Great Dao Commander – Volume 2 Chapter 56

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Posting in for Cherry (who disapeared the last 2 days). There will be 5 chapters this week! Sorry, sorry, there will be only 3 =x

Third chapter of the week (July 14)

Volume 2, Chapter 56 — Seven Heart Dragon Pendant, Demonic Source Classics

The Dragontooth cruiser was 300 feet in size and it had an elegant multistoried pavilion on top of it. There were no less than a hundred of cabins on the ship’s hull and they were enough to board more than 100 people. As long as it was not besieged by a lot of cultivators, staying in this cruiser was actually very safe.


For the battle in the 15th day, Fang Zhen’s group was also living here, but they were separated by a distance from Xie Zongyuan’s group as they were far away and avoided each other.

Zhang Yan chose to stay in the cabin in the first floor and now was seeing the lattice of sceneries that were rapidly receding from both sides of the cruiser. Even with this speed, there was no trace of tremor or shaking he could feel with his feet. It was as though he was standing on a flat land, while he also could not help but secretly feel that it was a pity.


Once the restrictive seals of this Dragontooth Cruiser were all activated, neither the ordinary magical treasures nor flying swords would be able to break it. Apart from the cruiser’s speed, the people were also able to attack from the inside. However, the restrictive seals could only be activated by a Profound Light Realm cultivator. As such, this flying device’s full feature was wasted in vain.

At this time, he suddenly heard footsteps coming out of his cabin door as someone then talked, “Senior brother Zhang, are you in? This Liu Tao takes the liberty to visit you.”

Zhang Yan waved his sleeves as he turned around to open the door and saw that Liu Tao was standing outside of the door and cupped his fists over to him, apologizing, “I’m really sorry that I have to disturb Senior Brother’s peaceful time.”


Zhang Yan glanced around. Upon seeing that Liu Tao visited him alone, he could tell that there should be something, so he motioned the greeting and said, “It’s alright, Senior Brother Liu, please come in.”


Liu Tao came inside and sat it, and spoke straight to the point, “The purpose of my visit is that I want to ask something from Senior Brother.”


Zhang Yan only faintly smiled and said, “Senior Brother, please do say.”

Liu Tao said with a slight sigh, “Senior Brother Zhang, you do know that 5 days later we’ll have to face a very dangerous battle. I don’t know how many people will survive. I have a Junior, and that Junior of mine is an orphan from childhood and I’m the one who’s taking care of her in ordinary days. If I were to fall in this battle, I want Senior Brother to take over my responsibility to take care of her.”


He lifted his sleeves and took out a jade pendant and placed it on the table. There were seven holes carved on this jade pendant with a Flood Dragon entrenched above them. Although the spiritual qi from it was overflowing, and was a priceless treasure in the human world, however, for a cultivator it was but only a trivial thing.

Zhang Yan’s eyebrows slanted, what kind of intention behind the favor Liu Tao would be wanting from him?


It made him a bit puzzled, so he said, “Senior Brother Liu, this Junior Brother also has to stay in this Demon Hole and will be facing the enemies. Whether I will survive or not, it’s unpredictable. Wouldn’t it be safer and more dependable if you give this thing to Senior Brother Xie than to me?”


Liu Tao did not answer and was but saying with a smile, “Senior Brother, do you know why I asked you to come to this place and cultivate in this Demon Hole?”


Zhang Yan straightened up his body and said, “I would like to hear the details.” He had been suspecting about this problem also, as he did not know Liu Tao’s motives in doing this.

Liu Tao then continued with a solemn tone, “I’m of the Waning List’s family background. However, my house has long been declining and I have no hope in continuing the cultivation path to the highest degree. That time, when I was 10-years-old, my Respected Master guided me and took me to Necklace Immortal Island to cultivate. It has been more than 20 years ever since… My Respected Master is a disciple of Apprenticeship Branches, thus, I have no inclination view toward the division between the Ancient Families and the Apprenticeship Branches.”


As he spoke up to there, he pointed to the jade pendant on the table and said with a sight, “But my Junior has a very high aptitude and originally, I wanted her to worship my Respected Master and become an unofficial disciple as well as my fellow apprentice. However, when my Master saw her, he said that nobody is qualified to become her Master in the Necklace Immortal Island. Probably, he doesn’t want me or my family to rise again. Thus, I can only give up on this matter.”


“In the past 2 years, I have always been wanting to find a good Master for her. But it’s very unfortunate that I’ve never been able to do so. Until later I learned about Senior Brother’s name and it sparked my mind.”


