Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 148

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What is a Hero for a Dungeon?

Side: Yuki

「But, husband-sama. The issue regarding Rankusu and the demonfolks is not over yet, you know that right? Moreover, thanks to the uproar this time the distribution of goods has been stopped. There is also the gate installation work on other countries, what will happen with those?」

Once Rurua says it again, I recognize the problem again.

That useless goddess should choose a better time. There are a lot of things to do.

But, here is a dilemma. If I stop the circulation of goods and begin working on the installation of the gate on the other countries then the problem on the new continent will be postponed.

On the other hand, in a certain sense, it’s good that this is happening right after defeating the Demon King.

Most things are already settled and there is no reason why we have to get directly involved.

Besides, in order to monitor Rumel’s stance, we should avoid attracting attention.

The gate installation can be done through the subordinates raised by Weed, besides using those three countries as intermediates.

「Let’s see… It’s not like I have the right to say something like this, but I think we should leave, once for all. the diplomatic relations to our subordinates」

「I understand. It should be fine to leave the installation of the gate to our subordinates, and such things like the release of distributions of goods should start when the gate is restarted. Entrusting such work to our subordinates is also a means to encourage their growth」

「Correct, it’s like you said, Ellis. I’m sure that all of you are teaching your subordinates how to perform their job while you do yours, isn’t that right? Now it’s a perfect time since we are going to have a long vacation, why don’t you let them do the next representative selection? The deadline will be a week.」

「It may be a good idea. Even if someone is elected for the representative job, there would be a lot of troublesome things to teach, so the representative should at least have been working for a short period, and that will be used as a judgment for when everyone votes, right?」

「That’s right」

Thinking what a good idea it is, my wives started contacting each one’s subordinates.

Rurua explains Weed related problems, and then Shera opens her mouth.

「Leaving aside Weed’s management matter, what will happen to Rankusu and Demon King’s survivors? 」

「I don’t care anymore about Rankusu」


「You’ve received the report, right? Taiki-kun made fall Rankusu’s royal capital」


「That’s already Taiki-kun’s problem. It’s not good for us to intervene. They may be grateful to Gartz and us about everything that happened, but it depends on us to whenever receive their reward or not. We are always moving, and besides, there’s hardly any concern about the war. I’m worried about the stupid princess who escaped away, but even so, there is no reason for us to get involved」


「Kiyu and Coville have already left for Weed, so Weed itself will become even more secure」

Rankusu’s problem is almost over when the royal capital was intercepted together with Taiki-kun.

Taiki-kun, having the title of hero must help whenever he likes it or not at least on the surface, but for such a guy to do such thing even with having a management cheat wouldn’t need help for something on that level.

So far he has been able to desperately manage Rankusu by himself, without an ally, but if he were to have our help, then I’m sure we would expel that stupid royalty right away.

But for that to happen and for us to intrude, Taiki-kun himself should be the one asking us for help.

Rather, it’s my stance to leave troublesome things to others!!

「What remains to settle are the survivors of the Demon King’s army」

「You’re right. I wonder what’s the current situation?」

「The truth is that the message has not yet reached Rumel invasion forces」

「Well… It’s only been a few days since the Demon King’s castle has fallen. and even if a messenger left in advance, it would take at least a week」

「Right? Even if they used fast horses they would only be able to shorten the month it would take to a quarter of that time, that’s why it’s much better that it only takes a week」

「What a blunder. When onii-san began his attack on the castle, you destroyed all wyverns that could be used to deliver air messages, right?」

「Yeah, after all, it would be dangerous if the enemy called for reinforcements before the Allied Forces arrived. But tell me one thing, were you able to send the message before the attack on the castle started, right?」

「Yes, I remember that Doppel disguised as Dekira told the reinforcement to return immediately」

「If even Ellis is saying that then I guess it’s gonna take some time. However, Rumel’s heroes have been able to repel approximately 200000 enemy forces, lowering the invading army morale, and even if the remaining 100000 troops are all hostiles, and come our way, we should be able to handle them with the almost 1000 Allied Force troops that are in the castle, the almost 3000 demonfolk who are following Ririana, and 1000 monsters that are scattered around. Moreover, the covert monster unit that attacked the castle has been reinforced to 1200 units. Besides their fatigue is at their peak, so us getting involved will be the last resort」

「Normally, they would give up by now」

「I think so too. If for some reason they came to attack and it turns to be dangerous, I’m sure we’ll be able to subjugate them in on day」

Currently, the problem we have is that we can solve all this quickly, however, my policy is to get involved as little as possible, besides, if you look it from the outside, it’s not like we have so much time to spare.

