Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 151

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New continent briefing session

Side: Yuki

「…And so, this is how Luna explained it 」

Just as Luna used the whiteboard to teach me about the new continent, I’m using it to explain to the other about the new continent as well the plan of attack to the members who will be going with me.

Well, even if I say an explanation, it’s only, let’s solve the magical problem depletion problem!! Something like that.

「Magical problem depletion eh…? I see, so that’s why we were called」

「Right. All the members who are going are women」

「That’s so, isn’t it? It’s okay for us to move separately, and we have a reasonable strength as to act as support」

Right now, with the exception of my wives and the representatives, all the members are here.

Moreover, men.

「Yesー, we weren’t able to do anything about the hero and demon king problem. My arm is itching」

「Well. There’s no way that adventurers can meddle with the country’s problems. Even if we had gone out, there would have been a lot of problems later」

「Indeed. But a new continent, eh…? It seems that it will become the greatest adventure ever」

The middle-aged and nostalgic Mauve, Laiya and Kurth group.

Although their levels may be low among our members, I’m sure their experience as adventurers is overwhelming.

I’m counting on them.

Rather, it’s because otherwise there would be no men!!

「Ah, that’s right, I have a question, it’s okay, Yuki-san?」

「Nn, what’s the matter? Tori?」

Although unusual it wasn’t Riel question but the dog ear, no, the one with wolf ears Tori.

It seems that Tori was once an adventurer, and although I cannot say it in front of Riel, I’m counting on you.

After all, Riel has the habit of running wildly, it was even the same in the battle of Litea and even when I was adventuring with her, I felt the same. I went through a difficult time at that time.

Ups, I should pay attention to Tori’s question.

「Um, if the continent that Luna-san described exists to the west, then it would not be better to expand Yuki’s dungeon and start by investigating the coast of the new continent?」

Oh, a sharp question.

It would be best if I could do that.

However, due to several problems, I can’t do that.

「I wish I could do that. But to tell you the truth, it’s really impossible」

「Why is that?」

「Weed is located in the center of the continent. In short, expanding the dungeon to the west means that I would need to build dungeons under other countries as I please」


That’s right, it’s bad.

If I make a mistake and I’m discovered, Weed’s position will be jeopardized.

「But could it not be possible to build them and after a while erase them? They would be too deep underground, so I think they wouldn’t be able to find them」

「I thought about that too. If I expand the dungeon to the west, then there is the possibility that other dungeons that are in that direction could notice us. If I take a wrong step it can become a fight between dungeon masters」

「I-I understand… That would be bad」

That’s the main reason why I don’t want to build dungeons to the west.

I don’t want to provoke other dungeon masters. As I said, if I started fighting with other dungeon masters, then the investigation in the new continent will be delayed, and as a result, it could affect our continent.

And I don’t want for such thing to happen after I dealt with the demon king’s problem.

「Moreover, I don’t know the range of the magical depletion problem. If the ocean also enters in its range, Weed’s DP may be taken since we are connected. And what kind of effect will this full of magical power continent on the new continent have? That I don’t know. The most likely outcome may be a massive increase in monsters in a short time. For example, a flock of dragons could be born」

「Uwaa, if that happens, wouldn’t the new continent end up destroyed?」

Mentioning a flock of dragons makes Riel’s face turns pale.

Though I believe that the current Riel should be able to hunt dragons.

「Well, that’s why a gate has been connected to an existing dungeon on the new continent. If it’s only by a gate, then it won’t be able to take Weed’s magical power. Though the dungeon will take our magic power to maintain it」

「Ah, that reminds, you said that it would take 20 times our magic power?」

「That’s right」

「If that’s the case, then we won’t be able to expand luxuriously the dungeon? Though it would be better to not expand the dungeon because of the magic problem depletion?」

Mauve said so and then responds to himself.

What he said it’s about right.

But, as Luna said, she stopped the magic power supply from the dungeon to the new continent.

That’s because she doesn’t know what could happen to the ecosystem, and it could interfere with the possibility of finding the true cause.