He looked up and looked at Zhang Yan with brilliant lights in his eyes, “I heard that even the Dao Masters regard Senior Brother as an important disciple, and you also have a good relationship with Senior Brother Ning Chongxuan as well as is a personal disciple of Pavilion Master Zhou Chongju, who is someone from the same generation with the Sect Master and Master Ancestor. You have a wide range of contacts and broad relationships. When the time comes, I want to ask a favor from you Senior Brother, to find a good Master for my Junior.”

What Liu Tao had said in front of Zhang Yan today, was truly his true intention he was seeking him for in his mind.


However, Zhang Yan did not dislike it at all. It was only human nature, for he also would not take any advantages of his Junior. Moreover, all in all, he also had the liberty to take care of this matter on his own volition and means, and not being compelled by others.

Liu Tao stood as he faced toward Zhang Yan and gave him a heavy and solemn bow, saying, “Five days later, if I were able to break through and come out of this Demon Hole, then you can forget everything. But if I failed, I want to ask Senior Brother to pass this thing to my Junior and let her sell it. Even if she could not take the cultivation path, it will still be enough for her to live an honorable and well-off life.”

Zhang Yan knew very well that Liu Tao openly asked him to pass the jade pendant, was in fact but wanting him to find a good Master for his Junior. However, he was afraid the he would be flatly rejected by him, so he did not say it clearly.


He thought about it seriously and then took out the jade pendant as he said, “If I were able to survive this battle and go out, I will give this jade to the said person as you want Senior Brother. But as for the other issues, I will have to see the fortune and opportunity.”


After having heard Zhang Yan’s reply, Liu Tao seemed to look relieved. He solemnly cupped his fists over and said, “Then, I thank you Senior Brother. This Liu feels hugely gratified. If so, I won’t disturb your cultivation any longer. I’ll take my leave.”


Zhang Yan smiled as he also cupped his fists and did not tell anything to retain him.


After having sent away Liu Tao, Zhang Yan put aside the matter and reached out his sleeve as he prepared the Wind Thunder Fork as well as the other magical treasures to wipe out the blood essences on them. As when he was about to rummage the other things, his hands slightly paused, since he suddenly found a book inside his sleeve pouch.

He took it out and read it, and found that it was originally the treasured copy of a manual from that Demonic Sect given by Han Ji to look at, the “Seeking Essence Classics”. Because at that time they were preoccupied with their discussion and other incidents, he did not have enough time to give it back to Han Ji. Afterward, Han Shengde was also rushing in and attacking, causing him to throw the manual into his sleeve.


However, this manual was useless to him, he was even too disinclined to read it.

The Demonic Sects and the Righteous Sects were different. The Righteous Sects particularly emphasized toward a body refinement as a vessel to traverse the sea; as for the Demonic Sects, they particularly paid attention toward the refinement of the soul, while the body was only the source of fuel until they finally discard their corporeal bodies. Between the two, they were fundamentally taking different pathways.

This was also one of the reasons why Han Ji chose the Demonic Sects. It was because he had inherent and inborn weaknesses, causing his Primordial Essence to disperse. For him to walk on the path of the Great Dao of the Righteous Sects was but hopeless.


However, since Han Ji had become an unofficial disciple in the Blood Soul Sect, it could be assumed that this manual was of no use to him.


Zhang Yan was thinking to put it away. However, he stopped his action halfway as he suddenly recalled that even if neither Han Ji or himself could not use this manual, but it did not mean that nobody else would be unable to use it.


There was, however, someone at the moment who was the most appropriate to cultivate the method in this manual.


He took out a beautiful jade from his sleeve pouch and put it on the table. He knocked his finger on it and said, “Su Yiang, come out.”


“Master, you summoned me.” An azure light rose from the beautiful jade as it then transformed into a human form, revealing Su Yiang’s figure.

Zhang Yan looked at him a few times with a slightly astonished expression. Su Yiang was originally dispirited as though he was in a state of being suffocated. It had been so many days he had not seen him, but his state was now looking to be spirited and cheerful. And his soul was also spirited and unexpectedly was able to come out of the jade the moment he was called.


Upon seeing that he was being observed, Su Yiang immediately knelt down and said, “I’m very lucky and thankful for Master for bringing me to this place. This one could be like this today.”


It turned out that without being exposed to sunlight and also that the Yin Qi in this subterranean place was very rich, it was precisely giving huge benefits for Su Yiang. These days he was recuperating, and not only was his Primordial Soul slowly restoring under the constant nourishment, his spiritual state also had signs to be stabilizing and solidifying.


Zhang Yan nodded and said, “This is also your opportunity that has come. I have a manual to give you, but you must first make an oath to never betray me.”

When he heard it, Su Yiang was not shocked, and instead looked happy. As though he was afraid that Zhang Yan would take his words back, he hastily swore an oath to the Heaven and Earth straightly, even swearing an oath solemnly and powerfully.


