Great Dao Commander – Volume 2 Chapter 51

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GDC Volume 2—Chapter 51: Helping Han Ji, the Evil—Profound Blood Pill


The cave was purified from the defiling illusion and Zhang Yan indifferently smiled. By taking advantage of the illusion of that dreamland, he had cut off his past worries that would hinder him. After having cleaned up his mind from distracting thoughts, his mind became very limpid and clear as the evil spirits receded by the bunch and no longer disturbed him.


But, he was also aware that a lot of evil spirits were temporarily unable to enter. In fact, they were still waiting for the opportunity to move and act, waiting for him to reveal the flaws inside his heart, and once he did, they would rally again to attack.


One must know that the heart was forever apt to changes. Not only was it vulnerable to outside stimulus, but obsession also forever existed inside one’s heart. There had never been a cultivation path that successfully integrated the Dao Heart. Even those of the Great Saint Realm, have holes and flaws inside the heart that was slowly birthed and came out.


However, at present, he was a lot less loathing of those things, it could be considered that he had an unexpected harvest.


Now, he had successfully condensed his Profound Light Seed. Then, according to Taiyi Golden Manual’s cultivation practice, he had refined the second step of the Fire Profound Light one after another, so he need not fear those of ordinary Profound Light cultivators.


And more importantly, at present, he could use magical treasures and his Sword Bullet simultaneously. If he had become a Profound Light cultivator, then he could use 2 magical treasures perfectly, and that would greatly enhance his combat power by a level.


During the next few days, he sat in his cave to refine the qi as the Metal and Fire Profound Light also unceasingly grew.


But today, he stopped his meditation and calculated the time.


He had been safely staying inside this place for 10 days. And in accordance with the progress, it seemed like he would only need half a month’s time until he finally was able to step into the Profound Light Realm.


His only worry right now was that the Master of those 2 disciple from the Blood Soul Sect would come soon. And it would not be safe to cultivate at that time, it would be difficult to even keep his life. It seemed like his last resort was to rush out and kill until the Demon Hole’s entrance opened on the 15th day.


When he was in deep thought, he heard bursts of sounds outside the cave. It seemed that some people were close by.


Zhang Yan slightly frowned. Was it the disciples from the Blood Soul Sect?


He formed a secret art as his Stars Sword Bullet leaped on top of his head and changed into a twinkling granulated crystal which emitted out a blue light that wrapped his body within, as the light converged and flew together with him from the depths of the cave to the outside.


He did not immediately leave and instead made a circled detour and back, looking for a higher terrain to see who those people were.


He looked down and his eyebrows slanted. He secretly mused, “It turns out to be this person?”


There were 4 people who stood down there. Everyone was battered and exhausted. They seemed to have just experienced arduous battles. He had once seen that member of the Han Family in the Guardian Hall. He was now standing in the middle, surrounded by the other 3 men.


A middle-aged cultivator who seemed to be the leader said, “Han Ji, we’ll take your life today. Don’t blame us, we are only following the order. If you willingly accepting your fate and offer your neck to be killed, I’ll spare your Primordial Soul to leave.”


A trace of a miserable smile was cast on Han Ji’s face as he said, “Ah, my old man really wants you to kill me, doesn’t he? I thought he would leave here me to perish, let nature take its course.”


He also sighed and said, “This place is a Demon Hole. My Primordial Soul will be devoured and become food for those evil spirits. Even if you leave and spare my Primordial Soul, do you think it has any difference? However, I want to know something I’ve always been vexed by. Han Quande, care to tell me?”


The middle-aged cultivator said with a deadpan expression, “Do say!”


Han Ji looked a little excited and said, “My old man has never liked me, he even repeatedly found a lot of excuses to kill me. And thanks to my mother, I have always been able to escape the danger and survive. But I just don’t understand, why does he have to eliminate me this quick?”


The middle-aged cultivator hesitated for a moment, and said, “Since it has come to this, I won’t hide anything to you. When you had yet to be born in the past, the family had asked a divination expert to calculate your fate pattern, and your father did not like the divination results. Do you understand now?”


Han Ji stared blankly for a moment as a touch of anger flashed from his eyes afterward. With a shivering body, he said, “Was it actually because of this reason?”


