Great Dao Commander – Volume 2 Chapter 54

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Some new plans in the making so things have been kind of dead and will slowly start up again as we reach the end of the future plans. For now, please stick with us as we slowly make a huge leap for the future. And (shamelessly posts….this…) if anyone wants to help me, I have pokemon booster box cases and yugioh ones for sale. 😀

Volume 2, Chapter 54 — The Blood Soul Phantom, the Three Parties Gathered Again


The cultivator in the blood-colored robe crossed his hands behind his back. He shook his head and spoke in a disdainful manner beneath his contempt. Then, his vision shifted as he said with an indifferent tone, “Junior, I have something more important to manage, so I won’t fight with your witty tongue. There are still 5 days left before the Sea Eye of your Azure Ocean Sect reopens again. So I hope that you will still be alive to go out until then.”


After having said that, his vision intentionally glanced toward Zhang Yan’s hiding location as his hands moved back and forth on his back.


The Blood Soul Sect’s disciples immediately spiritedly shouted, “Master has given the command, let’s draw back!”


The other Blood Soul Sect’s disciples in the surrounding did not hesitate upon hearing this. They released their devices and turned away to leave.


But the cultivator in the blood-colored robe was still standing motionless. After there were no more Blood Soul Sect’s disciples in the surrounding, he glanced deeply at Zhang Yan’s direction as a blood-colored light then flashed and his figure disappeared.


Fang Zhen was secretly relieved when he saw that the Blood Soul was finally gone.


Although he spoke lightly, that Blood Soul unexpectedly was able to shake off his Five Rings Flame Divine Weapon with only one strike. That Blood Soul was a level more powerful compared to the previous one from last time. He could tell that he did not have any miniscule chance to win in a fight against him. For Fang Zhen this time, it was the best outcome.


From the higher ground, Zhang Yan, who stood there, had been tightly staring at the blood-colored robe cultivator from the beginning. He could see that the man’s vision did not flinch, and he did that intentionally.


The reason as to why that cultivator did that, was because he knew well he had the superior and dominant advantage. So there was no reason for him to easily retreat. Certainly, that cultivator had other reasons, or perhaps, that blood-colored robed cultivator was bluffing.


He deliberately provoked Zhang Yan secretly, as he wanted to know and see his reaction.


Until that blood-colored robed cultivator retreated, Zhang Yan became more certain that his judgment was correct.


Upon seeing that those cultivators from the Blood Soul Sect were all retreating together, he regretfully shook his head. It was very unfortunate that the one who stood underneath was Fang Zhen and not Xie Zongyuan. If it was him, he would have recommended to act immediately and hit those Blood Soul Sect’s disciples hard, giving them heavy losses.


When he thought about it, he also thought to himself that today’s situation happened because he lacked the ability. It was clear that he was not strong enough to the degree that he could fight dozens of Blood Soul Sect’s disciples.


If at the moment, he were a Profound Light Realm cultivator, would he even have to be concerned so much about himself? He could exterminate that group of disciples with only a wave of his hand. From this, it could be seen that the fundament of everything was but only strength.


In the field, with a slightly hesitating expression, Feng Ming looked at Fang Zhen and said, “Senior Brother Fang, since those people from the Blood Soul Sect have retreated, I think we might as well go contact Senior Brother Xie first, as we need to discuss the next step and prepare countermeasures to deal with the situation.”


Fang Zhen grunted as he reluctantly nodded with a slightly dissatisfied expression, “Yes, we can only do so.”


After the blood-colored robed cultivator had brought the numerous disciples out for 100 miles away, only then did he stop at high ground as though he was waiting for someone.


Shortly after, a blood-colored light flashed and landed on the ground afterward, showing the figure of Senior Brother Li.


However, he was not alone, he brought along with him two people at his left and right side. At the moment, he came in the front of the cultivator in the blood-colored robe and knelt, “Master, this one fortunately hasn’t failed this one’s mission, and I’ve brought that person with me.”


A trace of a happy expression surfaced on the face of the cultivator in the blood-colored robe. He nodded as his vision fell on a young cultivator at the left side behind Senior Brother Li. Then, he spoke with a happy expression, “You are that Han Ji, from the Pure Cloud’s Han Family?”


