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Volume 2, Chapter 6 – Wang Pan Sends the Deathmatch Challenge Letter

Scarlet Cloud Island, the Wang Family’s Immortal Cave.


“Good, as I’ve expected, this girl finally couldn’t bear it anymore. So, I must help her.”


Wang Pan’s tall body rose, as he threw the letter in his hand, it hit a long table with a high “snapped” sound. Brilliance radiated from his eyes with a facial expression full of excitement. His look was rough and heroic, as a thorn-like mustache and a beard was grown on his face. His stature was tall and strong and didn’t resemble a usual and ordinary cultivator at all, as he was standing with such a bearing and imposing manner that could compel others.

A youth cultivator sitting on the same table chuckled, “It’s only a fairy maiden, is she really worthy of Junior Brother’s heart?”

This youth’s name was Feng Zhen, and he was from the prominent Feng Family in the Great Eastern Continent. He and Wang Pan were under the tutelage of Du De.


Wang Pan looked at him as he sat down and picked up a glass of wine, and then played with the glass in his hands, “Senior Brother, you are from the Feng Family, how would you even know the difficulties of the ones who come from small families.”


The Azure Ocean Sect, until now, had approximately 10,000 recorded disciples, 5 Great Clans, 12 Great Mansions, 46 Prestigious Houses, 200 Prominent Families, and 3,000 Flourishing Lineages. While more than half of the Azure Ocean Sect’s force was constituted from ancient families. Apart from these, there were still the descendants of the declining families known as the “Waning List”. And cultivators such as Zhang Yan’s humble origin, were at most being called as “ordinary people”, which was simply unworthy to be put in the eyes of these families.


Although the ancient families’ reputation were illustrious, eminent, and unattainable, beside the Great Clans and the Great Courts, the rest of the families’ rising or declining prestige was just a common and routine matter. The Feng and Du families were of the 12 Giant Mansions and had been illustrious for thousands of years, while Wang Pan came from the Wang Family that had only recently entered the rank of Prominent Families. However, for some unknown reasons, since several Primordial Nascent Soul cultivators emerged one after another from his family, it enabled them to barely enter the rank of Prominent Families.


Feng Zhen was quite puzzled as he asked, “She’s only a trivial woman, how would she be able to help Junior Brother Wang’s cultivation?”


Wang Pan chuckled and smiled, “Since Senior Brother has been practicing since childhood in the Hornless Dragon Island; therefore, you didn’t know that these fairy maidens originally were maidservants under the Four Dao Masters’ Immortal Caves. If one were to be recognized by their Masters, not only would they be tied as their Dao companion, they could have their support. The benefits are countless, and not only could they enter the Sect’s Library Vaults to borrow profound manuals three times, but they can also use the Great Waterfall Heavenly Qi to cleanse their mortal body, and were furthermore bestowed a year’s time to practice in a Dao Master’s Immortal Cave. Including seeking advice from a cultivation’s difficult points from the Dao Masters. With all of these benefits, what reasons do I have to let go of this chance?”


As he spoke up to there, a trace of ambiguous expression surfaced on his face, as he continued speaking, “Besides, this woman is really beautiful and her stature is graceful and fascinating. Everyone knows that this Wang Pan is very fond of gorgeous things. Even if she was not of any use, being a pleasure companion isn’t that bad either.”


Feng Zhen suddenly realized. He picked a cup of wine and drained it, nodding his head.


He originally thought that, although his Junior Brother Wang’s appearance was rough and fierce, he was not reckless and someone that was driven by impulse. His mind would absolutely not be easily bewitched by a woman. And now, he was aware that his true intentions were caused by these reasons.


Wang Pan put down the wine cup in his hand as he ordered the servant to bring two sheets of silk paper. He took a pen brush, dipped it into the ink and finished a piece of letter in one go, after which he put it into a bamboo tube with a different black and red-colored rope. After pasting it with sealing wax, he then called a warrior, with two different black and red rope knots. He then turned and called a warrior named Fan Jiang, handed the tubes and spoke, “You are to deliver these two letters to Zhang Yan’s Immortal Cave. First, give this black knotted letter. If he doesn’t receive it, then give him the red one. Go now!”


The warrior then quickly left.


Feng Zhen’s curiosity seemed to be perked up as he asked, “I thought Junior Brother would directly fight him, but you wrote two letters just now, why did you do that?”

Wang Pan laughed and said, “This Zhang Yan is a true disciple and has just entered the Upper Court for two months. So what advancement in his practice could there be? Wouldn’t I be losing my reputation if I gambled to fight him? The first letter says that if he accepts to exchange the woman with Dao manuals and concocted pills, then I would invite him here to have an amiable chat and entertain him with wine. Thus, we would avoid the fight. The other letter was a challenge to have a deathmatch. Should he refuse my open and generous offer, then he must have a deathmatch duel with me to see which one of us could hold and hug the beauty.”

