Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 155

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Oh, the monsters’ condition are…?

Side: Yuki

「Oi, do your best!! You are someone who can do it if you try!!」

「…No, I’m telling is impossible. The magic power goes away too quickly」

The only one that I didn’t want to hear complaining among the top class monsters in Weed’s monster army was Surakichi-san.

「I’m telling you, just accept the reality. I don’t know if it could be because I’m classified as an organism made with magic or just because I’m a monster, either way, I can’t maintain my body since my magic power keeps being absorbed」

「Onii-chan, please let Surakichi return to Weed. It seems like it hurts」

Damn it, now that Asurin told me that, I have to let it return…

「Then, I’ll leave Weed to you」

「Ou, we’ll manage somehow in the other side」

Well, of course, there is even a Demon King. After all, you literally have no feet or hands. (そりゃ、魔王ですら。文字通り手も足も出なかったからな)

Like that, I watched Surakichi-san disappear into the ruins.

After my meeting with Surakichi, I continued sending monsters from that side while I was still connected to Seraria and the rest through CALL…

Although unbelievable, magic life forms who uses magic power to maintain their bodies and are below level 50 such as slime and ghost, monsters who don’t have a solid body or have intangible bodies. have their magic power sucked instantly and disappear.

For the time being, I returned immediately all the magical life forms that survived. Even when I used the top class monster Surakichi-san, it couldn’t even last more than three hours in this new continent.

「Then, wouldn’t be dangerous for the fairy tribe?」

「I suppose. After all, fairies are a life form mainly made of magic」

I’m sure did well in not bringing Narujia-san or Coville with us.

「That means…」

I gently put my hand on the monster’s shoulder.

「What, what does that means!!?」

「You already saw Surakichi-san. You’re the only one who can take command on the field」

「There are plenty to choose!! Why me!!?」

「The others will become objects of fear」

In this new continent, with the magic depletion problem, there are extremely few monsters.

If you go through the woods, you can still see goblins, however, orcs seem to be almost nonexistent.

Rather, the few remaining orcs are targets of capture and made into shows.

One of the reasons why I don’t summon the orc unit is because if they are seen it will become a problem.

It goes without saying that it would be impossible for a magical life form like a Dullahan.

Also, it feels like if I were to call blood minotaur Mino-chan, a punitive force might be assembled to slay such a legendary monster.

「Well, good luck. You have a week to prepare the defenses. I’ll leave it to you」

「The worst!! Such a short time!! Why everything me, even planning the defense!?」

「It’s not like you can’t do it. After all, I’ve been teaching you a lot of things. Ah, your objective is to protect this village」

「Wait, I can certainly do it, but isn’t there something wrong here?」

「I know what you want to say, even I met with a lot of unreasonable things. Just give up. This is an order from your boss, so you know at who you are blaming, right?」

「…I-I’m sorry」

「The salary will be properly supplemented with an expedition special pay」

「I’ll do my best. …You too, general, do your best」

「If you feel sorry for me, then let me take your place」

「I’ve to refuse. Well, I have a job to do, I’ll be going!!」

Tsk, he ran away.

With this, the matter of defense is somehow ready.

「What do you think?」

「Let me think. The monster sent this time are goblins led by the general Steve. Their numbers are a little over fifty as to not stimulate the villagers, so if the enemy makes a full-blow attack, it will be hard」

「About that, if we could end our conversation with the elder, we would be able to call for reinforcements immediately. Well, if we don’t have to protect the villagers, and if the ability of the soldiers of the Zilba empire are like those who came to attack recently, it doesn’t matter if ten of thousands come, with the dungeon’s defenses it is more than enough」

「If it was a normal situation then, we could crush them with numbers… But everyone in Weed has no common sense. We don’t have enough information on the new continent, but I’m sure everything will be okay somehow. And if something goes wrong, we can always run away」

If we couldn’t even do that, all of us would be leaving this new continent right now.

I don’t want to die, and I don’t want my wives to worry.

「Seriously, it’s troublesome that we can’t use the dungeon’s functions」

「No, we have had it very easy so far」

It’s like Zargis said, it would be tough to build a defense network with just 50 people.

