Great Dao Commander – Volume 2 Chapter 53

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Volume 2, Chapter 53 — Five Flame Divine Weapon, Dan Transformation Realm Blood Soul


Zhang Yan broke out of the enveloping rosy cloud scope and took back his Qi Harbor Masker. He attached his Profound Light Seed onto his Sword Bullet and rode with the light, and then flashed out into the sky.


The moment he stopped, he flung his robe’s sleeve, releasing the Purple Heart Core Hammer and turned around toward the cultivator who held the Cloud Pour Bowl to strike at him.


The cultivator did not expect that. He thought that Zhang Yan was still being besieged, and it turned out that he came before in the blink of an eye. Seeing the sledgehammer emit out a red light at him, he immediately knew that it was a magical weapon. It was too late for him to dodge and he quickly waved his Cloud Pour Bowl to the front to block it. A loud bang sounded, along with its huge impact force, causing him to be unable to get a firm hold on the Cloud Pour Bowl in his hands as it suddenly flew from his hands.


Zhang Yan’s eyes flashed. At the same time, he pointed forward and the Stars Sword Bullet followed to kill the man.


That cultivation saw this he was greatly startled and shouted, “Senior Brother…”


He had yet to finish his words, but the blue light had already flashed by through his neck and his head immediately separated from its body, falling from the air together.


Zhang Yan flew over toward the man’s dead body and waved his sleeve to destroy his Primordial Soul. Then, he caught the Cloud Pour Bowl that was about to fall and put it into his Universe Pouch. Then, with light expression, he said, “Your Senior Brother is unable to defend himself, so how could he come to save you?”


Then, he looked up upward slowly.


Han Quande who stood above condescendingly was full of chill in his heart, even though his eyes and expression looked calm and had no waves. The Violet Star Rivermoon Net in his hand also slightly trembled.


The fight with Zhang Yan to the present did not even took 15 minutes. But 2 people from his side had died continuously. He knew how the situation was and the intention to retreat suddenly sparked inside his heart. He waved his hand as the bright rosy cloud covered to shield himself. Only then was he turned around and ran.


Zhang Yan looked at his back with a trace of teasing expression on the corner of his mouth. His hand extended out toward the Wind Thunder Fork on the ground and pulled it from afar. It suddenly flew into mid-air as he took it into his sleeve pouch. After which, he began to ride the light and chase all the way.


His flying light was very fast and for a number of breath, he already caught up.


Han Quande secretly complained inside. It was quite the headache to fight cultivators who uses Sword Bullet. If such cultivator had a top grade Sword Bullet to help him, that cultivator could leave and come extremely fast. If he were to be careless even in the slightest, he could lose his life.


He knew that it was badly powerful. So how would he dare to give his back to Zhang Yan? He hurriedly stopped and desperately shook the girdle net, protecting his upper and lower body. This time what he sought and strove was not again the best possible results, but rather trying to avoid making mistakes to keep his own life.


Zhang Yan came near and retracted back the sword light. His figure appeared as he let out a cold smile after seeing the situation quickly. He formed a secret seal as his Stars Sword Bullet leaped to the air and cut down from above, whilst at the same time his Divine Shuttle circled under his stimulation and rushed toward behind Han Quande’s back.


After having continually faced the enemies, his control and coordination with these two things became very skillful as he could attack from all angles.


Suddenly, 2 lights, one was azure and the other was blue, gathered around and flew to chase over Han Quande from top and below, causing him to have no choice but to make every effort to stimulate the Violet Star Rivermoon Net to resist them.


However, although he looked in extremely difficult situation, but whether it was the Divine Shuttle or the Stars Sword Bullet, they turned motionless after they faced the bright-rosy cloud belt. It was like they were pasted and became a soft bounced rounded bullet and only rotated sluggishly.


Han Quande shouted under the multicolored sunlight, “Zhang Yan! You and I have no hatred or desire for revenge, why must you persistently force me? Let me go now. I’ll naturally remember this favor and pay the debt in the future. Otherwise, I’ll accompany you to the end today and see what can you do to me, no?”


