Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 147

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Explanation and persuasion to the wives

Side: Yuki

「Now, I wonder what Yuki-san want to tell us?」

「That nii-san has called us all means that it’s something important」

「No matter what could be, I will follow husband-sama all the way!」

Seraria asks a question, Lutz guesses right and Rurua said that she is willing to follow me.

Ahー, I feel bad involving such good wives.

Well, I can always do it secretly…

「…Everyone, Yuki plans to carry this burden alone 」

「Hey, Labiris, when did you…」

Before I knew it, Labiris grabbed my body and read through my head.

At that moment, my wives were wrapped in a dangerous air.

「We will go together until the end!!」

Shera said so and everyone nodded at her words.

You wouldn’t have been practicing nodding at the same time, right?

Let’s leave that matter aside, anyways, I’ll tell them the contents just like Luna told me.

「What is Luna thinking? Weed itself may be stable but the surroundings are not entirely yet」

「However, if what Luna said it’s true, then we can’t leave the problem of magic depletion alone, right?」

「Should I say, this is the first time I heard about Yuki-san saving the continent of magic depletion. Something like that was even impossible to me to guess」

Seraria complains about Luna’s unreasonable request knowing the current situation on the continent.

Lutz said that the problem of magic depletion should not be left as it is.

Riel was surprised to hear that the real intention behind my actions was to save the continent, even the other could only nod their heads.

「But why didn’t you tell us about the magic depletion problem?」

Ellis asks a reasonable question.

「That’s right. It’s the problem of the whole continent, you know?」

Tori agrees with Riel’s opinion and asks a question with the same tone.

But there are a lot of problems explaining that.

「Ah, about that…?」

「So you agreed to tell us?」

「…tsk, you can’t help but involve yourselves」

Tori said that it was a problem of the whole continent, and the reactions of Rurua, Shera, and Seraria shows how strongly they agree.

As expected of a ruler, the ruling class.

「Um, what’s going on?」

Ria tilts her head asking for an explanation.

「Rurua, please explain」

「It’s okay Seraria?」

「I have to make some adjustments. After all, I’m Weed’s top」

「Ahー, you are right. If you don’t do something like that, someone in your position won’t be able to go anywhere」

Rurua starts to explain as if she agreed, and Seraria has already left the room to start her adjustments.

「Then, Ellis, I’m going to answer Tori’s question… And remember this, even if you disclose it nobody will ever believe you」


「Rather, if you recklessly tell this to other countries, you will be punished for causing unnecessary disturbances」

All the other wives are stunned by Rurua’s answer.

「U~m, according to the explanation of Yuki-san and Luna, most of the creatures on this continent might die if the magic power disappears?」

「It’s like Riel said, so why it is that you could be punished just by asking for help to deal with such big problem?」

Riel and Milly tilt their heads in confusion not understanding the problem.

「The reason is simple. It’s about whether you can believe it or not. Why can we believe that this magic depletion problem is true?」

「That is because of Yuki-san and Luna… Ah, I get it now」

As if Ellis had arrived at an answer, she makes an expression as if having swallowed a bitter bug.

「Rurua-onee-chan, I don’t understand」

「Me too. It’s impossible for Onii-sama to be a liar!!」

It’s normal that Asurin and Filia to not understand.

After all, this is an extremely bothersome thing.

「In short, nobody will believe us with just the words of onii-san and Luna, is that?」

Lutz frowns as if she had reached the same answer as Ellis.

「Errr… sorry, I don’t understand either」

「Sorry. me too」

「…me too」

Was it a difficult topic for the beastmen?

Well, I wonder if it’s such a setting that it’s not good for the whole continent to be aware of such a problem?

「Let’s see. Let’s say that for example, such a person comes out from Weed. and says, “if you live in Weed, this world will be destroyed so let’s live in another place!!” So, how should the rulers, us, in this case, move?」

「We can’t worry the Weed’s citizens with such idle gossip so be careful, and someone preaching something like should be caught… Ah, so that’s what you mean」

Tori gives a model answer and seems to have understood what’s the problem is.

「Correct. Although it is a real problem, if it can’t be seen, no one will believe it. All the more if it requires an enormous effort, it will even weaken the country」

「…because if we are in wrong, it will result in an unthinkable loss?」

「That’s right. However true that may be, if one doesn’t have convincing proof, no one will move. It’s the same for us, we have always moved only after having gathered enough information and evidence」

Well, it’s exactly like Rurua said.

