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Volume 2, Chapter 33 — The Third Stage of the Radiant Qi Realm, Refining The Profound Cloud Sand

At first, Zhang Yan wanted to refine the Sword Bullet, but he didn’t expect that his qi circulation would suddenly move at this time. The opportunity to breakthrough into the Third Stage was imminent.


But the more he walked, the more he had to be patient. There mustn’t be the slightest bit of agitation or restlessness. Firstly, he asked Luo Xiao to guard outside his Immortal Cave’s and close the door, collecting his mind and soul, and finally submersing his consciousness into his own body.


Originally, the last strand of spiritual qi was already gathered, and at this time, the heavens had helped and the time had come. He must take this opportunity well and then move smoothly and unobstructed, all the way.


At this moment, his mind was calm and sober, while the 2 kinds of qi were like they had been enlarged by countless of times. A tiny bit of them reflected out in his consciousness. He could clearly see that these 2 kinds of qi were in the middle of harmonizing with each other, while also turning over to become one with his Primordial Qi.

But fusing even one strand of qi was but unexpectedly long.

After a full 5 days and nights, a loud crashing sound was transmitted into his mind. The qi in his body surged up and rushed up all over his body. It was as if something was being linked up to the deepest parts of his body. As he looked again towards his Dantian, he could see that all 81 threads of spiritual qi were converged as it revolved and circled around.


He had yet to carefully examine it when all the spiritual qi suddenly vibrated as it surged up and rose to the air, overflowing through his mouth, nose, and eyes, and then floated above his head. Forming a one mu-size large primal chao cloud as it wriggled, boiled, and surged.


He could feel that these clouds were devouring all the spiritual qi in the heaven and earth with all of its might and was using the spiritual qi to grow itself unceasingly.

At this time, whether it was the energy from the Golden Phoenix Blazing Inferno, the Evil Qi from the Earth’s abyss, the water from the lake, mountain, or the life force from the forest, all were being sucked and became a part of it.

With the passage of time, the clouds gradually changed. The originally thin and sluggish state became thicker and solid, whilst it can faintly be seen that it was on the verge of transformation.


At this time, a deafening explosion sound struck in Zhang Yan’s ears, as if it was a thunderbolt while drops of essences that were like raindrops, gently fell down from the layers of clouds. The moment these raindrops touched his body, it seeped into his pores whilst the majority had fallen onto his head and directly entered his body as it slowly sank into his Dantian.

Zhang Yan was aware that this step was called as the “Heavenly Gate Opening”. From now on, his qi was linked with the spiritual qi of Heaven and Earth. He wouldn’t have to refine the Golden Phoenix Blazing inferno again and could directly refine the Pure and Impure Spiritual Qi.

Even if in the future, these 81 strands of spiritual qi would be consumed in a fight against the enemy, as long as there was one strand of spiritual qi left, he didn’t have to practice and refine it again from the beginning, since he would be able to draw and attract the world’s spiritual qi. Thus, he would be able to cultivate and practice again in a very short time.

However, with the opening of the Heavenly Gate, it would also give birth to various mixed and dark energies. Not only would these mixed energies enter the Heavenly Gate, they would also attract spiritual qi from the outside world. As it contained impurities, it also would also add filth and impurities to his body. If cultivators had no concocted pills to alleviate this predicament, his base would not be smooth and those mixed qi would merge into his spiritual qi, causing his qi to be impure, finally creating a barrier in his future cultivation.


Zhang Yan didn’t dare to hesitate. He immediately took a Dragonet Life Pill that he robbed from Wang Pan from his sleeve pouch and swallowed it.


It was quite difficult to concoct Dragonet Life Pills. Even the Alchemy Pavilion had set a fixed quota for it. Had it not been that Zhang Yan already took these pills from Wang Pan, he would have to wait for another year for the next batch quota.

When the pill entered his stomach, it really suppressed all kinds of foul qi immediately, causing his qi to revolve and circulate, cleansing the filthy and foul energies as it was excreted it out through the pores all over his body. After all 81 strands of spiritual qi were circulated, all the meridian channels in his body also had been washed clean as the Dragonet Life Pill’s efficacy was also completely used up.

By now, Zhang Yan could feel that his breath became clear and pure. It was as if a boulder that was pressed onto his chest had been removed. A burst of ease and comfort filled his mind and soul. He knew that he had entered the Third Stage of the Radiant Qi Realm —the “Heavenly Rain Subduing”.

