Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 153

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Enough with the promise

Side: Yuki

「Prepare yourselves!! Stupid humans who dare to humiliate the women of the village!!」

I’m already tired.

Why is such a thing happening?

No, I was expecting something like this to happen. but please don’t come according to my expectations.

「We can understand ourselves if we talk. Please hear me」

I need to somehow calm down the other party.

I’m too annoyed, but if I kill this bunny-eared dandy, everything I did so far will be wasted. It’s not good to use violence.

「UOooOOoOOO!!! I will have that neck!!」

This person is not good.

While crying from the bottom of my heart, I just wanted for the women of the village to come over quickly.

If I had to say what is happening, well…

We must return to the moment after I’ve finished the treatment of the people who had been attacked.

「Good. I was able to successfully apply powerful healing magic to the whole area. Is there anyone who is sick? Ah, if you are feeling bad we’ll talk later. What I’m now looking for is for people who have scars left」

For the time being, I just said that.

After all, if I don’t do something like that, probably all the people here present would qualify.

High-level recovery magic restores the irregularities of the body, so fractures, internal organs rupture and injures. And even internal hemorrhage.

This is the biggest reason why medicine does not develop in the continent where Weed resides.

Everything can be solved by magic. That is why there are no people who want to open bodies and heal them.

Rather, there is no such way of thinking at all. No, I’m sure few think like that, but I’ve never heard anything.

Aah, that’s why fantasy is…

No, it’s because I come from a world without magic that I’m seen as a person without common sense.

Have I said that advanced technology is no different from magic?

Though it’s a little different, there are even cars with automatic doors.

Such a thing surprised me. And I understand why. It’s for the kids and the elderly who are with their hands full.

This is why one should try everything.

Oh, I got distracted.

I have to make sure that there are no more injured people.

「How is it? Make sure to check your body. You can check each other. It’s normal to be injured and not notice that you are」

After I said that, most of the people present began to check their bodies as well as the person next to them.

Yes, most.

A few were staring at me.

「Nn? What’s wrong? Do you feel bad somewhere?」

「N-Nooo!? It’s nothing like that… Ah, I’m sorry. Thank you for your help. I’m sorry for being late in thanking you」

This person… The kid from before is sticking closely, and I can also recognize him.

He is the first person I helped with my demonstration.

「No, no, it only ended like that」

That’s right, it only ended like that. And besides, it was Riel who helped.

I planned to give up on them.

「However, even though you are a human, you are blessed with a talent for magic even surpassing us, elves, to the point of being able to use a far powerful magic…」

Ah, so that’s what this person was surprised.

Well, of course, after all, I have cheats so I was able to do whatever I wanted on my continent.

However, in this new continent, the consumption of magic power is 20 times according to Luna’s information.

When I cast heal on this person alone, the consumption of magic was 20 times the normal rate.

Until I speak with Zargis I won’t know the reason, however, it may be that because the magic in the air is not enough that the transmission of magic has decreased?

Therefore, when the magic power is manifested outside of the body and not inside, it’s like extending a hose to wherever the magic power it is and as consequence, it increases the cost, something like that?

But 20 times. eh? I don’t understand the reasoning behind.

Just a moment before, I healed all the seriously injured people at once, and even though the amount of magic power consumed per person was the same as the extra heal I cast on this person, I feel like it’s too little.

「Um… I went a little far in my questions. Magic is a personal treasure. I’m sorry for trying to ask something like that」

「It’s okay. Don’t worry. I just was immersed in my thoughts. Rather, there are some things I want to ask. Would that be okay?」


I decided to change the subject of magic and started asking about what going here.

That’s right, we don’t know anything about the current state of the new continent.

I don’t even know what this place is called at all.

Rather, I’m surprised we can understand each other. I hope letters too.

So, the information I received was as follows:

・This place is located in the center of the continent and is where the few beastfolk and elves can live quietly.

・The ones who came to attack are from the Zilba Empire located in the south, a country where human supremacy is exercised. It seems that the only thing they do is fight.

・Dungeons are recognized as historic ruins, and seems to be sacred for beastfolks and elves.

