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Volume 2, Chapter 37 — Killing the Demon and Seizing the Stele, Xie Family Gifting the Flood Dragon

Xie Zongyuan sneered coldly when he saw that Fang Zhen was leaving. He didn’t want to express his feeling in words and instead lifted his hand as a white light then flew from his sleeve and went straight toward the Azure Ocean Sect’s direction.


He turned his head and looked at Zhang Yan. He cupped his hands over and spoke, “Thank you, Senior Brother. However, without magical treasures, we cannot handle this Demon. Even if you remain here, you would only endanger your life. It would be best for you to leave sooner.”


Zhang Yan looked at the front. It seemed that the 2 Profound Light Realm cultivators were in a dire situation facing the strike of the beast-marked broadsword by Qu Chang. They seemed to be unable to resist much longer. He then spoke, “Thank you, Senior Brother. If you’re also leaving now, you too still have the opportunity.”


Xie Zongyuan gently smiled and replied, “I am a Junior from the rich and well-known Xie Family. I couldn’t be just like Fang Zhen—that lowly person to escape. If I were to die now, there would be someone from my family that will avenge me. Never will I ever shame my family reputation. Senior Brother doesn’t need to worry about me. Please leave quickly!”

Luo Xiao softly spoke, “Master, that Xie Zongyuan has used the Decree Talisman to summon his family’s expert. So he has someone to rely on.”


Zhang Yan slightly shook his head and said, “That master wouldn’t be able to arrive here in such a short time. He really doesn’t need to perform such a useless act. However, this Xie Zongyuan’s courage is really true.”


His sight then shifted at the trembling Suppressing Sea Stele and asked, “Fellow Daoist Luo, what kind of treasure is that, to be able to block the Suppressing Sea Stele?”


Luo Xiao said, “Master, that Suppressing Sea Stele is only a superior grade Spiritual Device, and its might is not under the Spirit Breaker Ink-Stone. The treasure that is able to resist it, I fear that would be an Esoteric Device.”

“Ah, an Esoteric Device?”


Zhang Yan slightly squinted his eyes. He had a lot of Spiritual Devices, but having none of such Esoteric Device. He secretly pondered, “I must not miss this. I need to find a way to snatch it.”

With this thought in mind, he then thought, “I can tell that this Xie Zongyuan has also quite a good personality. He didn’t even panic in this kind of chaotic situation. The 2 of us must be able to kill Qu Chang and then snatch his Esoteric Device, as well as make Xie Zongyuan owe us a favor at the same time and befriend him.”

The following situation became more and more critical. Qu Chang’s anger after being suppressed by the Sea Suppressing Stele had yet to get vented, and he refused to let Xie Zongyuan leave. The moment one of the 2 Profound Light cultivators moved to the side and dodged, he slashed his broadsword and cut his arm as his foot then kicked him. Following that, he took the advantage to trample on his chest as his profound light protective layer then broke, causing his breastbone to be broken as he spurted out blood.

The two of them originally were only barely able to stop him, and at this moment, there was only one remaining. The last Profound Light cultivator was now in a precarious and helpless situation. He had neither magical treasures nor a superior cultivation technique. Obstructing Qu Chang for a while was the best thing he could do.

Qu Chang swung his blade and forced him to retreat backward a few steps. Shortly after, after striding forward and simply ignoring a dozen of warriors as if they were nothing, as he hit them over, immediately the carnage of blood and a foul stench rained down.


The moment he was about to cut the last warrior in front of Xie Zongyuan, suddenly a blue light flew and stroke at his eyes. As though he had predicted it, Qu Chang subconsciously shifted his head to the side and “pop”, his forehead was pierced as his blood suddenly flowed down, causing his vision to be blurred.


Qu Chang shouted loudly as his hand moved fast and tried to catch it.


He didn’t think that the blue light would turn around from his hand and shoot at his neck with a hissing sound. His neck was pierced, and a shallow hole was created as blood then flowed afterward. In a continual rotation, the blue light moved in the air and shot at his eyes. Qu Chang let out a strange yell again as he used his hand to protect his eyes and retreated for a dozen steps. Only then was he able to avoid the harassment attack.

