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Volume 2, Chapter 7 – Breaking Through the Cloud and Comprehending the Truth Behind the Red Cloud Qi (Part 1)


Three days later, Wang Pan came to Spirit Leaf Island for the duel.


According to the Sect’s regulation, when disciples had entered the Radiant Qi Realm, they were permitted to take along 20 warriors, drive a flying ship to cruise the clouds, put on a Waterproof Coat, wear Demon Guard Jade Pendants, and hold an Amethyst Bronze Short Spear. These people had come along and excluding him, there were also Feng Zhen, including some good friends in the sect. As well as several brothers from his family. Therefore, at this time, there was a total of 36 flying ships flying to Spirit Leaf Island, and at a glance, the imposing force it gave off was quite grand and powerful.


This was Wang Pan’s ambition since he was determined to rob Zhang Yan’s true disciple’s position. And to guarantee his absolute safety, not only did he bring the Amethyst Bronze Short Spear, but he also carried along magic tools for escaping purpose—the Sound Flying Sword. He wore a Daoist robe decorated with jade ornaments, and apart from this, there was a pair of Jade Age Medal, which was one year old. When he was 10-years-old, there had been 2 experts that separately gave him these two Jade Tokens for self-protection. It was said that these Jade Tokens were able to withstand a series of any magic tools’ bombardments.


The scenery in the Spirit Leaf Island greatly differed from other places, and Feng Zhen enthusiastically observed everything in the surroundings. When he was 7-years-old, he had already been practicing on the Hornless Dragon Island, and he never left the island even by even one step for almost 28 years until he entered the Profound Light Realm. Nevertheless, it was a first and hard to come by traveling opportunity for him.


A woman was standing at his side that was almost as tall as him. She had a snow-white skin with a cold, proud, and aloof bearing. There was not even a trace of colors on her complexion as the surrounding people voluntarily maintained a three step distance from her. This woman was his younger sister—Feng Yao. Due to her practices in the Yin element profound cultivation technique, “The Life and Death Severing and Gathering Law”, it made people feel a chilling aura that penetrated their marrows, resembling a dead person.


Feng Zhen looked underneath and casually spoke, as if thoughtlessly, “What does Second Younger Sister think of Wang Pan?”


Feng Yao replied with a light expression, “Eldest Brother, I know what idea you want to play in mind. But encouraging me to form a Dao companionship with Wang Pan is useless.”


Having his plan exposed brazenly by his younger sister, Feng Zhen couldn’t help but feel awkward. But since this matter would sooner or later have to be brought up, he then sighed, “Second Younger Sister, you and I are only from a branch family. Since our childhood, we have neither anyone to depend on nor do we have close relationships. Even though your talent is outstanding, but you’re just a lone single force in the family. Now, the Wang Family is flourishing, plus he is also my Junior Brother. If in the future…”


Although only half of his words had been said, but Feng Yao abruptly interrupted decisively, “You don’t need to say anything to me. Father has promised Mother that I can take the responsibility for my own decisions. This Younger Sister has to decline Eldest Brother’s good intention with a thank you.”


Feng Zhen couldn’t help but shake his head. However, he also thought of how to change Feng Yao’s heart. He turned his sight and actually discovered that Wang Pan didn’t directly go to the fight, but instead headed to the northern area of the island and descended there. He unexpectedly went there to privately meet Tang Yan first.


Feng Zhen intended to be the matchmaker for Feng Yao and Wang Pan, but after seeing how impatient Wang Pan was right now, his eyebrows wrinkled. A gold-colored silhouette then flashed, and in the blink of an eye, it flew from the flying ship and moved to the ground.


“Young Lady Yan…” Wang Pan knocked open the thatched house door with loud knocking sounds and shouted out.


Tang Yan stood in the hut and stared at him as her beautiful eyes were red from seemingly just crying, but she then turned away and said, “You finally came.”


After seeing the sorrow and infinite grievances on Tang Yan’s beautiful face, Wang Pan chuckled and was about to approach and hug her. However, his shoulders were suddenly grabbed by someone, making him immediately unable to move. He slowly turned his head and saw Feng Zhen behind his back shaking his head before he spoke in a serious tone, “Junior Brother, the victor has yet to be decided, how can you lose your self-control?”


Wang Pan’s heart became cold and nodded his head. Although he didn’t think that Zhang Yan could beat him, but after all, this duel has yet to have any results. Which meant that Tang Yan was still Zhang Yan’s. And now, since he came here, if he was seemingly too impatient he could make people see him as a joke. He was now Du De’s disciple and he must take his Master’s reputation into consideration.


