Great Dao Commander – Volume 2 Chapter 49

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Volume 2, Chapter 49 — Yin Demon Wreaking Havoc, Killing the Blood Souls (Part 2)


The conversation between the 2 cultivators from the Blood Soul Sect had revealed a lot of information. The man’s Blood Soul seemed to have been destroyed by Fang Zhen, and the woman’s strength was likely still untouched. If he must act, then he should kill the latter first.


Zhang Yan estimated his location with their standing position. Although the murderous intent in his heart was getting stronger, his expression looked calmer. He decided that once he hit, even if he could not kill any of them, he should at least make them severely hurt. Otherwise, his situation would fall into an extremely passive state.


After momentarily staying silent, Zhang Yan quietly turned around and released a drop of Dark Yin Heavy Water. The drop suddenly flew toward the male cultivator. He did not intend this move to be successful since he just wanted to contain this person while he focused all of his attention toward that woman cultivator.


Whilst the man was happily speaking, his eyes suddenly caught sight of a black light that was shooting toward him. He could not help but be startled and subconsciously raise the gourd in his hand to block it. With a “Bang” sound, a huge force, as though a collapsing mountain and overturning sea suddenly swept through, caused his chest to feel pressure and knocked him down onto the stone.


This drop of Dark Yin Heavy Water, although it was seemingly extremely small, but in fact, it was very heavy, and was about 30,000 pounds in weight. And the man was clearly caught unprepared.


Almost at the same time, an azure sword light also shot at the woman cultivator, aiming to cut off her neck. But she was aware that something was wrong and her response was quite fast. She slid and lowered her body. However, a green light suddenly made her greatly alarmed as it directly bolted to her side. Its speed frightened her, it even made her almost scream out. Seeing that her head was almost cut, she forcefully twisted her waist and limb in the air as she rolled her body to avoid her vital part getting hit. However, the Divine Shuttle still successfully cut off her arm as blood gushed out from the wound.


The woman cultivator let out a miserable grunt. Whilst enduring the pain, her remaining hand traced the navel on her fair white belly and pulled out an umbilical cord. A blood scarlet shadow then manifested and flew out to bolt straight toward Zhang Yan’s hiding place.


Zhang Yan had already left his original hiding place. His body was only faintly visible inside the mist. Upon seeing such a bloody scarlet shadow fluttering, he lifted his hand and summoned the Stars Sword Bullet, while at the same time, also kept an eye to control the Divine Shuttle in a tangent direction to strike at the woman cultivator again.


After having had a cushion a moment ago, it was not so easy to move it, as the woman cultivator flexibly spun in the air. Her skirt was suspended as it was like a wheel that danced in the air, revealing her white legs. The tip brocade shoes she was wearing also seemed to be a treasure item. After a series of tapping footsteps, with clanking sounds, it was able to block the Divine Shuttle’s attack.


Zhang Yan, who was being chased by the Blood Soul, formed a secret seal as his Sword Bullet circled around in the air, falling down and striking at it. However, he did not expect the Blood Soul to be unaffected even though its body was hit. Its movements and momentum force did not stop and kept rushing at him.


Zhang Yan’s eyes congealed. He could tell that this Blood Soul had already been refined for a long time and it also did not have blood essence. This thing was clearly unable to be compared with those Yin Demons without conscious. He was still unable to attach Profound Light into his Sword Bullet and it was clear that it was unable to destroy this thing.


Upon seeing that the Blood Soul was getting closer to him, he promptly flew backward.


Seeing that, a trace of a proud and arrogant expression was cast on the woman cultivator’s face as she kicked the Divine Shuttle again and yelled, “Senior Brother, let’s kill this man. We’ll share his Primordial Essence.”


After having a few rounds of fighting just like a rabbit and a falcon, and ending the fight in a very short period of time, only then was the man cultivator able to catch up at this time, but his complexion was somewhat pale. When he heard the woman’s shout, he shouted his agreement and mumbled something. The bottle gourd in his hand shook and flashed as it suddenly sprayed out a lump of dark green-colored qi mass, that exuded an unpleasant pungent stench. Then, he threw it toward Zhang Yan’s position.


The woman also repeatedly stimulated her Blood Soul’s movements to rush forward again, trying to flank Zhang Yan and attacked together.


