Great Dao Commander – Volume 2 Chapter 40

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Hi all, Cherry is back with GDC here on Wuxianation!!! We did not leave Zenith but because of license and also Madsnail is very nice! We hope that the Wuxianation community will come to love GDC and for GDC readers to continue to support us. We are coming back with a 10 chapter release, here’s 2/10, ENJOY!!!

Volume 2, Chapter 40 — Wounding Zhuang Ze with the Sword to Rectify His Purification Mistake


Zhuang Ze suddenly realized that the blue light was about to hit his body and hurriedly dodged to the side. However, the Star Sword Bullet mercilessly fell and cut his flying ship into two. He could only stare blankly, as he then yelled, “Zhang Yan, you’re outrageous! Do you know who I am…”


Zhang Yan ignored him and moved his finger as the Sword Bullet turned in the air and cut through.


Seeing the icy-cold expression from Zhang Yan’s eyes, a terrifying chill invaded Zhuang Ze’s heart. It was too late for him to think as he hastily formed a secret seal. With a hissing sound, a white Sword Bullet flashed and flew to the air as it leapt forward and strived to block.


Who would have known that when the 2 Sword Bullets were about to collide, the Star Sword Bullet suddenly twisted to the side as though it had intelligence, and suddenly turned and circled around in the air. Zhuang Ze couldn’t help turning pale with fright as he twisted his body and furiously retreated. He desperately pushed himself and stimulated his Sword Bullet to chase and entangle the Star Sword Bullet.


However, Zhang Yan’s quickly used the “Tidal Wave Crush” movement, as his sword force had been fully activated from the start and was difficult to block.


The Stars Sword Bullet rotated in the air repeatedly as it gathered full momentum and revolved around whilst producing crackling sounds. The blue light was like a blazing flame that raged with a terrifying force.


Zhuang Ze was covering himself, exhausted.


Upon seeing that his power was weakened, Zhang Yan no longer hesitated. He quickly formed a seal as his Sword Bullet suddenly dropped, and “Bang”, hit Zhuang Ze’s Sword Bullet. This ordinary Sword Bullet was only refined from White Gold, and was unable to withstand the Sword Bullet refined from Star Essence. The Sword Bullet instantly shattered as though the stressed string was instantly pulled apart.


As his spiritual power link was connected with his Sword Bullet, Zhuang Ze spat out a mouthful of blood. But it was too late to do anything to prevent it. The blue light didn’t pause as it flashed over toward him. Under the looming fear and alarm, he roared loudly and released four square gray flags. He quickly grabbed the flagpole and unfolded it against the wind. The flag was rolling and moving as it was enlarged by dozens of times. His body was then covered and isolated as though he was shrouded with a black cloud, preventing him from being seen.


Zhang Yan sneered coldly. He flicked his finger and released, as an azure light that pierced out from his sleeve. Its speed surpassed his Sword Bullet.


A “Puff” sound was heard. The azure light directly pierced through the flag. A miserable scream followed as blood then splattered. Zhuang Ze’s right hand, which was holding the flagpole, had been cut. The chill covered his mind and heart. He didn’t dare to stay any longer as he used his left hand to cover the wound and quickly turned around to flee.


However, he hadn’t run far yet, but the azure light had caught up and stroke at his keel as it turned around and hit his stomach. He only let out a humming scream and then fell from the air.


Zhang Yan quickly caught up as he grabbed and caught him. Then, he carried him back to the island and walked on the ground. Luo Xiao then rushed over and greeted him, “Give him a concocted pill to sustain his life. Don’t let him die. He still has some uses.”


Luo Xiao said, “Master, is this person a fake and pretending?


Zhang Yan shook his head and smiled, “He should be Zhuang Bufan’s. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have such a big courage.”


“What?!” Luo Xiao was shocked, “But, since master caught him, wouldn’t Zhuang Bufan be doing something unfavorable for you?”


On that day, she also met Zhuang Bufan. She knew his extraordinary strength. She was dumbstruck and aghast when she saw that the Great Heavenly Net Sleeve was used. It was an overwhelming technique as it could cover the sky, and gave people a feeling of an unstoppable power and unable to block it; a helpless feeling that was impossible to avoid and simply unable to run away from.


