God Level Demon Chapter 19

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It was night. Inside the bedroom.

Xia Ping sat on his bed while a web page projection floated in front of him. On it was a list of supplements, monstrous beast meats, as well as several expensive spirit medicines.

The school’s big martial arts competition would begin three days later. Unfortunately, just based on the strength of a fourth layer Martial Disciple alone was not enough to enter the top ten.

Although Xiong Batian seemed as if he was the biggest and baddest bully around, he was still only at the fifth layer. He couldn’t enter the top ten of the school at all. Above him were those experts at the sixth and seventh layer and all of them were far stronger than Xiong Batian.

According to Xia Ping’s current fourth layer cultivation base, it would be extremely difficult for him if he wanted to enter the top ten, thus he needed to increase his cultivation if he wanted to stand out from the other students.

“The Gold Medication!”

Xia Ping looked at the biomedicine introduced on the web page. This Gold Medication required the hearts of several monstrous beasts, like the violent bear, soaring tiger, and unicorn wolf, as its primary ingredients, forty nine precious spirit medicines as its secondary ingredients, and countless processing in a complex order before it could be produced. Due to this, it was extremely expensive and contained a lot of energy.

With the amount of energy this biomedicine contained, breaking through from the fourth layer to the fifth layer of Martial Disciple would be extremely easy! Only, it was a pity that this was a forbidden medicine.

The reason why it was regarded as a forbidden medicine was because the energy the Gold Medication contained was too violent and ferocious. Those who injected this Gold Medication and were too weak would immediately explode from this energy.

In other words, they would die.

It was for this very reason that anybody who wanted to purchase the Gold Medication must have at least reached the seventh layer of Martial Disciple. If they didn’t meet that requirement, then they couldn’t buy it. This was absolute under the Federation’s laws.

“The Gold Medication. This is the one most suitable for me.” Xia Ping’s eyes flashed. For a normal person, this Gold Medication was too ferocious. If they used it before the seventh layer, they would die. However, he was different. He cultivated the [Pure Yang Everlife Incantation] and could even devour the essence of the sun despite how ferocious and savage it was. A mere Gold Medication meant nothing at all.

If he wanted to quickly break through to the fifth layer, then this Gold Medication was his best choice. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the qualifications to buy it at the moment.

“I guess I can’t buy it through the regular channels then. That means the only choice left is the black market.” Xia Ping stared at the web page. A businessman once said: What was worth the most money? Selling illegal goods!

The more illegal it was, the more money it was worth, the more people who would traffic it. Everything was all for credits. As such, the Gold Medication could still be found on the market.

As for buying it? He could only go to the black market.

“Blackmoon City!”

Xia Ping opened a post. On it was an introduction of the city.

“This is Yangzhou Province’s most famous underworld city. It is a chaotic mess inside. Bars, casinos, and gangs, all of them make their living here. In this city, betrayal, brawling, drugs, blood, and death are all very common. At the same time, the room for profit is also just as great. Illegal goods, forbidden weapons, monstrous beast meats, medicinal pills, spirit medicines, cultivation methods, and the like are all traded here. There is no requirement. As long as you have enough money, everything you want can be bought here. This place is heaven, and it is also hell. It it where wealth agglomerates. More importantly, it is a paradise of sin. Countless criminals live here. Those who are kind of heart, beware. Do not go there, otherwise you will regret it for the rest of your life.”

He wasn’t sure why the Federation even let this city of crime openly exist like this, but perhaps there was something going on behind the works that nobody knew about. Regardless, it’s existence was already enough.

“Still, this Gold Medication really is too expensive! Five hundred thousand credits! This is just robbery!” Seeing the price listed on the web page, Xia Ping was a bit flabbergasted.

What did five hundred thousand credits mean? It meant that a middle-class wage earner like his dad would have to work for an entire seven years without eating or drinking to afford it. This was already enough to make a down payment for a house.

However, this was only enough for one single bottle of medication. From that, one could tell just how profitable the business was. If he hadn’t earned a lot of money from writing his web novel, he wouldn’t have the qualifications to buy it at all.

“It seems like I need to call Meng Fei and ask him whether or not I can get my money in advance. Otherwise, I won’t be able to afford this at all.” Xia Ping’s eyes flashed as he immediately contacted Meng Fei and told him about the situation.

Ten minutes later, Meng Fei gave him a response. “Normally, this is against the rules. The company’s regulations stipulate that all authors get paid on the fifteenth of every month. This is to allow for a smoother process when we pay our taxes and other expenses. if we pay ahead of time, it is very problematic and can affect the order of things. However, after I discussed it with the chief editor and the guys down at finances, we also understand that you have your own problems, so we will make an exception this time and allow you to withdraw a million credits with the rest being totalled and payed later next month. This time is the only exception that can be made though.”

It truly was an exception!

In reality, if it wasn’t for Xia Ping’s web novel quickly becoming popular and reaching the phenomenal level with limitless potential, it was very likely that the company wouldn’t even care about his request at all.

However, in order to keep a top author like Xia Ping, they were willing to give him some help. This was a special privilege.

“Thank you then.”

Xia Ping also knew that his request was a little unreasonable, but to buy the Gold Medication, he could only press forward.

“Mr. Blackhearted Wolf, can you tell me when your next book is coming out?” Meng Fei impatiently asked, unable to help himself. After all, Teacher Bai Rong really was just too popular.

This morning, there were already more than two hundred thousand people who bought this book. However, by night, there were more than three hundred thousand people. Such a rate of increase was absolutely terrifying! At the very least, they earned more than six to seven million in pure profits alone! And this was only just the beginning.

It was very likely that by the time this book’s popularity diminished, they would have been able to sell more than ten million copies.

If another web novel was published and took advantage of the trend, then it would definitely also become popular. For Penguin, this was a good opportunity to further increase their profits.

As for Meng Fei, he really wanted to see even more outstanding pieces of work.

“I don’t have any in mind right now. I’ll probably need at least a month,” Xia Ping replied. This web novel still hadn’t reached its peak, so he wasn’t in a hurry to write a second one.

“Got it. I’ll eagerly await Mr. Blackhearted Wolf’s next outstanding book then.” Although Meng Fei felt that it was somewhat of a pity, he also knew that a web novel couldn’t be written immediately. It needed to be carefully thought out.

Flick. The two ended their call.

“Tomorrow is Friday, the day after is Saturday, and three days later is Monday. I can take advantage of the night tomorrow and head over to Blackmoon City and buy the Gold Medication,” Xia Ping thought, planning out his next two days.


Just then, his phone received a notification. Taking a look, he saw that it was from the bank.

[Your account has received one million credits, please check and confirm.]


The morning after.

As Xia Ping entered school and was just about to head into the classroom, he was called out. Turning around, he found that the person who stopped him was a furious Jiang Yaru with her eyes blazing in flames. She looked as if she wanted to kill somebody.


Jiang Yaru glared at Xia Ping with clenched teeth. She was just itching to tear this guy apart and devour him whole.

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