Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 145

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A detailed explanation

Side: Herge

Currently, Herge is serving as a general of the Allied Forces.

A brilliant declaration of resurrection in Weed, relief to the demons, and the invasion of the Demon King’s army towards Rumel.

I was so busy with everything that the things I couldn’t and could do were so many.

In name, I’m the general of the Allied Forces, but I’m not a bit involved in things like commanding the army or the strategies.

That’s why I moved everything possible in the army to welcome my esteemed Seraria-ane-sama as an assistant.

As for me, if I should say what I have done, then it’s paper sorting and raising the morale of the soldiers though speeches. And of course, the declaration to start the attack to capture our objective.

To be honest, I didn’t do so much.

Currently, all the mess has started to calm down, and since there are no strange movements with the enemy army invading Rumel, I left Doppel handle it for me, and as for me, I returned to the house.

For some reason nowadays, my esteemed ane-sama is mass-producing cookies and is everyone’s duty to handle them with tea after the meal.

「Ah, that’s right. I wonder if it’s okay to ask you something, Yuki-san?」

I’m eating sweets right now, and nobody is around, so it’s the perfect time to ask him.

「Something you want to ask?」

「Yes, there are a lot of things…」

That’s right, I really have a lot of things to ask him.

For now, let’s go by steps

「Hmm, first of all, I was confirmed dead at Roshur royal capital, right? Well, it was Doppel, but why nobody around is saying something about that?」

「Ahー, it’s about that?」

Yuki-san starts explaining while gnawing a cookie.

「To put it simply, it’s the result of the people being swept away by the situation and the country who wanted to hide the information」

「What do you mean?」

「In short, Herge was certainly recognized as dead by the citizens, but in reality, Herge is alive right now and was made known when that grand speech was made. Do you know what was said in that speech?」

「That Ririana-san saved me when I was almost made a sacrifice to the Demon King? 」

「That’s correct, in other words, it resulted in Herge being alive. Then, what about Herge’s corpse that they witnessed before? Such question will surge」

「Yes. that’s the strange point」

「Well, shall I tell you the answer? People are convinced that the Demon King did something to deceived them」

「But to believe such a thing…」

「But the country is not denying it, right? In addition, there exists a monster called doppelganger. Rather, it’s a well-known fact that the Demon King can control monsters, that’s why it was concluded that they used a monster as a substitute」

「Now I understand. But even if most people think that surely there are people with doubts」

「Of course people will have their doubts. But even if anybody tries to find information about such a matter, every country will interfere. After all, it could start a war between the three countries」


「Now do you understand? It’s a tacit understanding that no one will bring the matter about Herge out. Especially each country. Even more so now that Herge is the bridge that connects with the demons. It would break havoc if somebody tries to break it. Well, that’s why a monster was prepared that becomes strong through sacrifices, isn’t that right?」

There was one.

A nameless monster born for my cause.

「Therefore, the Allied Forces were made aware that such a monster needed sacrifices to become stronger and was defeated early. The fact that Herge was about to be sacrificed became a fact at that point. It would be a bit annoying for Litea, but well, they are at peace now, so there’s no point for them to complain publicly. Rather, Alshatil has her plate full with purging a lot of things, mend their politics and her support is strong. She doesn’t have to get rid of Herge to stabilize her country. Instead, she will bring chaos if she were to do something about Herge. For Gartz, Herge will come handy since she is the bridge that connects to the demons. And as for us, we don’t have any problem here」

Every country has its reason why they can’t touch me anymore.

「I understood the reason why they are reacting like that to my fake death. There are other things I want to ask, I wonder if it’s okay?」

「Nー, I have no problem to tell you only if there are no problems with the operation. For now, try telling me」

「Yes. Then, Why Yuki-san did not go straight to Rumel as reinforcements? I heard that you two were from the same another world, don’t you want as many powerful allies as possible?」

「Ah, it’s about that? Everyone listen to me well. Look, luckily Taiki-kun arrived there, met with no resistance and talked his way through. But Rumel’s heroes are not necessarily like that」


For a moment I couldn’t comprehend what Yuki-san was saying.