With a heartfelt sob, he replied, “Master, why did you wait until today for me to swear an oath to you? I, Su Yiang, have always been ready to do your biddings and gain merits for you, but only today you finally give me the chance to raise my own head to see the sky.”

He originally wanted to display his loyalty, but Zhang Yan had always been ignoring him, as if he did not exist. And now, he felt as though he had gone through the bitter hardship having achieved what he had strove for as the cloud and sky were finally open for him.

Zhang Yan chuckled. He pointed to the manual and said, “This is the ‘Seeking Essence Classics’. Take and study it! It will be able to help you strengthen your soul and stops the bind on your true soul. When in the future you go back to our sect, you won’t be losing your Soul’s Essence.”

Su Yiang was also knowledgeable and was able to judge the situation. He hurriedly bowed and respectfully said, “Thank you Master.”


Since he was only a Primordial Soul and had no corporeal body, he was unable to flip over the manual, so Zhang Yan spread the manual on the table for him to read.


Su Yiang was in charge of managing the vault of the Su Family. He was experienced and knew people’s intentions and will. He fully realized that only if he was deemed to be useful and able would Zhang Yan value him more. He could be cast away at any time, so he did not have the slightest laziness toward him.


After having read it seriously for a while, he could not help but show a happy expression.

Then, with a hesitating expression, he looked up and said, “Master, there are a lot of Yin Demons here. I wonder, am I able to take them on?”


Zhang Yan said, “Originally, I’m not the owner of this manual. As for the way to practice it, you practice it yourself and need not ask me.”


Su Yiang repeatedly complied as he suddenly flew and faced the Yin Demon in the air, opened his mouth and swallowed it.


The Demonic Sects were particularly not far from plundering and killing. The Yin Demons were invisible and did not have any nature. They were originally forms that took shape due to the essence of the Netherworld. Ordinary cultivators might avoid and fear them, but for Su Yiang, these things turned out to have great uses for him.


After having eaten dozens of Yin Demons, his body gradually condensed and solidified again, and no longer looked like that ethereal state again.


Since he had no corporeal body that bound him, he was just like a duck in the water in practicing the cultivation method in this Seeking Essence Classics.


The Demonic Sects also had cultivation methods to sever their connection with their corporeal bodies. However, the risks were too big. Moreover, they could not be compared to Su Yiang, who was formerly a cultivator who had opened his meridians since his Primordial Soul could not be compared to any mortal human. So he could practice the cultivation method with twice the results with half the effort.

More importantly, cultivating inside the Demon Hole was an opportunity only enjoyed by the disciples of Demonic Sect’s Sect Master. Although this place was only a small Demon hole and could not be compared to the true Spiritual Points, but it was comparable to the Fairyland Grade Immortal Caves. Not to mention that there were also evil spirits in this place.


After having devoured several Yin Demons, Su Yiang consciously felt a feeling of being full and asked to Zhang Yan to retreat to the jade to condense it. And looking at his state, it would be quite a while for him to come out again.


Zhang Yan did not pay attention to him as he thoroughly erased the blood essences on the magical treasures one by one. And then refined them again with his own blood essence.

The time flashed as 5 days had passed by quickly.


To this day, Zhang Yan was able to refine the Cloud Pour Bowl, when he heard a loud deafening noise under his body.


He opened his eyes as he could feel that the cruiser’s speed was getting faster. He silently looked at the time, and now was precisely between 7 to 9AM. There were only two hours left until noon when the Sea Eye opened. At that time, the spiritual qi inside this Demon Hole would spring out and pour into the seawater, along with the pouring seawater that would also fall inside. Following the ocean’s current and going back to the Sea Eye of the Guardian Hall, thus escaping from this place and living through the day.

However, the Blood Soul Sect’s disciples would also create heavy barriers and obstacles in front, as they would do everything possible to stop them from going back.


Then, today’s battle of life and death, had come!

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  1. >He silently looked at the time, and now was precisely between 7 to 9AM. There were only two hours left until noon when the Sea Eye opened.

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    1. some ancient chinese time… it’s the author’s way to say that it’s sometime between 7 and 9 AM… could be 7:30, 8:00, 8:30 etc.. =D

      1. I understand that, but then saying “precisely two hours before noon” undermines it on several levels. first, it indicates it is exactly 10 am. and second it uses the word “precisely” to refer to a wide range.

        It would be like saying “there are precisely a few more hours”. even though “a few” is normal english and sounds fine, combining few with precisely makes it odd

  2. Qidian is being an ass with a lot of their novels and the people who translate and write them. Things have started to get settled though, so maybe they’ll have this novel up on qidian international

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