「And that’s why we are going use the dungeons on the new continent, Tori」

「I see. I’m convinced. This is the safest action we can take for now」

「Though it’s the most dangerous action for those of us who are going there」

「Eh? You won’t use Doppel?」

「I don’t, though I plan to when the time is right since if for some reason it isn’t possible to use Doppel, we would have to go ourselves anyway」

You can’t use someone else to accomplish your goal, and it’s not like there is someone else stronger than us.

Either way, we need to go.

I pray that it’s possible to use Doppel!!

「For the time being, I understand the reason why we need to directly go towards the dungeon. So, I wonder what would be our policy on the other side?」

Seraria, who was silently listening, finally started talking.

「You are right asking about that. We’ll be investigating the dungeon’s surroundings for a while. We’ll take Zargis with us and let him investigate and experiment with the magic power there」


「Perhaps the way to use magic power on the new continent is different? There is the possibility that our magical power decreases and as a consequence, our strength will too」

「Ah, that reminds me, there was a strange theory that the level goes up as you gather magic power inside your body」

「Although I don’t know if that’s true, it’s worth investigating. We should check our power first and start the investigation on the new continent at once」

After I finish saying that, I look to everyone.

「Any question…?」

「I rather push for founding a country than investigating」

Just when I was going to end the conversation, Seraria says an outrageous thing.

「A number of powerful warlords will be surrounding us. Just moving from one country to another to investigate will be a pain in the ass. It will take too much time. That’s why if we establish a country, we will be able to easily investigate the controlled place. Also, don’t you think it will be easier to investigate if we are in negotiations with other countries?」

What Seraria is saying is entirely true, but only about the investigation side.

What she really wants to say is…

「Seraria. Even if we were to establish that country, to what extent would you take responsibility?」

Yes, in my case, I think it’s best to leave that continent as soon as the investigation is over.

If we were to build a country, then we would have to protect the people.

We were not yet able to achieve peace on our continent, so it would be impossible to reach that far away place from here.

「We just need to manage it properly, isn’t that right? We only need to encourage democracy like Weed」

「Just listen to me for one second, the reason Weed can exercise democracy is due to the strong defenses of the dungeon. Even with democracy, it still takes a tremendous amount of time to just move the army. Do you understand? A monarchy only needs the word from the king. They can move the army just with emotion. However, democracy will only move its army as a result of discussion of many representatives. Being slow would be fatal among powerful warlords」

「Oh my, but what I said should be okay after we restore peace. Until then, it should be fine to stand up properly as a king and command them, isn’t that right?」

…Are you a demon?

To be decorated as king would be too disgraceful.

「For the time being, I suggest taking control of an easy to deal country after some research. As for the clerical work-related, the pregnant ones from the stay-behind group should do it」

「I agree. I’ve already told my subordinates that we’ll leave. It’s really hard to relax all day long inside the house」

And that’s how Lutz and all the other pregnant women nodded to Seraria’s proposal.

Now even if I deny it, I’m sure they would create a country without permission…

Somehow, the pressure from my wives has been getting stronger.

…Should I follow their wishes?

「In the first place, this is the world where we live. Since you have come from another world, we have received your help countless times, and that’s not okay. Think of this as a step for us to save our world」

Seraria says so, and everyone looks towards us.

「Don’t you realize that I’m counting in everything with you all?」

「Oh, so it would be better to not think about anything? Rather, I wonder if you like women who follow everything you say? 」

Seraria says laughing.

Haa, I married some fierce women.

Listen to me, king of the unknown country that I will take over as well retainers and soldiers from there!

There is a possibility that I’m going to be a little unreasonable, were you all able to hear me?

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  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Just freaking say NO! You do not want to be a King! He tried to reason that with his wives! It only took one sentence from Seraria to discard his will. WTF was that?

    And how come him asking his wives to not make him a King in an foreign continent is tied with him liking only obedient and meek women? He is opposite of that!

  2. With both Seraria, Ellis and Lulz, namely all the leader wives being pregnant, things might get a bit crazy 🙂

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