With the civilization level of this world and Litea’s religion, leading this continent would be… Impossible.

To defend ourselves against the magic depletion let’s live inside of a dungeon!

Yeah, it’s too unreasonable. Even if there is no evidence and I say that it’s a message from God, I would be treated as someone not right in the head.

The same thing would happen even on Earth. Even if one were to shout alone “the end of the world is approaching” in front of the National Diet Building, everyone would think “what the heck is wrong with this guy?”.

「Yeah, so it’s something like that? But why it was already decided that you have to go to this new continent?」

Riel asked a good question.

Why do we have to step on that continent in the middle of their rising magic depletion problem?

「That’s simple. Are you aware that husband-sama is using Zargis-san to study magic power and advancing the research for transforming tools for everyday use?」

「…I know. Light magic to electric light and other similars」

「That’s right and that’s consistent with Yuki-san collecting evidence of the magic depletion」

「Eh? What do you mean?」

「After hearing about the magic depletion problem from husband-sama, I started actively studying magic with Zargis-san and so, the real reason behind the plan to provide information and technology to each country was for this same problem」

「But that’s wasn’t for our futures trades? He said that it would be nice if more tools were created, and if he could do his own research about magic power in many different countries, many interesting ideas could be born」

「There’s a bit of that too. What will be the study of magic power once this it’s lost? That’s why someone should investigate that. If the results about the magic depletion problem are a common thing even among countries, then it wouldn’t be the crazy words of a person or a sole country, but it would be recognized as world crisis」

Correct, that’s what I intended to do at first.

Well, I’m working with Zargis to develop electricity products in case the magic runs dry.

「But today, Luna provided us with a new continent where magic has been depleted. and also, the best place to persuade all the countries」

「Ah, that’s what it means? In short, we can obtain proof of the magic depletion problem, right?」

「Yes, however, according to Luna’s information, it seems that it’s a continent with a never-ending war similar to ours. Moreover, the cause of magic depletion is unknown. We should thoroughly investigate, and after finding a countermeasure go to each country to ask for cooperation. I’m not wrong, right, husband-sama?」」

Uhyaaー Even Rurua can guess the right answer.

That’s correct, a good sample fell into our hands, so it means that we should use it as a research place.

That’s why I stopped Luna from unskillfully supplying Weed magic power to other places.

Until we find the cause, I put a full stop in supplying magic power to the new continent. Since I don’t know what could happen to their ecosystem after all.

If a dragon outbreak suddenly happened, it’s more than likely that their country could fall.

「Correct, correct. That’s why, well, we, all my wives and some of my monsters are going to investigate that new continent. If we use the dungeon to send a large number of monsters, it’s like providing magic from our continent to that new continent. That’s why we are going in an adventure towards the new continent.」


The eyes of the wives who were former adventurers shines.

「That said, they are fighting. We’ll be caught into their war… Then we should do that, right?」

「I agreeー, Yuki-san should become a king once and for all and create a new country, right?」

「…I agree」

「If you continue with that, then I might leave that country’s security to you two, Riel and Kaya」

「「I’m sorry」」

The two apologize by bending their heads immediately.

「Ahahahaha, You’re right, increasing Super Lutz’s work anymore it feels sort of bad. I really wonder how she has been employed as a general?」

「Well, having a force out of the ordinary will always attract the attention of an influential person. Especially, Deriyu and Ria, you two be careful」


「A Demon King and a Hero, you understand, right?」

When I said that, the Demon King Deriyu and the Hero Ria looked at each other, and then turned their heads towards my direction…

「But before that, we are Yuki’s wives-shinou」(TN: Since I don’t know how to translate the way Deriyu talks, I’ll be leaving the suffix “shinou” like that often.)

「Yes, wives」

These two which seem to be the most likely in going berserk on the other side says that their top priority is being my wives.

Well, I’m relieved since it doesn’t seem like they’re going to fall into the plots of those influential people easily, probably.

And even if that possibility existed, it would never let it happen.

Now what remains to be decided is what composition and rotation our party will use in the adventure.

I can’t afford to bring everybody with me and leave Weed alone, and since Seraria rushed out to do some adjustments, I’m sure she is brimming with excitement in coming along to the adventure.

Please, I pray so that this expedition to the new continent doesn’t end in founding a nation!!

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  1. >Please, I pray so that this expedition to the new continent doesn’t end in founding a nation

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