Great Dao Commander – Volume 2 Chapter 43

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Volume 2, Chapter 43 — Lucid Serene Heavenly Lake’s Demon Lord


Great Eastern Continent, Lucid Serene Mountain.

It was a strange solitary mountain with a peak that reached the clouds, as though it was a mysterious pillar supporting the heavens. The mountain was well-known to have quite an “ill” reputation in the Great Eastern Continent.

Lucid Serene Mountain was exactly located on top of the mountain peak. At night, the Milky Way constellation was reflected on the water and created a spectacular scene. The depths of the water was unknown, which rumors even said that it would lead directly to the Nine Hidden Lands. Some people even described it as “meeting with the Milky Way would lead down to the netherworld”.


At this time, Zhang Yan was passing straight toward the Lesser Waves Mountain and then smoothly arrived to this place.

This was the Three Anchors’ Lakes Demon Lord, Gui Yongcao’s territory. If one were to stand at the peak, he would get a panoramic view of the surrounding scenery. This Demon Lord was quite calm, and only a few cultivators were able to see him.


For the sake of safety, Zhang Yan and Luo Xiao were climbing up side by side along the mountain passage to the summit.

After having flown for a day and night, the two finally reached the mountain’s summit the next day.

Thousands miles wide of deep blue lake stretched over the surrounding area in front of them.

The lake was quiet and had no waves. The water was very clear, as though it had been washed like a flat mirror. Birds found it very difficult to fly across this place as a clear and pure atmosphere caged around the surroundings. Stretches of clouds lingered around as though a surging sea, giving off the sight of deepness and vastness to the extraordinary scene.


Zhang Yan, standing at the distance, could feel a rich spiritual qi comparable with his Spirit Leaf Island. The sea of clouds didn’t surge, as it gave a sensation of touching a curtain of illusion when it was touched, giving off the urge for anyone to open their minds and embrace this side of heaven and earth.


His mood was sparked as he couldn’t bear but to recite a poem, “The towering path set straight to the sky of clouds; as immortals swallow the qi to be free from the feast of foods; the vast oath to ride the moon wind to the heaven; as it vows to breach through the gate of heaven.”


When Luo Xiao heard it, she covered her mouth and chuckled, and then said, “Wow! You’re really in a good mood, Master. I really could feel that we will succeed in seeking this Cloud Sand.”

Zhang Yan shook his head. If Lucid Serene Heavenly Lake was only hundreds of miles wide, then it would be easy and fortunate. But this place was very vast. Zhou Chongju only said that the Water-attribute Cloud Sand was underwater. But when he asked for the details, he didn’t answer, so who would really know where it was exactly?

They could only rely on their efforts to slowly search for it. He could only assume that this cheap Senior Brother of his wouldn’t fool him.

However, since this was the territory of Demon Lord Gui Congyao, they didn’t dare to fly across freely, as to avoid disturbing that Demon Lord. Zhang Yan had discussed with Luo Xiao to search for it separately. Since they have a Soulblood Contract, they were not afraid of being unable to seek each other.


Luo Xiao transformed into her original 30 feet long python form as she dived into the water and searched along the lakeshore’s west side.

As for Zhang Yan, he used the technique from the Billows Cloud Secret Manual to create a small, partial ripple to make his speed in the water constant.


He slowly dived underwater. He could see various giant fishes as he moved along the way. The water was ice-cold and biting to the bone, but he was still able to endure it with his cultivation.

He searched all the way to the east. After about 3 or 5 days, he suddenly felt an inexplicable feeling that the thing he was searching for was nearby.

He doubled his efforts and carefully searched. His sense proved to be true as he could see a blue colored glow piece near the lakeshore. He looked at it again as a happy expression covered his face. He had unexpectedly found a piece of brilliant blue-colored Cloud Sand. The texture was as though a winding ribbon strip on the mountain wall. This Cloud Sand was as though a polished crystal with its bright and translucent color. This obviously was a top-grade Water-attribute Cloud Sand.


He glanced back and forth before his vision eventually fell on the Cloud Sand.

