God Level Demon Chapter 12

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“Masterpiece! Absolutely a masterpiece!”

Meng Fei was really excited right now. How long had it been? A year? Three years? Or has it already been five years? He couldn’t remember how long it had been since he had seen an erotic web novel like this.

Ever since his accident, he had been suffering from erectile dysfunction. Even the doctors had said that it couldn’t be treated! But now, after reading this web novel, he actually had a feeling there, as if he couldn’t stop! If this wasn’t a masterpiece, then what was?!

“Contract. Immediately form a contract.” Meng Fei’s fist couldn’t help but tightly clench his fists. If he didn’t immediately form a contract for such a masterpiece, it was likely he would regret it for the rest of his life.

This writing ability was too frightening. It completely understood the human heart, making it seem as if everything was really happening before his eyes. Such capabilities with words were an art that had reached the acme of its domain.

A person that could write such an article is absolutely a master. Who knows how many films he had watched, how much experience he had in reality? Could it be that Master Gu Zhiwei had once again picked up his pen?

Thinking up to here, he immediately took a look at the author’s contact information as well as some other things about him. Almost instantly, he was stunned. The one who wrote such a masterpiece wasn’t some well-known master, instead it was an eighteen year old high-schooler.

When did high-schoolers start having such literary style? He actually managed to write at the master’s level! Meng Fei was still in disbelief. Only after confirming it several time over, did he finally believe that it wasn’t all just some figment of his imagination.

That was because the information was personally filled in by the author himself and verified through his ID chip. There was absolutely no way to fake that.

”It’s real. That means he’s absolutely a genius. In the future, he’ll be able to rise as a superstar and perhaps someday, he’ll even exceed Master Gu Zhiwei’s accomplishments.” Meng Fei couldn’t control his excitement. Having no regards for the fact that it was late at night, he immediately added the author as a friend on his Penguin Community account.

With a “ding”, his friend request went through.

“It went through?”

Elated, Meng Fei immediately video called him. He quickly got a response as a frame of a tender-faced young man wearing white casual clothes appeared before him.

“Hello, please allow me to ask, are you Mr. Black-hearted Wolf?” Meng Fei asked cautiously with respect.

The young man paused for a moment, obviously not expecting the term of respect. However, he managed to quickly react, “Correct, I’m the author who had just made that submission. My real name is Xia Ping.”

“That’s great then!”

Meng Fei smiled, “I’ve already read your web novel, and as a person, I really appreciate it. If I could just ask, would you be willing to sign a contract with us? I can guarantee that we’ll absolutely do our best to promote your web novel and give it the popularity it deserves.”

He was full of confidence. After all, just by reading the opening, even he, a seasoned otaku, had been excited to that extent. If such a web novel didn’t become popular, then nothing could.

“It’s fine with me. Let’s sign it then,” Xia Ping agreed. He was originally planning on signing a contract with Penguin. After all, this web novel platform was the biggest throughout the entirety of Yanhuang Star. If he became popular, then the profit he earned would also be the largest.

“That’s great then! This is Penguin’s contract. It’s the same standard model contract that all other authors sign. Mr. Black-hearted Wolf doesn’t have to worry about any problems.” Meng Fei immediately sent the contract over through the web, “If you agree, then just signing your name on it is fine.”

At this age, paper contracts had basically been eliminated. Now, everybody just signed their contracts through the web using their ID chips, which was also effective under the law.

“Got it.” Xia Ping casually swept a glance over the contract before signing it. He did some research on Penguin before. It was the biggest platform in the industry and didn’t have any major scandals, so they were worth trusting.

Seeing the contract be signed, Meng Fei was exhilarated and became even more enthusiastic, “Mr. Black-hearted Wolf, please if I may ask, do you have any other drafts ready? If you do, quickly upload them and reach the hundred thousand word count. I’ll try my best to arrange the recommendation as soon as possible.”

It didn’t matter which world. If the word count didn’t make the mark, then not many people would read it.

”I don’t have any additional drafts right now, but I can quickly type them out,” Xia Ping said confidently. His body on Yanhuang Star was far more powerful then his body on Earth by many times over. Along with it came a drastic increase in his typing speed as well. Just a moment ago, he had tested it out and shockingly reached inhuman speeds of up to twenty thousand words per hour.

Of course, this also had a lot to do with the fact that he already had the words in his head and didn’t have to think too much about the plot. All he had to do was copy and paste.

“I see. Then I’ll eagerly await the story that Mr. Black-hearted Wolf will write.” Upon hearing that there weren’t any other additional drafts, Meng Fei really felt that it was a pity. He still wanted to keep on reading.

Unfortunately, if there was nothing, he couldn’t do anything about it.

Once that was over, he checked out and reviewed Xia Ping’s bank account information and personal identification information with him to make sure that everything was all right. After all, this was related to how Xia Ping received his money and thus very important. Naturally, they couldn’t be careless about it.

When everything checked out, both of them ended their conversation for the night.

“Hahaha! Finally, an erotic web novel master will be born under my watch!” Meng Fei was flush with excitement. The accomplishment of bringing up a top erotic web novel author really was just too enthralling.

In the web novel industry, even editors had their own rankings. If you couldn’t bring up a few famous authors, then nobody would trust your ability.

Once you brought up a web novel master though, your career would also definitely be promoted alongside them. Not only would your income wage greatly increase, you even had an opportunity to aim for the position of chief editor.

However, this wasn’t the time for Meng Fei to consider such minor matters. After he had finished reading that section of the web novel, he could feel his body just itching to have a go at it. It was actually that flame he hadn’t felt for two years.

Ever since that car accident, his family almost crumbled and his dignity was in shreds. Outside his home, he was scorned by his superior. Inside his home, he was scorned by his wife, unable to even do it with her. It was absolutely tragic!

However, today, he would restore his majestic prestige. That woman would absolutely be begging him for mercy tonight!

Meng Fei’s eyes burned with a scorching flame. Inside, he also sighed in deep gratitude. That masterpiece saved his life. It wasn’t inferior to divine medicine at all.

Thinking up to there, he headed for his wife’s bedroom, his entire body radiating an unprecedented confidence.


“I’ve successfully signed the contract. Now, the next step is to type out the rest of the chapters and post them online.” Xia Ping tightly clenched his fists. He planned on writing at least five hundred thousand words for this web novel. If he could type at twenty thousand words per hour, then he would need at least twenty five hours to finish.

Of course, there was still class. Everyday, he could at most take eight hours out of his time to write. Therefore, he would need to keep writing for at least three days then.

One might think that with many web novels easily having more than a million words, wasn’t a mere five hundred thousand words too little? However, for erotic web novels, it was normal to only have around a hundred to two hundred thousand words.

If one had five hundred thousand words, then it could already be considered an epic masterpiece.

“Excellent. Now it’s time to work hard. For money!”

Xia Ping immediately opened his computer and began to madly type. He wanted to take advantage of the time before sleep to type out at least several tens of thousands of words.

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