit”.

And then we enter the inn.

「Ou, welcome. Are you staying? Or for a meal?」

As we step inside, a friendly old man welcomes us.

Unlike the weapon store’s old man, this one has delicate features.

「We are planning to stay with meals included. Two people」

「Ou, then it’s three silver coins for a night. You may think it’s expensive but the cooking is worth it」

「It’s the food the old man from the weapon shop recommended it, I’m looking forward to it」

I said so and placed nine silver coins.

If we stay for three days, then I’m sure we’ll be able to gather information.

「What, you were referred by that person? Then I can’t slack off. Dinner will be ready two bells from now on. But please be down there in the dining room before the fourth bell」

「I understand. Where’s the room?」

「Yours is room 204. Here, the key. Don’t lose it, or you’ll be fined two silver coins, understand? The room is upstairs at the right」

「Thank you」

I received the key and went to room 204 with Ria.

「Fumu, should I say that everything is going well so far?」

「Yes, though it was not easy even on the other side, I believe?」

「I know only Weed after all」

「That place is just an abnormality」

Room 204 has only two beds, a table in between and a closet. It feels like a business hotel.

These beds cannot possibly compare to wooden beds, but it’s well-cleaned and as Ria says, it’s a good inn.

「Well, should we take a break?」

I let go of my bag in my bed and sit down.

Ria also puts the bag on the floor and sits on the opposite bed.

「That reminds me, there is something I wanted to ask, is okay if I ask you something??」


「Even when we were scouting, I believe the people in that village were a little too rude」

「Ah, that’s what you wanted to ask? Well, given their position, it’s natural to be met with such attitude」

「It’s natural, you say?」

The reason we are scouting is because the people of that town intentionally let the soldiers escape and now we found ourselves in such a situation that we have no choice but to fight.

From our point of view, it’s unreasonable to surrender to such demands, but from that town point of view, it was the only option they had.

「I see what you mean. But you believe that if we had disposed of all those soldiers, they wouldn’t come again?」

「That’s… impossible」

「Correct. On the contrary, even if they escape, you will know that many enemies will come, right?」


「So, we don’t have another choice but to abandon that village and run away. However, with our help, they were able to repel the Zilba empire without any damage. That’s why they clung to us」


「Yes, to make sure we didn’t escape, they thought about giving us the chance to become independent」

「However, isn’t it too reckless to release the hostages on their own accord?」

「Well, they are taking us lightly because we saved them. That’s the reason why they let the hostages escape without our permission. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have been involved」

「I understand now」

「For the other side, the outcome of that battle would have been the perfect propaganda to gather all the other beastfolk, elves, and other races under them. However, if we had not been at the center of that battle, even if they rally all there forces they would have lost, right?」


「So they had to make sure that we were on their side. Well, they can’t even imagine us being leaders of another country. But I think that way it’s more convenient, that they think of us as mercenaries」

「I’m convinced now. If it’s like that, then I can see that they had no other option」

「Well, I can’t say that I’m not completely dissatisfied. In the first place, We were the ones who ran to their aid, so we should take care of them to some extent」

We were the ones who meddled into their problems, so well, it can’t be helped.

However, there are not only disadvantages.

「Let’s just enjoy dinner for today and eat some food while talking with the inn’s owner and the clerk」

「Won’t we go to the tavern today?」

「Nnー A tavern is basically a place to look for hidden information. It can’t be helped if we don’t have time, but we are free now, so let’s go to gather information. After all, there’s no mention of soldiers being repulsed by us」

「Now that you mention it, that’s right」

Yes, there should be soldiers who have escaped in this city, but for some reason, the city is not in a hurry to prepare for war.

Is the information still being sorted out or is some bigshot arbitrarily moving their soldiers and it’s taking their time?

Rather, even if we hear some behind-the-scenes information at the bar, we can’t judge the truthfulness of it.

「Well, let’s gather information seriously starting from tomorrow」

「I understand…」


Ria’s reply was drowned out by such sound.


「What could it be?」

We looked into the window together. It sounded like it came from a nearby place.

「It should be there」

「Indeed, there」

The place where the sound comes from was immediately understood. After all, a cloud of sand was rising flashily.

「Let’s try going there?」

「We are free right now, and it will be perfect to kill time」

I don’t have anything to do until dinner, and sometimes I want to be a curious onlooker and look at quarrels.

When we arrived at that place, there were already a lot of people.

However, since we came early, we managed to get in the front row someway.

「I don’t need a person in my party who can’t even block an attack of this extent」


In front, a woman with beautiful emerald green hair that extends to her shoulders is… Wha- emerald green!? As always this world is still full of strange colors!!

To make it simple, the color emerald green is like the jewel.

Also, what’s with that over-decorated armor? Besides, is there a meaning to your equipment? Your stomach can be fully seen, you know. I don’t understand it at all!!

And the person next to you!! That close-aide like person has blonde hair and also has a side ponytail.

