Great Dao Commander – Volume 2 Chapter 52

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Volume 2, Chapter 52 — Wind, Lightning and Fire, Resisting Three Treasures


After having heard Han Ji, Zhang Yan looked at him and said with a smile, “Senior Brother Han unexpectedly has this Profound Blood Pill. Could it be that you’ve planned it long ago? Or, you have long known that this place has Blood Soul Sect disciples?”


Han Ji said with a wry smile, “Senior Brother Zhang has misunderstood. My cultivation has been bogged down for 6 years. And I know it’s hopeless for me to advance further in this life. So I have long had the intention to cultivate the Demonic cultivation method. I’ve spent huge efforts and considerations to obtain a manual from the Demonic Sects. So my original plan was to take this chance to enter the Demon Hole to capture evil spirits and cultivate. Then taking up this pill would increase my cultivation again. But truly, I didn’t expect that the Blood Soul Sect’s disciple would be here beforehand.”


As if it was to increase his persuasiveness, he took out a book from his sleeve. Holding it by both of his hands, he handed it to Zhang Yan, “Senior brother, take a look at this. This is the manual.”


Zhang Yan took a glance and read the three words of “Seeking Essence Classics”. He nodded and knew that this cultivation law and technique in the Demonic Sects was of the equal status and comparable to “Oneness Purifying Breath Manual.”


However, in order to practice this cultivation method, it was necessary for one to completely discard his cultivation from his previous cultivation method and start again from the scratch. For this reason, Zhang Yan could not help but look at Han Ji with some appreciation.


After all, throwing everything overnight for 2 or 3 decades of suffering and hardships in cultivation for naught, after all, only a few people could harden and steel their hearts to do it.


A trace of a sour expression was revealed on Han Ji’s face as he said, “Now, there are a lot of disciples from the Blood Soul Sect. If I say that I’m of the same origin as them, they won’t do anything excessive and make things difficult for me.


Zhang Yan thought and he could say that it was indeed true. If Han Ji were to seek refuge in the Blood Soul Sect, even if they did not accept him, they also temporarily won’t do anything to him.


Firstly, The Han Family was one of the Five Great Family in Azure Ocean Sect. Its status was special and could be used in a lot of places. Secondly, Han Ji was familiar and had knowledge about the Azure Ocean Sect’s inside story, and even a lot of secrets of the large and influential families which were not easy to inquire about. Thirdly, he and the Han Family had grudges and resentments, he was willing to go as far as discard his own profound cultivation. He also had a Profound Blood Pill to send. These causes and effects were really too big, and people would have to pay for these.


And more to say the least, even if Han Ji’s apprenticeship was not successful, they also would be unable to receive Profound Blood Pill. And since the Demonic Sect’s disciples were able to improve their cultivation base with this ‘Evil’ pill, those disciples would not be able to resist this temptation. And for Zhang Yan, this premise was but extremely advantageous.


If there was no Dan Transformation Realm cultivator came to this place, Zhang Yan had the confidence that if he lost to anyone in this place, he also had the ability to withdraw promptly. But he did not know how many disciples from the Blood Soul Sect were here and how strong they were. Fortunately, the 15th day of middle of the month would soon come, and Fang Zheng, Xie Zongyuan, and the others would rush toward the Demon Hole’s entrance in a group.


He believed that those Blood Soul Sect’s disciples also had protection, and they certainly had long prepared to mobilize the disciples. And they certainly would be present there. By that time, both sides will have a fierce and arduous life and death battle.


At that time, he could go to probe and explore. If there was no powerful cultivator amongst the enemies. He can rest peacefully in this place. If there was, then at the worst he would have to desperately struggle at the risk of his life. Whether he could run out of this Demon Hole, he could only see his own good fortune.


When he thought about this, Zhang Yan looked at Han Ji and said, “Senior Brother Han, are you really determined to do this?”


A firm look was cast on Han Ji’s face as he said resolutely, “Senior Brother Han, you’re of a commoner’s background, but you can get into the Lower Court, and then become a true disciple. Your feat is a hard to come by incident for hundreds of years. Although I’m inferior compared to you, Senior Brother, but I also have the will and it buoys me up. So how could I not try it instead of resigning myself?”


At this time, a someone snorted coldly outside of the cave, “Well, well, who was this? It’s originally Zhang Yan! You this thief bastard who plays tricks from behind! And there’s also Han Ji. You obediently resign yourself to die, so as to avoid causing more troubles.”