Feng Zhen clapped his hands and exclaimed, “Junior Brother really has good means. Firstly, you show your prestige and generosity and then follow up with strong and fierce moves. Zhang Yan wouldn’t have any choice but to give in!”


Wang Pan laughed endlessly, although he said those words, but in his heart, he actually had his own calculations. He had received a letter from Tang Yan and if he visited straightly and killed him, he would have lost his reputation; which would also be a bit too excessive. And secondly, he was afraid to provoke Ning Chongxuan. Therefore, he must first make some preparations. It would be for the best if Zhang Yan agreed to have an exchange with concocted pills, but had Zhang Yan refuse, he would also have an excuse to ignite some troubles.


After that, the warrior—Fan Jiang—went out, he quickly drove the flying ship and headed straight to Spirit Leaf Island and arrived on the sky above the island. Upon seeing the island’s Restrictive Seal was active with its Killing Array intact all over the island, he didn’t dare to boldly intrude this island and shouted in the clouds, “Young Master Zhang, my Master specially commanded this servant to come here and deliver letters.”


Zhang Yan has been spending a month practicing and gradually produced 3 strands of pure spiritual qi. But to achieve the First Stage of Radiant Qi Realm, he needed to refine 81 strands of pure spiritual qi to break through the barrier.


In accordance with his present speed, he would almost need two years by practicing in his Blessed Land’s Immortal Cave, coupled with his incessantly Great Prime Pills’ consumption. But he was also perfectly aware that he could have this pace due to his peerless cultivation law. Had it been for ordinary disciples, even if they spent 3 to 5 years, they might not even be able to refine their first pure spiritual qi.


And in order to avoid Ning Chongxuan from seeing any holes, he also carried out the method in the Billows Cloud Secret Manual and had produced 12 strands of Billows Cloud pure qi. However, this qi couldn’t be compared to the pure Yang spiritual qi as he could immediately distinguish these two qis. Not only was this Billows Cloud qi mixed with impurities, but it was also void and lacking in strength. So how could it have the majestic aura of the pure Yang spiritual qi that soared straight into the sky?

Therefore, he was disinclined to practice it, and simply threw this qi to his Dantian and didn’t manage it.


At this moment, his daily practice time had not yet arrived, and he was sitting in meditation in his Immortal Cave as he suddenly heard someone shout his name. He went out of his Immortal Cave and saw a flying ship in mid-air. He then looked up and asked, “Who is your family’s master?”


The warrior replied, “My Master is Wang Pan, a junior of the Boundless Shore’s Wang Family. He’s practicing in the Scarlet Cloud Island 300 lis (150 km) from here, which also could be regarded as Young Master Zhang’s neighbor.”


Zhang Yan’s heart was slightly moved, he also heard about a lot of ancient families’ news from Ai Zhongwen. The Boundless Shore’s Wang Family had been in the limelight for the past several years. And he also mentioned about the rising star of the family—Wang Pan. These ancient families’ juniors had always been disregarding his “ordinary people” origin and he usually had no contact with each other. But today, how would this Wang Pan suddenly send people to deliver letters?


He took out the Token Seal and shut the Restrictive Seal so the warrior on top of the cloud could descend and land.


The warrior landed the flying ship as he immediately cupped his hand and handed a bamboo tube with a black-colored knot to Zhang Yan and respectfully spoke, “This is the letter from my Master.”


Zhang Yan casually received it and didn’t even flinch. He opened the letter and read that Wang Pan’s first words actually placed accounts as to confess his cultivation level and his origin. After that, the tone in the letter turned into a story as to how he and Tang Yan had long been acquainted and heard that she was in the Spirit Leaf Island and it was against her wishes. Therefore, he intended to take her to cultivate at his side. He was also willing to put out 100 bottles of top grade concocted pills and 2 pieces of flexible golden flying swords for the exchange.


After reading this letter, Zhang Yan suddenly understood the other party’s intentions.


Tang Yan was but actually useless to him. He also thought that the exchange was also quite good. However, when the letter arrived today, he then understood Ning Chongxuan’s intention.


This was to let him choose “the camp where he would stand”. If he were to comply with this condition and compromise with the ancient families’ juniors, then from now on, Ning Chongxuan would never pay any attention to him anymore. Since he had no roots in the Sect, coupled with the amiable manner and good treatment from Ning Chongxuan; therefore, not only would he not comply with this condition, but he also must send out a clear rejection.


Zhang Yan put down the letter, and spoke with casual facial expression, “I’m perfectly aware of the meaning of Senior Brother Wang, but what he says in the letter is a bit too excessive and rather using someone else’s power to oppress others. Although this Zhang Yan has just opened his own meridians, I also have dignity and pride. I’ve never feared the rich and powerful families. Tang Yan has already been bestowed to me, of which, is my private matter. And as to how I deal with her, what rights does he have to meddle with it? Tell him to mind his own business!”


