Great Dao Commander – Volume 2 Chapter 46

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Hi all, Cherry is back with GDC here on Wuxianation!!! We did not leave Zenith but because of license and also Madsnail is very nice! We hope that the Wuxianation community will come to love GDC and for GDC readers to continue to support us. We are coming back with a 10 chapter release, here’s 8/10, ENJOY!!!!

Volume 2, Chapter 46 — Qin Nan Gifting the Map, Fang Zhen’s Dark Scheme


“Thank you, Junior Sister.” Zhang Yan took the map and skimmed it slightly before he folded and put it into his sleeve.


With this map, it wouldn’t be as bad as to be led by the nose by Zhao Zhen. However, it would also only help him so much, since it did not mean that he could follow wherever Dao Master Peng could go. So the biggest function of this map was only for reference and prevented him from missing the path.


Qin Nan said with a blush, “Senior Brother is too polite. The last time, you helped me, and I have yet to say thanks to you…” After having spoken up to there, she whispered, “Oh, this is your flying ship, Senior Brother.” She then put out the flying ship from her waist pouch.


Zhang Yan raised his hand to stop her as he said with a smile, “You can have that flying ship, Junior Sister. I have no need for it right now. With that, you can visit my Spirit Leaf Island easily.”


Qin Nan thought for a second, as she then nodded forcefully.


They chatted for a long time, and after the time was about 7 to 9 PM and the sky had gradually darkened, only then Qin Nan personally lead the way, as she took Zhang Yan to the east side of the hall.


The Guardian Hall’s layout was simple. The main hall group was arranged by the north and south vertical axis, with halls built on both sides. The south terrain was lower than the north, while the highest building was the Flying Crane Tower, where the restrictive seal’s main center for the island was arranged.


Suppressing the Demon Hole in the Sea Eye area mainly relied on this Flying Crane Tower, so the demons and monsters were unable to come out and wreak havoc on the outside world.


Since Qin Nan escorted Zhang Yang to the hall’s door, even without her particular exhortation, the Daoist nun deacon did not dare to offend the favored guest of the Master Ancestor’s disciple, as they quickly greeted and welcomed him up.


When Zhang Yan was about to step into hall’s door, he noticed that one person was hurriedly passing by. Then, he stopped walking and shouted, “Senior Brother Feng, have you been well since our last meeting?”


The one in front was exactly Feng Ming. Since he had lost in comparing sword notes in Heroes Gathering Island, and also had the admonition from Elder Xun, he had been avoiding acting rashly in front of Zhang Yan. The last time in the Lesser Waves Mountain, he was also hiding from Zhang Yan. But he did not expect that he would cross into him this time, so he was surprised for a moment. After that, he awkwardly cupped his fists over and said, “It’s actually Senior Brother Zhang.”


By generation rank according to their teachers, Zhang Yan’s was higher than him in the sect. But according to the entry time of the seniority line, Zhang Yan was the one who entered after him, so Zhang Yan and his remark to address each other was actually quite appropriate.


Zhang Yan glanced around. Seeing the direction he came from, Feng Ming seemed to walk toward the West Hall, and he was in a hurry as though he had something important to do. But he did not see him with Fang Zhen. His eyes squinted, and out of his care he stepped forward and said, “This Demon Hole is extremely dangerous. Senior Brother Feng is an outstanding elite disciple in the sect, but it’s still necessary to be careful.”


Feng Ming perfunctorily said, “Alright, the same to you Senior Brother. Hopefully, you won’t find any obstruction in your way.”


Zhang Yan dragged Feng Ming into a random talk. Each time Feng Ming was about to say goodbye, he spoke and intercepted him. He intended to leave quickly, but since Zhang Yan was talking and joking with him, he was nevertheless unable to not give face.


At this time, Zhang Yan caught a glimpse of a figure as he kept his composure and gesture. Then he intentionally raised his voice in his say, “Today, Senior Brother and I have been talking in such congenial manners. Let’s have a good talk another day.”


Feng Ming was bewildered. He thought as to when you and I had such a good friendship? But still, he could only politely reply, “Yes, certainly.”


Zhang Yan smiled faintly, he cupped his fists and bid farewell.


Feng Ming shook his head and also turned away. But when he had only walked for a few steps, a cold voice suddenly came behind him, “Junior Brother Feng, it turns out that you’re very close with Senior Brother Zhang, eh?”


Feng Ming quivered. As he turned around to look, he found Fang Zhen standing behind him. Greatly shocked, he hurriedly said, “I only met him by chance. Senior Brother, please don’t misunderstand me.”