Along with this voice, a middle-aged cultivator with a long and narrow face stepped into the cave.


Han Ji suddenly stood up with eyes full of flare and shouted, “Han Quande!”


Zhang Yan was sitting still as he saw this person. There was no slightest change in his face. He only said with a sigh, “You’ve already left, but why should you come back and throw your life away?”


Upon hearing this, Han Quande burst into laughter and snapped with a stern voice, “Zhang Yan! You also dare to meddle in the Han Family’s matter? No wonder that Junior Brother Feng said that you will be the stumbling block for Ancient Families. It seems like what he said are true, but it’s only half right since you will die here and the obstacles will naturally be gone.”


Junior Brother Feng?


Zhang Yan’s eyes squinted. A spiritual light suddenly flashed across his eyes as a Sword Bullet in his hand moved vigorously.


Han Quande turned toward Han Ji and pointed at him, saying, “Han Ji, it turns out that the Profound Blood Pill is in your hands. Wasn’t that stolen by your damned ghost mother? Well, well, someone who comes from small sect and small family background is truly prone to stealing.”


Han Ji’s eyes turned bloodshot as he pointed back and bellowed, “Han Quande, you are only a lowly slave that was bestowed with a surname! What rights and qualification do you have to speak like that to me? You’ve disgraced my Mother. I vow that today I’ll kill you!”


After the inside of the cave was exposed, Han Quande was unable to restrain the changes in his face and was startled as he saw that the 2 people seemed to be ready to strike.  The cave was narrow and small, and fighting here would be inconvenient to fully open. He promptly receded backward and directly flew out of the cave and shouted, “Junior Brothers, let’s attack together! Kill these 2 and get the merits when we got back. Master will give us a heavy reward for this.”


2 voices replied from the outside. Zhang Yan and Han Ji went out of the cave together and found 3 men stood mid-air. The man on the left was holding a Wind and Thunder Fork. It was as if crackling electrical flashed on its surface. The man on the right was holding a heavy wooden bowl outlined in gold design trace, and it also looked extraordinary.


And Han Quande also pulled a shape of haze rosy cloud long girdle net which looked like brilliant radiant star when he swung it, it looked eye-catching and dazzling.


They could escape the chase of the Blood Soul Sect’s disciples because they all had magical treasures. But they did not use them when they dealt with Han Ji previously. At this moment, facing Zhang Yan who was a true disciple with a reputation that had formidable deterrent force, they immediately brought out those dazzling magical treasures.


Upon seeing it, Han Ji’s complexion greatly changed and said, “Senior Brother Zhang do be very careful. That’s the Wind Thunder Fork, Cloud Pour Bowl, and Violet Star Rivermoon Net.”


Then, he stared at Han Quande and said, “Han Quande, my aunt really did pull the string behind. Otherwise, from where would you have gotten this Violet Star Rivermoon Net?”


Han Quande let out a hearty laughter and said, “Han Ji, only today are you realizing it? I’ll tell you the truth. The reason as to why your damned ghost mother was able to steal that cultivation manual was because Madame intended it to happen. She waited for you to cultivate the cultivation law and technique afterward, and then instructed someone to secretly tell Master that he was stabbed, only then did he issue the decree to execute your mother to death.”


When Han Ji heard about that, his head was as though about to crack as his blood and qi boiled up. He was just about to rush forward when a hand held down his shoulder. He looked back and saw Zhang Yan shook his head and said, “Senior Brother Han, you go first and let me take care of everything here.”


Han Ji immediately calmed down. With a doubt and hesitated expression, he gritted his teeth and said, “Senior Brother, I understand what you mean. I have no profound cultivation method. I can’t help you and only will burden you here. But I, Han Ji, am also a man, and my words have enormous weight. Those words I’ve said to you before, if even I violated those, then let the Heaven and Earth condemn and punish me, letting all of my consciousness and soul to perish.”


Having said that, he repeatedly cupped his fists toward Zhang Yan. He turned around and flew away without looking back.


“Huh? You want to run away?” Hand Quande frowned and waved, shouting, “Junior Brother Fu! STOP HIM! Don’t give him the chance to run!”




The cultivator who held the Wind Thunder Fork let out a shouting comply. He was about to act and actually saw a blue light fly in the sky. It was so sudden as he must block it. He grunted, lifted his fork and waved it as a black howl flew up from the flat ground, carrying along with it faint greenish blue lightning and the sounds of thunder.


