God Level Demon Chapter 14

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Truthfully speaking, publicizing wasn’t an embarrassment. It was also a form of advertisement.

And publicizing on the web was an even cheaper and more efficient form of advertising. In his previous life on Earth, a few superstars, authors, or anybody with even a little bit of fame, they would all wildly publicize themselves on the web to increase their popularity.

If there was some movie coming out, everybody related to it would be even more proactive. The weather channel, all the main forums, microblogs, and whatnot, they would crazily publicize everywhere and make it so that everybody knew about it.

After all, the era where good quality products sold in even the worst of places was over. Now, good quality products needed even more advertising and even more publicity to ensure their success and profit.

Naturally, Xia Ping also wasn’t a good bird. In his previous life, he had seen too much darkness. If a product wanted to be successful, fifty percent depended on the product itself while the other half depended on good management.

And on Yanhuang Star, the people on the web were all very pure and innocent. They hadn’t experienced the insane amounts of publicizing that had happened on Earth’s internet. All of them just honestly posted something on the forums to discuss with other people.

Under such circumstances, it was likely that all he needed to do was use some of Earth’s publicizing tricks and he could immediately become popular and gain a lot of fame.

Thinking up to here, Xia Ping instantly took action. He planned on going onto Yanhuang Star’s largest forum, Skyhawk Forum, and start publicizing, but before that his first step was to create a troll account.

Using this troll account, he immediately wrote a post titled: [Teacher Bai Rong is the BEST erotic web novel that I’ve read recently! All the other web novels are TRASH!]

This post was dedicated towards sucking up.

From the plot, idea, the depth, everything was described in the most flattering way possible. It made this web novel seem as if it was the best and most unique story in the world and that if you didn’t read it, you would regret it the rest of your life. So nauseating were the contents, that even Xia Ping blushed.

However, this was only the beginning. After that, he registered five to six other troll accounts and commented on the post.

“Totally agree with you. Although this web novel isn’t the best in the world, but from what I know, there isn’t one that can beat it so far. It is what will bring up and support erotic web novels, a landslide amongst those other trash-like web novels. I can absolutely guarantee that this web novel will be the most popular erotic web novel of the year as a new erotic web novel master rises,” a troll account boasted.

“Yeah, right, keep on boasting! A master? Why don’t you go screw off with your bullshit. I already read that web novel and it completely sucks. Even if a preschooler wrote a web novel, it would still be better than this one,” a second troll account mocked at full force. After all, publicizing couldn’t just rely solely on boasting or promotion, otherwise people will quickly figure things out. It needed to be praised and criticized the same time to make it look realistic.

“What the guy above me said is right. I took a look and found out that it was actually written by a dog from the province of Yangzhou! Who doesn’t know that this Yangzhou Province is basically a literary desert without any literacy at all? And a web novel written by somebody from Yangzhou is even worse! Practically trash! To be honest, and don’t hate me for this, people from the province of Yangzhou are basically illiterate. At least, they’re behind my Jizhou Province by several hundred years!” troll account three taunted, maliciously provoking a battle between provinces.

Due to Yanhuang Star’s unification, the entire star had been divided into nine great provinces. Jizhou Provonce, Yanzhou Province, Qingzhou Province, Xuzhou Province, Yangzhou Province, Jingzhou Province, Yuzhou Province, Yizhou Province, and Yongzhou Province.

Every province developed differently, and thus naturally, there was a lot of competition and conflict between them. Every province disliked the other. On the web, there was even the occasional war of words between people from different provinces.

“Jizhou dog, you dare?! Don’t overestimate yourselves just because a few famous people came from your Jizhou Province! All of you just basically depend on those old fogeys to hold things up while not a single person from the young generation can make the cut! Your province has already declined and can only depend on its former glory! Without mentioning anything else, just this web novel alone is enough to crush your Jizhou Province underfoot for another hundred years!” a fourth troll account hysterically raged, as if he was somebody from the province of Yangzhou.

“Nice! I had long since been unable to stand those trash from Jizhou! What are they so cocky about? That place is basically a place for retirement! Yet they are still so arrogant!” an unsuspecting bystander supported. “Of course, as someone from the province of Qingzhou, I am being completely fair when I say this.”

“Your sister’s a place for retirement! Fair my ass! A starving camel is still bigger than a healthy horse! No matter what condition my Jizhou Province is in, it’s still not something you pieces of shits can compare to! You people from Qingzhou Province aren’t any better, so stop trying to pretend to be fair! Who doesn’t know that your province has the most cheaters and grafters? It’s practically a hive for telephone scammers!” a person from Jizhou counterattacked, immediately posting a comment in irritated response.

It was night right now, thus it was the time when most people were active on the internet, so when such a post filled with so much smoke and fire appeared, it quickly became popular on the Skyhawk Forums and attracted the attention of countless bystanders.

In only an hour, this post already received more than three million six hundred and fifty thousand clicks. As for those who responded and followed it, the amount already exceeded eighty nine thousand. It was almost to the point where one couldn’t even keep up.

Inside, people from the nine great provinces cursed and mocked each other in a war of words. Things were getting so heated that there were even threats of physical violence where somebody said if they made enough money, they would hire a guy to cross provinces and beat the other person up.

At this point, even the administrators of Skyhawk Forum were startled into taking action to keep things under control.

As for Xia Ping, the culprit, he was also rather bemused. He didn’t think that these people would be so pure as to fall for such simple provocations. Such a heated atmosphere really did exceed his expectations.

Although now that he thought about it, this was also normal. After all, such advanced publicizing techniques of Earth was all of a sudden used on these noobs from Yanhuang Star. Therefore, if they were bamboozled, it was understandable.

However, that didn’t mean that he would stop. To publicize something, one needed countless people to participate. This was only the beginning while the end was still far.

Going to a few rather disreputable forums, he once again created several troll accounts and started posting. The first one read: [COMRADES, OUR LUCK HAS ARRIVED! It is erotic web novel Teacher Bai Rong!]

“This web novel is too good! Before, even if I used viagra, I still couldn’t get it up, but after reading this web novel, I feel as if I’m invincible. Now, my wife no longer beats me, instead she looks at me with a gaze of reverence. I feel as if this web novel has changed my life. Practically a second coming of youth! This web novel is simply a divine medicine! Even better than viagra!” a troll account commented.

”Everybody, he’s telling the truth. I also feel the same as him. Originally I also didn’t believe it, but after my big brother introduced it to me and I started doubtfully reading it, I found that it actually worked. Even better than those medicines,” another troll account echoed.

“I know right? Besides, using money for treatment still costs money, but reading this web novel doesn’t cost that much. So why not give it a try? Who knows, it just might work,” a third troll account persuaded sinisterly.

”Really? It’s really that good? I’ll also give it a try then.”

“Thank you, brother. If it’s really as good as you say it is, then you’ll have saved our life.”

”Same! Ever since I got that problem, I’m looked at in scorn everywhere I go. By my superior, by my wife, even by those night dancers when I go out to party. It’s utter hell! I feel as if I’ve got nothing left!”

A group of unknowing bystanders expressed their thanks.

Xia Ping’s troll account immediately responded, “There’s no need to be so polite. As a person, what I enjoy the most is helping others, so there’s no there’s need to thank me.”

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