Great Dao Commander – Volume 2 Chapter 41

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Hi all, Cherry is back with GDC here on Wuxianation!!! We did not leave Zenith but because of license and also Madsnail is very nice! We hope that the Wuxianation community will come to love GDC and for GDC readers to continue to support us. We are coming back with a 10 chapter release, here’s 3/10, ENJOY!!!!

Volume 2, Chapter 41 — Liu Tao Friendly Visit, Sea Eye Demon Hole


Three days later, the Alchemy Pavilion’s Master, Zhou Chongju, went to the Sect Master and said that a group of seductive female Demons was not raised by his disciple, Zhang Yan, but they were bought from the Water State to give him. But those female demons then were being placed on his disciple’s island. Zhuang Bufan had absurdly jumped to conclusion and made a decision and rule without even verifying the fact first. He also criticized Zhuang Bufan’s excessive actions in handling matters.


Dao Master Sun also voiced his criticism, “Every Family also keeps seductive female demons. But they are not judged as having violated the Sect’s rules. Zhuang Bufan’s act has thrown disorder into people’s lives and only raised storms in vain.”


Under the twos apertures, this issue immediately ignited and turned big. A lot of voices and questionings rose. Dao Master Yan summoned Zhuang Bufan and reprimanded him. Since the issue became bigger, Zhuang Bufan went to the Sect Master to apologize afterwards. He was still a Purification Court’s Vice Master, albeit he was barely able to keep it. But he no longer dared to mention about upholding and enforcing the Sect’s rules again.


While Zhang Yan, the one who incited the issue, was ignoring all the clamors as he calmly and steadily cultivated in his Immortal Cave.

In his view, Zhuang Bufan was too impatient. He was just newly-appointed as a Vice Master and impatiently acted while having little consideration of his actions, making it easier for people to criticize him.


But since Zhuang Bufan was sitting on a law enforcement duty position, it would be safer to draw a bow without releasing the arrow.

He looked outside of Spirit Leaf Island. It was sunset right now, as a rosy cloud hung between the water and the sky, resembling a picture brushed red with cinnabar, capturing his interest. He suddenly remembered that today was the last day for the appointment with the Golden Flood Dragon. Then, he summoned Luo Xiao as he came out of his Immortal Cave and headed straight to the river bank.

After a few minutes of walking along the stream, he arrived at the rolling part of the river. He glanced a few times and lightly smiled, “Hey, you don’t need to hide. I know you’re there. I’ve said three days ago that I’d see you again. Have you thought about it?”

“I’m suffocating, I’m suffocating!” The Golden Flood Dragon’s head came out of the water. A few days ago he wasn’t able to speak, but now unceasing complaints were flowing from his mouth, “You don’t have big fishes on your island, just big insects and water broth. I only swallowed some medicinal herbs with bland tastes. This place is too cramped; I can’t move easily. This torture is really difficult to endure.”

Zhang Yan pondered, then replied with smile, “I can let you go out, but you must recognize me as your master first!”

The Golden Flood Dragon bowed from the back as he seemed to not be satisfied. Unconvinced he said, “Why should I recognize you? Your cultivation is even lower than mine. The Master I will recognize must at least be at the profound level of that cultivator who took you back here that day.”


“Oh, are you talking about Zhuang Bufan? I never thought you actually had a high standard, eh?”

Upon hearing that the other was belittling his cultivation, Zhang Yan was not angry and instead looked more spirited, “Although my cultivation isn’t as deep as his right now. But it doesn’t mean that I would still be inferior to him in the future. I will absolutely catch up to him within a century.”
The Golden Flood Dragon’s eyes diverted, “Then, we might as well have a gamble. If 100 years later you can surpass this person, then I’ll recognize as my Master. How about it?”

Zhang Yan pointed fingers at it as he spoke with a smile, “You’re a sly and cunning Flood Dragon Demon, eh? Do you really think I would be so easy to fool? Why should I raise you for 100 years in vain whilst waiting for my cultivation to surpass his? It’s too cheap and gives you too much benefits, since you’ve already failed to transform and lost the chance to temper yourself.”


The Golden Flood Dragon spoke with a resentful tone, “Had I not failed to find an escape route before, I wouldn’t have been caught by humans. It’s really worse than being dead ten times over. If I were able to pass over another heavenly tribulation, then what’s the use?”


Zhang Yan’s curiosity was sparked and asked, “Ah, who had caught you?”

The Golden Flood Dragon seemed to realize that he had slipped his mouth and quickly closed it.

Zhang Yan smiled and no longer asked. He pointed to Luo Xiao at his side and said, “You look at this Fellow Daoist beside me. She’s also a Demon cultivator. I think that your life force and primordial essence would benefit her greatly. How about I let her swallow you now? I believe that her cultivation will advance further!”


The Golden Flood Dragoon looked at Luo Xiao with a trace of panic in his eyes.