「Tomorrow, Steve will be submitting the request for defense materials, at worst, we’ll be using firearms to defend this place」

「Um, the weapons from another world, you mean…? If we use them for defense, we won’t fall unless they come with everything they have」

It should be okay if it’s for defense.

The cheat called modern weapons is very difficult to use.

Tanks were indeed used in Rumel, but the person himself wasn’t able to move at all.

That’s why if anyone were able to use them, the possibility of expanding the war would increase.

Therefore, it must be controlled strictly.

Well, Rumel doesn’t seem to be able to produce them, and it seems that they chose to keep Tanaka, the cheat person, out of the spotlight.

I also have to make sure that I don’t misuse modern weapons so I don’t get to that point.

In my case, I can make them by using DP.

Ah, what I learned in the magic experiment is that the things I pull out by using DP is that they are not composed of magic.

Since those things are made with Luna’s power and are the real thing, they are not affected by the magic power depletion problem.

In this new continent, modern weapons will have unmatched strength.

If it is stolen and ends up doing a lot of damage and everything ends there, it would be the best outcome, but if it happens that they can be mass-produced in this new continent, then this place will become a small battlefield similar to that of world war on earth.

「But how could I manage it…?」

「After all you can’t use the dungeon’s function to search or monitor. Will you grant permission to those who submit a document and deliver it face to face while having a strict control of the vault?」

「I can only do that, isn’t that right…?」

As expected, if I didn’t have a cheat called dungeon the danger would only increase…

The modern world sure did well with things like security and other unthinkable things.

Of course, I don’t have that kind of knowledge, so I can’t establish something like that.

I’m sure I can do it in the future, but not right now.

Can’t I have the research team in Weed make a security division? No, it’s impossible. So far, Zargis did nothing but make a light bulb with electricity.

Even I am still trying to understand the structure of the radio by disabling it.

It’s impossible to make electronic components, which are the crystallization of modern technology right now with this world’s technology.

「What can I do is about to this extent…? That reminds me, what is everyone else doing?」

「They are resting normally, look there」

Ria, who was listening to us from the side, points her finger.

In that direction is…

「Roasted meat, meat!!」

「That’s right!! More, more, Tori!! My stomach is empty!!」

「Eat vegetables too, Mauve」

「I think Raiya-san is right, you have to eat balanced」

Without knowing where Zett got it, he takes out a barbecue and now they are eating yakiniku without telling me.

Ah, he brought the item bag instead of the item box.

Speaking of that, doesn’t the magic depletion affects the item bag?

「It’s strange. It seems that so far items made by magic power can be used as it is?」

It seems that even Zargis reached the same question as he tilts his head to one side.

「I wonder about that. It may be that the magic power of the item has not yet been cut off or rather that it can be used until it runs of magic power…」

「I see, that makes sense」

「Then, how does the magic tool keeps moving?」

「There are many reasons for that. They may be using magic stones as batteries or absorbing the magical power of the air so it can be used permanently…」

「What you said could be right too, there could be many reasons」

Yeah, as expected, it is interesting to discover many things in this new continent which is running out of magic power.

This will also become a useful resource for data. To make this world aware of the magic depletion problem…

「Ah~, I feel overwhelmed… I want to throw up…」

「Please stop. The risk of creatures composed mostly of magic dying has now become a reality. To someone like me who transformed with magic, it isn’t just a demons’ affair anymore」

「Ah, that’s right, it was something like that. So, how do you feel?」

「It’s hard to breathe, I suppose?」

「Fumu… Has been there a change in your status?」

「Not at all so far」

「I want to believe that it’s just my imagination…」

「Yes. Please, forgive if I can’t wake up tomorrow」

「Eternal sleep, eh? In a way, it’s like euthanasia?」

「I don’t want to die after all」

「I know that. For the time being, let’s eat and start to prepare for tomorrow」

I said so and joined everyone eating yakiniku in front of me.

Aah, it seems like I’ll have a lot to think about tomorrow.

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