Upon seeing that Wang Pan was blocked by someone, Tang Yan was slightly disappointed and couldn’t help but bitterly stare at Feng Zhen. But it was as if there was a dazzling light emitted out from his face when she looked at him and it pained her eyes. She involuntarily retracted backward for two steps as amazement filled her heart, “Is this person Wang Pan’s Senior Brother? This person is clearly a Profound Light Realm cultivator. Where did he come from?”


When she opened her eyes again to see, Wang Pan was about to step out and leave, so she anxiously spoke, “Young Master Wang…”


Wang Pan stopped walking as he turned back to the motionless Tang Yan and said, “What is it?”


Tang Yan hesitated for a moment, shook her head and said, “It’s nothing, be safe, and be careful…”


Wang Pan didn’t even speak and straightly strode out.


Tang Yan sighed. She wanted to tell that Zhang Yan was already able to mount the clouds and ride the mist, but she also recalled that Wang Pan had an aloof personality, so such a saying so, she feared that would cause him to misunderstand that she was not optimistic about him. So she quickly stopped as to avoid making him annoyed and eventually endured to finally not say anything.


Some displeasure indeed sprouted from Wang Pan’s heart, “Be careful? Be careful of what? Zhang Yan had just only practiced for 3 months, even if Ning Chongxuan had taught him some trivial secret techniques, how much and how high would he become? How could it be that I would lose to him? What a woman’s opinion.”


After he went out, he met the converging crowd and headed all the way to the foot of the cone-shaped peak as billowing mist and dust reached the sky and covered the summit. The mist filled the air, and as baleful qi blew on his face, he only sneered, “Others might fear your Golden Phoenix Blazing Inferno, but I don’t. Zhang Yan, if this time you want to win me by borrowing this place’s advantages, you actually have made a mistake.”


He turned around and cupped his hands over, “Fellow apprentice brothers, please wait here. This day, an hour later, I will return back and we’ll have a drink together.”


Everyone returned the courtesy together with a relaxed expression. It was only Feng Yao that gently shook her head.

“Second Young Sister, you seem not optimistic about Wang Pan?” Noting Feng Yao’s facial expression, Feng Zhen then asked in whispers.


“Eldest brother, I’ve been observing this Wang Pan. He has a shallow heart and is narrow-minded. Even though he looks like an outstanding gentleman on the surface, but his true nature is a lowly person. Even if today he won Zhang Yang, he won’t walk too far in the future.”


It was unexpected that his younger sister would have such an appalling appraisal toward Wang Pan. However, although Feng Zhen didn’t approve in his heart, but since the two siblings had been separated for a long time, they did not have a close relationship, and it was inconvenient for him to say anything. He could only let out a forced smile and shook his head.


Zhang Yan stood on the tree top as he looked Wang Pan underneath as if he was watching some kind of insect or ant. His facial expression looked light and bright, and seemingly not cared about the looming fierce duel he was about to fight.

The first reason he dared to fight with Wang Pan was that he had 3 treasures. He had the Divine Shuttle given by Ning Chongxuan to guard against Luo Xiao and had seen its might when fighting Du Bo. If even a Profound Light Realm cultivator could be killed with this, why should he fear a trivial Radiant Qi Realm cultivator?


Secondly, he was eager to try the profound technique contained within the “Billows Cloud Secret Manual”, and he intended to practice it on Wang Pan when that time happened to come.


Thirdly, he had opened the manual a few days ago and read a technique that could envelop hundreds of meters radius of the surrounding area with thick fog. It can be used to hide his body conveniently. Although ordinary cultivators could distinguish anyone clearly through the heavy fog with their eyes, but this fog was by no means an ordinary fog since it was created out of pure spiritual qi and not some common and ordinary methods could not break it off.

Upon seeing that Wang Pan had been climbing from the foot of the mountain, he made out a seal gesture to activate the technique. Instantly, the misty and heavy fog then disseminated and enveloped the surroundings.

Zhang Yan nodded, this was only created from the Billows Cloud pure qi. If he were to create it with his Pure Yang spiritual qi, the results would have been extraordinary!

Due to the cultivation method and the different ways of refining, the pureness of Yang spiritual qi far surpassed ordinary qi. However, at the same time, the practice time required would also more be than average cultivators.