A sneer was revealed on Zhang Yan’s face. His retreating fluttering body stopped as he released a cloud-patterned ink pen brush. Whilst raising his hand and throwing it toward the Blood Soul head-on, he shouted, “Go!”


As if it was reacting after receiving the qi circulation, 3 strands of qi bursted out from the tip of the Fate Decree Pen and brushed at the Blood Soul. The thick luster light it had, was reduced by several points, and its actions and movements also stagnated and it turned erratic, no longer being fast and nimble as before.


Since the Blood Soul and the woman’s soul was connected, as it suddenly received the attack, her complexion turned pale. She clutched her chest and stepped back a few steps as her hands desperately formed a secret seal, trying to recall her Blood Soul back with a panicked expression. On the other side, the man desperately went all out to rush the qi mass forward, trying to prevent Zhang Yan.


But, how could Zhang Yan let the Blood Soul easily escape? He coldly sneered, and regardless of the rushing deep-green cloud, he stimulated the Fate Decree Pen to brush again. In an instant, the Blood Souls’ Qi Essence was written off at one stroke and directly scattered in the air.


The woman let out a shrill scream as she looked up to the sky and burst out a mouthful of blood. Her body softened and weakened as she fell to the ground.


At this moment, Zhang Yan felt an evil qi breath coming as he felt that his mind turned confused and dizzy. He coldly snorted and shook his robe’s sleeve as a concocted pill fell to his palm and threw it into his mouth. His confusion gone, his state of mind cleared up and was back to normal.


Whilst looking at that cluster of deep-green cloud, he recalled the Fate Decree Pen, stimulated it to revolve again in the air and launched it again. With only a brush, the cluster of cloud was blocked. And after a few times, they became fragmented as it collapsed and dispersed everywhere.


The man’s complexion greatly changed. He did not say anything and quickly grabbed the woman as he flew to the air to escape.


Zhang Yan sneered. His feet moved as the clouds spontaneously took him up and flew, pursuing them.


Since he brought along a person with him, the man’s speed was slower. And Zhang Yan able to quickly catch up. At the same time, he released an azure and blue light together to pursue and cross-strike at him.


The man hurriedly took out a piece of card and raised his hand to shake it. At the same time, a big, fiendish bone shield flashed, covering his entire body within. Flapping sounds sounded twice, and the shield of unknown origin unexpectedly was able to block the Divine Shuttle and the Stars Sword Bullet.


The Stars Sword Bullet and the Divine Shuttle still moved as they turned to strike again. For a moment, a dense sound as though the sudden downpour of water that hit the roof tiles could be heard. But the bone shield was unscathed.


Upon seeing it, Zhang Yan’s eyes squinted. He put his hand into his sleeve and touched the Spirit Eraser Ink-Stone. However, he thought for a moment before he gave up this thought.


In the case he released the Spirit Eraser Ink Stone, as long as this man sacrificed that woman, he could still preserve his life, and he would not be burdened again. With this, he would perhaps only give him the chance to run away.


At the moment, he saw that the man still looked calm and unhurried. He fought and retreated but still roamed around the place. He was clearly playing to delay the time, waiting for “great Senior Brother Li’s” arrival. Unavoidably, he could not help but sneer inside, “Could it be that you believe I can do nothing to you?”


A beast-marked broadsword suddenly appeared in his hands. He shouted and bolted forward, and in almost the same instant, he appeared near the man. He lifted up high this Divine Weapon he snatched from Qu Chang to cut down the bone shield from head down.


The man did not expect that Zhang Yan would move like this. But since the beast-marked broadsword oncoming force was too powerful, even if he wanted to evade, it was inevitable, and he had to block it with his shield. With a bang sound, the bone shield was crushed broken on the spot.


The man’s expression was overwhelmed with horror. He released the woman and turned around to escape. But the sword light flashed and took his left leg down. He was unable to endure the pain as he involuntarily screamed out in pain. His face was twisted as his body trembled. The third sword strike came over. He was unable to escape again and could only helplessly watch the sword blade strike coming at him closer and closer, as his head then fell down.


With a puffing sound, his body was split into two parts. Zhang Yan’s blade shook. It turned and easily destroyed the man’s Primordial Soul before he slowly descended to the ground.


