Great Dao Commander – Volume 2 Chapter 48

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Hi all, Cherry is back with GDC here on Wuxianation!!! We did not leave Zenith but because of license and also Madsnail is very nice! We hope that the Wuxianation community will come to love GDC and for GDC readers to continue to support us. We are coming back with a 10 chapter release, here’s 10/10, ENJOY!!!!

Volume 2, Chapter 48 — Yin Demon Wreaking Havoc, Killing the Blood Souls (Part 1)


The ocean current was surging up violently as Zhang Yan followed and drifted along the water for half an hour, while a soft and soothing light suddenly shined before his eyes. If it were not because the direction was wrong, he almost thought that this was the path to return to the water surface.


When he was about to approach it, the water current at his side suddenly accelerated, wrapping him and flushed forward. He could only feel that he was being thundered and shaken as it was as if a layer of a barrier was being split open, and a massive volume of water hit it along with him inside.


In the split moment he entered, he felt his body suddenly lighten as the binding and squeezing force suddenly faded all of a sudden, and he did not have the strength to stand. He quickly strode hastily to the side for a few steps as to avoid being washed out by the seawater. Whilst standing in the void, he looked around at the surroundings.


The place was bright and vast, as it also had lights and was windy. He did not know how deep the place was. And there was also a huge opening in the zenith in the sky where the rumbling column of water poured down from it and sank down.


After having controlled his breathing and taken a strand of breath, a strong spiritual qi nearly rushed and drilled into his pores as it quickly filled his spiritual qi that was previously consumed in a flash.


Zhang Yan could not help but reveal a joyful expression. This place was but only an entrance, but the spiritual qi in this place was already this rich, even its richness was 2 folds stronger than the spiritual qi on his Spirit Leaf Island. If he was to go deeper, he simply could not imagine it.


If he could stop and cultivate in peace in this place, there would not be the slightest problem for him to enter the Profound Light Realm within a month.


He looked up and gazed at the distance, trying to search for Xie Zongyuan and the others’ location. But as far as his eyes could see, he could only see a mountainy abyss surrounding the place with a small sight of the moon that could be seen from the unclouded sky. The range of the mountains was scattered unevenly between the palace with countless celestial beings riding on their cranes and roaming through.


Then, he heard Xie Zongyuan’s voice came through, “Senior Brother Zhang, is that you?”


He turned around and saw Xie Zongyuan, Liu Tao, Cheng An, Zhao Zhen, and Madame Chen who greeted and smiled at him.


Zhang Yan shook his head. He laughed even though he tried not to and then said with a smile, “Only this much to come? Unfortunately, going too far is as bad as not far enough.”


His hands formed a seal as the Star Sword Bullet suddenly leaped into the air. The blue misty lights illuminated as Sword Qi overflowed everywhere. Hissing sounds sounded a few times as these people’s figure distorted and then disappeared.


Not only that, the scenery at the distance also changed as though it was like a dreamland that vanished without a trace, showing an area with a cave with up and down was about 330 meters in size. The area was empty and vast with stalactites hung down from above with its inverted images came out beneath the water surface as though it were pointed root stakes.


There was a gorge at his left side nearby. The turbid water below was surging in waves as the flushed down seawater followed along the river and then fell down to the deep valley, creating the falling and splashing water which formed the breathtaking waterfall.


Zhang Yan stood in the air with a thoughtful and pensive look on his face. Those figures a moment ago, without a doubt should be the imaginary evil spirits.


He did not expect that he would encounter a higher class of monsters and evil spirits than Yin Demons after entering the cavern. He did hear that these evil spirits were able to sense a human’s desire and could create and transform a dreamland to confuse its preys. It looked like the rumors were true.


A moment ago, he did think to find those people’s whereabouts in his mind, coupled with his obsession to pursuit the path to the Great Dao. And those evil spirits were immediately able to sense his mind.


However, as the saying goes that knowing someone by his reputation could not be compared to meeting them in person. Such a legend usually could be suspected as being too exaggerated.


Since the others did not say anything about it, how would Zhao Zhen be able to lead them in such a relaxed manner? This was really a big joke. It was obvious that those evil spirits were unable to touch the depth of everyone’s heart, but still, people could be infected with the dissociation from the shallowest layer.


