Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 146

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The useless goddess who doesn’t want to take it slow

Side: Yuki

「Yaa Yaa, Congratulations on defeating the Demon King」

In front of me is the ringleader that brought me to this another world eating in the hall the remaining cookies.

「Something must happen for you to call me from your side」

Sitting on the opposite side, I face the goddess while pouring tea.

Thanks to Lilyciu, lately I can communicate with this useless goddess without problems, but because she is always busy, the only moments where we can talk are in the middle of dinner where she comes to steal my food. Also, it seems that she talks a lot of things with my wives and gives them advice, but she never comes directly to me.

No, we talk sometimes, but it’s not always possible since Luna herself is busy managing other worlds and the like, besides the content of our conversation is not something we can let my wives heard.

Therefore, that she came to praise my actions could mean various things.

She’s planning something!

「What? That you are praising me means that I gained some bonus or something?」

「Correct, I’ll give you that」

「Don’t say that you will send me to another place」



「How did you know?」

「That’s not a bonus at all. It’s just a nuisance」

「No that, answer my question. Rather, you’ll be able to conquer other places, you know? That can only be a bonus!」

「What are you talking about? You already know my posture. Why should I extend on purpose my territory? It’s troublesome, and besides, my territory is not stable yet. It would be foolish to extend my territory any further. Also, about your question, I’m sure you want me to spread the DP I have accumulated so far in other places, isn’t that right?」

「Ugh, you know even that?」

「I guessed, though. In the first place, in a world where magic can be circulated by only creating dungeons, there would be no need to assign purposely a dungeon master. After all, all you have to do is place dungeons around the world at your discretion and spread the magic gathered. If not, you wouldn’t show your face so often. And don’t come up with the excuse that you are busy」

The reason I came to this world was in order to circulate the magic on this planet.

According to Luna’s explanation, a dungeon collects magic power and circulates it on the planet.

I know for a fact that a dungeon collects magic power since I’m the one doing it.

Then, the method to circulate magic?

You just have to leave everything to the dungeon? That’s what I thought at the time, that the dungeon was an independent entity.

But I was wrong, each one of them is controlled by someone.

So I guessed some things.

「Originally, you made so all the dungeons masters could contact each other, right? Like a parent company and a subsidiary」

「…It’s like you said. And then with the DP earned in one region, they would use the DP in another… No, it’s about sending magic power to areas where there’s not enough」

「Don’t tell me, you are trying the idea behind Japan’s, no, the other side in this world?」

「…I was wrong. I was naive thinking everything would be okay. Since here everyone knows about Gods, I tried sending orders from above, but in the end, each one of them chose to follow their desires over cooperating. The problem started even before I could make them cooperate. The person who gathered a certain amount of magic power would be designated as the parent company while the others as branches, but now everything is a mess」

「Anyhow, if I remember well, you said that the current civilization will be destroyed many years late when the magic power is exhausted, right?」

「That’s right」

「Of course, it’s impossible. Even on Earth there are environmental problems such as global warming and although it is only seen as a number, Earth hasn’t been able to find a solution, you know that, right? So it’s not like the native people chosen by Luna will be able to execute your plan. Unlike on my planet, I can’t see numbers, hell, I can’t even feel like it’s real. But since I was chosen by God, then I’ll do it properly」

「That’s why I’ve pulled you」

Right, because I secured a large amount of DP, magic power in a short period of time it’s the reason why I was acknowledged by Luna as a parent company.

「Well, I’m sure this time it’s compulsory to receive the bonus, right?」

「That’s right. That continent’s magic power is almost depleted. If you don’t build a dungeon right away and start to circulate the magic, then it would take a lot of time and effort to start circulating magic power from zero」

「Ahー, it’s difficult like reforesting a desert?」

「Something like that. I want you to move as quickly as possible. I’ll be linking a gate to the deepest part of the dungeon」

「Hey stop a moment, don’t link something like that right now! Could you not open a gate to the other side without me first knowing the situation? It’s very annoying」

「You don’t need to worry. Or so I would say, but something like that won’t work on you」

「Of course. I don’t want to put at risk my wives and Weed’s inhabitants」

「That’s why this time I’ll be supporting you fulfilling a request of yours」

「Then use your godly powers to handle the situation」

「Even if I do that, you already know that it would be only delaying the situation!!」

「I figured it. It’s important that the people living there recognize the need for the dungeon and implement it. By the way, I’m sure you too are aware that it’s not a bonus when you said that you wanted to support me sending me there as it were a joke」

「…I’ll prepare another thing so forgive me」

There are more, eh? But there are no many things I want now.

