Great Dao Commander – Volume 2 Chapter 47

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Hi all, Cherry is back with GDC here on Wuxianation!!! We did not leave Zenith but because of license and also Madsnail is very nice! We hope that the Wuxianation community will come to love GDC and for GDC readers to continue to support us. We are coming back with a 10 chapter release, here’s 9/10, ENJOY!!!!

Volume 2, Chapter 47 — Heavy Water’s First Condensation, Entering the Sea Eye Alone


Xie Zongyuan stroked his sleeves as he took out the Cloud Sand and handed it over to Zhang Yan, saying, “Senior Brother Zhang, it’s fortunate that I lived up to your expectation.”


Zhang Yan cupped his fists over and said, “Thank you for Senior Brother Xie’s efforts.” He glanced at the Cloud Sand and then put it into his sleeve.


His facial expression was very natural, as if this matter was only superficial and an irrelevant thing.


Then, he also pulled out 5 porcelain bottles and placed them on the table, saying, “This is the Mind Purification Pills which were personally refined by my Respected Master. Please accept this Senior Brother Xie, and distribute them to our several Senior Brothers.”


Xie Zongyuan’s eyes shined and said with joy, “With this few bottles of concocted pills, we don’t have to be afraid of being pestered by the Yin Demons.”


Zhang Yan said, “Yin Demons are easy to face, but evil people are much more difficult to guard against. Anyway, I can tell that we won’t have a peaceful trip now. What do you think Senior Brother Xie?”


Xie Zongyuan naturally could tell the meaning behind his words. He burst into laughter and then said, “Have I, Xie Zongyuan, always been lenient and a pushover? Junior Brother, you can rest assured.”


These two people understood by heart, that Fang Zhen was the kind of person that would always seek revenge over slightest grievance. Since he was punished by the sect due to the last incident, he surely bore a grudge in his heart. After he entered the Demon Hole, he would unleash everything, and it would be highly likely that it would not be safe there.


After having discussed in private for a while, Zhang Yan stopped chatting with Xie Zongyuan and returned to his room at the side hall.


There were still 6 days left before the first day of the lunar month, which was when the Sea Eye’s gate opened.


The time was not long and it was actually short. Zhang Yan thought that he did not have to anxiously rush to condense his Profound Light Seed in this short time.


The Billows Cloud Secret Manual contained in itself the Dark Yin Heavy Water with its formidable might. A few days ago, he did not have the time to condense it. But the spiritual qi in this place was comparable with his Spirit Leaf Island, so he might as well take advantage of these days.


After he made up his mind, he then sat on a meditation mat and silently revolved the secret art.


For no less than 100 times, he had already practiced this technique within the Broken Jade’s space, and since he had been accustomed to this method, his qi circulation this time was very easy and had not the least feeling of clogging up.


Time passed by quickly. When the 6th day arrived, all the frost energy inside his Qi Opening had all been melted. He looked at it as a drop of ink like jade floated inside his chest.


This drop of water was only thumb-sized, but according to the Billows Cloud Secret Manual, it carried along 30,000 jin of force. However, he had yet to try it, so he did not know about its might.


At this time, Zhang Yan sensed that someone was wandering outside the door. He could not help but open his eyes and speak with a solemn tone, “Who is it?”


The Daoist nun deacon’s voice replied from outside, “Is Senior Brother Zhang inside? Today the Sea Eye’s gate will soon open. Because the other several Senior Brothers saw that Senior Brother Zhang had been closed up for the last few days, they didn’t want to disturb you. They passed the message that after Senior Brother has exited the close-up, they asked you to meet them at the Flying Crane Tower.”


“I know, you can go.”


Zhang Yan did some preparation and then left the side hall. Flying in the Guardian Hall’s perimeter was inconvenient, so he walked along the stone stairs, and after 15 minutes, he had arrived at the Flying Crane Tower.


After the Daoist nun having checked and found nothing amiss with his identity, only then was he allowed to enter.


When he entered the tower, he found that there was a big hole about 33 meters in size with surging seawater incessantly bubbling up therein — sending out rumbling sounds — as a pile of white jade surrounded the hole, causing it to look like an animal yard circle.


This was exactly the Demon Hole of the Sea Eye.


The Demon Hole was really not motionless and dead, since its energy circulation seemed to be breathing and surging up. Each first day of the lunar month, it would suck and spit out every 15 days. As long as someone followed this Sea Eye’s water mouth, they would be able to enter straight into it.


From the direction of the west side of the hall, Fang Zhen, Feng Ming, and 3 other cultivators stood there. Upon seeing his arrival, apart from Feng Ming, all of them cast him an evil glance.


At the east side, a pale young cultivator stood there. His expression was tranquil as he stood motionless without a sound. He was one of the Han Family and was followed by 5 cultivators that circled behind him. They seemed to be the followers of a young master, but there was not the slightest respectful expression on their faces.


At this time, interminable wailing came out of the corner. Zhang Yan looked at the voice’s direction and he saw that Liu Tao seemed to be talking with a crying woman cultivator about something. However, Xie Zongyuan, who stood at his side, shook his head, whilst Zhao Zhen folded his arms with a sneer on his face.