Upon hearing his words, Zhang Yan could not help laughing and said, “Do you think I can do nothing to you?”


He extended his hand out to summon back the Divine Shuttle as it carried along the net cover on top of his head. Instantly, a light hanging down and covered his whole body as it started moving forward to tread on and then hit toward the thick and heavy red clouds.


“Boom” an explosion was heard and the clouds scattered everywhere and the sight in front of him turned empty, after which, revealing Han Quande with a horrified and despaired expression all over his face. He had no time to respond when a blue light flashed and pierced through him. “Puff”, his head flew high and he died on the spot.


Zhang Yan waved and his Stars Sword Bullet followed up and twisted, stirring up and smashing Han Quande’s Primordial Soul and corpse.


He formed a secret seal and recalled back his Sword Bullet. He saw that the Violet Star Rivermoon was slowly falling and he walked toward it a few steps, grabbed it and took a look at it carefully. Then, he secretly mused, “This thing is suitable to be used by a woman cultivator. I have a lot of magical treasures now. So it’s better to take this back and give it to Fellow Daoist Luo.”


At this moment, as if being aware of something, he looked toward the distance. And it seemed that there were lights flashing. Obviously, it should be cultivators who came toward this place and used flying ship or controlled the flight class device.


His expression slightly moved and he secretly mused, “Should be better to see who are they and what are they doing.”


He pressed down from the top of the cloud. When he was about to look around to see, his eyes caught a sight of a pile of stones. His eyes lightened up and walked a few steps there before hiding himself.


Not long after, a flying ship came here mid-air. Above it were 2 men in a black robe of Blood Soul Sect’s disciples.


One of them let out a “Huh?” yell, and said, “I’m sure that I saw a dazzling light that soared to the air and faint sounds of killing before, but how come there’s nothing here now?”


Another person observed the surrounding for a while as he sniffed and smelled. Then, he spoke with a solemn tone, “The spiritual energy in this place is in disorder. But there is also the faint smell of blood. I’m sure that some people have fought here, perhaps they haven’t walked far away.”


Whilst the two had a chat, a muffled thumping sounds suddenly rumbled. They could not help but turn their head to look at the sound’s direction at the same time. They saw scarlet blood clouds shooting up to the sky at the distant. It was as though the sunset illuminated the rosy cloud, that even half of the sky reflected an extremely eye-catching scarlet color.


The first person was shocked and shouted, “That’s our Blood Soul Sect’s Smoke News Cloud! I think one of our brothers has seen the Azure Ocean Sect’s disciples and needs help to intercept them.”


With an excited expression, another person said, “They are using the News Cloud! It seems like they have caught a lot of big fish. Good! If we can catch the whole lot of Azure Ocean Sect’s disciples in this place, we can do a clean sweep and avoid searching everywhere with hardships again!”


“That’s true, let’s go!”


They boarded the flying ship, turned around to change direction and rushed straight to the place that emitted that red light and disappeared without a trace.


Seeing that the two had left, Zhang Yan came out of his hiding place. He looked up and looked toward the distant scene with that layer of thick scarlet cloud. A pensive look was casted on his face. After a moment, a sharp light projected from his eyes. He raised his hand and released his Sword Bullet as he rode and flashed with the light and flew toward that direction.


With his extreme speed, it took him about half an hour as he caught the shadows flashing from the sky in front with blood lights soaring.


He cautiously approached and looked for a high place with spot for hiding, and hid himself. Then, he looked again toward the flat field and found that 8 Blood Soul Sect’s disciple turned out to have surrounded Fang Zheng and his 5 man group. Both sides faintly confronted each other.


Although the Blood Soul Sect’s disciple had superiority in numbers, they did not hurriedly attack and only released their own Blood Souls that walked randomly in the surroundings. Shortly after, a few more people came over in the surrounding and their number quickly surpassed 10 people.


After the News Cloud was released, the scattered disciples everywhere rushed over this place.


Feng Ming looked at the Blood Soul Sect’s disciples in the surroundings as their number increased. With an anxious and restlessness on his face, he said, “Senior Brother Fang, should we act now?”