If one’s heart was vigilant and were to be prepared in advance, it was actually not difficult to deal with it.


He looked around for the search and was unable to find Xie Zongyuan and the others’ traces. He could not help but frown. He knew that Xie Zongyuan was a man with commitment and he had said that he would be waiting for him in this place. But he did not see him, could it be that they had an accident? Or, was it because Fang Zhen and his group had acted against them?


After having glanced around, he saw a dense cave in front of a ravine, which he did not know where it would lead to. If he did not have the map, it would have been very easy for him to get lost in this place.


He took out the map from his sleeve and looked at it. There were 4 black spots marking from the entrance toward several places. And superficially, this was the cave for ones to take shelter and cultivate there. He decided to go and have a look at those places and since he could not find Xie Zongyuan and his group, he might as well as temporarily stayed here as not to delay his cultivation.


He looked at the map a few times again, he took it back and flew toward the location wherethe nearest cave was marked on the map.


After having flown for a while, a burst of gas mist sprayed came out of nowhere, causing the scenery in front turned into a vast expanse of whiteness. But to such a cultivator like Zhang Yan who could see through heavy fog, such an ordinary gas was clearly unable to hinder him.


After a short while, a large, meticulous and square stone like a large mirror appeared in front of him as in stood on the ground as though it supported the sky, looking smooth and seamless.


Zhang Yan flew near it. He could see his appearance and every minute details of his body that came out and was reflected from it.


He looked at it and felt that it 7 somewhat looked familiar. Wasn’t it similar to the Bluestone Screen Wall on Heroes Gathering Island?


At this time, his image on the stone wall suddenly moved up. At first, it became muscular and its facial features gradually became robust and tougher. Its cheek thickening as another series of changes then happened. His image began to give birth to white hair, his flesh turned fatter and became looser, being covered with wrinkles and spots, as the body gradually stopped. He became old and waned, and then finally his body fell down as maggots then covered his corpse from top to bottom. And its skull eventually changed into a hollow hole, and into a piles of bone of the dead.


“This… I think these are the Life Illuminating Stone which rumors have said that if one were to stand in front of it, it could illuminate the changes in one’s story of life.” Zhang Yan stood for a moment and talked to himself, “Although it’s only an illusion, but that will be the fate that I will have, had I not become an Immortal. In the end, I should carve it in my mind as a reminder to stay alert.”


After having said that, when he was about to continue flying inside, his eyes turned and saw a dead body lied prone on a stone pillar. Looking at the robe on the corpse, it was a Daoist robe of the Azure Ocean Sect.


Zhang Yan carefully looked around, and then slowly drifted toward the corpse’s position. When he came near, he reached out and held the man’s chin, lifted up his face a bit and carefully looked at it. It turned out that the man was one of the few men who came with the member of the Han Family.


When he was about to check the cause of the death, he suddenly heard people’s voice from far distance.


He did not know whether it was enemy or friend, and it was also too late to go anywhere else. Zhang Yang’s eyes flashed as he quickly bolted to the sideways and hid inside the hollow place of this strange stone.


At this time, only then did he find that this corpse only had an upper body, as the lower part of the body had gone missing. Moreover, the blood and flesh were all had gone, it was obvious that it had been sucked and devoured.


His brows slightly wrinkled. Eating the flesh and blood. This was the legendary method of a demon. This kind of evil spirit able to manifest its body, and in the process would be in the state of transformation of Yin and Yang, and their strength was comparable to 2 cultivators at the Third Stage of the Radiant Qi Realm. Moreover, their speed was also extremely fast and very difficult to deal with.


The voices from the distance was getting closer. And Zhang Yan could tell that it was a man who was talking to a woman.


Zhang Yan formed a secret seal as he used the technique from the Billows Cloud Secret Manual to condense his qi as mist and fog then rose up from his feet. Then, it mixed with the faint mist from the surrounding, enveloping and sucking his body gradually into the mist.


The two people were getting closer. The male was a fine-looking man and clad in black-colored Daoist robe as flower and big red blood cloud embroidered on his robe’s chest and front shoulder. And in contrast with the eye-catching match of black and red color attire, he also had a red blood gourd in his hand.