The only thing left was the sticky substances on his back that gave him a discomforting feeling. It was the mixed and filthy substances from the qi that had been discharged out. He immediately got up and then jumped into the hot spring water in his Immortal Cave, and slowly washed the filth from his body.

While looking at the steam in the air, he deeply pondered, “Although I have reached the Third Stage of the Radiant Qi Realm, but compared to cultivators who had condensed their Profound Light Seed, I’m still worse a level. There are still 2 years left till the Sect’s Big Competition. All the disciples from various pavilions and peaks would gather at that time. There will be a lot of outstanding disciples at that event, so I absolutely mustn’t slack off.”

After the Third Stage of the Radiant Qi Realm, had one been unable to condense his own Profound Light Seed, no matter how hard he practiced and cultivated, it would be useless, since his cultivation base wouldn’t be improved even in the slightest.

But if one wanted to condense his Profound Light Seed, then he must first obtain a piece of Cloud Sandstone and refine it in his sea of qi.

The Cloud Sandstone was one level higher compared to the Five Elements Divine Sand, and could only be found in a place rich with spiritual qi. After the Five Elements Divine Sand had undergone tens of thousands of years of evolution, it would then evolve into a Spirit Stone. There were a dozen places with such spirit stones in the Wild Dragon Great Lake, and Third Stage of the Radiant Qi Realm disciples were able to enter and search for these stones there.


Zhang Yan pondered, “I don’t know which one amongst these dozen places has an outstanding prescription. I think it’s better for me to go and ask Senior Brother Zhou, since he has been in the Sect for several hundreds of years. With his experience and knowledge, I think he knows a bit about it.”

After having washed his body, he felt refreshed. He got up and put on the Brilliant Daoist Robe given by the Water State’s Royal Sovereign. He went out of his Immortal Cave and then talked with Luo Xiao for a short while before he released a flying ship and drove it toward the Alchemy Pavilion.


Since he was already familiar with the road, it took only a short while to fly over to the vast lake as he drifted over the Alchemy Pavilion and every main hall, and then landed near a fishing boat.

After he officially notified the child servant on duty at the door, he then entered the attic. He saw Zhou Chongju standing before the windows with hands on top of it. He sighed, “Junior Brother Zhang, you’ve only just crossed the threshold in less than a year, but you are already at the Third Stage of the Radiant Qi Realm. The Senior’s really has discerning eyes. Your godly talent is truly bestowed by the heavens. We can really hope to have our revenge in the future!”

He turned around, smiled and said, “I was just thinking that you also would come to me soon. Do you want to ask me about the Profound Light Seed’s issues?”


Zhang Yan was slightly astonished and said, “Senior Brother’s guess is wonderful. I indeed came here for that matter.”


Zhou Chongju chuckled and spoke, “According to the Sect’s rules, this Cloud Sand was originally to be searched by Masters for their disciples, but I don’t have it. However, I know of 2 locations to get some.”


Zhang Yan cupped his hands over, saying, “Please tell me, Senior Brother.”


Zhou Chong swung his robe and sat before a case as he stroke his orderly beard and said, “Well, the first place is also still within the Sect, the Inspirational Pavilion. You’re a true disciple, and unlike ordinary disciples, who must search the Cloud Sand by themselves, you can receive one for free. However, the Cloud Sand in the Inspirational Pavilion is also gathered by disciples, so it’s hard to get one or 2 stones with excellent quality, not to mention that it would have long been picked by someone else. As for the rest, even though it can also be used, but compared to the high-grade Cloud Sand, it’s a lot worse. The only better aspect, is that it just only saves a lot of time and effort.”

Zhang Yan gently smiled and said, “Although using it will save time and effort, but the future achievement and progress would surely be mediocre. How about the other one?”


His cultivation practice was based on the “Taiyi Golden Manual”, which was a superior cultivation law. The further he cultivated, the more demanding the requirements for its cultivation. Had he only obtained a mediocre quality Cloud Sand, his strength in the future would be greatly reduced, and he didn’t want to take this path.


Zhou Chongju seemed to have long known his attitude, and it was not strange for him, as he then said, “The other method will be quite dangerous. It depends on your bravery, if you dare to go or not.”


Zhang Yan unexpectedly replied immediately, “Traversing through the Great Dao has always been rough and difficult. How could I fear danger and evade the truth? Senior Brother, please tell me!”