Han Ji quickly came forward and respectfully saluted and bowed, “Replying to Senior, this one is precisely that Han Ji.”


The cultivator in the blood-colored robe looked at him and said with a smile, “Good, you are really handsome and intelligent. My Blood Soul Sect has always opened our doors widely. Since you want to worship me as your Master, I will not refuse you who have traveled from the thousands of miles away.”


A happy expression surfaced on Han Ji’s face as he immediately knelt on the ground and said, “Disciple sees the Respected Master!”


Upon seeing his gesture and expression which was without hesitation or reluctance, he nodded with a satisfied expression and said, “You don’t need to give so much ceremony. I’ll receive you to be my in-name disciple first. After you have met my true body, then you can have an official apprenticeship ceremony. How about it?”


Han Ji said, “Ah? This one gives all the arrangements to the Respected Master.”


The person who stood at the right side of the Senior Brother Li happily said, “Respected Master, I feel like I’ve been an old friend with Junior Brother Han the first time I saw him. Apart from his desire to study in our sect, he’s also willing to offer a Profound Blood Pill. I think we might as well immediately take care of this matter and not delay this.”


Senior Brother Li knitted his brows and scolded, “Li Weimin, it’s Master’s questioning, why did you open your mouth and interrupt? Shut up and get back!”


Li Weimin ignored him and only let out a careless smile, as if he did not put his reprimand to heart.


The cultivator in the blood-colored robe waved his hand as he said with a smile, “It’s alright. Weimin has done a good merit, so you don’t need to blame him.”


Senior Brother Li promptly lowered his head as his name was called.


“Well, come here.” The cultivator in the blood-colored robe called Senior Brother Li as the latter understood and approached a few steps, speaking in a low voice, “What kind of instruction does Master have?”


The cultivator in the blood-colored robe spoke with a solemn tone, “Tonight, you’ll leave and take a journey to personally escort your Junior Brother Han to our place. This matter is very important, so you must not fail. Do you understand?”


Li Weide pondered for a moment and muttered to himself, “But if I’m not present, I’m afraid that the other fellow apprentices would not be able to resist the harassing attacks from the Azure Ocean Sect’s cultivators.”


The cultivator in the blood-colored robe said indifferently, “It’s alright. They are scared of me, they won’t have the courage to do that again. But these next few days, don’t go provoking them. Escort your Junior Brother Han by all means, and then I will send someone to come to aid you by that time… You go back now and come back here before the 15th day… do you remember?…”


Li Weide quickly responded as he bent down and said, “Weide will sincerely listens to Respected Master.”


The cultivator in the blood-colored robe said “Good”, as he then sighed with an indescribable expression, “The Five Rings Flame Divine Weapon is indeed worthy of being an Esoteric Device. If you were to come across it later, you really need to be very careful.”


After having said these words, his originally solid figure swayed and distorted as it slowly began to dissipate starting from his feet, followed by his knees, belly, chest, and then head. Then, everything turned into dust on the ground as his whole body disappeared without a trace.


Originally, although he was able to shake and keep off the Five Rings Flame Divine Weapon, however, his Blood Soul’s essence had been corroded by the fire, and his strong appearance in front of Fang Zhen was but only a bluff.


If at that time Fang Zhen could suppress his fear and dared to fight wholeheartedly, perhaps at present, he would have been able to exterminate all the disciples from the Blood Soul Sect.


Upon seeing this, Li Weide did not seem to be surprised. It was as though he had long expected such an outcome.


Li Weimin then came to his side and stood as he spoke with a proud tone, “How was it? Big Brother, I’ve done a great merit this time, didn’t I?”


Li Weide was noncommittal but said, “Weimin, from time to time I’ve told you that if you really want to keep off those disciples from the Azure Ocean Sect, you must never face them alone. Otherwise, all of our Junior Brothers would have been killed and died in vain last time.”


While patting his chest, Li Weimin said with a complacent tone, “Big Brother, relax. Our total number is 18 people. Except the ones we have killed, those disciples from the Azure Ocean Sect have only 10 people left. So how can we let him go?”


