God Level Demon Chapter 23

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At Tianshui City station, a very ordinary looking person was waiting for his ride, he was Xia Ping. But at present he had a totally different appearance. He changed his appearance by purchasing a human skin mask from a toy store. This type of masks could cover his entire face and helped in changing facial features to any type the user liked.

This was a very popular children toy and could be bought for just twenty federation coins. He bought the mask because the Heiyue (Black Moon City) city was really very dangerous place, as all kinds of underworld organisations were prospering in that area and because of this many organisations it created a very complex relation between them. So many who visit this place prefer to change their appearance so as to avoid any kind of disturbance it could create after leaving that place. It’s a type of precaution many deem it necessary.

“I must get my hands on that golden potion.” Xia Ping clenched his fist, remembering the overbearing Zhou Taian.

That encounter just fills him with unbearable anger. If he (Xia Ping) had more strength than Zhou Taian would he still dared to be arrogant in front of Xia Ping? Just because he was in Martial apprentice 6th stage and had wealthy family to support, he became so arrogant and insulted him. This account he had clearly remembered and when he will be back from Heiyue (Black Moon City) city he would pay back this account with interest. While thinking about the incident Xia Ping boarded the floating train.

The distance between Tianshui city and Heiyue (Black Moon City) city was more than a thousand kilometres but due to speed of floating train this distance could be covered in about an hour smoothly. Since this ride was so smooth and comfortable it was relatively expensive with each ticket costing up to four to five thousand federation coins, But for Xia Ping this price was within affordable range.

After an hour Xia Ping arrives at Heiyue (Black Moon City) city station and after entering the station he immediately felt entirely different atmosphere compared to Tianshui city. He felt that this place was really chaotic!

The ground was littered with plastic bags, papers and cans of empty soda bottles and they are being carried everywhere with strong wind and some even hitting the walls and making noise. The white wall of the station has been painted with variety of graffiti’s and looking at the condition of the station it doesn’t looks like any cleaning person work here.

The station was filled with a various types of persons and majority of them looks like gangsters having their shoulders tattooed with marks of skull, tigers, cheetahs etc . majority of them had a muscular body with coloured hairs that looked like chickens and naturally some of them were bald.

They were also street walkers wearing cloths showing skin on all kinds of key spots. They all had a very heavy makeup.

The streets walkers range from forty – fifty years aunts to young girls.

Once someone approached them they would greet them warmly and would take into one of the alleys.

Seeing all this Xia ping had a very bad premonition. So while they hadn’t surrounded him, he hurriedly moved his legs and moved out of the area. Only god knew if he had been surrounded by these street walkers, where would they take him.

“Yeah right, according to the map, Black Bear Company wasn’t far from the station. ” Xia Ping thought while looking at the map in his phone and started to follow the route.

The so called Black Bear Company was the one that Xia Ping decided to purchase the golden portion from, on the surface it was a legitimate company with the registration from the federation government but in reality it is merely a shell company. They deal with any and all types of smuggling items. This company was also a large underworld organisation with official members numbering to tens of thousands and no record on the number of the unofficial members could be found.

Golden portion was one of the major goods that the company sells.

This Black Bear Company was famous for its large scale transactions and their reputation of not selling counterfeit goods; therefore Xia Ping decided to buy the golden portion from the Black Bear Company.

He proceeded on the route according to the map while keeping an eye on the surrounding. On the way he discovered that most of the tall and big buildings were in a much worn out condition, with missing doors and windows and if looked carefully then it was possible to find excrement on the floor. This type of building were occupied by homeless and poor that were so thin that their skeleton were sticking to their skin and sometime you could also find a place occupied by some dangerous character and to make things even worst the area here was too complex with common type of buildings which were connected to different alley and those alleys were always shrouded in darkness even during daytime.

“Is Black Bear Company really in this place?” Xia Ping talked to himself quietly while moved according to the map.

But to his dismay in the direction he was walking the surrounding started to become alley less. Even the habitation started to become scarce with the population.

‘It looks bad did I really enter the wrong alley. ’

Xia Ping again looked at the map carefully only to find that he arrived at the company’s back entrance. So this was back door no wonder it was less crowded.

According to maps he has reached the Black Bear Company’s building but in reality he needed to make a circle around the building to reach the front entrance. After all the company trades on the front door and back door would be no entry.

“Alright I need to circle around the building.” When Xia Ping was thinking of leaving, he suddenly felt something falling on top of his head, and falling with a great speed. If this object were to land on him from looking at the height of the company building which was 40 -50 floors high he would become a paste. He became annoyed thinking about the person who was tossing objects casually on public. But he adjusted his mentality quickly then revolved his true Qi within his body, then he moved his fist with full force towards the unclear object.

“Tiger Fist, Tiger comes out of Den!”

Since his fight with Bear Tyrant, Xia Ping became even more focused in his cultivation and he cultivated his Pure Yang Arts with the help of Sun essence whenever he could and unceasingly strengthening his cultivation base. During this time he understood more clearly the essence of Five Great animal form Fist and his mastery had reached perfection and whenever he used the art it would resembling the animal itself .

The might of this fist had increased almost three times from the time he had fought Tyrant Bear. The fist was released with a bang and it took the shape of a roaring tiger while moving forward, tearing the air. Even a Fifth stage Martial Apprentice would be killed if this fist hit him without any power to revolt.


The fist hit the unclear falling object with full force and the object was thrown with rumble several meters into the air.

The full strength of the fist erupted threatening to tear anything and everything in its path.


The unclear object suddenly let out a wrenched cry with the sound of breaking bones could be heard. The sound of breaking bones in the quite alley was heard very clearly.


Hearing the sound, Xia Ping became startled and thought, ‘this unclear object could make a sound, looks like it’s not an object but a human?’

Xia Ping kept his eyes fixed on the object and unexpectedly it rolled several times on ground and stood up, with blood coming out of his mouth. He looked at Xia Ping with blood red cruel eyes, with his murderous aura exuding out of his body.

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