This piece of Cloud Sand was small, but its spiritual nature was very rich, having a bright and clean texture. It gave him the illusion as though it was alive, as though it was the same as other things in the mortal world.

Since he did not expect to find it so easily, Zhang Yan was overjoyed. He looked around to sense whether there would be any dangers before he approached it, and then carefully took the Cloud Sand. He slowly took it and paused whilst sensing any movements in the surrounding.


After quite a while and didn’t sense any strangeness, he heaved a sigh of relief and gently put it into his sleeve. However, when he was about to leave, suddenly numerous tides surrounded and wrapped him toward the Heavenly Lake’s depths.

Zhang Yan was surprised. He quickly attempted to move, but he couldn’t resist this force. His sight quickly turned dark as a sense of drowsiness shrouded him.

He didn’t know for how long, but the next moment he opened his eyes, he found himself inside someone’s Immortal Cave. Outside the window, rosy clouds were seen as it was surrounded with shells and pearl beads. All kinds of multi-colored stones illuminated brightly and there were glistening lights.


An Old Daoist, clad in a feather robe with a star crown, was sitting on chair made of jade in front of him.


Seeing that Zhang Yan was awake, the man gently looked at him. His appearance looked young, with a face as though a full moon, and held a duster as he then spoke to him, “Looking at your robe, you’re an Azure Ocean Sect’s disciple, yes?”


Zhang Yan tidied up his robe as he got up and saluted, “This one is. Who is the venerable Senior?”

The Daoist laughed and replied, “This old man is Gui Congyao.”

Gui Congyao? One of the Demon Lord of Three Anchor Lakes, the Lucid Serene Heavenly Lake’s Master and the Demon who had been cultivating for more than 1000 years?

But, it was unexpected that there was not even a trace of Demon qi from this man, and instead he looked like a human who had reached enlightenment.


Zhang Yan’s heart was shaken. But he didn’t panic and calmly cupped his hands over and spoke in a modest manner, “Ah, it’s the venerable Master Gui. This Junior is Zhang Yan from the Azure Ocean Sect. This one greets Senior.”

Gui Congyao looked at Zhang Yan and asked, “Are you the one who took the Water-attribute Cloud Sand outside my gate?”

Zhang Yan didn’t hesitate and truthfully replied, “Yes, this Junior has taken it.”

In front of this Demon Lord, with his cultivation right now, concealing it was simply meaningless. It would be best to answer truthfully.


Who would have thought that Gui Congyao wasn’t angry when he heard it, and instead was unable to hide his joy, “Good fortune has arrived, this is truly a good fortune.”

Upon hearing it, Zhang Yan was unable to restrain his astonishment. His heart slightly moved, as though he could get some clue from it.

Gui Congyao smiled and said, “Fellow Daoist, you don’t need to be surprised. 150 years ago, a Supreme Expert passed this place and said that after 150 years later, someone with a great destiny would come to take this Cloud Sand. The person who takes it is his person. I’ve been waiting for several years in my Immortal Cave, and today, I have finally seen you.”


Zhang Yan’s eyes slightly flashed. He was pondering as to why Zhou Chongju urged him to come to this Lucid Serene Heavenly Lake. Could it be because of this reason?

It must be. Otherwise, how could he be that relaxed when he went to this Demon Lord’s territory to take this thing?


So to say, that Supreme Expert, as Gui Congyao had said, presumably had pointed that he would come to this place from the Azure Ocean Sect.

When he deeply thought about it, Gui Congyao also looked at him for a long time before he took a deep sigh and shook his head, “I really didn’t expect that you would be the one who would kill me.”

Zhang Yan couldn’t help but be startled. But seeing Gui Congyao’s expression that didn’t seem to be joking, he cautiously replied, “This Junior’s cultivation is very low. Even if this one were to cultivate for more than 100 years, this one doesn’t think that I would be able to be Senior’s match.”

Gui Congyao laughed and said, “Hahaha. You’re really brave. However, what I’ve said is truly justified. It’s been 2000 years ever since I’ve opened my spiritual wisdom and started cultivating until now. I’ve lived for 3649 years. Because of my inborn restrictions, for my cultivation to advance anymore is tremendously difficult. On the day that Supreme Senior passed by, I had asked him how long I could still live. He said to me that I would live until my 3650th year. After millenniums of painstakingly cultivation, in the end, I will still be a pile of white bones.”