Upon seeing the chaotic expression in the Golden Flood Dragon’s eyes, Zhang Yan turned around and his expression didn’t change. He flicked his sleeve then spoke, “Fellow Daoist Luo, since it doesn’t want to recognize me as his Master, then forget it. I don’t care what you do with it.” After having said that, he showed the gesture to leave.


Luo Xiao let out an overjoyed and thankful expression, and then spoke, “Wow, thank you for your benevolence, Master!”

Upon seeing that Zhang Yan had turned around to leave, coupled with the chilling eyes Luo Xiao gave him, the Golden Flood Dragon couldn’t help panicking and shouted, “Don’t go! Wait! I’ll recognize you as my Master! Yes, yes! You will be my Master!”


Zhang Yan stopped walking. He was amused and felt funny. This Flood Dragon Demon was so cunning. But he didn’t expect that his courage was so small. He only used a small threat and only barely left, but he actually gave in. But when he was about to turn around, he suddenly looked up to the sky and heard someone’s voice, “Senior Brother Zhang, this Xie is visiting.”

Hearing the voice, the Golden Flood Dragon instantly submerged into the water and vanished. Having seen his attitude, Zhang Yan grunted and mocked it, “Hide the first day, but hide fifteen.”

The Golden Flood Dragon muttered from the water, “No no no. If there’s wine then drink it at once. If at present, there are wine drunk, can drag the moment is a moment.”

Zhang Yan de-activated the restrictive seal with his island’s Token Seal. He couldn’t help shake his head while laughing. He found that this Golden Flood Dragon’s temper was quite interesting. He didn’t rush to force it since he knows that it couldn’t escape this place.

Xie Zongyuan’s flying ship slowly descended from the sky as he then loudly laughed, “Senior Brother Zhang, I heard you’ve challenged Zhuang Bufan’s people, eh? You really have good means, this Xie really admires you!”

Zhang Yan cupped his hands over and spoke, “Ah, Senior Brother Xie mistakenly praises me. This Zhang Yan only does things within just reasons because circumstances force me to.”

At this time, a youth stood beside Xie Zongyuan spoke, “That was a good reason considering the pros and cons and the circumstances. For so many years amongst the various Families, Courts, and Pavilions, which one of them doesn’t keep and raise beautiful female demons nowadays? If Zhang Bufan really stirs this issue up, he will be going down, because a lot of people would be angry and bear grudges toward him! Senior Brother Zhang’s action could be said to have saved him.”


Huh? Zhang Yan couldn’t help but look at this person quite seriously…

This person was also at the Radiant Qi Realm Third Stage. His facial skin was smooth with a round face and red lips. A jade-like fair skin and slender fingers just like a woman’s. He was a male but unexpectedly looked feminine. However, since his voice was deep and powerful, and with those broad shoulders of his, he would almost mistake him as a beauty.


“Senior Brother Xie, this Fellow Daoist is…”

Xie Zongyuan pulled over the person and introduced him, “This person is Senior Brother Liu Tao. He’s cultivating on Tassel Immortal Island. He’s a free and unfettered person.”

Liu Tao greeted, “It’s an honor to meet you at last. I’ve long heard about Senior Brother Zhang’s distinguished name. Please don’t listen to Senior Brother Xie’s nonsensical remarks. I’m not that much of a free and unfettered person. I’m just from the Waning List Ancient Family. It’s due to Senior Brother Xie that everyone regards me highly.”

Xie Zongyuan snorted with a displeased expression, “What’s wrong with the Waning List Ancient Family? Although I’m a member of the Xie Family, I’ve never been belittled by others who could be regarded as heroes in this world.”


Liu Tao smiled and said, “Ah, then, it’s this Junior Brother’s indiscretion.”

Zhang Yan and the other two had some small talk for awhile. He then invited them to his Immortal Cave to entertain them. Zhang Yan had a lot of exquisite wine which he got from Wang Pan’s place. He usually never drank, but this time he had to entertain these two guests. He also ordered the Mermaid beauties to catch more than 100 Blueback Herrings.


These Mermaids had received training in the Water State and they had been accustomed to serve humans, and were also experts at cooking.

Seeing that the day was gradually fading down, Zhang Yan promptly stood and ordered 10 warriors to push the leisure boat toward the Great Lake and load wine onto it. After that, he invited the two guests to board and enjoy the moonlight.

The Blueback Herring was a fine delicacy. It was cooked by the Mermaids and sent to them. The three of them quickly gorged themselves heartily.

Xie Zongyuan didn’t have the demeanor of an Ancient Family’s member at the moment. He didn’t restrain himself and shouted loudly, “Happy… I’m really happy! I have never wolfed down such fine delicacies before. It seems that I’ve to visit Senior Brother Zhang a lot more in the future.”

Liu Tao also nodded and replied, “This is truly delicious, today really has been a worthwhile trip.”

Zhang Yan said, “If the two of you can come often, then it will be Zhang Yan’s luck. Let’s toast!”
Three of them raised their wine cups and drained them in one gulp.

