God Level Demon Chapter 10

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Inside the bedroom.

At the moment, Xia Ping was sitting in the lotus position on his bed and circulating the [Pure Yang Everlife Incantation] to refine the fire bear meat that he had just eaten. A hot energy rose from his stomach and began to flow through his meridians, increasing the amount of True Qi in his body.

“Wow, now this is a top-tier cultivation method!”

After circulating for a single rotation, Xia Ping’s eyes flashed as they opened. He could feel that the True Qi inside him had increased by a strand. And all it took to completely make all of that energy inside the fire bear meat his own was a few seconds.

This was completely different from that of an ordinary cultivation art. Ordinary cultivation arts could only refine all that energy after a day, and even then, almost half of the energy would be lost in the process and be expelled out of the body.

However, after Xia Ping circulated his [Pure Yang Everlife Incantation], he felt as if his stomach had turned into a furnace, and instantly managed to refine all of the fire bear meat he had eaten. All of the impurities were expelled, leaving only the purest of essence behind.

This was the advantage of a top-tier cultivation method. Just the energy absorption rate alone wasn’t something that an ordinary cultivation method could compare to.

Xia Ping clenched his fist. “A pity that there’s not enough fire bear meat. Otherwise, even if it’s just a little bit more, it would be enough for me to make a breakthrough to the fifth layer of Martial Disciple within half a month.”

If he could eat fire bear meat every day and wasn’t limited in amount, then his progress would be even faster. Breaking through to the fifth layer would basically mean nothing to him at that point. From there, with such a cultivation base, he could enter even a first-rate university without any problems.

However, fire bear meat was expensive. Twelve hundred Federation credits per kilo. His family wouldn’t be able to handle the financial burden at all.

“No wonder those rich dandy’s can progress so quickly even if they don’t have the talent. Just based on the resources available to them alone, and they can forcefully push themselves to the top, far surpassing all of the other ordinary students,” Xia Ping couldn’t help but sigh.

In his school, there were also a few kids of wealthy descent who stood above the ordinary students. How could their cultivation base not be strong when they were able to eat all kinds of monstrous beast meats and supplements everyday?!

Ordinary students were unable to complete with them at all. They could only diligently cultivate and absorb what little ambient spirit energy they could. As time passed the distance between them would only become greater and greater.

“With this System though, as long as I have enough Hatred Points, then perhaps I can exchange them for some top medicinal pills.” Xia Ping’s eyes flashed. Before, on the Soaring Dragon Platform, he had earned two hundred and twenty Hatred Points.

As for why so much? That was because there were more students there at the Soaring Dragon Platform. Naturally, he earned more Hatred Points then in class.

Still, I don’t have much Hatred Points right now, so I have to be cautious about how I use it. After all, I just can’t keep constantly provoking hatred unless I really do want to become everybody’s enemy. At that point, I would have nowhere to go. This System really is a double-edged sword that requires careful handling.

Thinking up to here, Xia Ping felt a bit helpless. “Seems like I need to get some more money, otherwise I won’t be able to buy the medicinal pills and monstrous beast meat that I need for cultivation.”

If he really was still the ordinary student from before, then perhaps he would have agreed to his dad’s proposal of becoming a city official. After all, sometimes it was a blessing just to be able to go about a normal and uneventful life.

However, now that he regained his memories of another world and had this interesting system with him, the ambitions in his heart could no longer be held back. He wanted to personally see and experience what the peak of the martial way was like.

“How do I earn money though?”

Xia Ping was really frustrated. He was just an ordinary student. Even if he had a top-tier cultivation method, he was still only at the fourth layer of Martial Disciple. There was nothing he could do for work.

Start a business? He didn’t have the funds or experience necessary. Go hunt monstrous beasts? He was only at the fourth layer of Martial Disciple. If he really did go, it was likely he would only become their food. Even if he looked for a part-time job, it would probably only be a normal one that involved running errands or something. There was no way he could make enough money to satisfy his cultivation needs.

“That’s right! Why don’t I just write a web novel?”

Xia Ping’s eyes gleamed the more he thought about it. “The charm of literature hasn’t faded at all, even on a world that is far more technologically superior than Earth like Yanhuang Star. The income of a real top web novel author can match even that of a top martial artist, earning more than a billion Federation credits annually. This just proves how much potential the web novel industry has! Not only that, the copyright laws of Yanhuang Star are also extremely stringent, practically eliminating all forms of piracy. That means that all readers would be paying in full. No wonder the web novel industry is booming!”

He thought back on his memories of Earth. At that time, he had read countless popular web novels. And due to his memory confluence, his memories of everything he had seen before was extremely clear. He could even read aloud text-by-text of all of the web novels he had seen without any problems.

Settling on writing a web novel to make money, his next step was to decide on what type of web novel. After all, web novels were also divided into several categories. City life, fantasy, wuxia, science fiction, history, romance, mystery, et cetera. Everything was included.

“Fantasy and wuxia can be crossed out. Those two absolutely wouldn’t fly.”

Xia Ping immediately decided against those two types of web novels. After all, this was a world where the martial arts flourished. Here, fantasy and wuxia were no longer works of fiction, it was reality.

What’s more, the fantasy web novels popular on Earth might not necessarily become popular here on Yanhuang Star.

City life was even more undesirable as an option. Yanhuang Star was completely different from Earth. There was nothing suitable at all.

He basically didn’t bother with considering history or romance.

As for mystery, although it wasn’t a bad choice, but there was no guarantees that it would become just as popular here.

”If it’s like that then, doesn’t that mean writing a web novel isn’t possible after all? No. Wait. There’s still one type of web novel that will absolutely become popular for sure.” Xia Ping immediately became excited, “Erotica! Right, I can write an erotic web novel!”

Erotica. In more vulgar terms, it was basically porn.

On Earth, this type of web novel was completely banned in China, with absolutely no way to find it on the web. Each time those shameless government departments found one, they would take it down immediately.



A few popular authors who wrote such novels would even be arrested and sent to jail, their futures bleak. As for those who just approached on the topic, their novels would also be censored. It was basically literary hell.

However, despite all that, there were also many erotic web novels that thrived, becoming the holy grail that went on to satisfy the desires of many men.

“That’s right. I’ll write an erotic web novel.”

Xia Ping clenched his fists. “Although the background, world, and technology is no longer the same, but in the end, we’re all human. All men. All primates who think just as often with our lower halves as much as our brain. Since that’s the case, if this type of web novel is popular on Earth, then it will also be just as popular here on Yanhuang Star.”

What’s even more important is that this type of web novel wasn’t banned here, as society was even more free and open. One could read it as young as the age of twelve and he basically didn’t have to worry about being censored.

“For money, I can only start writing porn.”

Xia Ping’s eyes revealed a holy and sacred gleam as he clenched his fists. He finally found a path to fame and fortune.

However, which erotic web novel should he write about? After all, Although Earth had many classics, it had to be one that would instantly become popular here. Popular enough to attract everybody and quickly reach the top.

Got one. He would write about Teacher Bai Rong. Xia Ping recalled the details of this classic erotic web novel. That was the first one of its kind that he had read, helping him pass many a lonely nights, and waste countless amounts of tissues. It was absolutely a top novel.

If this novel couldn’t instantly become popular, then no other novel could.

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