Even if you give me modern weapons for free and I deploy them, seeing the state of this continent, it could intensify war even more.

Therefore, the only thing we can do is to strictly manage our territory.

That is to say, if we are under the eyes of other countries, it would be difficult to move around.

As of now, our modern weapons are not known to the general public and were only seen at the Rankusu annihilation battle operation. To the extent that we can explain with magic.

And in the end, Weed was recognized as a small country with powerful soldiers by the other countries.

Even Luna herself said it, If I go to a new continent I won’t be able to use the pushing through strategy by using DP.

I will only be able to use them for self-defense, and if I were to face an invasion with only that much military strength, it will become a situation like in Rumel.

And the cheat weapons like in those cliche stories or games are also not good. Those are also overpowering

No, they are not even worthy to mention in front of my wives.

「My? is MS or AC good?」

「I can only use them as a hobby. If I use them for war, it will be only troublesome later on」

It’s the same with MS or the AC.

By the time we swept the continent with such things, many countries will follow us only because of our tremendous strength and starting at that moment we will have no choice but to become a real country.

And no way in hell I will endure being busier than I’m right now!

「Well, let’s leave the bonus for later, for now, tell me about the continent that is on the verge of exhaustion of magic power」

「Right, I understand」

Then, Luna spread a map.

No, more than a map, a photo. One that looks like it was taken from a satellite…

「I’ve taken it from space after all」

「Hey, this monster」

It seems that this useless goddess can break through the atmosphere by herself.

No, maybe it’s a warp.

「This is the place where you are living on the continent, okay? And from here to the east of the ocean there is a certain place, and that’s is this continent」

Luna points there.

That continent is smaller than the one where we are, though it’s overwhelmingly larger than Japan.

「So, what’s the situation on that continent?」

「To put it simply, local warlords are fighting between themselves. Because magical power is scarce there are few people capable of using magic. One in every thousand people should be able to use attack magic」

「Hey hey, if we go there, aren’t we going to die from magic exhaustion, right?」

「There is no problem with that. It’s not like people lost the magic power inside them, it’s just that because the magic power is running out, you would need twenty times the normal magic power to cast magic. Well, one of the effects that it has is that it lowered the birth rate of creatures with great magic power」

「Ahー, so it’s like that. In other words, the fuel consumption is bad. And it’s a vicious circle」

「That continent is trying to absorb magic power by all means possible, it’s that kind of environment. And because of that, the number of monsters born from the magic power is extremely few. Dragons are legendary creatures over there. However, beastmen are normal. Well, here too the birth rate is falling」

「Ah, it’s like I guessed, beastmen are born from the magic power?」

「That’s right. It wouldn’t be strange for them to appear on Earth if they were born normally, right? I mean, magic makes it possible for contradictions to appear on bodies of living things, probably」


「It’s not like a did a genetic analysis. Well, the birth rate is declining in the areas where magic power is running out, so it’s not entirely wrong either」

「Well, it’s not like I can deny it. Rather, why is that despite having so many creatures their continent is drying up compared to here? If you first don’t find the cause, then there is no meaning in me going there」

「I don’t know why. Despite having so many creatures, the entire continent’s magic power is drying up. I believe there is some reason, and I want you to find it」

「Ahー, so that’s what you mean. And that’s why you wanted me to go there right now」

「That’s right. If we are going to get involved, then I want you to look into it right away. If we are not careful, we can end up accelerating the exhaustion of magic power」

Seriously, this is quite troublesome.

Why is that Weed and that continent are…

However, Weed is already being managed by the inhabitants itself and each country can fend by themselves already, so it should be fine somehow, right?

「You can come back anytime to this dungeon and even Weed, so the management should not be a problem」

「No, I’d be twice as busy. Anyway, I must discuss this with my wives」

「I’ll leave that part to you」

According to Luna’s explanation, I’ll be going whether I like it or not.

If the true cause of the magic depletion of this new continent can be seen in a visible way, then I’ll be able to advance in big steps towards the goal.

「So, where will the gate that connects to the other dungeon take us?」

「Ah, there」

The place where she pointed her finger was in the middle of the continent, where it is said that local warlords are fighting.

Hey, there are enemies all around!

It will be hard to find out who are allies or enemies, hey!

「Tell me something, what about the owner of that dungeon?」

「Ah, that. Once the depletion of magic started, the maintenance of the dungeon increased twenty times, and so, it died」

What the heck you mean by twenty times!!

Now I will get scolded by my wives.

It will be hard to attack and support making full use of my DP.

Uhー It will be troublesome but I’ll have to do it.

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