「There’s a reason why I’m hiding my name. The problem here is that you don’t think it’s a problem. Not all people from different worlds are all good people, and it’s very likely that even good people like Taiki-kun is being used」

Yuki-san said seriously.

Upon hearing his words, all the people present in that place stopped their breathing for a moment and became quiet.

「I see now. I’ve been so busy that I didn’t know why you used a fake name, but that’s how it is」

It seems that my esteemed ane-sama has reached an understanding of why.

「Yeah, my name could be easily recognized by another person of the same country since it’s really unique in my other world, Japan. It would be different if everyone were to be good people…」

「Just knowing your name, people with malice would try to approach by every means possible and try to curry favor with you, and if you were too much for them to handle, they would try to dispose of you. If it were me, I would do that」

「That’s the problem. It’s very dangerous to share my information with someone before we are able to judge whether that person is good or bad. Also, the family register thing I’m doing in Weed is the same that the people in my country, Japan, were doing, so if this matter if handled poorly, my information could be leaked. If you come from a different world and you’re still using your real name, then, you’re an idiot or you’re deliberately using it as a decoy」

「Does that mean that they would try to contact you knowing that you are Japanese?」

「Yes, and there is a certain risk even if that person is not a Japanese, and that’s what means to have information」

「H~mm, in short, don’t trust too much?」

「Indeed. That’s why I have to conceal my information or Taiki-kun’s when negotiating with Rumel. It would be absurd to show all our military power. But it’s the same for the other party. A tank group run over half of the 300,000 invasion force army. What that summoned or created? I don’t know, and it will be difficult to know since neither the hero or my friends were in contact with it」

「Of course, it’s natural that they try to forceful suppress the information about their greatest asset, after all, that’s their greatest military achievement. and their trump card. 」

「That means that if you try to forcibly gather information…」

「They will likely see you as if you want to invade Rumel」

「That’s how it is. I really want to talk with that guy, but as long as we don’t know whether he is an ally or enemy, trying to enter in contact will also leak our information. Rather, we must not become an enemy of that person」

「Tanaka, was it? Is he that powerful?」

「That guy cheat ability is… No, I don’t know what power he received upon awakening in this world, but as long as there are tanks, then it’s worth to take into account. I don’t want to deal with someone like Tanaka who can freely manipulate weapons of my other world」

「…So it was like that. It’s frightening just thinking about it」

That’s right.

If they are able to freely manipulate tanks to pulverize their enemies from a super long distance, then I can understand the reason why Yuki-san is alert.

「This mean, we’ll gather information on Rumel, but there’s no need for us to go. For the time being, we’ll let Roshur, Gartz, and Litea handle the negotiations since they don’t have anything to hide」

「I see, that’s the reason why you made the three countries from the Allied Forces take the support supplies with them to Rumel while excluding Weed」

「Correct, providing support supplies free of charge will let me see their attitude. Well, so far they don’t look like they have the intention of invading other countries, but since we don’t know how those heroes with overwhelming strength can react, I believe there is no loss in first trying a more gentle approach」

Yuki-san can no longer carelessly meet up with other people of his world.

「So, I have a request for you all. I’m sure you will meet different people while at work. I want that even if they say they are Japanese, that you don’t talk about me. Tell this too to Taiki-kun and the heroes of Rumel. Just in case. Also, be especially alert for the guy who said my real name. He should be collecting information about me in every way possible」


What can I say? He is really thinking about a lot of things and moving accordingly.

I was wondering why he was using a fake name, but it came before I could ask.

「Ah, yes, talking about Taiki-kun made remember, Rankusu is…」

My questions ended, and we started chatting again while we have tea.

However, I’m sure Yuki-san is thinking and worried about a lot of things while we are chatting.

This time without a doubt, I gained my “freedom”.

Should I return to Roshur? Should I remain here and liven up this place together with my esteemed ane-sama? Or should I choose another thing…?

While drinking tea, I thought about what I should do from here on.

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