The female was wearing a white robe that exposed her belly with embedded green pearls from the top part down to her navel, but her bulging chest and shoulders were tightly wrapped. The hem of her skirt was a plain white cloth skirt. She had and upward-rolled-haired bun hairstyle with beautiful and bewitching looks, and a devilish curvaceous body.


The two were flying over, and after having seen the corpse, they stopped by and halted near the giant stone.


The man extended his hand as a faint shadow then appeared mid-air and moved fast. The shadow’s face was a bit vague but it could be faintly seen that the shadow and the dead cultivator from the Azure Ocean Sect’s appearance was exactly the same.


“Junior Sister, how do you like my newly refined Blood Soul?”


The woman chuckled with disdain in her eyes and said, “Senior Brother, your Blood Soul, aside from its distorting shape and its dispersing qi, it has no spiritual wisdom. At the most it could only flutter for 20 steps. There’s no way that it could hurt anyone, or should I say more?”


The man laughed and said, “It’s naturally unable to be compared to your Blood Soul, Junior Sister. Besides, I only just refined it. If have refined it for such a long time, it wouldn’t necessarily be weaker than yours.”


The women said with a sigh, “Master is truly amazing. It takes only a Blood Soul to face those 3 Azure Ocean Sect’s disciples head-on who were at the Third Stage of the Radiant Qi Realm.”


“Those few cultivators from the Azure Ocean Sect were really powerful. Especially the one who cast out that blazing Divine Flame ring. And it seems that the flame is the nemesis of our Blood Souls. Not only did it burn my Blood Soul that I’ve been painstakingly refined, he even also has injured Master’s Blood Soul and I’m afraid that even if he has to condense it again, it could not be used for at least a year.


Speaking up to there, the man’s voice was unable to cover the anxiety and pain he felt.


The woman sneered, “I know that magical treasure. It called the Five Ring of Flame Divine Weapon. It can destroy all kinds of dark and Yin attributed creatures and things. Humph! If it were not for Master who is thousands of miles away at that time, and was only able to send out his Blood Soul to this place, how could he let him take advantage?”


Upon hearing it, Zhang Yan was startled. Could it be that these 2 people were the disciples from the Blood Soul Sect, one of the 6 Demonic Clans?


However, this place was under the Sea Eye of the Azure Ocean Sect. So how had they been able to come in? Could it be possible that there were also other passages to this place?


Xie Zongyuan and the others must have met these people and had to leave. And he did not know as to how many disciples from the Blood Soul Sect had come to this place.


At this time, he could hear the woman continue speaking, “For now, let’s just wait for a few Azure Ocean Sect’s disciple to jump down. Half a month later, after Master has subdued that True Demonic Device and rush to this place, then they will find it extremely difficult to escape from this calamity.”


The man then said, “Hehehe, I originally only followed the Demon Hole’s branch vein and then arrived at this small Demon Hole. But I’ve never thought that this place actually led directly to the Azure Ocean Sect’s interior. This is but a joyful accident and surely can never be leaked out since this must have big uses in the future. The Elders surely will reward us when we go back.”


The woman looked around at the surroundings and said, “Senior Brother, Senior Brother Li said that he would meet us here after 3 hours. But why haven’t I seen him now? Could it be that he met tough monsters or evil spirits?”


The man laughed heartily and said, “Senior Brother Li’s cultivation is but very deep, so I’m not worrying about him. But if we encounter tough evil spirits, the one I should worried about is you Junior Sister.”


The woman rolled her white eyes at him and snapped with her charming anger, “Senior Brother, you’re even making fun of this poor woman.”


When they chatted and laughed up to there, Zhang Yan’s brows pricked up. From the talks those two were having, he could tell of some splinter news. These 2 people should be at the Radiant Qi Realm. But Zhang Yan also did not expect that there would be their Senior Brother Li that would also come here. Looking at the situation, adding with one more person who would be troublesome. If other disciples from Blood Soul Sect continued rushing over, he feared that even if he wanted to escape later, he would not have the chance to do so.


He originally came to practice and they did not know his presence, so he did not want to have conflict with these people in advance. But now, the situation was beyond him had he chosen not to act.


When he thought up to there, a cold beam flashed in his eyes, as his killing intention gradually rose.




It’s kinda awkward to convert zhang (10 Chinese feet, 3.3m) into meter.

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