Zhang Yan smiled and said, “You don’t need to worry about it. I have my own reasons and calculation for capturing this person. Although Zhuang Bufan’s cultivation is extraordinarily deep, but he still must act according to the Sect’s rules. How would he be able to act freely? Just see how I play him.”


Luo Xiao had full trust toward Zhang Yan. Upon hearing this remark, she was certain that it would succeed.


Zhang Yan calmly went back to his Immortal Cave. He took a pen and paper to write a letter and then rolled it into the hilt of a Golden Sword Whistle. He formed a seal as the golden light then flew to the sky toward the Alchemy Pavilion.


After meal time, the golden light came back. He quickly opened the letter and read it. The next moment, he clearly understood, and looked up to the distant and secretly sneered, “Zhuang Bufan, you and I had not the slightest relations whatsoever previously. But since you want to bully me, do you think that I won’t buy what you have sold?”


He stood up and took out his true disciple robe and exchanged his clothes. He then summoned Luo Xiao and gave her some orders. He then released the flying ship and took the unconscious Zhuang Ze onto the flying ship. After that, he drove it all the way toward the Purification Court.


The Purification Court was located on one of the nine peaks on the continent on top of the back of the Black Tortoise. Seven huge steles were lined up outside the Court. It was carved with the Azure Ocean Sect’s commandments. A tapir hound was laid on each stele as it glared toward anyone, as though a tiger was watching its prey.


There were neither gold nor jade made things in front of the courtyard. However, a large bluestone was laying there as it extended from the open space toward the court and straight to the hall. There were 2 skyhigh watchtowers at the gate, as seven swords were hanging on the eaves between both of them. A drum gong was under each watchtower. One depicted the sigh of emergence and development, and the other one was for punishment and death.


Zhang Yan steered forward as he could then feel that the whole peak was shrouded with a chilling, mist qi.


He then steered the flying ship down from the cloud, waking up Zhuang Ze, and then walked toward the court’s gate.


Zhuang Ze woke up and found himself before the Purification Court. He was surprised and then shouted, “Zhang Yan, I’m a Purification Deacon under Vice-Master Zhuang. You dare to injure me? Such a lawless and insolent person like you will not be forgiven. I must report to the Court’s Vice-Master to discard your cultivation.”


Zhang Yan ignored him as he dragged him all the way toward the Purification Court. He threw Zhuang Ze to the ground and let him roar and shout.


More than a hundred warriors who held golden axes were on both sides of the lane. When they heard Zhuang Ze’s words, they looked at Zhang Yan with a strange expression, since they felt that this person was really outrageous and bold. Especially, that he dared to injure the Purification Court’s Deacon and even came here to bluff and bluster.


However, Zhang Yan’s expression was calm and unperturbed. He seemingly ignored everyone and everyone thought that he must have something to rely on. Since they had no orders, they also didn’t dare to act freely. For a time, apart from the curses and condemnations that Zhuang Ze spat out, nobody dared to act.


All the disciples who were passing through frowned, as one by one, all were dumbfounded. Most of them came here for punishment, trembling with fear as though they were walking on thin ice. Not even one dared to be unscrupulous like Zhang Yan, who even dared to catch a Purification Court’s Deacon in front of the gate. They couldn’t help but stop to wait and see the scene unfold.


Upon seeing such a bad scene, a deacon’s disciple rushed inside to report it.


After about an incense sticks’ burning time, a middle-aged cultivator came out. He was a big, fat man and, had a fat, round face. His hair was combed like a bun. When he saw Zhang Yan, who was clad in his true disciple robe, he frowned, and then looked at Zhuang Ze, who was injured, as blood was dripping from his body, as well as his lost arm. It was obvious that he had been severely injured. His frown grew tighter as he then looked at Zhang Yan and spoke, “Who are you? Why are you making a ruckus in front of the Purification Court?”


Zhang Yan had yet to speak but Zhuang Ze on the ground shouted loudly, “Vice-Master Pan, my name is Zhuang Ze. I’m a Deacon under Vice-Master Zhuang. This person is Zhang Yan, who was the target of the edict issued by Vice-Master Zhuang, to dispose of all Demon concubines from his island. But not only did he refuse to be disciplined, he even cut my arms. I’m asking Vice-Master Pan to take action over this matter.”


