Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 149

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Sorry to be absent, I had to go to the hospital to do some analysis. I may have high cholesterol or high blood pressure, or both. I hope neither, so I didn’t feel like doing anything these weeks. But here I am! I will translate another chapter or two for next week, and for next month all normal again.

Medical examination and discovery

Side: Seraria

「…I honestly can’t believe this story without facts」

「I think so too. I’m a little skeptical too. But…」

「Yuki-sama, should we interpret what the goddess Luna said as the truth?」

「Yes. That’s why, I’ll leave it to you in my absence, Kuaru. But even if I say that this time situation it allows me to return whenever I want」

「Please, do not worry, I will use CALL to contact you in case of any doubt or question」

「…You, are you trying to have married couple time for yourself without anyone around, am I wrong?」

「It’s my mission, and is also because I need to protect Weed」

In order to go to the new continent with Kuaru, I proceeded with the necessary documents, contacting each department, and have a conversation with the ones taking over our jobs.

Seriously, there is no boring time with Yuki-kun.

However, a new continent, huh?

According to the information, few can cast magic in the middle of magic depletion.

Moreover, due to the problem of magic depletion, monsters are scarce and countries in the new continent are always fighting as if it were something normal.

My husband makes it sound as if the situation on the new continent is the same as here, however, if there are no monsters on the other side, then I’m sure that the fight for land is more intense than here.

My arms are itching for a good fight.

Until now, as expected of a princess, I had an attendant always beside me, but since I arrived in Weed, thanks to my husband, I have become extremely strong and even fight in a battle, since my husband’s policy is to act behind the scenes.

However, I don’t have such a position in the new continent.

There I will have to do everything with my own body. Of course, my husband and the others will be there, but depending on the situation, we will not be able to use Weed’s strength publicly. Moreover, I will have to form a party with my husband and others and we may encounter enemies during our adventure in addition to the countries that want to pick a fight with us.

My personal and real power will be tested.

Besides going all-out, I want to make a country where my husband is the king, even if he doesn’t want to.

I fully know my husband’s policy.

However, as a wife standing next to him, I don’t want my husband to stand on the front stage of history as a nameless person.

As it is now, the only thing that will be recorded in the story about my husband will be just one line saying that he was Seraria’s husband.

Yuki’s true achievements will be written as if they were Rurua, Shera and mine’s achievement.

And such a result is one that all the wives hate.

Our husband should be praised even more.

That’s why this new continent came up at the perfect moment.

In our continent, due to various circumstances, Yuki wasn’t able to give his best.

However, there will be extremely few restrictions on this new continent.

I believe that managing such a place will be difficult, but we will be able to get a bigger country.

As I was surrounded by Roshur and Gartz, those two damn countries, I couldn’t afford to leave my country and go to other places.

There is also the globalization thing about the research of the magic depletion problem that Yuki says.

「Magic depletion…? I see, let’s go with this?」

When I wrote the magic depletion words on paper, an idea came to my mind.

I’m sure my husband would dislike having a country in the new continent.

However, in the end, we have no choice but to investigate the depletion of magical power.

Although the new continent may be smaller than ours, it is not a problem that can be solved by one or two people.

In short, eventually, we will need the cooperation of a great force in that continent.

Then I need to convince my husband that it would be better to have a country that we can control freely from the start.

No, if you think about it, there is no possibility that a great force of that continent will listen to us about the magic depletion problem.

So there’s no way that they will lend us their strength.

Yeah, we need to build our forces on the new continent, no matter what.

But there is no possibility that my husband has not thought of something that I already thought.

Then, is there any reason behind his words?

Well, I’ll try asking later.

When I realized, it was about 2 pm, so I left my seat.

「What’s wrong? Aaah, today was the day of the medical examination?」

「That’s right. So far I don’t have an injury or illness, but I wonder if the results have already come out?」

「Yes, once every three months, Yuki-sama does a mandatory medical checkup for all residents, and so far it was quite successful in detecting bad conditions early in the people as well as discovering people who are sick but are forcefully working. Did you see the report? How many deaths there have been in these four months in Weed even though it exceeds 10,000 citizens?」

「Of course, I know it. Except for the adventurers, the death numbers of Weed inhabitants are only five damn criminals. The number of deaths of babies born… Newborn babies, was it? Only three」

I was the one who cut the necks of the rapist criminals.

「Indeed, this number is astounding. Of course, even though the number of elderly people is low, there are almost no deaths at work by age. It means that Yuki-sama hygiene management, Weed’s free hospitals, and early detection of diseases have shown results quickly」

「I agree. Furthermore, all of Weed’s constructions were done by the dungeon master authority. Husband said that thanks to that, there were almost no fatal accidents for carrying heavy things. He also said that in the future there will be many more deaths, didn’t he?」

「I see, it makes sense. Even today, there are some serious injuries due to heavy things and swords. However, it was because Yuki-sama was preparing a solution for these things and was there that people who had suffered serious injuries that should have died are still alive. However, it’s likely that we won’t make it in time in the future」

「It’s exactly like that. If the wooden house they built were to fall on them, surely it will be instant death before we can administer a treatment」

「Right. Oh, I’m really sorry. Were we talking about the medical checkup, wasn’t it?」

「Aaah!? Now I’m going to be late because I was talking with Kuaru!! You’re out of snack for today!」


Saying that I ran to the medical examination place.