After putting down the wine cups, these 3 felt they were much closer.

Also, after having chatted for awhile, Liu Tao suddenly spoke, “I don’t know whether the two Senior Brothers have heard that the Sect Master has ordered that the Sect is to exterminate the Three Anchor Lakes’ Demons within 6 months?”

“Yes.” Xie Zongyuan nodded. He put down his wine cup and continued, “I also heard this rumor. It is said that the Sect Master has planned and prepared a pile of major campaigns. He’s eager to expand the Sect’s strength. If disciples in the same generation as us are able to obtain big merits in this campaign, it would be possible that the Blessed Land, or even a Fairyland, would be bestowed. Also, I’ve heard that there are rare Divine Sands, medicinal herbs, and 5 Shellfish Fields deep in the lake. It is also said that if a disciple is able to kill the Three Anchor Lakes’ Master, the Sect Master would even allow him to set up his own faction.”


Liu Tao’s eyes flashed. He fiddled the wine cup in his hands and spoke, “Setting up our own faction? If that is really so, that it would be a worthy endeavour to strive for.”

Xie Zongyuan sighed and spoke, “Unfortunately, I am but only a Radiant Qi Realm Third Stage. Even if I were able to condense my Profound Light Seed in the next 1 or 2 months, I don’t think I’d be able to breakthrough into the Profound Light Realm in a year. If I were to go with the expedition now, I would only be courting my own death.”


A meaningful smile emerged on Liu Tao’s face as he then spoke, “That’s not necessarily so. If the two Senior Brothers are interested, I have some means.”

Zhang Yan didn’t speak and only smiled. But Xie Zongyuan spoke, “If Senior Brother Liu knows anything, why don’t you quickly tell us?”

Liu Tao slowly spoke, “Two brothers, have the two of you heard about the Sea Eye Demon Hole?”

Xie Zongyuan looked thoughtful for a moment before he answered, “I think I’ve heard about it from somewhere.”

Zhang Yan also didn’t know. However, he didn’t rush to say it, and only waited and followed the others.

A bright light flashed in Liu Tao’s eyes as he spoke, “Under the Wild Dragon Great Lake inside our Azure Ocean Sect, is one of ten big Spirit Holes in the Great Eastern Continent. The spiritual qi and life force here is very rich. However, over tens of thousands of people practice inside their Immortal Caves around this place; there’s nobody but the Sect Master who is eligible to practice inside the center of the hole.”


He paused for a moment, and glanced at Zhang Yan and Xie Zongyuan before continuing, “This Sea Eye is most likely one of the 4 Demon Holes. The spiritual qi in that place is comparable with a top-grade Fairyland used by each Dao Master. If we go and cultivate there for 2 months, the result would be equal to cultivating outside for a few years. As such, we would be able to breakthrough into the Profound Light Realm. By that time, we would be qualified to enter the expedition to attack the Three Anchors’ Lakes.”


Zhang Yan’s eyes flashed and asked, “Ah, this demon hole is unexpectedly in our Azure Ocean Sect’s territory?”

Liu Tao nodded and said, “The Sea Eye’s location is at the far extreme west in the Wild Dragon Great Lake. There’s a Guardian Hall, of which a powerful female cultivator cultivates there.”


Xie Zongyuan’s brows knitted, “But I heard that there has always been Heavenly Demons wandering inside the Demon Hole. The variables and changes would be enormous, since those Demons are able to bewitch and poison people’s mind and soul. Moreover, I also heard that they like to eat human flesh and blood. I don’t know whether this rumor is true or not.”


Liu Tao nodded, “It’s true! That’s why the Sect has always been sending reliable and powerful disciples to suppress the monsters and demons there. Firstly, it’s for the disciple to learn from experience; and secondly, is to enhance their cultivation base. Zhuang Bufan was also sent to guard and suppress the demons there. He has recently returned to the Sect, and his cultivation of 16 years couldn’t be compared anymore. He even succeeded in practicing the Great Heavenly Net Sleeve, of which, was precisely due to the help of this Demon Hole.”


Xie Zongyuan muttered, “Attacking the Three Lakes in one fell swoop must have the mobilization of the disciples, amassing concocted pills, and magical treasures. The Sect also has to guard against sneak raids and attacks. It would be impossible to prepare all of these in 2 or 3 months. So, we could really catch up then.”


Liu Tao looked at him and reminded, “However, that place is not only dangerous. The disciples who go there to cultivate, the vast majority of them might die and never return. 16 years ago, the Sect had sent seven disciples, and only Zhuang Bufan came back. As for the rest, there is no news about them. If we go there, we mustn’t penetrate too deep.”


“But I say, the risks are worth the riches and honors we can get, let’s fight!” Xie Zongyuan threw the wine cup down as he stood up and spoke to Zhang Yan, “Brother Zhang, are you willing to go with us?”

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  1. i’m glad he finally found decent fellow disciples…still, now i’m worried they might be forced to kill each other in this “demon hole” (phrasing ikr)

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