Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter 144

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Demon King Castle Capture – Final Part

Side: Ririana

「Ririana-sama, the enemy on the second gate is moving back!!」

「A message from the diversion unit! They were able to successfully open the south gate!!」

「The enemy dispatched another force to the eastern gate. Quickly close the first gate and be prepared for a rear attack!!」

「It’s top priority to contact Seraria-sama another detached force!! Does anyone know about the situation at the second gate? Please, even if it’s only a little!!」

Currently, the first gate was breached, and now we are approaching the second gate.

The diversion was successful and all the members of the peace faction joined us.

There was also no problem with dealing with their plan to set all on fire either. All the oil has been removed, the only thing left is able to light a small fire.

「Weed unit is already on it. You have nothing to worry about, besides, the enemy seems to be retreating. The only thing left to do is to beat them down」

Before I could report to Seraria-sama and the other leaders, Seraria-sama appeared herself and reported in.

「Have you heard? The enemy’s detached force is already…」

「Yes, I’ve already heard from the other leaders. Everything should be fine, I had already started to move all the goods from the gate. As soon as the second door is opened, Weed unit will intercept the other detached force who will come from the first gate. Besides, their number will be few, so I should be able to handle them. Another unit will take care of the Demon King’s castle. You already know what is transpiring inside, but I will remind you, if you carelessly go forward you will be eaten by that? 」

「Yes… I know that. That thing is already rampaging inside the Demon King’s castle」

I said this while looking at the Demon King’s castle that still doesn’t show changes.

「Yes, there was a report from Ellis. It seems that most of the remaining top leaders have been completely destroyed and the remaining was eaten. And it looks like the unit led by the captain of the elite guards is somehow pushing his way through」

「So it’s him…?」

「My, acquaintances?」

「Yes, I made him the captain of the elite guards. Honest and with a good working attitude, a person with ability and personality, a person born to be the captain of the elite guards」

「Ooh, then it would be a waste to let that man die. Without delay, go and see if the second gate is opened… Look like it’s open」

As Seraria-sama said, when I was looking at the gate, it suddenly opened, and in the same way, Lowell-san’s unit forces his way through opening a path.

「So, I say goodbye here. Do your best」

After saying that, Seraria-sama started to move away from me, and started to give orders to the Weed unit.

「Kuaru, I confirmed that the enemy detached force has left the east gate. The number is 300, only Weed unit is there to stop them. Gather your troops and go towards the first gate as soon as possible」

「Yes, sir!!」

After seeing Seraria-sama off, I joined Lowell’s Demon King capture unit.

「Ririana-dono, the second gate it’s completely under our control. For some reason, the enemy seems confused. Do you know anything?」

「No, nothing at all… Wait, could it be that the volunteer soldiers are doing a diversion?」

Actually, I know that.

Certainly, there is a volunteer diversion, but the biggest factor is that there is a rampage inside the Demon King’s castle.

But I can’t say such a thing.

I have to get there as soon as possible and defeat the monster who is acting as the Demon King.

「Fumu, we have no intention of harming demons citizens in particular. If they don’t get in our way, then shouldn’t we go straight to the Demon King’s castle?」

「Exactly, but Ririana-dono, what is the way towards the Demon King’s castle?」

Ares-dono says so and asks me.

「The path towards the Demon King’s castle is in a straight line from any gate. There is a bridge on each gate, be it east, west, north and north, as to be able to visit the castle from anywhere. Though it’s a drawbridge…」

「A drawbridge, huh? It should be already raised by now. However, it doesn’t change at all that we should go towards the demon king’s castle as soon as possible, isn’t that right?」

Everyone from the unit in charge of capturing the castle nods.

「The whole army! Run through this road!! Aim towards the Demon King’s castle!! Make the drawbridge drop and thrust your sword towards the Demon King’s throat!!」

At the command of Ares, the capture unit rush through at once.

There is no enemy resistance.

The demons inhabitants are cheering.

Since many people had to bring their families together with them to the gate, there is no resistance towards the Allied Forces that help them without killing them.

This is all thanks to the ally who I sent there.

「Hear me!! Our friends are cheering for us!! There is no longer a way for us to lose or be pushed back!! Answer their feelings with a shout!!」

Ares-dono raises his sword and starts running first.

And the soldiers who follow him later raise a war cry.


Then, for some reason, the drawbridge was lowered.