After having said that, he sighed and sobbed repeatedly.

Zhang Yan heard everything he said as a pity also grew in his heart.

His cultivation was now at Radiant Qi Realm Third Stage. His lifespan would approximately be 300 years. If he didn’t have any fortuitous encounter before he reached the Dan Transformation Realm, his lifespan wouldn’t grow any longer. Even if a Primordial Nascent Soul cultivator who had a lifespan of 1000 years sounded very long. However, compared to hundreds of thousands years of that cultivator, this lifespan was but only very short.


Perhaps, only people who had ascended to the heavens like the legendary Huang Emperor could live forever.

Gui Congyao continued, “At that time, I also asked to that Supreme Expert whether he had the means to prolong my lifespan. He said that my foundation was not enough and that I have no hope to reach it in this life. Only if I found a person with a great destiny and asked him to kill me with his weapon would I be able to advance my cultivation after I got reincarnated. I asked him as to where I could find this person with a great destiny. He then threw this Cloud Sand and mentioned that the person who has that great destiny is a human that will pick up this Cloud Sand.”


Zhang Yan slowly nodded. In fact, after he took this path, taking the reincarnation path was not that good if one had no special Dao Device or had a peerless spiritual power. After one was reincarnated, he would lose his past life memories. However, it was better than having the soul lost ino oblivion.

Gui Congyao looked at Zhang Yan with a smile and said, “Fellow Daoist, the time I would meet my natural death and be killed by your weapon is only half a year from now. This is my last chance. It’s better than staying here. How is it? Do you want to help and kill me now?”

Zhang Yan seriously considered it for a moment before he slowly shook his head.

Seeing him refuse, Gui Congyao didn’t get angry but persuade him further, “I’ve been cultivating for millennium and have a lot of treasures. You can look at my Immortal Cave. Everything is yours after you kill me. Besides, you can take my remains after my death. I even know some immortals’ Immortal Caves and I can give you their location. How about it?”

Zhang Yan still shook his head.

With an astonished expression, Gui Congyao then spoke, “Could it be that Fellow Daoist rejects this poor Daoist’s request because this one is a Demon cultivator, and due to my race you’re not willing to help me?”

Zhang Yan pondered for a moment and decided to tell the truth, “Senior misunderstood me. It is not because I don’t want to help you. But a few months later, the Azure Ocean Sect would dispatch an expedition to completely eradicate all Demon cultivators in your Three Anchor Lakes. Besides, I must go to the Sea Eye Demon Hole and cultivate there to enhance my cultivation. So I can’t stay here.”

He was not afraid that Gui Congyao would know about this news. Three Anchor Lakes’ Demons and Azure Ocean Sect had long been engaged in battle for years. He naturally had the means to know the movements made by Azure Ocean Sect. Before, due to the Water State supporting them from behind, the Azure Ocean Sect was holding back. But since the problem had been solved, it was not empty words that the Sect would completely exterminate Three Anchor Lakes’ Demons within half a year.


It’s really as he had expected. Gui Congyao’s expression didn’t change even after hearing this news. He stroke his beard and muttered to himself, “Sea Eye Demon Hole. I’ve heard about it, but I haven’t been there. It is said that the place is very dangerous. Slight carelessness would bury you there. Then, since Fellow Daoist must go to that place, I’ll give you one thing to help you on your endeavor.”


He waved his duster as a piece of grayish lime talisman flew toward Zhang Yan.

“This is the ‘Qi Harbor Masker’. It’s refined from my broken shells after I had undergone tribulation. This would be able to block the heavenly tribulation and evade any magical power attack. I’ll give you this today.”

He also said with a smile, “I know that the Azure Ocean Sect’s Merit and Achievement Pavilion has posted a reward for my head. When they are besieging Three Anchor Lakes, Fellow Daoist has to come back to this place to kill me, and a pile of distinguished merits will be yours.”

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