Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 152

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Nothing goes as planned

Side: Yuki



「Mommy!! Mooooommy!!!」

Helpless people are being crushed by weapons of war.

「Don’t kill by mistake!! Grab them and sell them off!! Strong guys are to be made slaves!! For the country!!」

「It was the correct choice to aim for a place where there are only women!!」

「Yes, I’m sure I’ll be promoted with this!!

…Outside of the dungeon on the new continent, currently, look like this.

It seems that outside of the dungeon there is a village where beastmen and elves are living together.

However, it looks like an army from somewhere came to attack this place.

Let’s pretend we haven’t seen anything and secure our safety and start the experiments…

「Unforgivable!! I’m going right now!!」

「Ah, wait a second!! You can’t Riel!!」

「…I’m sorry, Yuki. I can’t overlook something like that」

Having said that, Riel, Tori, and Kaya rushed out of the dungeon.

「Yuki-san, if we let those three be it could be dangerous. Although we have Doppel, there could be something there. We should go too!!」

「Onii-chan, I’ll help everyone!!」

「Ani-sama, I’ll go!!」

「…Fufufu. You don’t see this kind of scene often」

Shera, Asurin, Filia and Labiris also followed.

「Oh, It’s wonderful to be young」

「We should go too」

「Yes, this time I’ll protect everyone」

Moreover, the three middle-aged men also followed.



「Um, what should we do? Doppel shouldn’t have any problem since it’s Doppel the one we are talking about, but us?」

Ria doesn’t want to leave me alone even if Doppel is here.

Yeah, what a good kid.

「What are you doing being silent all of sudden?」

Then, she pats Zargis who is showing the same reaction as me.

「Eeehー!? No matter how you think about it, we can’t get involved in a problem from the outside. Ain’t that correct!?」

「The situation has already started. You come too!! It’s not good to be completed devoted to your research, after all, some way or another you became a member of the Four Heavenly Kings!!」

「Gyaaー!? Is there anyone willing to go to such a battle with so many uncertainties!?」

I don’t want to go either!!

However, I can’t leave them alone.

The safety of my wives is my top priority. Even if Doppel is here with us.

Well, we can always get information from the people we help, and that’s something simple to do.

「Yeah, there seems to be no problem」

「Yes, it seems so」

「U~m, Yuki-san. What should we do?」

All the tools that Zargis and I have prepared for this day have been wasted.

Of course, after I explained to Ria, she brought something.

If you were to ask me what we have brought…

You would have to ask, is our power valid in this new continent?

Towards that problem, a stopwatch and scarecrow for training were prepared in order to measure the physical ability.

And so the answers to this question are:

「They are the lowest to raise a hand towards a woman!!」

When Riel swings her weapon, an enemy? flies in the sky.

No, not just Riel. Tori, Kaya, and even Labiris and the other girls are sending away the enemies.

「It seems that we measure or physical abilities in this way. Zargis, Ria, watch over everyone’s movements. It is important to know that we can move in the same way that in Weed. On the contrary, there is a possibility for our power to increase here」

「I already turned on the CAMERA, so everything should be okay」

「I’m recording with the CAMERA too」

Before I tell them, they were both holding the camera and capturing the gag landscape in front of them.

After all, you don’t see people flying every day.

「I’m going toーtreat them」

「Yes. But you can go only within my reach, you know?」

「What am I, a child?」

After saying that, we started tying up the soldiers that we sent flying with a rope we brought, and then started to treat the injured beastmen and elf women with healing magic, but…

Yes, a problem came with the healing magic.

Thanks to Lilyciu’s divine protection, my wives were able to use intermediary level… To make it simple, they were able to use magic like and care, and behoi(べホイ○).

But as for Herge and Rurua’s extra heal, they are not able to use them, in short, they can’t use ベ○マ and the like.

Being pregnant, Rurua was removed from the new continent group, and so we lost the one responsible for healing the others.

That’s not right since we don’t have one, I decided to take the healing role.

「Noo!! A human!!」

「Don’t come!! Don’t come closer!!」

However, taking such a role was mentally painful.

You were indeed injured by humans, but I don’t want you all to lump us together.

Though this is part of the plan.

My heart hurts, but it would be bad if I don’t cure them right now, so I approach them…

Then, kids from their hiding place, as small as Asurin? came out and started to glare at me.

「Stooop!! Don’t bully mama!! Go awayー!!」

The child resists my actions as much as possible.

Then the child picked a stone that was at their feet and threw it at me.

However, I don’t have the time to evade it since it would be too late for the treatment, so I ignore it and continue.


…It hurts.

Though I didn’t stop walking, it hurt so much to the point that I wanted to cry.

What the heck! The levels seem to be the same on the new continent?

……That reminds me, I was told that even if you catch an illness it won’t become a serious illness but you will still feel the pain anyway.

Before, when Deriyu was hit on the stomach with Labiris’s sword it hurts.

This is why fantasy is…


Ah, no, no.

I glared at the child unintentionally.

Well, it seems like the kid is not hurt.

Let’s get on with the treatment.

Oops. I have to check before and after using magic.

I just quickly checked my status… Good, my MP is full.

「Okay, here I go. There, Extra Heal」

For the time being, I will treat mothers in front of me and those who seem to be hurt.

「Eh? Ah, my bo-body is!? Is h-healing!?」


When the mother who was wrapped in blood and without almost life lifts her body, the child jumps.

Yeah, an emotional scene, but I can’t stop now.

「Hear me. I can treat those hurt. If you believe me, wouldn’t you be able to gather all the injured people? Of course, I’ll treat the ones in critically condition first. As you can see, it would take a lot of time for me going around. Please persuade them」

「Y-Yes!! Thank you very much!! We will gather all those injured!!」

「For the time being, we know that you are not an enemy. That’s why we will believe in you」

Seeing that I was healing people, the others went to look for the wounded, guiding them to me and explaining what was happening.

No, honestly, I can’t heal all the injured people right now, but since I don’t know the amount of MP it will consume in this place I took this action.

Of course, it is also a measure so those who were attacked to trust us.

Now that I think about it, seeing the people gathered, it makes me wonder something.

What happened to the enemy?

When I thought so, I look in the direction where the enemies flew out and I see Riel bringing the enemy tied with a rope.

Each one it’s at least bringing twenty people.

Shera, Labiris and the others too, are also dragging the enemy.

If I didn’t know them, it would be too scary.

「You bastards! Do you understand what you just did!!? You’re going against the Zilba Empire!! Now you have no choice but to perish!!」

It seems that one of the people Riel captured was an old man in armor with a gorgeous beard.

「With just a couple of people we have annihilated a battalion of soldiers in the blink of an eye, so I’m not afraid of that something empire」

Yeah, I understand what you mean Riel, but at least remember the name of that country…

「Ah, for now, Could you close your mouth? You are scaring people you attacked」

「Haa!! You cattle! You don’t know your place, why we should do any of what you want…」

「Shut up」

I kicked him like a soccer ball and send him flying towards a rock.


It seems that my physical abilities have not decreased?

I was satisfied seeing that man not moving.

There’s blood on the rock, but he is breathing, so everything is alright?

And the other enemies-san? It seems that they have calmed down.

Once the place fell silent, I looked back and the wounded were looking at me.

I sense a little fear towards me, but I don’t care.

Let’s heal them and start gathering information at once.

Seriously, it seems that it will not go as planned.

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