You, are you planning to go to the battlefield like that!? At least make it into a normal ponytail.

The area near the breasts looks strangely large, but I wonder, is the inside the real thing?

Oh, my wives also have a drill hairstyle but only on one side, well, the other party is a princess so it should be acceptable.

It can’t be, it can’t be, I’m desperately tsukkomi-ing as if I were a woman.

What’s important is to know the cause of this uproar…

Thinking like that I continued observing, the close aide-like person came up and stood in front of the fallen man.

「Now, hurry up and disappear from our sight. My princess is now going to war. Don’t get in princess’s way」

「You said in her way!!?」

The fallen man stands up.

A group of men who seemed to be this man’s friends began to gather around.

「In the first place, it’s natural for that princess to be strong!! She has that magic sword after all」

That man aimed his sword at that emerald… it’s bothersome, to that green hair woman.

Oh, so that’s a magic sword, eh.

Though I don’t know how strong that princess is, that magic tool is still working even in this continent.

According to all the information I’ve gathered so far, even magic tools have fallen under the effect of the magic depletion except cheat class items or magic stones.

That’s why, what that princess has in her hands, it’s rare in this new continent.

I’m sure she won’t give it away for research…

「Haaa, what I’m saying is that you were a problem even before. I won’t let guys like you cause trouble to the princess. I alone am enough」

「What the heck did just you saaaayーー!!」

「Since the princess was concerned and said such a thing I looked silently, but I don’t want us to waste more time against someone who can’t judge his own power. Do you understand?」

Ignoring the men, the green-haired princess behind preached.

「Forgive me. I’m sorry Jessica, so please forgive me already」


Ahー, for some reason that woman called Jessica or something, her back overlaps with me and Steve when we are swayed by Seraria!!

At last, the men pulled their weapons as if they had lost their temper and rushed at the princess and Jessica.

「「「Dieーーー!! 」」」

Wait, don’t scream if you are going to make a surprise attack!

The green-haired princess-san leaves it to Jessica as she had declared and jumps backward.

As if to prove what she had said was not a mistake, Jessica pulled out her sword and easily took care of the five men.

Well, in the end, the five men fell on the ground in an instant.


The crowd cheered.

「Umu, this sort of thing is not bad. Isn’t that right, Jessica?」

「But if you do something like this, you’ll trouble the guards of the city」

These two were chatting like that, and so their reaction was delayed.

「Don’t laaaaaaugh!!」

It seems that one of the fallen men was a magician and was collecting magic power into his wand, and such delay in their reaction allowed the magician to fire a fireball at the crowd.


Jessica screams in surprise while the green-haired princess pulls her magic sword trying to deal with it… however…

「It’s dangerous so don’t involve the crowd!」

I’m resistant to such attacks so there is no problem with me.

One way to negate the magic power is by emptying the magic power by applying the magic power depletion.

Well, it would have been easier to make it disappear with another fireball, rather than use spatial magic to make it disappear since it’s too inconvenient to control it.

This time we took such measures so that the crowd would not suffer any damage.

That’s wrong, the main reason is that it flew in my direction.

If it had flown in another direction I would not have interfered.

「Now, the uproar seems to be over, so let’s return?」

「Yes, let’s return」

After looking at the men being dragged off by the guards we tried to leave, but…

「Wait a second. That man over there」


Jessica who was explaining to the guards moments ago, calls me out for some reason.

「The princess wants to…」

「You, won’t you become mine!!?」

From the side, the green-haired princess came and declared so.

What’s with this kind of flag?

「No thanks, I have dinner ready so I need to return. Come on, let’s go Ria」

「Eh? Um… Yes. Excuse us」

Ria bows to both the princess and Jessica then follow me.

Alright, we’ve parted naturally.

「…Was that okay, princess?」

「Haa!? I was rejected too ordinary so I ended shocked!!」

「Indeed, even I ended surprised. Could they be travelers? Leaving aside me, not knowing who the princess is…」

「Jessica, we’ll follow them!! That man and even that woman who was with him could be the same as you or even more. I’ll definitely have them as my subordinates!!」

「Eh!? To that extent!!」

These two came running, but I already disappeared in an alley.

Now I’m hearing their conversation with wind magic.

「It seems that even you didn’t notice. I’m not the one who erased that stupid guy’s magic. It was that man」


「Moreover, he even tries to make it happen as if my magic sword was the one that made that magic fade. Despite the lack of power, the ability to pull that off without any kind of casting is too valuable!!」

「Indeed, you are right. I’m sure they turned around here」

「Good, let’s go after them! They can’t be far!!」


Wow, I wonder if she may be that skilled if she was able to notice such a thing?

Once they entered the alley, I went to the main street and returned to the inn.

「Is that okay?」

「At least for today, let’s have a leisurely dinner」

Saying so, I regretted my curiosity…

Curiosity killed the cat.


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