The blue light leaped up to the air and flew back into Zhang Yan’s hand.


He couldn’t help but nod. This sword bullet was indeed refined from Star Essence Sand. Even though he didn’t use magical treasures, this Sword Bullet could have been able to kill the enemy at the scene had it not been for his current cultivation base still being low; of which only caused the enemy to get injured like now.

Qu Chang wiped the blood on his face. He looked up and glanced angrily at Zhang Yan. He roared loudly and suddenly soared and rushed at him with his broadsword. A grayish light swept over; however, the small talisman used to suppress the Sea Suppressing Stele also flew back to his body.


Zhang Yan revealed a faint smile as he quickly steered his flying ship and turned away. He could see that a moment ago, although this Demon Carp’s body was full of strength, his eyes were a bit sluggish and looked slightly confused. He only acted based on his instinct. Besides, he also planned to flee for a while, and Qu Chang was not necessarily able to fly faster than his flying ship. Zhang Yan only wanted to lure him out to a desolate place and deal with him with magical treasures there.

After Qu Yue’s offspring was lured by Zhang Yan, Xie Zongyuan still looked composed in this situation. He raised his hand, summoning the Suppressing Sea Stele and received it. With this magical treasure back into his hand, he couldn’t help but feel slightly safer and had some assurances.


The last Profound Light cultivator rushed over him and spoke anxiously, “Fourth Young Master, since that person has lured away that Demon cultivator, you don’t need to stay here anymore. It’s better for you to leave quickly!”

Xie Zongyuan coldly stared at him and snorted, “I have sent a signaling symbol. Someone must be rushing over here now. So why should I fear this Demon? Besides, this Senior Brother Zhang Yan took the risk to brave the danger for me. How can I abandon him and repay him with such an attitude? Do you think I’m such a degenerate fool like Fang Zhen?”


He was a Xie Family’s member. How could he directly leave after somebody helped him out of danger? If this kind of act were to be transmitted outside, wouldn’t it be the same as giving himself reason to be sneered at?

Upon seeing such a sharp and cold stare, the cultivator didn’t dare to speak anymore and quickly retreated.


Zhang Yan continued his hit-and-run tactic and repeatedly used his Sword Bullet to harass and provoke Qu Chang as he lured him deeper toward the Lesser Waves Mountain. After a short while, he then arrived at a dense and lush forest.

A black light suddenly flew out from his sleeve as Luo Xiao than came out behind him. She looked around for a moment before she whispered, “Master, we can act here.”


Sparks flashed in Zhang Yan’s eyes. He nodded and quickly handed Spirit Breaker Ink-Stone and Fate Decree Pen to Luo Xiao. He then steered the flying ship down.


Upon seeing it, Qu Chang howled and also rushed downward quickly.


As Zhang Yan’s fingers pointed, the Star Sword Bullet flew forward. Qu Chang, who had experienced the loss, quickly lifted his hand and protected his face. Zhang Yan immediately smiled as he used a multi colored big hammer and then threw it to the air.


Qu Chang’s vision suddenly was obstructed. He had yet to guard against anything as his ears could only hear an explosive sound. “Boom”, the Purple Core Hammer powerfully hit his head. His vision turned dark in an instant as his body straightly fell down from the air. After having been crushed down roughly through several thick trees’ branches, he then fell to the ground.


Zhang Yan didn’t stop as his flung his sleeve and an azure light directly soared and shot forward straight to his throat.


The moment the Divine Shuttle was sent out, a sharp sensation exuded as its killing intent to devour life soared. At this crucial moment of life and death, Qu Chang’s eyes seemed to have sobered slightly. He was able to reluctantly block it with his hand. “Puff”, a muffled piercing sound was heard as his thick arm was pierced by the Divine Shuttle for several inches before it then stopped.

Zhang Yan quickly formed a secret seal and summoned it back. A shower of blood spurted out as the Divine Shuttle flew back to him. Never once had he ever thought that the Divine Shuttle would be unable to cut the enemy’s hand.


He slightly frowned. This was the first time he encountered a situation where the Divine Shuttle failed to strike the enemy and injure. It seemed like his cultivation base was still unable to completely use the Divine Shuttle’s formidable might.