“Oh, is it?” A faint smile surfaced on Fang Zhen’s face. He stepped forward and lightly patted Feng Ming’s shoulder and said, “Junior Brother Feng doesn’t have to worry. How would I care about the soon to be dead Zhang Yan and those group of people?”


Feng Ming was startled and said, “Senior Brother, what’s the meaning of your words?”


Fang Zhen sneered, “Do you think that the Demon Hole is a place that’s so easy to break into? Xie Zongyuan and they only know some fragmented news and knowledge. Even in which the news that I have spread out about intentionally.”


Feng Ming suddenly looked up as he looked at Fang Zheng with a shocked expression.


Fang Zhen said with a smile and yet not like a smile, “Hehehe, how could the monsters and demons in there be that easy? Not to mention that Yin Demon, there are also a lot of raging evil spirits in there. Even if it was I and other cultivators at the Radiant Qi Realm, those demons would be able to kill us as easy as pie. In the past, when Senior Brother Zhuang cultivated there, I suppose there were a few places that had restrictive seals. So I can go there to cultivate in peace. But Xie Zongyuan and they don’t know this. Junior Brother Feng, as long as you follow me, you will smoothly enter the Profound Light Realm. You can showcase your ability and talents in the war against the Three Lakes Anchor, earning yourself a few more merits. In the future, when I’ve been promoted and have a good position, you’ll be sure to have a role to play there.”


Feng Ming held and sucked down a cold air. He did not dare to say anything and only repeatedly said yes.


Fang Zhen nodded in satisfaction as he continued with his voice lowered down, “This time I brought along the Five Ring of Flame Divine Weapon. Even if Zhang Yan, Xie Zongyuan, and the others are really lucky not to be eyed by those monsters and demons, I’ll easily solve this grudge with them later.”


Before he came out to this trip, Dao Master Yan had carefully told him, saying that if he had the opportunity, he might as well remove Zhang Yan, since he would be an obstacle. So as to avoid being pushed by Dao Master Meng and Sun in the contest later. Dao Master Yan also stressed to do this in secret and conceal it. This was also the particular reason that he bestowed Fang Zhen with the “Five Ring of Flame Divine Weapon”.


Feng Ming was startled. This Senior Brother Fang was really too bold in this internal strife. He did want to persuade him, but seeing such a face full of hatred on his eyes, he swallowed down the words that were about to spurt out from his mouth. He hesitated for a moment before his lips moved and said, “I fear that this an inappropriate thing to do. There’s a family member of the Han Family, Han Ji, amongst them. I’m afraid that there would be a lot of variables to come up. Once this leaks out…”


Fang Zhen a waved and spoke without any expression, “You don’t need to worry about this person, neither do you have to be scared by his Han Family’s reputation. In my opinion, this person, as well as the majority of people here, will die. When the time comes, if he’s in the way, he might as well be killed together with them.”


Feng Ming exclaimed, “Senior Brother, but he’s one of the Han Family.”


A member of the Five Families could so be easily killed in a whim like this? Even if Fang Zhen was Dao Master Yan’s disciple, was he really not afraid that the Han Family would find and trouble him?


Fang Zhen grunted as he revealed contempt in his expression, “Han Ji is but only a son from a concubine. He suffered heavy damage when he was still in his mother’s womb. Originally, his father did not want him to be born, but his mother insisted, only then was he born. Since his childhood, nobody in the Han Family even looks at him. After having been cultivating for 38 years, he was only barely able to reach the Third Stage of the Radiant Qi Realm. This was also because his mother stole cultivation laws and techniques. Later on, because it was revealed, his mother was executed. Since he was of the Han Family’s blood, he was only sentenced to seclusion for 3 years.”


Speaking up to there, he let out another ridicule, “For the Han Clan, this person is considered as their shame. Letting him come here, they perhaps hope that he would die in this place.”


The more Feng Ming listened to it, the more he was surprised. Then he mused, “How would Senior Brother Fang know about the secret of these big and influential families?” An inexplicable feeling of dread surged and birthed out of his heart toward Fang Zhen.


Upon seeing Feng Ming’s shocked expression, as he seemingly was intimidated by him, Fang Zhen could not help but feel proud, say, “Now, in my opinion, Zhang Yan, Xie Zongyuan, and the others are already dried-up bones in their graves. From now on, the Azure Ocean Sect’s future generation, and sooner or later, the whole world will be under me and you.”

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