Zhou Chong patted the table as he stood up and said, “Good! Leave through the Azure Ocean Sect’s mountain gate and head all the way to the north. When you reached the Lucid Serene Heavenly Lake, the place is about 300 feet underwater. You’ll find the thing you want there.”

“Lucid Serene Heavenly Lake?” Zhang Yan was slightly surprised and asked, “Is this not one of the Three Anchor Lakes’ demon—Gui Congyao’s territory?”


These 3 lakes were just like their names as they were actually 3 places. Respectively —the Bloodshed Lake, the Surging Waves Lake, and the last one was the Lucid Serene Heavenly Lake.


Gui Congyao was a thousand-year-old turtle that had become a Spirit Turtle. Amongst the Three Masters of the lakes, his cultivation was the most profound and powerful. It was of course extremely dangerous if one wanted to take something from under his eyes.


Zhou Chongju spoke in a solemn tone, “Although this Demon is also one of the 3 Demons, but Gui Congyao has always been unsociable and also has neither followers or disciples. His fondness to rest and sleep is his second nature. As long as you don’t alarm him when you take the Cloud Sand, it would be safe. About your decision, you decide what you think is best.”

Zhang Yan secretly thought deeply. There was still something in his heart, but he didn’t say it. Then, he said goodbye and departed.


After stepping out the door, he smiled. Although Zhou Chongju said that taking this path would be extremely dangerous. But it didn’t stray from his expectation, since he felt that there should be some profound mysteries along with it.


He immediately boarded and drove the flying boat, heading straight for Spirit Leaf Island. All the way through the palace hall within the Alchemy Pavilion and passing by the Hardwood Kind Pavilion, he actually heard voices that he had heard before. Immediately, it sparked his interest, and he drove down his flying ship and landed near the pavilion.

The previous time Zhang Yan came here was when he captured several family members from the Six Rivers Four Islands’ disciples. The child servants on duty quickly recognized him as they greeted him up and saluted. They spoke in succession, “Welcome, Martial Uncle Zhang.”

At this time, inside the Hardwood Kind Pavilion, a girl angrily yelled, “A hundred Spirit Shellfishes usually can be exchanged for 10 Great Prime Pills. How come it’s only 5 now?”


Manager Chao casually answered, “The original price is correct, but Great Prime Pills have always been difficult to concoct. Recently, various peaks and pavilions in the Sect have ordered a larger number of it to train younger generation disciples, causing it to be scarcer. If you don’t take it, it will be taken by other disciples. I advise you to accept the present changes. If you wait a few more days, I’m afraid the price exchange will be lessened.”

Another girl that stood beside this girl, was Qin Nan. She advised, “Senior Sister Wang, come on. Just buy it at 5 and forget it.”

“No can do!” The other girl took out her sleeve, slapped the cabinet and then spoke in rage, “Do you know that I and the Eldest Young Master Cheng from the Six Rivers Four Islands are old friends! Do you want me to call him?”


Manager Chao sneered and spoke, “Even if true disciples from the Six Rivers Four Islands come here, they still must abide by the Alchemy Pavilion’s rules!” He secretly thought to himself, “Do you think it’s still the same as when Dou Ming was still here? I really want to see your expression later.”


The girl that had previously boasted in front of Qin Nan, at the moment couldn’t speak. She suddenly was flushed as she pulled Qin Nan and angrily spoke, “Junior Sister, let’s go! I’ll call the Eldest Young Master to come here. I want to see whether he will be able to bully me when he comes here later!”


A ridiculing expression appeared on Manager Chao’s face. When he was about to tease her, suddenly there were noises from outside. After having carefully listened to it, he was startled and immediately changed his expression into a smiling face. He hurriedly ran, bowed and spoke, “It’s actually Martial Uncle that has come. Excuse this Martial Nephew for not going out to meet you!”

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  1. Zhou Chongju seemed to have long known his attitude, and it was not strange for him, as he then said, “The other method will be quite dangerous. It depends on your bravery, if you dare to go or not.”

    Zhang Yan unexpectedly replied immediately, “Traversing through the Great Dao has always been rough and difficult. How could I fear danger and evade the truth? Senior Brother, please tell me!”

    actually this exchange could have simply been translated as:
    ZC: ’tis dangerous…have you got the balls?
    ZY: b!tch pls, i’m the mc!

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