The middle-aged cultivator nodded with affirmation and said, “Yes!”


Han Ji looked up to the sky and let out a bitter and mirthless smile. He tore up the clothes on his chest as he shouted with a stern and solemn voice, “I, Han Ji, vow to the Heavens from hereon forward, that if I escape and survive today, I will destroy the entire Han Family in the future!”


A shrill laughter echoed endlessly in the surroundings. Upon hearing it, the middle-aged cultivator’s complexion sank. He waved and said, “Begin!”


Zhang Yan could see everything clearly from his position on the higher place. Although Han Ji was a member of a large and influential family, but it seemed that he did not learn any authentic techniques. He lacked the means to face his enemies. It wasn’t going to take long for him to get knocked to the ground. He could only grit his teeth, struggling to support himself with the weapon in his hands which emitted out a greenish-black smoke that protected his body.


He looked at him a few times. He did not want to be involved in such personal grievances and resentments. When he was about to leave, the unwilling-resolute expression from Han Ji’s eyes flashed inside his mind. He thought for a second and secretly mused, “Fine. I’ll save and assist you today.”


He took out the sleeve pouch from the Blood Soul Sect’s dead disciple and removed a robe. At first, he created noises and then used his Sword Bullet to take this robe mid-air, making it faintly drift a few times.


As expected, these movements and noises caused those few people below to immediately notice it. One of them exclaimed in alarm, “It’s bad! The people from Blood Soul Sect are chasing.”


The middle-aged cultivator turned his head and looked at the direction. His complexion greatly changed. Previously, they had been chased by a group of Blood Soul Sect’s disciples and he had already been frightened easily due to this experience, so he did not care about taking Han Ji’s life again and hurriedly shouted, “Leave!” He stamped his feet and brought the 2 others and hurriedly escaped.


Seeing their figures fleeing in panic. Zhang Yan showed a faint smile. Then he appeared ion the back and walked slowly in front of Han Ji, “You are fine, no?”


Han Ji was lying down and yet, still kept breathing. He looked up and saw that Zhang Yan came. For a moment, he could not help but be surprised and asked in amazement, “Senior Brother Zhang? Just a moment ago…”


Then, he seemed to think of something and struggled to stand up. He lifted his hands high and saluted with a bow, “Thanks a lot for saving my life, Senior Brother.”


Zhang Yan unperturbedly received his ceremony and calmly said, “Ah, you know me?”


Han Ji looked at him with a bit of an excited expression and said, “Senior Brother Zhang recently has slapped Zhuang Bufan’s face. I’ve heard about you from the Ancient Families’ disciples when we were waiting in the Guardian Hall that day, so how would this one not know you? It’s just because of those hateful slaves from the family that were keeping an eye on me that I didn’t greet you, Senior Brother.”


Zhang Yan looked at him and could see some admiration from his eyes. He pointed to the cave nearby and said, “This place is too spacious and easily seen. Senior Brother Han please follow me inside. There are a few things that I want to ask Senior Brother Han.”


Han Ji quickly stepped back, cupping his fists and said, “I dare not to accept the honor, everything that Senior Brother wants to ask, please do ask. And I will tell you everything I know.”


Zhang Yan nodded and headed forward. Han Ji waited for him to pass by his side and then followed behind.


The 2 of them sat in the cave. Zhang Yan handed over a Rejuvenation Pill at him to restore his vital energy and then spoke, “Senior Brother Han, after you came to this Demon Hole, have you seen Senior Brother Xie Zongyuan and the others?”


Hearing Zhang Yan’s question, Han Ji put down the pill and straightened up his body, only then did he reply, “Yes, I’ve seen them. At that time, they encountered several Blood Soul Sect’s disciples and had a battle. We joined the fray to repel them, after which, we separated from then on.


“I heard that when you were fighting, that Blood Soul was very powerful. Since Senior Brother Han is a junior from an Ancient Family, can you see in what realm that Blood Soul was at?”


Han Ji pondered seriously and said, “That drifting Blood Soul, except for it’s body, the face seemed to resemble a Dao Master. So that Blood Soul should be comparable to a Dan Transformation Realm cultivator.”