The Sword Bullet was seen as it must be blocked by the black wind. But the blue light’s length unexpectedly changed from a half-fist sized round bullet into a 3 feet long pine. Its speed also becoming faster for 2 folds. It did not wait for the black howl to come and pierced through the man’s neck. In the following moment, it circled around in the air and cut his head off as though it was cutting tofu.


The man’s headless dead body fell from the air. But the black wind clung around him, sending out crackling sounds as the explosion sound could be heard. The robe on his body, the Body Guardian Jade Pendant, were destroyed together. Finally, the black wind wrapped the body within and in only a blink of an eye, flesh and blood was cleaned up, leaving not even the slightest trace.


After the Wind Thunder Fork had lost control from its Master, the Wind Thunder Fork also fell from the air with a bang sound to ground, causing dust to fall.”


A move and Zhang Yan had killed one person, causing the remaining two to be greatly shocked.


“Junior Brother be careful! This Zhang Yan has condensed his Profound Light Seed, so he can change his Sword Bullet at will.”


Han Quande’s complexion turned solemn. Cold sweats permeated out of his body. If that Sword Bullet from the very beginning stroke at him a moment ago. Perhaps it would have been him who was beheaded by under that sword. Moreover, if this Zhang Yan had the mind to leave wholeheartedly, he could not do anything whatsoever.


Upon seeing and heard that there was no sound and movement from his side, he turned his head and urged with an anxious tone, “What are you stunned for? Quickly release that colorful destroying sand!”


The other cultivator immediately recovered and promptly opened the bowl cover, lifted up high to the side of his head and faced it forward and poured it down. In an instant, a rumbling sound as though the river water burst broken the dam sounded. As though billowing cluster of clouds, red-colored grains of sand whirled out from the bowl’s mouth toward the outside and turbulently flushed to Zhang Yan’s place.


Zhang Yan flew to the air to avoid it, but those grains of sand as if it had spiritual nature and followed him to the air whilst issuing tides-like rumble sounds.


A fiendish grin appeared on Han Quande’s face. He did not besiege Zhang Yan and instead dragged that strip of “Violet Star Rivermoon Net” and flew all the way elsewhere. However, wherever he passed, his net inevitably dragged out a 3 feet wide of rosy sunset hues clouds.


After having a series of back and forth moves for a few rounds, everywhere in the surrounding was as though a world that was shrouded with hazy and rosy clouds decorated with dazzling stars.


Han Quande stood condescendingly mid-air. His hand flung and pulled out the smog. Then, he burst into a loud laughter and said, “Zhang Yan, you could have flown and escaped since you have Sword Bullet. I’m vexed as to why you didn’t do that. But now, this haze clouds have been surrounding all around. This is called the inescapable net. I want to see how and where will you run to?!”


Zhang Yan looked up and he could see that around his body, everywhere had been shrouded by the haze rosy clouds, and not even a spot left. And the grains of sand that dropped down by the other cultivator had flushed extremely fast toward the position on top of his head, sealing his only way out.


Whilst seeing the brilliant red sand cloud filled down from the side, a ridicule was exposed on his face. He put out a piece of gray lime talisman into the air as he chanted the secret seal and shouted, “Expand!”


The talisman in the air instantly turned into a 4 feet sized, turtle shell-like shape with cloud pattern on its back and sealing symbols. There was also mountain turtle flea on its rounded back as it covered down and stood on top of his head. From the spot that was supposed to be its mouth, rays of light shined down and covered all over his body within. By the time the billowing sand cloud approached him, it was as though a river water that hit tough stone reef, and automatically separated and flushed to both sides


Zhang Yan took a step forward as he hit a broke the rosy clouds. He then said with a sneer, “By relying on this only, you all want to stop me?”

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  1. Why did MC let the guy escape the cave and meet the other 2? why did MC let him spend the time to thoroughly trap him and then make arrogant remarks about how they are not worthy?
    MC has always been intelligent and decisive, killing quickly and silently. How come he is suddenly a stupid Chuuni that is acting cool and damaging the loot his enemies carry and he would have easily acquired by decisively killing them quickly?

    1. Plot device, i guess. The author wanted to reveal the schemes happened to that guy’s mother, we would not have known if mc had killed this guy quickly.

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