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Volume 2, Chapter 35 — The Xie Family Blocked the Path, The Seized Flood Dragon Demon


Fang Zhen and Feng Ming quickly caught up ahead and repeatedly used the Token Seal to steer the flying ship in the clouds. When the Lesser Waves Mountain was within their sight, suddenly, a flying ship stopped in front of their flying ship, causing them to have no choice but halt.

On the opposite flying ship, a Radiant Qi Realm cultivator stood as he cupped his hands over and spoke, “Several Senior Brothers, please stop!”


Fang Zhen’s brows frowned as he spoke, “Who are you, what’s the meaning of this act?”


The cultivator looked calm and replied, “My Family’s 4th Young Master is still suppressing the Demon Race’s troops ahead. Rather than having the evildoers slip from the net and injure cultivators from the same school, the 4th Young Master commands me to stay guard here to welcome all Senior Brothers. He asks all Senior Brothers to stop here and wait for the 4th Young Master to finish and meet everyone.”

“Fighting evildoers? Do you want to deceive me? You clearly want to monopolize the Flood Dragon Demon!” Fang Zhen sneered and added, “Do you know who I am? I’m the Twilight Fairyland’s Dao Master Yan’s disciple, Fang Zhen. You dare to stop me? Get lost quickly!”


Amongst the 9 Great Fairylands in the Azure Ocean Sect, apart from Dao Master Qin, who was the first female Sect Master whose status was transcendent and had her own territories, the Fairylands itself were divided evenly between the Ancient Families and the Apprenticeship Branches, while Dao Master Yan, the Twilight Fairyland’s Master, was the second person after the Sect Master.

When the cultivator heard this, he couldn’t help but look slightly astounded, but still there was no fear in his eyes. He bowed his body and spoke, “I heard that Dao Master Yan has received a disciple with an outstanding aptitude a month ago; It turns out to be Senior Brother Fang. But my family’s 4th Young Master is surnamed Xie. Presumably, Senior Brother has heard about him.”


“Surnamed Xie? The 4th Young Master?” Fang Zhen’s complexion changed. He then probed further, “Could it be the wealthy and well known Xie Family’s Xie Zongyuan?”


The cultivator nodded with a smile and said, “Precisely.”


Fang Zhen was shocked and hesitated.


The auspicious and peaceful Xie Family was placed second amongst the Great 12 Mansions of the Azure Ocean Sect. They were above the Du Family and second only to the Zheng Family.


Since the Radiant Cloud Shellfish Field was now officially the Azure Ocean Sect’s, the sect then sent disciples to start suppressing all large and small Demon Race tribal troops within its perimeter. Not only was it because of these Demon cultivators’ clans’ wealth, but also their bodies and blood that were treasures for tool refining as well as pill concocting. This was without a doubt a big cake.

Therefore, a lot of Ancient Families didn’t want to fall behind and sent their junior members to snatch for at least some of their interests.

Regarding this matter, this was also related to Zhang Yan. He was the one who brought the agreement document for annexing the Radiant Cloud Shellfish Field for the Azure Ocean Sect. Coupled with the commands for the Three Anchor Lakes’ Demons to not act rashly, the agreement gave the right to the Azure Ocean Sect to have a just excuse to clean up these Demon tribes.


However, the passage to the Radiant Cloud Shellfish Field in the Lesser Waves Mountain was very close to the territory occupied by the Xie Family, thus, for their disciples, they were very familiar with this place.


Fang Zhen was also perfectly aware that this Xie Zongyuan might want to monopolize the Flood Dragon Demon, so he prevented them from entering the site on behalf of suppressing the Demon Race’s clans and tribes.


Although he was a disciple from the Apprenticeship Branches, however, his cultivation base had yet to reach the Profound Light Realm. Even though he was Dao Master Yan’s unofficial disciple, he still had 10 expert Senior Brothers in his branch, while each and every one of them was fiercely competing with each other. So how would he dare to confront such a colossus like the Xie Family?


Seeing the hesitant and shocked expression Fang Zhen had, that cultivator smiled and took out a bottle of concocted pills from his sleeve and threw it at him.


Fang Zhen subconsciously caught it. He looked at and then spoke, “What’s the meaning with this?”


That cultivator replied, “The 4th Young Master has commanded that, if Fairyland Senior Brothers were to arrive, in order to appease their laborious journey, they were to be granted with this bottle of Green Jade Cinder Pills.”


“Oh? Green Jade Cinder Pills?” Fang Zhen was unable to restrain the change on his complexion.


Green Jade Cinder Pills were quite valuable. It was particularly valuable for cultivators who took the “Qi Path”, since taking this pill would purify their qi and promote their cultivation base. Receiving this gift clearly pointed that everyone would at least have a benefit, and hinted that they didn’t need to intervene in handling this Flood Dragon Demon’s issue.


Feng Ming quickly came to his senses and then whispered, “Senior Brother Fang, what should we do now?”