Zhang Yan walked over and asked, “Senior Brother Xie, what happened?”


Upon seeing Zhang Yan’s arrival, Xie Zongyuan sighed as he pointed at the woman cultivator, saying, “That is Madame Chen. She’s originally a disciple from this Guardian Hall. Her husband entered the Sea Eye last month and has yet to come out. She is pleading everyone to bring her into the Demon Hole. Although she’s also someone from the cultivation path, but her feelings toward her husband are real and full of sentiments.”


Zhang Yan said with a smile, “Even if someone takes the cultivation path and becomes a cultivator, but yet they are not a great Daoist spiritual master. They still have 7 emotional states and 6 sensory pleasures. Some people might be seeking fame, wealth, or power. And this Madame Chen, I think she is presumably trying to obtain the ‘feeling of love’.”


Upon hearing this, Xie Zongyuan was unable to restrain his impulse to tease, “And what aspect does Senior Brother Zhang wants to seek?”


A touch of a smile was gradually revealed on Zhang Yan’s mouth corner as he said, “I don’t have any, I just want to live forever.”


Xie Zongyuan burst into loud laughter and said, “Right, to transcend the worldliness, to be free and unfettered without care or worries. These are what we have always been wishing for.”


As his voice faded, muffled blowing sounds suddenly resounded in the hall, as everyone’s eyes unconsciously looked at the hole entrance.


The hole where the seawater was gurgling outside was as though pulled out to the lower level as it formed a spreading whirlpool and slowly sunk downward.


Someone exclaimed, “The time has arrived, the Sea Eye has opened!”


Fang Zhen’s group was the one to respond faster. They formed a secret seal as beams of light bursted out from their bodies, and one by one, they leaped into the hole without hesitation. Almost in the same split moment, they had already disappeared without a trace.


That member from the Han Family held an incense burner as he lifted it and shook it with his hand. Smoke vapor then enveloped him and those 5 followers of his. They walked a few steps and also leaped into the Sea Eye, instantly vanishing.


Upon seeing this, Liu Tao looked at Cheng An and said, “Senior Brother Cheng, it’s time for us to go.”


Cheng An hurriedly took out a piece of talisman and waved. Light then flashed as a ship appeared in front of everyone.


The ship was big, flat, and wide. The shape was just like an old turtle with both sides installed with a door mechanism and transparent windows on the wall, which was possibly made from special wood. An exotic and rare fragrance dissipated everywhere as its smell brought along an invigorating, pleasurable and refreshed feeling.


Zhao Zhen could not wait any longer and impatiently boarded first.


Upon seeing that all the people departed, Madame Chen’s weeping sounds became louder.


Zhang Yan glanced at her. He could tell that this Madame Chen had willow eyebrows and cherry lips. Her body looked very delicate and her cries carried along a desolate feeling, causing anyone who looked at her to not help but sympathize with her. However, he was thinking about another thing.


He stopped and exclaimed at Xie Zongyuan, “Senior Brother Xie, Madame Chen is not only this Guardian Hall’s disciple, yes? I presume that she is familiar with the path inside this Demon Hole. Since it would be beneficial for us, why don’t we bring her along with us?”


Xie Zongyuan shook his head and said, “I did have the intention, but this Agarwood Ship can only carry 5 people, so we could not take her along.”


Zhang Yan pondered for a moment and said, “It’s an easy matter, I have a Brilliant Daoist Robe, of which the Water State’s King Zhen has bestowed as a gift. The treasure is able to avoid water and fire. Senior Brother, you take her along while I’ll go inside alone.”


“Oh?” Xie Zongyuan was quite moved. After hesitating for a moment, he said, “But still, I feel like I actually wronged Senior Brother Zhang.”


Zhang Yan said with a laugh, “Why should you? You don’t need to feel that way. Senior Brother, you and the others just go first.”


Upon hearing that Zhang Yan gave his place to her, Madame Chen wiped out her tears as she came over and greeted him gratefully, “This woman offers her thanks to Senior Brother.”


Zhang Yan lightly replied, “Madame Chen doesn’t need to be overly courteous. It’s just that I have my own plans. I think you understand my intention.”


Madame Chen nodded and gently said, “This woman knows. Senior Brother can rest assured. Master has once brought me along in the past, so this woman has been traversing inside the Demon Hole for many times. This one doesn’t dare to say to be very familiar, but if only to distinguish clear paths, this one knows about it slightly.”


This Sea Eye was the link to the Demon Hole and it only opened for a short time, so there was not much time to delay more. Since it already had been decided, everyone spoke no longer and respectively greeted Zhang Yan, after which, they entered the Agarwood Ship.


Before long, the ship turned into a yellowish light and soared to the air, drilling toward the whirlpool with a loud sound, as it disappeared without a trace in an instant.


At this time, there was no one else in the hall. Zhang Yan formed a secret seal as dazzling beams of light enveloped his body just like Fang Zhen and the others. He looked at the rapid revolving whirlpool. Taking a deep breath, he then jumped downward.

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