Li Weide then pondered. Even if that Fang Zhen had the Five Rings of Flame Divine Weapon, but if they had to face the other disciples from the Azure Ocean Sect, it should also pose no major problem. Moreover, he also would have time to return back. After having thought like this, he then said, “But still, you must not be negligent. Do pay attention and be careful.”


Li Weimin repeatedly nodded and said, “Big Brother, you quickly go now with Junior Brother Han. Don’t make Master wait too long.”


Li Weide nodded as he said to Han Ji, “Junior Brother, I’ll take you.”


A blood-colored Profound Light then emitted out from the top of his head and wrapped him together with Han Ji, as they both hovered into the air and then disappeared with a flash.


Meanwhile, inside of a hidden cave in the Demon Hole, Fang Zhen’s group gathered and converged with Xie Zongyuan’s group.


Xie Zongyuan’s team greeted them to come inside. And after they sat, he said, “Senior Brother Fang, that Profound Light cultivator who has been chasing me somehow stopped halfway and left. I believe that he knew about our plan. I was worried about, so I’m really glad and relieved to see you now.”


Liu Tao, who sat next to him, glanced at Fang Zhen and said, “Senior Brother Fang, how many Blood Soul Sect’s disciples have you killed in the last fight?”


Upon seeing that Fang Zhen’s face was quite unsightly, Feng Ling quickly cupped his fists over and said, “All Senior Brothers, do you still remember that powerful Blood Soul when we first entered this Demon Hole?”


Xie Zongyuan replied with a solemn tone, “How could I not remember? Fortunately, Senior Brother Fang at that time was able to repel him with the Five Rings of Flame Divine Weapon. I was lucky to be able to escape.” Then, his brows wrinkled and said, “Why? Did you meet this person?”


Feng Ming said, “Senior Brother Fang was confronting those Blood Soul Sect’s disciples, but unfortunately, that person had sent his Blood Soul. And this one even managed to hold off the Five Rings of Flame Divine Weapon as if it was nothing, so we were only be able to…”


When he said up to there, he took a big sigh.


Xie Zongyuan was a reasonable person, so there was no blaming expression on his face. He only said, “Then it’s no wonder Senior Brother is like this. However, being able to get out is already a blessing though.”


He looked at Fang Zhen as he cupped his fists and said, “Senior Brother Fang, as the matter stands, if we want to go out of this Demon Hole on the 15th day, we’ll have to face a tough and difficult fight. Since we are in this kind of situation, I think we have to put down the past grudges for the time being. How do you look at it?”


Fang Zheng grunted as he also cupped his fist and said, “This Fang Zhen is also not a narrow-minded person. Since Senior Brother Xie has said this, then we’ll put those aside until we get out of this Demon Hole first.”


Xie Zongyuan and Liu Tao behind him glanced at each other. They knew very well that Fang Zhen was still nursing grudges and did not put them down. But Xie Zongyuan did not care about it. At the very least, the purpose to break out from this Demon Hole was still agreeable. As for when he had returned to the Azure Ocean Sect, since he was a member of the Xie Family, why should he even care about Fang Zhen’s thoughts and intentions?


At this time, a voice from the outside transmitted, “Several Senior Brothers, since all of you have decided to rush out together from this Demon Hole, this Junior Brother also being a disciple from our Azure Ocean Sect, this one will join you together on this battle!”


Upon hearing this voice, Xie Zongyuan suddenly stood up as he was pleasantly surprised, “Senior Brother Zhang, is that you?” Behind him, Liu Tao, Cheng An, and Madame Chen also stood along with him.


Fang Zhen’s face slightly changed as he said, “Zhang Yan?”


With a whizzing sound, a blue-colored light flashed and came inside. As the light dispersed, Zhang Yan’s figure then appeared as he smiled and cupped his fists over to the people in the surroundings, saying, “This one has left for 10 days, but now I’ve arrived in front of all Senior Brothers.”


Xie Zongyuan looked up and down at him as his eyes shone and said, “Senior Brother Zhang, could it be that… you’ve condensed your Profound Light Seed?!”

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