In Wang Pan’s case, he only needed 36 strands of pure qi to reach the First Stage of “the Sea of Qi Transformation”, continuing with 36 strands of impure qi to enter the Second Stage of “the Red Cloud Summoning”. Then after blending the two qis into one, the pure and the impure qi would go back to the True Primordial Qi. And now, he was on the last qi fusion step to be able to achieve the Third Stage of “the Heavenly Rain Subduing.”

And if Zhang Yan in the future wanted to blend his pure and impure qi, he would need 81 strands of Pure Yang spiritual qi and 81 strands of Impure Yin spiritual qi.


Wang Pan was still climbing, and in a short time, he had arrived on the hillside flat land fully covered with white mist as far as his eyes could see. As he didn’t see Zhang Yan, he then loudly shouted, “Zhang Yan, I have arrived, come out to see me!”


“Wang Pan, I have been waiting here for a long time.” Zhang Yan’s voice passed out from the thick fog.


Relying on his deeper cultivation level, Wang didn’t fear the thick fog and strode into it. When he had walked more than 10 steps, he actually found that he couldn’t see anything in the surroundings. He laughed and said, “Zhang Yan, you want to beat me with this small technique? Disperse!”


As he “exhaled out” and blew strands of turbid and impure qi, a vortex suddenly blew on the flat land as dead leaves rolled up and flew into the sky while sometimes it was like a raging rainstorm, breaking branches and rending leaves as broken trees’ sounds faintly lingering. However, it was like there were only heavy thunders but with little rain, simply insignificant. After the qi was retracted back, the wind stopped, leaving only a slightly thinner spot in this mist. It even gradually filled again with thick mist in the next moment. Wang Pan couldn’t help but become startled.

Zhang Yan secretly chuckled, although the Billows Cloud Secret Manual’s qi refining technique was inferior, but its qi manipulation technique was very powerful. Could it be even blown off by a strand of impure qi? Moreover, he still had Pure Yang spiritual qi in his body, making his body lighter than a feather while he could also ride the fog to fly to the sky at any time. After he seized the impregnable position, Wang Pan must lose today!

The only thing that astonished him was just that Wang Pan’s impure qi unexpectedly had a trace of Golden Fire qi. Although it couldn’t be compared to the Evil Fire qi, but its pure essence had been condensed, and it seemed that Wang Pan’s meridian’s type was neither a metal nor a fire type. Zhang Yan secretly mused, “No wonder this person dares to accept the challenge and come to my island. He does have something to rely on.”


Wang Pan repeatedly blew several breaths again and again, but the mist continuously gathered on the dispersing spot. He immediately felt that it would be troublesome and suddenly thought, “Could it be that this Zhang Yan is only delaying time as to wait for the Golden Fire Blazing Inferno’s rising time to damage my spiritual qi? Humph, perhaps his Senior Brother Ning has taught him some methods since he isn’t afraid of the Evil qi. But he doesn’t know that my meridian’s type is the high-grade Fire-type and doesn’t fear such kinds of intense fire qi.”


But he didn’t have the patience to continue wasting time and energy for Zhang Yan as his eyes shifted and shouted, “Zhang Yan if you are clever then take the initiative to admit defeat and resign your true disciple position to me. I will comply with my previous promise, so you can avoid having a sorrowful life. What say you?”

After a moment, Zhang Yan’s answer transmitted through the fog, “We both had reached this point of life and death struggle, more talk is useless.”


“Found you!” A ferocious expression filled Wang Pan as he yelled, “Go!” The Sound Flying Sword in his hand shot through, leaving only a strand of red light as it instantly flew and soared to the direction where Zhang Yan’s voice came.

Zhang Yan actually could clearly see it inside the fog as he smiled in his heart and mused, “It’s precisely what I want you to do!” His wrist flicked as a cloud-like pattern pen brush slid out from his sleeve and was flung to the air.

The menacing flying sword rushed over and whistled in front of Zhang Yan, but the scarlet-colored pen brush at his side firmly greeted it. When the pen’s tip nailed a little bit of the sword blade, the sword’s red-colored layer aura was instantly eliminated it. It then revolved around the sword and brushed over the sword’s Soulblood imprint. The sword immediately dimmed and fell down from the air.


Zhang Yan stretched his hand out and received it in his left hand, whilst his other hand received the Fate Decree Pen as he then smiled and spoke, “Senior Brother Wang, I’m really sorry, I’ve been disrespectful.”

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