A shout impossible to understand, no, a cry without meaning can be heard.

「GuaaaAaAaa!! S-Somebody… Gubyu」

In the end, the voice of the person screaming changes to something foreign.

「Shit, no matter what happens, don’t let that guy go outside!」


The elite guards are holding back the monsters.

In other words, it means that the diehard supporters’ survivors have completely disappeared from the castle.

It seems that it was only him who survived Ellis-san’s trial.

「Hiera!! I have brought the Allied Forces!! I’ll support you!!」

Upon hearing a shout, Hiera, the elite guard captain, turned around and made a surprised face.

「Ririana-sama, you returned safely!!」

「We’ll talk later. We will destroy this monster together with the Allied Forces, and then defeat Dekira!!」

「No, Dekira is no more. He was already eaten by that monster」

Hearing that, the leaders of the Allied Forces were surprised.

「That Demon King Dekira, using us as sacrifices, called that monster. No, that thing should be worthy of being called Demon King. That thing is a genuine monster that grows by eating living things!!」

The Allied Forces had an expression like they don’t understand, but even so, they didn’t have the time to ask.


After such a sound, most of the elite guards were blown away.

「Guuu, as you can see! That monster absorbs the status of those who eat!! We had no choice but to retreat after that thing ate the top brass and even Dekira. People of the Allied Forces, if you believe, I would like if we could altogether prevent that monster from leaving the castle!! Of course, I know it would be hard to believe me. That’s why, using my live, I’ll… OOooOoOOOO!!」

After having said that, Hiera started attacking the monster.


「Grab your sword, you’re still… alive」

「Aaah, Ririana-sama… is still alive」

「I have to make at least an… opening」

Members of the elite guards who had not fainted raised their ragged bodies and follow after Hiera.

However, all of their attacks were easily repelled by the long sword of that monster and they continued to lose their lives one after another.

Should I say, as expected of Hiera? Desperately trying to endure those lethal attacks and attacking whenever there is an opening.

Yet that monster harvest life by feeding itself with the status of others.

Hiera’s sword is repelled, the monster raises its big arm and with tremendous speed swing its sword…



Lowell-san forces her way between the monster and Hiera and wards off that large sword.

「Kuaa!! Not yet, Seraria is stronger!!」

The moment she let those words escape her mouth, the monster’s body gets wounded.

「Hiera-dono, I’ll support you!!」

Ares-dono swung his sword and wounded the monster.

「Good! Gartz unit will support the elite guards!! Litea unit will handle the wounded!! Roshur unit will restrain that monster inside!! No matter what, don’t let it get close!! Don’t let it get in the way of the generals!!」

Crack-dono gives orders quickly and starts the treatment of the elite guards.

「Don’t leave it everything to the Allied Forces!! The elite guard who can move will support the captain and the generals!!」

Right now and here, a complete cooperation structure has been established.

The enemy is only one.

And is surrounded by a large army.

More than 4000 soldiers were gathered around the drawbridge just to defeat the monster.

That monster can only show its strength in narrow rooms and in situations where the fighting numbers are restricted.


The monster desperately moves in order to live.

In order to eliminate the obstacles in front of it.

..I’m sorry.

If I only was able to hold firmly my position, everything would have ended without a monster like you having to be lynched.

However, this is the path I chose.

I close my eyes a little in remorse and when I opened them… The monster’s neck had fallen and its body was disappearing.

Cheers are spreading all around the castle.

Now and here, the Demon King was defeated and demons were released.

「…It will be troublesome from now」

Dealing with the diehard supporters invading Rumel and negotiating with other races.

Dealing with these two big tasks will be an arduous task.

This is the beginning for the me who wished for peace.

Side: Yuki

「…It’s dead?」


Together with Ellis, I was seeing the last moments of that nameless monster.

「It’s the first time for me that I have ordered on purpose a monster to die」

「…I was the one who gave the order, that’s why there is no reason for Yuki-san to be worried…」

「I’m not worried. I have deprived life itself many times until now. Plans, traps, with this hand. But you know? I thought, that this is the first time told someone to die. That’s why I was thinking about keeping it on my mind even if it’s only a little」

Maybe, these things will become more common.

But I wonder if I’ll be able to choose the same if it ever comes to be one of my wives or even someone important?

「…At least, I should remember that guy even if it’s only me」

After saying that, I returned to the headquarters while walking in the middle of the cheers.

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