Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 156

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Village decisions and countermeasures

Side: Yuki

We are at the elder’s house right now.

It seems that they will tell us the village’s response.

Well, no matter what we choose, in the end, we must protect this place.

After all, it’s the contact point with Weed, and I can’t let it go.

Rather, the best outcome would be the villagers abandoning this place and fleeing to other places.

That way, I can remodel this place freely. After all, information leaks come from the people you are close, and with them gone, though far from the security like in modern days, I would be able to harden the security around here.

「Let me apologize to you all. After all, it took us a whole day」

「No, no, it’s an important affair to decide whether to stay or leave, rather, I think you were fast to come with an answer」

「Well-nou. It would be so during normal times, but when footsteps of war are approaching as we speak, we can’t hold long meetings. Properly speaking, it should be our duty to create defenses and not yours-jagano. I’m grateful」

Indeed, I gave the job of creating defenses to the goblin unit led by Steve, although originally, the villagers themselves should be the ones taking that duty.

Since the enemy may or may not have sent reinforcements immediately.

That’s why, even if it is to protect the town or to flee, it is necessary to have some way to gain time already prepared.

However, just escaping is too simple. Fortify the place making it difficult to invade and gain time to escape.

Well, everything depends on time and place. If we end losing the time to escape, then we will return to where we started.

It means that having a balanced plan is important.

「So, your answer?」

I look in the face of every people that I think will participate in this meeting.

「Fumu, so you want to start with the conclusion, eh? Ourselves decided to protect this village」

Uwaaー, this will become bothersome.

To think I will have to cooperate with these people from now on…

Will I have to negotiate with the villagers for everything I want to do in the village…? Seriously, I wonder why is that everything tends to go in an annoying direction.

「However, I’ve concluded that it’s necessary your strength to protect this village even in this meeting」

That’s natural.

If they were to say that we are not necessary, I planned to stay confined in Weed until this village is destroyed. It would become a good reason too.

「Is that so? But we have our objective. So it will be impossible for us to match your circumstance, you know?」

This is something I must say.

We helped this village due to our sense of justice… Which was a splendid reason from Riel and the others, however, our main objective was not that.

There is no reason to be bound to this place. Rather, I don’t plan to become a member of this village.

「I understand that. It’s about us seeking your protection, that kind of story. If you don’t say such unreasonable things like demanding us to abandon this village and give you our women, then we promise to follow your plan. I’m sure you need to protect the ruins, right-janou? We promise to take responsibility and protect the ruins when you are not here」

No, I plan to leave at least a defensive unit whether we are here or not.

That itself is more reliable than a promise with the elder.

However, I’m sure that for the other side this negotiation is necessary so as to not be asked something unreasonable.

Though such balance power has only been tipped to our side from the start.

On on side one village and in the other a small country called Weed with the power to freely use dungeon skills to manage a dungeon and the power to move large countries with the tip of the tongue. Of course, our individual abilities are also beyond the norm.

I know they’re trying to protect the village, but it’s not wrong to say that earning our protection means being under Weed’s rule.

The question here is when it is correct to say that we are Weed’s leaders…?

I’m sure everyone here, even the elder, only sees us as if we were just travelers.

Even though we have brought around 50 goblins with us, there wasn’t so much reaction to it.

On this side, goblins can be sold for a lot of money, so they may think we have captured them to sell them.

Maybe some great person is coming incognito? I’m sure that such thought went through their heads. Human supremacy is practiced in this new continent and since I’m dealing with Riel and the other as if we were equal they don’t think of us as important people.

「I would be grateful if we could cooperate. It would be meaningless to pull each other’s feet. For now, the goblins are trying to formulate a defense plan for the village but I want to decide the final details. Could you tell me the size of the village?」

「Ah, that reminds me, those goblins that you captured have splendid armor from what I could see. Surely those would sell quite well or so I thought, but are those your mercenaries or something?」

Ah, that’s what you want to ask?