・As for magic power, it’s like Luna said, there isn’t enough magic power to use magic. Moreover, because of the enormous amount of consumption of magic power, anyone would be welcome in any country if you can use it in actual wars.

・About the beastfolk and elves. Although their number is decreasing, being able to handle magic power, having healthy bodies and being proficient in casting magic, they are targets of enslavement. Although they are being outnumbered, their individual power is greater than most people.

・ On this occasion, the men upon hearing that other villages were under attack they went all out, but then this unprotected village was attacked.

There is still a lot of information to hear, but I think this should be good enough for now.

For the time being, I need to gather everyone using CALL and have a talk with everyone.

Should we collect more information or move to another place? It’s what I want to ask.

「Heーy, can everyone hear me?」

『Ah, wait a second!? Listen to me!!』

『We didn’t attack this village!!』

『Ggu. Yuki, it seems that the men of this village have returned!! They are attacking!!』


The misunderstanding trope? This is too cliche!!

「Are you okay Riel and the other!!?」

『U~mm, they are not too on guard since we are also beast folk. It seems like they want to protect us so we can’t move』

『Yes. Right now, they are saying that they are going to defeat the humans that came to attack this village…』

『…Can I knock down these guys?』

「Kaya, wait. First of all, talking is the priority!!」

So, what happened to Asurin and the others?

「Shera, Asurin, Filia, Labiris, can you all hear me!!?」

『Yes, everything it’s okay. We are also seen as beast folks children, so they didn’t do anything to us…』

『Oni-chan, be careful, after all, oni-chan and Ria-onee-chan are humans』

『Indeed, be careful nii-sama』

『That’s right. In the unlikely event that Yuki was to get hurt, I would kill all these people』


The biggest problem here is me getting hurt!?

And so, it’s necessary for me to calm down the opponent without getting hurt.

Ria who is also a human is at my side and is getting attacked by the men.

Since she is wearing a cheat armor there isn’t much trouble to begin with.

As for me, my armor-like equipment is just plain clothes… Should I also wear armor?

「Stop there!! Despite being a human you plan to compete with me, a beastfolk, in physical ability!!?」

「Listen to me a second!! I just helped these people!!」

「Zett, It’s like he said so calm down!! This person has…」

「There is no meaning in hearing whatever you have forced them to say!!」

It’s useless this way.

Let’s change tactics. Let’s get the hell out of here for now.

Otherwise, we won’t make progress.

「Everyone, gather in front of the dungeon. You can beat those who try to hinder you but without killing them. I’ll heal them later. This is no longer a conversation」


I dodged the dandy middle-aged man with bunny ear attack by a hair and with a single counter I took him down.

There was no reason to do something so bothersome like taking distance between us.

After all, our real strength is completely different.

「…Ah, aguu」

Due to the pain, the bunny-eared dandy Zett couldn’t even say a word.

「U~m, what was your name?」

「Ah, my name, I’m called Naya」

It seems like the name of the pregnant elf woman is called Naya-san.

「Then, Naya-san. I’ll leave the persuasion of these people to you. We can’t even talk right now, so when he has calmed down, you can look for us. For the time being, we will be in front of the dungeon. I’ll be treating those who seem in pain there too. Well, on the condition that we aren’t attacked」

「…I’m really sorry for that」

Let’s entrust the persuasion of this person and the people we saved to Kaya-san.

When I look at Ria, it seems like Ria also finished easily too, and was looking towards me, waiting for me.

「Then, let’s go to the dungeon entrance?」

「Yes, you are right. If they don’t calm down we won’t be able to do anything」

Seeing us both walk quickly, Zargis, who was behind, begins to chase us.

「Please, wait a second. Are you planning to leave me behind?」

「No, you just were standing there」

「Indeed, she was」

「But I just was investigating the magic power and its movement!?」

Ah, it was that kind of research?

Since she didn’t fight, I thought she was playing hooky.

On our way to the dungeon entrance, we were attacked at least three times by the same people that came after the attackers, however, they were defeated easily.

Could you all wait a little and not attack us just for a misunderstanding?

If it were a normal situation, all of you would already be dead. Consider yourself lucky, you know?

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