The warrior’s facial expression slightly changed. He put his hand on his waist and took out a red knotted bamboo tube. Delivered it before Zhang Yan, he spoke, “My Master said that, had Young Master Zhang not agreed, then please read this letter.”


“Oh?” Zhang Yan received and opened it. After reading it for a short while, he let out a cold snort. This Wang Pan actually used courtesy first to then use force to strike!


This was the challenge duel letter. It said that, if Zhang Yan didn’t accept his good intentions then he asked Zhang Yan to select the time for a duel, and then he will come to fulfill the appointment. After which, would decide Tang Yan’s ownership. Had Zhang Yan refused to fight, he could hide like a faint-hearted turtle in his island, so as to avoid that he would be ridiculed when he came out later.


Zhang Yan sneered and spoke to the warrior, “You, wait a moment.”


He shifted over to Immortal Cave as he took the pen brush on the table and wrote several words on paper. He went out and gave it to the warrior while speaking, “Convey my message to your Noble Master, I heard that your Master’s Scarlet Cloud Immortal Cave is a Pure Manor grade and has outstanding scenery with abundant spiritual qi. Three days from now I intend to take it into my pouch. And since your Master Wang is willing to come and send it to my door, then I think that it would be impolite to refuse the offer.”


That warrior was startled first, and then after he figured out the meaning of Zhang Yan’s words, he didn’t care about his status again and simply wanted to jump up and let out cursing words, “Extremely arrogant!!!” A mere opened meridians cultivator was so blatantly daring, as not to put on eyes for a cultivator who was about to enter the Third Stage of Radiant Qi Realm!


Zhang Yan ignored his state of mind as he minded their own thoughts. He then spoke a few words with an icy tone, “Words have been spat out, and since you’re unwanted here, why don’t you buzz off quickly? I will activate the Restrictive Seal to practice. If you delay any longer, you will be unable to leave.”


How would this warrior dare to stay any longer? He hastily rushed over and flew the flying ship, turned around above Spirit Leaf Island and went back to send the reply letter to Wang Pan.

As Wang Pan opened the letter, he immediately saw two bright red words “Deathmatch Challenge” written on it, making his eyelids twitched.

The Azure Ocean Sect encouraged its inner disciples to challenge true disciples. This custom was called as “Duel Challenge”, and the loser would either lose some concocted pills or Spirit Shellfishes to the victor. They would also be bestowed some form of rewards and might be obtained standard treatment from the Sect if they won the duel.


However, the “Deathmatch Challenge” was different. In case that the challenged true disciple was defeated, his Immortal Cave and his true disciple’s qualification would be taken away by the victor. However, it was also the same with the challenger disciple, should he lose, not only would his life be at the disposal of the opposite party, but his Immortal Cave, including all of his possessions, would be owned by the opposite party.


Once a “Deathmatch Challenge” was sent out, it wouldn’t end until one of the parties died!


Wang Pan was originally worried since Zhang Yan had only just crossed the threshold, of which, due to the gap of their cultivation level, he could have activated his island’s Restrictive Seal and Formation Array to avoid the fight. This would leave him no means to take him away, and would only cause insignificant damage to Zhang Yan’s reputation. Therefore, in the first letter, he was goading and taunting him to initiatively take action. But he did not expect that even though Zhang Yan’s cultivation was not high, but his heart was fierce and brave. It was needless to say that he had a distinct and unusual lofty spirit.

Wang Pan snorted and said, “What else did that young boy Zhang Yan say?”


The warrior replied, “Zhang Yan said, three days later, he will be waiting for Master in his Spirit Leaf Island.”


Wang Pan was stunned as he lifted his face upwards and laughed wildly, “Zhang Yan, had you not taken up the challenge, I’d have no means to take you on. But since you accepted the challenge, you actually court your own destruction. Others might fear the Golden Phoenix Blazing Inferno on your island, but I’m not afraid! This time, I will just take your Blessed Land away and seize your beautiful woman. Henceforth, I will be a true disciple and enjoy all the benefits bestowed by the Sect.”


He thought in his heart, “I already have 35 strands of impure spiritual qi in my chest, and then after I’m able to achieve 36 strands of qi, by that time, I could swallow the Hornless Dragon Life Pills bestowed by Master. And hopefully, I will enter the Third Stage of Radiant Qi Realm—the Heavenly Rain Subduing’. At present, since it’s necessary to deal with Zhang Yan, I suppose it would be fine to postpone it first and wait until I have dealt with this person and then carry out the plan!”


Since he had decided, he then took a pen and ink and brush to write his reply. Afterward, he gave it to the warrior and said, “You give this reply to Zhang Yan. Tell him that this Wang Pan would definitely come three days later at the appointment time to have a deathmatch with him.”

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