The woman cultivator who was left abandoned was scared shitless and half dead, unable to move a single step. Seeing that Zhang Yan was moving step by step toward her with an expressionless face, she quickly said in a flurry, “No, don’t kill me, I’ll satisfy any conditions you want…”


Zhang Yan ignored her and came near as he slashed his sword at her waist and split her body into two. He waved his robe’s sleeve and easily destroyed the woman’s Primordial Soul.


With a clang sound, Zhang Yan’s sword poked the ground.


Even though the sword had killed 2 people, there was no trace of blood on its blade. Zhang Yan felt a burst of contentment inside his heart. It was no wonder that there were so many cultivators that took the Strength Path. With such a Divine Weapon in hand, it was as if they had a superior cultivation method to protect themselves. They could ignore any flying swords and magical treasures and just charge into battle. They would only need a sword with them to face any enemies, and it truly could not be any more straightforward than this.


Originally, he did not have the intention to leave any living witnesses. But he thought that the disciples from this Demonic Sect had inexplicable strange methods. Regardless of whether their words were true or not, if they also had that Soul Tracking method, wouldn’t he only overreach himself by taking living witnesses? He might as well simply kill them off.


And listening to their words, their Master seemed to be coming here half a month later. And this person unexpectedly was able to send his Blood Soul from thousands of miles away and still was able to suppress a number of Radiant Qi Realm cultivators. That meant that his strength was really terrifying, and he did not know at what Realm this expert was in.


Zhang Yan secretly thought. With his present cultivation, facing against such a powerful expert, it was without a doubt that he had no chance of winning. So it was better to find a safe place and enhance his strength as fast as possible.


The true might and power of the cultivation law and technique contained within the “Taiyi Golden Manual” could only be manifested when he reached the Profound Light Realm. So if he quickly practiced, he could have some strength to fight.


When he thought about this, he removed the Universe Pouches from the two dead bodies’ sleeves, taking out the Evil Breaker Salt and destroying the remains of the 2 dead bodies without hesitation. Then, he flew quickly toward the cave far away from this place as shown on the map.


Just after he departed, a person’s shadow with a powerful aura all over his body flashed. His eyes were sharp as a falcon’s, with thin lips and a big nose. His nose moved strangely as puzzlement appeared on his face, and was then followed by a burst of a gloomy expression.


10 people then came one after another afterward. When they saw this person, they respectfully saluted and said, “Seeing Senior Brother Li.”


Senior Brother Li snorted and nodded. His eyes swept over and saw one of them was seizing one person and then asked, “Who’s this person?”


The cultivator said, “This is the Azure Ocean Sect’s disciple we have caught. We rushed here and especially sent this guy to be taken cared of by Senior Brother Li.”


Senior Brother Li did not move as a blood scarlet Profound Light emitted out from the top of his head, forming a palm shape, grabbing the man and lifted him into mid-air in front of him. Then he spoke in a solemn tone, “How many people have come to this Demon Hole? What’s your name? Are there any experts amongst you?”


If Zhang Yan was here, he would be able to recognize that the caught person was… Zhao Zhen.


At the moment he faced this Senior Brother Li and was forced to answer, he let out a disdaining smile and said, “You look like the dead! You’re clearly cultivating the Blood Essence cultivation method. You make yourself not a human nor are you an evil spirit. Do you think you are worthy to interrogate your Uncle Zhao family? Come and bring it on!”


A touch of appreciation showed in Senior Brother Li’s eyes as he said, “Well, you do have the guts. I’ll fulfill your request then!”


The blood big hand flung and dumped Zhao Zhen, grasping, pinching, and squeezing him as a burst of flesh and blood rupturing sounded out. After a moment, the Profound Light retroceded and Zhao Zhen’s whole body disappeared as his flesh, blood, and bones, the Primordial Essences all over his body, everything had all been absorbed by this Senior Brother Li.


Senior Brother Li glanced around. His eyes seemed to emit out a faint of imposing aura, that even all the present cultivators could not help but lower their heads; they did not dare to look at him.


After a long while, he slowly said, “Master is still refining a True Evil Spirit, and some of Master’s disciples are facing troubles. Some of you go search in all directions. Whenever you see any disciples from the Azure Ocean Sect, you need to quickly report back.”


With rumbling noises, everyone under floated into the sky and left.

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