「What, I thought it was going to be a problem in many ways, but it doesn’t seem that way」

「Riel, that’s because I’m fostering a successor. I, Lutz and Milly have already replacements that can take our posts and even a guild master. You have one, right, Riel?」

「Eh!? B-But… I’m the deputy chief?」

「Haa, that’s fine. Since Riel likes to hang alone, I’m already training our subordinates」

「As expected of Tori!!」

Riel giggles and jumps a Tori.

It seems that there will be no problem with going to the new continent.

「By the way, should we see it like the hero-sama is being manipulated?」

「Who knows? Rankusu is the one who has brought the problem, but I don’t think the hero-sama is the cause」

「Umm, I don’t understand it」

Everyone is contemplating about this time uproar.

It’s important to know.

What caused this situation to end like this?

If we investigate it properly, we will be able to defend ourselves in the future.

「But, as a result, he followed us and helped the Demon, King, no, Ririana-san… If you think about it, Rankusu’s stupidity made this result possible, isn’t that right?」

Shera points the crux of the matter.

It’s like she said, if that idiot princess hadn’t brought Taiki-kun, Ririana couldn’t have told us about Weed.

Well, that said, the cause of it should be traced to them cutting Gartz’s aid, and us opening trade between us.

However, if we had to say who was the greatest benefactor, then it should be the hero Taiki-kun.

Compared to the passive me, he moved on his own accord and opened a path by himself.

He saved Rankusu from poverty, and ran from one place to another in order to support that stupid royal family, creating this current result.

I believe he is worthy of being called a hero.

Though I don’t want to follow his example.

「Well, it was definitely Taiki-kun the one who created this flow. As result, many people were saved. I think he is worthy enough of being called a hero. And although the Allied Forces were fake, Ares, Lowell, Hiera, and those soldiers who participated in the demon king’s castle and defeated that monster who acted as the Demon King, were brave(hero) enough. Without that farce, everyone would still have a bad relationship with the demonfolks」

When I concluded that everyone was working hard, everyone suddenly stared at me, glancing at me, making a dumbfounded face and smiling.

「…What happened? Did I say something strange?」

When I look at everyone after saying that, Ria answer with her finest smile.

「Look, Yuki-san is a hero after all」

「I agree. It’s exactly like Ria said, if you were to ask us who is the most suitable hero… 」

「There is no other than Onii-san, right? In every aspect」

「Yeah. I don’t believe that exist other hero-sama more heroic than Yuki-san」

「Rightー? Without Yuki-san we would never have been able to solve that problem」

「…Most people don’t know. But we know」

「I believe Yuki-san is a hero. After all, hasn’t he saved countless people so far?」

「What! Onii-chan is a hero!!?」

「Nii-sama is a hero!!」

「…my, for me he was a hero from the first moment I met him」

The former ordinary wives group were chatting happily.

「Fufufu… Indeed, a powerful person can’t be a hero. However, it wouldn’t be strange at all even if husband-sama has that kind of title, don’t you think?」

「Then. Even from my perspective, Yuki’s capability is on par with a hero, no, that’s not right, I think he even exceeds it. The Demon King myself guarantees it. Yuki is without a doubt a hero!!」

「That’s right. Above all, as the messenger of God, he is carrying on his back the task of saving the continent, even in the middle of this situation. It’s natural for him to possess the title of a hero!!」

「Let me say this from my position as a maid, but I believe husband-sama is a worthy person of having the title of hero」

The former powerful group is also supporting that claim.

But, I will deny that word.

「I don’t need a title like of a hero. Look at Taiki-kun and the Allied Forces’ representatives. No matter how you look at it, in the end, they are all handyman, right? As for me? Please let me reject it」

When I said that, everyone laughed at me saying “of course”.

That’s the way heroes are?

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