「Sorry. I kept you waiting」

「No no, we just arrived too」

「It was a lot of trouble to handle the issue of succession…」

「I don’t have a problem since used to be a hospital worker」

「Myself doesn’t need someone taking over my role-nou」

「Today I left Yuki-san’s guard duty to Kirue so I’m fine too」

Today’s medical examination are Lutz, Ellis, Rurua, Deriyu, Ria, and mine.

As expected, having all the wives leave their workplace to come to the medical examination would cause many problems. That’s why the examination of all is divided between two and three days.

「Ah, esteemed nee-sama came too. Why don’t we start right away since Lilyciu-sama is here too?」

Herge showed her face in the examination room saying that.

Herge is currently the supreme commander of the Allied Forces.

However, after taking care of the surviving subjects of the demon king and then returning to Weed, she needs to think about her own future.

Right, right now she is an ordinary person working at the hospital, Herge-sensei.

A different person from the Herge who said that speech. Herge is disguised as a Herge-sensei, said to be one of the best doctors in the hospital.

「There’s the succession matter so I want to finish this as quickly as possible. If we could do it right now, please」

「I understand. Then, please come this way, esteemed nee-sama. I’m sorry to make everyone wait, but please wait as usual」


I’ll have a medical examination before everyone else.

I did something horrible to everyone who arrived before me. Let’s buy some sweets when returning home!

「Now, how are you? Seraria-san」

「I’m fine, thanks to you. Lilyciu-sama」

The one seated in front of mine and that is besides Herge is the God that Litea worships.

Lilyciu-sama herself.

Thanks to Yuki, she’s currently living as a priest in Weed’s Litea church and uses healing magic for free on Weed’s resident.

Moreover, she does this kind of medical examination.

Since our positions are important, like Rurua said, Lilyciu-sama and Herge use top-class healing magic to examine us.

「Okay, I’ll scan you at once~」

「Yes, thank you」

SCAN is a type of healing magic used to discover physical disorders, injuries and illness and the things that can be discovered depending on the level of magic.

「Fumu fumu. As always, you don’t slack on your training. Your muscles are a little fatigued. After that… Oh?」

Lilyciu-sama felt some kind of anomaly and stopped talking.

「Um, what happened?」

As expected, it’s bad for the heart when Lilyciu-sama’s stop talking.

There is almost no person capable of using healing magic on Lilyciu-sama’s level on this continent.

Of course, Luna is the exception.

「Congratulations. You have a baby on your stomach. About three months and a little more? Could it be that you didn’t notice since your stomach hasn’t grown enough?」


I fail to respond to Lilyciu-sama’s words.

A baby?



Now that I think about it, didn’t I feel a little sick recently? Though I suppressed it with my fighting spirit.

Husband’s, Yuki’s child?

「Esteemed onee-sama, congratulation!! I have to call Yuki-san!!」

Herge hurriedly calls Yuki with CALL.

「Yes, yes, we have to take care of the new life. Could you all wait here in the hospital for now? If Seraria-san is pregnant, the others may also be, so once they get together I’ll explain about the pregnancy」

「Ah, th-that’s right!! I have to call everyone!! It will become a big problem if they work too hard!!」

I stand up in a hurry.

I have to tell everyone that I am pregnant as well as that they may be too!!

We also have to check everyone who has not come to the medical examination today, thinking like that my body moved quickly.

「That’s not good, esteemed onee-sama!! You can’t move quickly, you have a baby inside!!」

After being scolded by Herge, I sit obediently in the chair.

「I-I’m sorry. I was so happy and also, everyone could be…」

「I will contact everyone, so for now, esteemed onee-sama, please call the next person」

「I understand」

I left the medical examination room with my heart in peace.

「It was a little noisy there, has something happened?」

Lutz asks me.

Yeah, for now, I should explain to everyone about this here.

「Please calm down and listen. It seems that I’m, I’m pregnant」


「Moreover, there are chances that you all are too. Right now, Herge is gathering ASAP everyone. That’s why leave everything you’re doing and go check yourselves. Don’t be shy to check whether you are pregnant or not? It may be bad for the child inside」

After I said that, all the people present brought their hand carefully to their belly and nodded.

Then, Lutz was also found pregnant, and husband arrived when Rurua was being examined.

「Se-Seraria!! They told me that you are pregnant!?」

Husband asks me with half surprised half happy face.

「Yes, it’s true. Moreover, Lutz is also pregnant」

「So Lutz too!!? Good!! Thanks!! Is your body okay!?」

「I’m okay, onii-san. Also, if you make a lot of noise…」

Lutz gives a warning to husband who is shouting in delight…

「Yuki-san, I know how you feel but, please keep quiet inside of the hospital!!」

Herge came out from the examination room and scolded husband.

「…I’m sorry」

Lutz, Rurua, Ellis, Deriyu, Kirue and I were found pregnant as the result of the examination.

Rather, it seems like all the others were taking contraceptives.

It would take a lot of work raising a child so it seems that they want to prepare beforehand.

Yeah, I have good wives friends.


This doesn’t mean that I… That I won’t be able to go to the new continent?

Of course, I don’t feel like going to an adventure now that I have a child inside of me.

However, it a little frustrating.

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    1. Kirue was Shera’s, 7th princess of Galtz’s maid. Not sure why she’s one of the wives, while Kur, Seraria’s aide isn’t.

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