At this time, a trace of a rejoiced expression was revealed on his face, “At that time, Senior Brother Fang Zhen fortunately had his Five Ring of Flame Divine Weapon, causing heavy losses to that person’s Blood Soul. But if he dispatched several Blood Souls, I think I could only resign myself to be killed.”


Zhang Yan was astonished when he heard that and said, “A Blood Soul at the level of the Dan Transformation Realm? How could it be so easy to create?”


Han Ji explained, “Senior Brother Zhang needs not to feel strange. There are hundreds of Dan Transformation Realm Blood Souls, which are graded from superior to a low grade. Powerful Blood Souls won’t be easily released. The lower ones which usually are dispatched to thousands of miles away outside, should be used for pathfinding or to supervise disciples.”


Zhang Yan pondered for a moment as he said with a sigh, “If so, it looks like I can’t keep cultivating here. The number of days is too tight. The entrance to the Sea Eye will be opened wide on the 15th day, and I’ll have to cut a bloody path to leave this place. But I fear that to cultivate to breakthrough into the Profound Light Realm will take a year or so. But then, I cannot catch up and participate in the war to destroy Three Anchor Lakes.”


Upon hearing it, Han Ji did not speak and just lowered his head. It seemed that he was considering some things.


He looked up after a long time and slowly said, “Benefactor Zhang has just saved my life. This Han is uncertain whether being able to return this gratitude. But if Senior Brother trusts me, I can try to delay 2 months of time for you, helping you cultivate.”




Zhang Yan looked at him and asked win a particularly astonished tone, “May I ask with what means Senior Brother Han able to achieve it?”


Han Ji lifted his sleeve and took out a porcelain bottle and handed it over, saying, “I heard that Senior Brother Zhang is Pavilion Master Zhou’s outstanding disciple. So presumably, you should know about this.”


Zhang Yan received in and pulled out the cork to look inside. His eyes congealed and spoke in an unsure tone, “This is… the Profound Blood Pill?”


Han Ji nodded and said, “Yes, Senior Brother has a good eyesight. This is precisely the Profound Blood Pill that was concocted by Dao Master Ru Huang from the Blood Soul Sect those years ago.”


100 years ago, Dao Master Ru Huang was a notorious-infamous Demonic Path’s powerhouse in the Great Eastern Continent. He had always acted in absolutely unrestrained ways, slaughtering cultivators from the Righteous Path arbitrarily without any scruples. It went so far to the point that he incited the wrath of the Heavens and seethed discontent from humans, even the Blood Soul Sect had no choice but to expel him.


However, this person was but also a genius. At that time, his cultivation had reached the synchronization state between the Blood Souls with his state of mind, reaching the realm of fusion and fission according to one’s will. As long as he was not killed along with his Blood Souls together, nobody was able to kill him.


But, for reasons unknown, 6 Dao Master powerhouses in the Great Eastern Continent collaborated to lay an array of siege and thoroughly eliminated him.


Han Ji pointed to the Profound Blood Pill and said, “My grandfather also participated in that battle in the past. Henceforth this Profound Blood Pill was obtained from that demon. For us, cultivators from Righteous Path, we have no uses for this pill. But for those disciples from the 6 Demonic Sects that lack a wonderful elixir, if they get this wonderful pill, they would have swallowed this pill immediately and they wouldn’t be able to absorb the full efficacy of this within a few months of time. In this way, I think Senior Brother will be able to win over some time for at least 2 months.”


Zhang Yan handed back the Profound Blood Pill to him and smiled, “Senior Brother Han, this method is good. But how would you hand this pill to that person? Even if you take the initiative, you aren’t afraid that this pill will be taken swallowed by the other disciples from the Blood Soul Sect?”


Han Ji’s facial expression turned dejected and said, “I’ve been injured when I was in my mother’s womb so I was born congenitally deficient. So it’s hopeless for me to make progress in cultivating profound cultivation method in this life. But if I take shelter in the Demonic Sects, perhaps there are some opportunities to have some enlightenment for my cultivation.”


He paused for a second and looked at Zhang Yan, saying, “This Profound Blood Pill… is but a gift to enter the sect!”

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