Fang Zhen’s expression was but calm and relaxed. He said, “We don’t need to be anxious of anything. Just wait a little longer for a few more disciples from the Blood Soul Sect to come. And kill them together in one fell swoop.”


Feng Ming said with worries, “But I’m afraid that Senior Brother Xie can’t hold much longer.”


Fang Zhen glanced at him and said with a displeased tone, “Xie Zongyuan is of the Xie Family’s. He naturally has the means to save his own butt. Why the hell are you worrying about him for? Much less that our plan is to make them lead away those Profound Light cultivators while we kill and clean up those Blood Soul Sect’s juniors. If there are too few people to come, wouldn’t our plan fail? You better guard me well and kill those damned Demonic Path’s bastards. When we go back, I’ll tell Master to give you a promotion and reward.”


For a moment, Feng Ming hesitated and said, “Senior Brother Fang, all of us are in this Demon Hole. If one thrives then all must thrive. And if one is lost then all will be lost. All of us are disciples of the same Sect, even if we normally have no intersection with each other, but here, we must not bicker about those things anymore. If we don’t act now, I fear that once Senior Brother Xie is lost, those Blood Soul Sect’s Profound Light cultivators will come to this place. By then, even if we want to leave, we will not be able to.”


Fang Zhen snorted loudly. But he seemed to accept Feng Ming’s words and took out a three feet golden ring shape, albeit a little bit reluctant to do it. A cold and grim smile casted on his face as he threw it toward the Blood Soul Sect’s disciple who held a long banner.


Seeing that, this Blood Soul Sect’s disciple immediately hit it with his banner flag to keep it off, but a person from the side shouted in alarm, “DON’T!”


That disciple had yet to respond as he could only see a golden ring suddenly flasd and release a purple flame as it threw itself and suddenly enveloped his body within as if it had intelligence. And then, it spun on the spot and exploded. The man did not even have the time to scream and instantly turned into a pile of ashes.


Fang Zhen sneered coldly and raised his hand to summon back that golden ring.


Some Blood Soul Sect’s disciples shouted, “All Senior Brothers, do be very careful! That is a Five Ring of Flame Divine Weapon, it’s the bane of all Yin and evil things. Even Master’s Blood Soul has been folded in this person’s hand.”


The moments the words out, the Blood Soul Sect’s disciple around retroceded a few steps and dispersed out of the circle. It was obvious that they were quite afraid of this magical weapon.


A trace of mockeries and ridicules floated on Fang Zhen’s face. He burst into loud laughter and said, “Since you know that the treasure in my hand is very powerful, then why don’t you bastard obediently die!”


He took the golden ring and threw it again toward another Blood Soul Sect’s disciple.


Just during this very moment, a red light suddenly flew from the distance as it even-handed and impartially blocked the Five Ring of Flame Divine Weapon’s path. A bang sound sounded, as the golden ring unexpectedly shaken back.


Fang Zhen could not help but be surprised. He looked and saw a cultivator clad in a bloodstained robe stood in the field. His hair was disheveled and had quite the handsome face. His eyes were cold and his nose was just like a falcon beak with no trace of a living person’s color on his face.


Numerous disciples of the Blood Soul Sect looked at him and hurriedly knelt on the ground and respectfully said, “Has seen the Respected Master!”


Zhang Yan who was observing the fight in distant was startled. Could it be that this was that Dan Transformation Realm cultivator? However, when he carefully looked at him, he could see that although that person’s appearance was no different than that of ordinary person’s, but his body was actually drifting just like some type of spirit or soul type creature. Realizing that, he immediately calmed down.


Fang Zhen’s complexion greatly changed. He immediately observed him a few times, and looked up to the sky and laughed wildly, “I was thinking that who the hell it was! It turns out to be a Blood Soul Avatar, eh?! If your real body came to this place, then I’ll be dead without a doubt. But the present you cannot frighten me. How was it? You didn’t forget the bitter lesson and suffering from last time, did you?”




The author seems to be obsessed with clouds… too many cloud terms to count, LOL.

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