Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 150

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Member selection

Side: Yuki

Happy and bad things go hand in hand.

Personally, my feelings of happiness outweigh the negatives, but if I think about my wives’ feeling it should be something like ±0.

If I had to say what it is ±0, then now that my wives are pregnant, the number of members going to the new continent decreased.

As for me, leaving aside the matter of going to the new continent, I would like to stop going on adventures until we raised to some extent the child…

「Imposible. I won’t allow you to stop advancing only because we are pregnant」

「That’s right, onii-san. We’re all right, so please don’t stop the mission of saving the world for us」

「Husband-sama, I’m happy you feel that way. However, but I won’t allow such reason to stop advancing」

「I think the same. If we stop advancing, many lives will be sacrificed」

「Myself wants to follow you… but I can’t put into danger the children about to born. That’s why leave Weed to us and go」

「I’m but a maid but even so, master gently accepted me and now I have master’s child inside me. That’s why I don’t want to pull my master’s legs anymore. Please, at least the mission…」

Everyone here pregnant said that I should go on an adventure.

「Hey, that reminds me, wouldn’t be everything fine if he were to bring Doppel with him?」

Suddenly Riel says so but not everyone nodded.


「Riel, even Doppel is not good. It’s hard to give birth to a baby, so it should be better to not put a mental burden on top of that」

「It’s like that?」

「Don’t you remember? About the village chief’s daughter who was told to give birth to a boy and then she felt pressure and was not able to give birth even though she was pregnant. Well, after that, I heard that she was able to properly give birth though」

「Ehー? That person wasn’t able to… It’s that true?」

Riel curiously asks Tori for confirmation.

Seraria who was listening, interjects.

「It’s like Tori said. Feeling a lot of pressure or responsibility can affect you being able to have children, and even if you are pregnant, it usually ends in a miscarriage. Though our mothers didn’t care about such a thing, even so, other noblemen go to the churches to pray for a safe birth」

Yes, in this world, in the case of bigshots, the need of needing a successor gives a lot of pressure to women who give birth to children.

Poor things…

「Riel, it’s like that. Even if Doppel where to be hit on its abdomen, it would not cause any burden on its stomach, but isn’t it true that you would protect your stomach?」


「For pregnant women, having their stomach being beaten it’s something that they absolutely don’t want to happen. It can be very stressful for the hearth」

「Ahー, that’s why Doppel it’s not good…」

Therefore, everyone found pregnant have prohibited to go.

Even Weed’s jobs will be Doppel only.

The main body is resting at the inn.

Of course, I made Lilyciu also help and become a full-time doctor.

The hospital is fine. So I’m sure Rurua and Herge’s students will do just fine.

Well, in the worst case, Rurua, Herge and Lilyciu agreed to come out.

「That’s why, we, excluding the pregnant wives, will go to the new continent. You’ll need people taking care of everyone pregnant, what will you do?」

「Ah, in that case, I’ll stay」

When I thought that this problem could not be solved, Milly volunteered for the job.

「Is that okay, Milly?」

「Yes, although I’m saying this, I made up my mind before. After all, once pregnant everyone will be too busy. We all talked about how we would need someone to help at that time」

Oh, a great collaboration.

But now I can’t complain and spend a peaceful time with my wives.

「Although I said that it would be very hard for me to take care of six people by myself, so I got Deriyu’s little brother Laie-kun, Anna-san and Riri’s help」


「When I told them about the pregnancy, they happily agreed. They sure treasure you, Deriyu」

「Umu. As expected」

By the way, Deriyu’s younger brother, Laie-kun moved out from Gartz’s dungeon and is now living on Weed.

Gartz’s dungeon was not disposed but is being managed as it is.

Weed’s safer, so it’s a peace of mind that he is here.

「Our matter is settled then. Now, the stay-behind group will tell you our wishes」

Seeing that their problems have settled, Seraria says her wish.

「Wait, what’s that about wishes? I’m telling you, you all are forbidden to follow me」

「We fully know. That’s why, for your safety, excluding the stay-behind group, take all the remaining wives with you」

「I think the fighting power will be a bit too much」

「That’s just fine. It’s not like I’ve researched the new continent, but you may be unable to use Doppel, and even if Doppel is the one who dies, it will be a great shock for us to hear such a thing, you know」

Certainly, if they heard that the fake died, it wouldn’t be a joke the mental burden that it would cause to my wives.

「Wait a minute. Did you say, everyone? Asurin, Filia, Labiris and even Shera?」

「Of course. Don’t tell me you’re going to say that because they are children, you can’t take them, of course not, right?」

「Though I don’t know how onii-san feels, but Asurin and the others are splendid women. You’d better treat them a little more equally」

「I’m sure Shera-sama’s position will be certainly helpful. Would you please take them with you?」

And like that, the stay-behind group told me to take with me Asurin and the others.

「Onii-chan, this time I’ll be useful-mashu!!」

「Ani-shama!! I’ll do my best too!!」

「…I don’t want to be left behind this time!」

「Yuki-san, I’m sure the knowledge and manners of royalty will come in handy. Surely they won’t be a waste!!」

The little ones say so, and my eyes get wet.

「Ahー, give up, Yuki-san. You won’t leave them behind, right?」

「Asurin and the others were good kids so far, so isn’t it fine to take them this time?」

「…Rather, you won’t find anyone stronger than them. They’ll surely become a great strength to have」

And so, the beastmen group also were in favor.

Even if I now say I will leave them, I’m sure they will stealthily move on their own.

Wouldn’t be more troublesome to refuse now…?

「I understand. But you all will listen to every word of mine!!」


I wonder if it’s okay with that half baked answer.

I made them wait until now… so it should be fine?

Let’s stop thinking deeply. Besides, it’s already decided, now I have to give the school a notice of absence.

When I was thinking such a thing, Deriyu and Ria were also talking about something.

「Ria, myself can be at ease at Weed knowing that you will be there. I’ll entrust it to you, hero!!」

「Deriyu-san!! Please, leave it to me. I’ll definitely protect Yuki-san!! The Demon King’s wish has reached my ears!!」

…Isn’t it something wrong here?

「Ah, that reminds me, onii-san, I have a suggestion」

「Nn, what, Lutz?」

「No, it’s not mine but Ellis’ idea…」

Lutz said so and looks towards Ellis who is at her side.

「Yes, it would be a little troublesome to only have women around, so why don’t you take those three with you?」

「Those three?」

「Yes, those three, they are more used to adventuring than Tori and Riel and besides, they are men. Don’t you think they will be useful in many ways on the new continent? Lately, they haven’t had they turn to appear so they are lazing around Weed」

「Their turn to appear? Come on, even now they still belong to Weed’s adventurer guild」

「It’s not like they are busy working, even Tori and Riel’s friends, Orvik-san and the others want to dedicate themselves to Weed」

「Ah, that reminds me, there was a report where it said that there was a lot of dungeons on Weed that it didn’t lack exclusive adventurers」

「That’s correct. That’s why, in addition to being strong enough, this will become the perfect opportunity for them to train. Above everything, they will become the perfect bodyguards for Asurin and the others」

「Now I see. I agree. Let’s call those three」

And like that, the new continent members group was decided.

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