Having repeatedly gotten hit, Qu Chang’s mind was drowsy. But when he was about to get up, he suddenly sensed an intense danger coming fast at him. A cloud-patterned scarlet pen silently appeared and brushed at him. His body suddenly turned stiff as he frantically threw the small talisman. Just like the previous scene with the Suppressing Sea Stele, the Fate Decree Pen was also unable to move and hovered in place.

However, he didn’t have the time to even breathe. As Zhang Yan quickly raised his hand, the Purple Heart Core Hammer then flew toward him lightning fast. Qu Chang roared loudly and half sat as he swiftly lifted his broadsword in one hand to keep it off. But because he only used one hand to strike, his power was insufficient, and his butt was pressed to the ground. “Clang”, the beast-marked broadsword was then knocked out of his hands and flew out.

The moment the Divine Weapon in his hands was gone, Qu Chang was like a tiger that lost its fang. Luo Xiao didn’t want to miss this chance as her fingers formed a secret seal. The Spirit Breaker Ink-Stone rose to the air and crushed down toward Qu Chang.


Seeing the sky above him turned dark, Qu Chang looked up and saw a 50-feet gigantic ink-stone, as though mountain was looming over him. He shouted and blocked it with his 2 hands and braced the impact. He presumptuously thought that his 2 arms would be able to block this ink-stone.


When Zhang Yan saw it, he couldn’t help but shake his head.


A loud “Bang” sounded. The entire forest was as though shaken by an earthquake. Leaves rained down as dust and smoke then bursted upward. There was no movement again from Qu Chang. It seemed that he had been crushed into minced meat.


The moment he died, the piece of seal talisman lost its master and suddenly leaped up as if it would run away. Luo Xiao quickly moved as she rushed over and grabbed it. The talisman struggled to break free. Luo Xiao then shouted in pleasant surprise, “Master, this is really an Esoteric Device. But this treasure already has a trace of spiritual wisdom, and needs to be refined slowly. This can only be used by its master.”


Zhang Yan laughed, “Since it has already fallen to my hand, we need not to hurry for a while. First let’s clean up all the traces here, so nobody from the sect can figure out anything.”


Luo Xiao nodded. She carefully looked around and cleaned up everything as she also picked up that beast-marked broadsword.


Having cleaned up the traces, Luo Xiao transformed into a small snake again and entered Zhang Yan’s sleeve as they then turned around to go back.


Back to the foot of the mountain, Zhang Yan was unable to restrain his astonishment, since he saw that Xie Zongyuan actually did not leave.


However, now Xie Zongyuan was accompanied by a middle-aged cultivator. A brilliant light flashed from this person’s eyes from time to time as his spiritual sense also swept over. There were several wrinkles on his forehead. He also had a big nose which gave off a deep impression. This person presumably was the reinforcement from the Xie Family.

Upon seeing Zhang Yan, Xie Zongyuan’s complexion turned bright and said, “Senior Brother Zhang is safe and sound. I really feel relieved. Where is that Demon cultivator now?”


Zhang Yan shook his head and replied, “I have turned and flew in a few circles in the forest to get rid of him. This demon cultivator’s mind seems to be bewitched and confused. I don’t know where he went afterward.”


A slightly disappointed expression flashed in Xie Zongyuan’s eyes before he coldly snorted, “It’s a pity. If he dares to come back, I will treat him very well.”


The middle aged man at his side then coughed and spoke, “Fourth Young Master, since it’s already fine here, we must go back earlier so as to avoid Second Uncle from getting worried.”


“Please wait a moment, I have something to do. Senior Brother Zhang, please wait a moment also.” Xie Zongyuan waved to the back and said, “Lift it up”. The 10 warriors behind him then stepped forward and carried along the Golden Flood Dragon that was being tied with the Yang Essence Golden Chain.


Xie Zongyuan then walked toward Zhang Yan as he handed it over and spoke with a solemn expression, “Today, Senior Brother Zhang has stayed behind and helped me! I have nothing to give as a thank you. This Golden Flood Dragon is yours! If in the future you need my help, this Xie Zongyuan will do his utmost to help you!”

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