God Level Demon Chapter 24

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In the darkness, Xia Ping looked at the unknown object. That unknown object turned out to be a middle-aged man. Middle-aged man was covered in blood and riddled with injuries everywhere. His chest was heaving and he seemed to have suffered serious injuries.

It could be seen from his fierce and cruel eyes that this middle-aged man was absolutely not dead yet. He was extremely dangerous now, just like a beast that was struggling before its death.

“Even after falling from 40th or 50th floor and getting punched me, he is still not dead yet? This person is definitely a Master!” Xia Ping’s pupil shrunk and he subconsciously moved away from this middle-aged man to maintain a certain distance.

The middle-aged man stared at Xia Ping, his eyes showed a glimmer of light: “I didn’t expect the Black Bear Company to arrange an ambush in the back door. It is really fierce and full proof plan.”

“But do they think that a puny Fourth Layer Martial apprentice can kill me? In their dreams! Kid, although you and I do not have any enmity, but since you blocked my way, you have to die! ”


When the voice just fell, he launched a powerful Palm attack.

Advanced Martial Art – Heart Shattering heart!

In the blink of an eye, Xia Ping could feel the horror of this middle-aged man. The power was god knows how many times stronger than the Bear Tyrant. The fierce and sinister violent Qi followed the palm. It seemed that if this palm stuck him, his body would be torn into pieces.

The terrible blood-coloured murderousness aura radiated by this palm would render weak willed enemy unable to move! Under this palm, a weak willed person would definitely be killed.

“Go to death!”

Xia Ping screamed, in the face of such a life and death crisis, nerves of his entire body quivered, and his Five Great animal form Fist directly reached the Realm of Perfection.

Dragon Fist – Golden Dragon Claw!

He turned his palms into claws. With his five fingers like Dragon’s claw, he stuck out his fists. Illusionary Dragon appeared behind his body.

This move was even more horrible than the Tiger Fist. It was already the strongest move of Xia Ping. It combines the spirit, essence and Qi, capable of tearing down everything and anything.


The Fist and the Palm collided with thundering sound; shockwaves rippled everywhere.

Xia Ping stepped back a dozen steps and puked some blood.

The middle-aged man also stepped back, but his face was full of shock: “How is it possible? Although I have not mastered this skill completely, it is not something that puny martial apprentice like you can resist.”

So that how it is, you have cultivated the Five Great animal form Fist to Realm of Perfection. It is no wonder that you can exert such a horrible power with the Five Form Fist. Power unleashed is comparable to Advanced Martial Arts. ”

“Extraordinary, it’s really amazing of you to be able to do this at a young age. You are a genius, but you shouldn’t have worked for Black Bear Company. You must die today!”

As soon as the voice fell, he suddenly took out the silvery thing from his body.


Xia Ping immediately recognised that thing, it was a laser gun. Once the trigger was pulled, the laser could penetrate a one-meter-thick rock in an instant not even giving time to react.

A cold Qi instantly rose from the bottom of his foot, if he really let the other party trigger laser gun, he would be dead, no hope of survival.

After all, how can a person get faster than laser light?

Snake Fist – Spirit Snake Drills A Hole!

In the twinkling of an eye, his nerves tightened to the extreme. At this moment of life and death, his soul was entered into Ethereal State, as if the whole world had slowed down.

His thinking process was at least ten times faster than before. Xia Ping felt that he was currently more sensitive and formidable than ever!

Xia Ping’s body flickered and moved like a snake. The trajectory of movement was very fast, like lightning. It crossed a few meters in a moment and got close to the middle-aged man.


The middle-aged man found it unbelievable and looked at Xia Ping with horror. How could this kid’s speed be so fast? He was obviously a Forth Heavenly Layer martial apprentice. How could he get close to my body in a flash?

Snake Fist – Poisonous Snake Captures A Rabbit!

Xia Ping’s right hand moved like snake’s body, his speed was extremely fast, flexible and vicious and untraceable, and instantly it reached the middle-aged man’s chest.

With a pang, his right hand penetrated the middle-aged man’s chest like a bullet. The heart was also poked and the flesh inside torn.

“How can…this……. be!” The middle-aged man’s eyes widened and he looked at Xia Ping incredulously. He never thought that he would be killed by a small martial apprentice.

His body slowly fell on the ground, splashing a dust.


Xia Ping revolved Pure Yang Art (Pure Yang Inextinguishable Art from now on). The hot energy spreads around in his entire body, dispelling all his fatigue and negative emotions.

Obviously it was his first kill, but he did not feel anything at all. He was like a robot, calm. This should be the effect of Pure Yang Art (Pure Yang Inextinguishable Art).

This top-notch Art seeped deep down into his bone marrow. As long as he revealed a slight negative emotion, it would be burned by this Art.

“Although I have long known that Heiyue City (Black Moon City from now on) is an extremely dangerous city, the underworld is chaotic, and death and killing is everywhere, but I did not expect that I will face life and death challenge on just my arrival.”

He couldn’t help but be surprised by the middle-aged man who fell on the ground. There were more than a dozen scars on the chest of the man. Some of them were even deep enough to see bones. Many bones were fractured. With such serious injuries, a normal person would have died by now.

“Wait, what are these things?” Xia Ping went forward and immediately saw that there was a black package inside the clothes of middle-aged man.

He took it out and it was quite heavy.

But just as Xia Ping was about to open it and look at it, stepping sound came from distance: “Catch him, that guy is not dead. Daring to betray my Black Bear Company, he must catch him and cut him into pieces! Let everyone know the consequences of betraying my Black Bear company!”

“Damn, this is a big problem.”

Xia Ping immediately knew that he had caused a lot of trouble. Obviously, this middle-aged man had done something which had offended the Black Bear Company. He was chased by countless strongmen.

Now he had killed the middle-aged man and got the parcel. If it was known by the Black Bear Company, he would not be able to keep his life.

“I must escape!” Xia Ping immediately took the initiative. Although he was now an 18-year-old boy, but after awakening memories, his means of doing things become very sophisticated. He was extremely decisive and would let never himself get dragged into the troubled water.

He grabbed the parcel and fled towards the depths of the alley.

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