I see, in this age were warlords are fighting, being a mercenary is a profitable job, and goblins are the perfect substitute for soldiers for bringing to war…

「No, well… something like that」

「But why are you not providing them with women-jana? If you don’t increase their numbers, sooner or later you could lose them all」

「I don’t have such policy」

「I see. Even for a mercenary, you haven’t crossed that point. The rumor I heard was that people like you, they capture women in war and use them as a breeding tool for goblins」

Yeah, a valid tactic I suppose. If you can’t replenish your troops. Though, let’s not talk about being humane.

Rather, under the leadership of Steve, the goblins which are over level 100 have the ability to surpass the early days of even the blood minotaur Mino-chan.

So it’s useless to think about replenishing one of them.

Ah, of course, they are not armed with modern weapons.

I got them to wear on purpose swords and armors. Well, since it is something handmade by Narujia-san, the fairies race, and the dwarf race, the performance is totally different.

By the way, these goblins don’t fight on the old fashioned way, forming a group and charging head onー!!

I told them many times that if they were to do that they would become a target of shooting and bombing.

This is why, these 50 people, are not counted as animals, but as people, since they are part of Weed.

That’s why these 50 people when fighting a large number of enemies, they use guerilla warfare.

If you head straight like a fool, you would certainly become a decoy.

Besides, since their level is absurdly high, their physical ability is ridiculous.

Steve has trained Seraria, Crack, and even Desto, the current allied forces generals. Well, with Seraria was just a quarrel. That wife is a battle junkie after all.

Even when surrounded, their specialty is to withdraw with jumping and if you can withdraw just by jumping, then you certainly can crush the enemy.

They said that the goblins of Weed are not goblins.

But, mercenaries eh?

What has to be done now is to think about how we should behave.

「Well, it doesn’t matter if you are not a group of mercenaries. You have captured soldiers of the Zilba empire, you will be considered enemies in this area」

「We should execute them all, then. That way the village would be safe, right?」

「There’s also the plan, but didn’t you say something about a defense plan-jarou? We want to be released from the fear of the Zilba empire while you all are here. So to demonstrate our position against the ZIlba empire we should release half of the hostages and the other half retain them as hostages-noja」

Hey hey.

「You seem to be traveling for some reason, but unless you manage to conquer the Zilba empire, you won’t be able to roam freely on this continent. We will also gather forces by calling all the other beastfolk survivors. So please, won’t you lend us your power-nou?」

「…You continue speaking, but… Didn’t you set free some of them already?」

「Opps, so you found it. Please, forgive me. If we let you all go, we won’t have any choice but to continue running away. This is our last chance to survive on this continent or so I believe」

Damn, it became like this after all?

「Haa, we have to protect these ruins anyways… It’s okay, everybody?」

I said so and look back.


「I’m okay~」

One by one agreed, it seems that all of them are on board.

Now that it became like this we can’t retreat, you could say that the elder threatened us, but in fact, we were not, so I accepted and explained to the stay-behind group.

『Oh my, congratulations. Now you are the king of one country. As your wife, I’m happy too. Of course your child too』

『Noー, for being onii-san, you acted fact. It seems that you have found the motivation to work hard at last』

『Please I beg you, improve the status of elves, my same race, and secure their safety』

『Uー, war…? Myself wants to help tooー!! I’ve been sitting at home all day that it has become so boring!!』

『Let’s calm down and touch your belly, Deriyu. Even Rurua who wanted to go is holding patiently…』


『Husband. As long as husband and my friends are safe I don’t care about anything more. Even if it’s Doppel, please take care of your body. If something were to happen, please return at once since I’m always prepared to use healing magic!!』

『I’m praying for everyone to return safely. And husband, be sure to hold onto the glory. You already have such great achievements. I’m looking properly to husband’s body which is sleeping at home, so you can run wild all you want』

Everyone gave me their support.

「Okay, Steve. Zilba empire will invade within this month, I’m entrusting you the defense measures. Here is the document. Fix it properly」


Give up.

I will take care of the transport of materials, besides, there is even the negotiation with the elder.

You will be fine since you are like a professional.

「Ahー, I have to collect information, but… I’ll likely have to go where the human race is… What a pain in the neck」

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