Fang Zhen then muttered irresolutely, “The Xie Family’s might is too powerful. Besides, they are following orders to suppress the demons. What should we do then? It’s better to accept these pills. At least we will not be coming back empty-handed.”


Feng Ming nodded, although a trace of disappointment flashed in his eyes. About this Flood Dragon Demon, Elder Xun himself wrote to him and also implied that it was a test from his branch. If he were to draw back and flinch from this, he would be looked down by Elder Xun. Although he was unwilling, but at this time, he was really helpless and also did not have the sufficient strength.


At this time, that cultivator looked to their back. He pointed and spoke, “Senior Brothers, are you in a group with that person?”


Fang Zhen looked back. He was surprised to see that Zhang Yan was also flying toward this place. A trace of light flashed in his eyes, “This person is not a good one. He is called Zhang Yan, a true disciple. He is usually domineering. You have to be careful of him.”


“Ah, a true disciple?” That cultivator was greatly startled. His complexion turned quite solemn as he then took the initiative to greet Zhang Yan.


Fang Zhen then turned around and stared. He was expecting that Zhang Yan would make some trouble. It was even better if he clashed with the opposite party. Had this person succeeded, he could fish in troubled waters. However, to his disappointment, Zhang Yan only smiled and accepted a bottle of Green Jade Cinder Pills from the respectful cultivator. It seemed like he had no interest to compete for the Flood Dragon Demon.

Zhang Yan was actually laughing in his heart. This Green Jade Cinder Pill was but a concocted pill of which the formula was only passed secretly, even the Alchemy Pavilion had none of them. Besides, his true intention was not to compete for the Flood Dragon demon. But seeing that the other party seemed to fear that he would be angry and also gave a careful explanation, he was also glad to accept it.


He was, in fact, secretly wondering. This Xie Zongyuan could be said to have dominated this area. He could have ignored other people. But this person’s conduct was worlds apart compared with the other Ancient Families’ disciples. Despite the fact that he could swallow the Flood Dragon Demon by himself, he was rather giving, causing others not to feel antipathy toward him.


He looked around to see, and saw that beneath the Lesser Waves Mountain, almost hundreds of disciples of the Azure Ocean Sect were already rushing over to this place. It seemed that they also had heard about this Flood Dragon Demon and came for it.


At this time, a group of people walked down the mountain road.


A young cultivator, who wore a crown and noble-like attire, walked in front. 4 Profound Light Realm cultivators were guarding him with 2 on each side. More than a hundred warriors were also following behind him.

In the middle of his troop, more than 10 warriors were carrying a creature 5 feet in length with a hornless head and golden-colored body that had 4 claws on its feet. The Flood Dragon Demon looked extremely ferocious with its glare, as its body was wrapped tight with a Golden Yang Cloud chain as it constrained its True Primordial Qi, which caused it to look dispirited and listless.

The Azurewood Mountain Range was one of the 10 big spirit holes in the world and had a rich spiritual qi, which often attracted evil spirits and demons to change their shape. However, by doing this, they were also taking huge risks; such as this Flood Dragon Demon. Since it failed to transform its shape, it couldn’t guarantee its own life and was caught by a human, who sealed its fate to be a slave or servant in the future.


When Fang Zhen saw this Flood Dragon Demon, he subconsciously shouted, “It’s actually a Golden Flood Dragon, an ancient and unusual race!”


The young cultivator heard his shout and then looked up. Seeing Fang Zhen, he laughed, “It turns out to be Senior Brother Fang. I heard that you have been accepted as an unofficial disciple of Dao Master Yan, the Twilight Fairyland’s Master. How come you have free time to come out now?”


Fang Zhen’s lips twitched before he ridiculed, “I heard that this Flood Dragon Demon has failed to transform its shape. I originally came here to capture and kill it, and record myself a meritorious deed. But thankfully, Senior Brother Xie has acted quickly.”

Xie Zongyuan burst into loud laughter. He bowed toward all directions and spoke, “Fellow Senior Brothers, the Xie Family has stepped a step forward, and we’re very sorry to inform this since we could only compensate you with a few concocted pills. However, for anyone that felt he has been neglected by this one, please wait for this one to return to the family first. This one will surely prepare a generous gift for all of you!”


At this time, everyone had yet to pay any attention to the lake at the East direction of the Lesser Waves Mountain, as it suddenly boiled and bursted out as a black light suddenly bursted out of the water and shot straight to sky.


Zhang Yan suddenly heard Luo Xiao yell out from inside his sleeve, “Master, quickly evade!!!”


Zhang Yan swiftly reacted. He promptly turned his flying ship away. It was very fortunate that he moved in a flash as the black light in the sky suddenly swept over above his head and crushed down. “BANG!” the flying ship beside his was hit even before the cultivator on it could have enough time to even yell. Bloody rain suddenly fell down from the sky everywhere.

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