Vice-Master Pan then spoke in a deep, cold tone, “You say you’re a Purification Court’s Deacon, where is your identity Token?”


Zhuang Ze explained, “I have the token in my body, some people from the Court also know me.”


Vice-Master Pan looked at the deacon at his side and ordered, “Take out his token!”


The deacon disciple promptly stepped forward and took the token from Zhuang Ze body. He handed it over to Vice-Master Pan.


After inspecting it, Vice-Master Pan also called the other disciples to identify it. Only then did he confirm that Zhuang Ze was indeed a Deacon under Zhuang Bufan. His eyes swept over at Zhang Yan and spoke with a stern tone, “You’ve wounded a Purification Court’s disciple, do you have anything else to say?!”


Zhang Yan pointed at Zhuang Ze without even the slightest fear and spoke, “Vice-Master Pan, since this person is the Purification Court’s disciple, then I’d like to ask you one thing. Does the Court have his name on the official register?”


When his words were out, Vice-Master Pan’s complexion changed. He opened his mouth but not even a word came out. He was even silenced for a short while.


Zhang Yan faintly smiled. It was as he had expected. Even the people in the Purification Court had neglected this rule.


Various Courts and Pavilions in the Azure Ocean Sect, in fact, had only a few people that were recorded in the official register. Each Court mostly only had a dozen people. Such as Pavilion Master Zhou; he was the Alchemy Pavilion Master, but only had a handful of deacons. The Deacon position, due to the Sect having to grant them with Spirit Shellfishes, concocted pills, Divine Sands, and other resources, coupled with the huge amount that should be provided, only led to fattening those people. Hence, the Apprenticeship Branches and Ancient Families had long been cleaning the official deacon positions.


If someone who received people as deacons were that of a big background and were famous, the Court Master wouldn’t move, since they also lacked manpower. Those newly appointed deacons would be arranged under their management to handle jobs.


Over the past hundreds of years, everyone was accustomed to this. However, although these people were claiming to be Court’s staff, but in fact, they were only linked as in-name only.


As for Zhang Yan himself, he was the Alchemy Pavilion’s Supervisor. But, it was only a nominal title that also wasn’t recorded in the official register. So, it was impossible for him to obtain additional bestowments from the Sect. His authority came from Zhou Chongju. Thus, if Zhou Chongju left, his status would be a decoration only.


Had the Sect’s rules truly be enacted, Zhuang Ze was just Zhuang Bufan’s servant. He was nothing but an ordinary person. So he didn’t have the qualification to call himself as a Purification Court’s Deacon. The reason as to why he was arrogant was because he had Zhuang Bufan to rely on. But, if he lost this shield, he was nothing.


Zhang Yan coldly spoke, “The Purification Court, as the name implies, really should be purified. This person is clearly not a Deacon from Purification Court. But why did he dare to threaten and force a true disciple? This is clearly Zhuang Bufan who tolerates and pulled strings from the back for his personal gain. Zhuang Bufan is a Purification Court’s Vice-Master. If he himself is not pure, how come he has the right to purify anyone in the Sect?”


Upon seeing Zhang Yan had buckled up a big shot, Vice-Master Pan’s expression, who was stunned from the beginning, turned subtle gradually. A trace of a faint smile finally emerged on his face.


He could tell that Zhang Yan capturing Zhuang Ze today and coming over to throw him in front of the Purification Court’s gate, was exactly intended to make this issue bigger. His act was to sweep over Zhuang Bufan’s face in the process. And more importantly, he had the righteous justification for this attack toward Zhuang Bufan.


The Purification Court’s Sect Master as Law Enforcer had big privileges and rights. And the Vice-Master of this Court was the most sought-after and fought-for position. Zhuang Bufan was only a newly appointed Vice-Master, and only had been in this position for a few days. His position was not stable yet, and people were staring at him everywhere. Once he was caught doing inappropriate acts, how long would he be able to stay in this position?


Vice-Master Pan secretly sneered in his heart, “Zhuang Bufan, oh Zhuang Bufan. You’re too arrogant and disregarded anyone else. You say that you want to uphold and purify the Sect’s rules. But never once did you expect that you would find such an event today, did you?”

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