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Volume 2, Chapter 3: The Golden Phoenix Blazing Inferno with Spiritual Qi Soars To The Heavens


The Immortal Caves were a designation place that was used by cultivators to practice and cultivate. These places were generally divided into “The Fairyland”, “The Blessed Land”, “The Pure Manor”, “The Vigor Mansion,” “The Esoteric Cottage”, and “The Nature Residence”. These were depending on the amount of spiritual qi and its density, as well as separating between the low and top grade. The top grades were the 1st and 2nd-grade Immortal Caves. To put it bluntly, the most inferior grades were The Nature Residence and The Esoteric Cottage. Above were The Vigor Mansion and The Pure Manor, followed by The Blessed Land and the highest one, The Fairyland.


Upon listening to Huang Shouhe’s words, Ling’er’s mouth was about to open and retort, but Zhang Yan quickly waved his hand and stopped her, “Ling’er, you go out first”


At first, Ling’er didn’t want to comply, but as she looked at Zhang Yan’s eyes that faintly swept at her, she couldn’t help but inexplicably tremble, and replied timidly, “Yes.” And reluctantly withdrew.


Zhang Yan turned to Huang Shouhe and said, “I want the Immortal Cave.”


Huang Shouhe stroked his beard as his eyes slanted and glanced at Zhang Yan, “Good, Junior Brother Zhang you understand the custom. I have a 3rd-grade Immortal Cave here, and I’ll give you this Immortal Cave’s Token Seal for you.”


“Hold on.”


Just when Huang Shou was about to turn around, Zhang Yan shouted to stop him as he slowly took a step forward and said with a light smile, “Senior Brother seems to be mistaken. I didn’t mean that I want The Esoteric Cottage or The Nature Residence. What I want is The Blessed Land Immortal Cave.”


“What? The Blessed Land Immortal Cave?”


Huang Shouhe’s complexion instantly sank as he lifted his sleeve and snapped, “You, you’re only a newly opened meridians disciple and just entered the Upper Court, but you want The Blessed Land Immortal Cave? Boastful talk! Do you know that the 1st and 2nd grade Immortal Caves could only be occupied by Dao Masters? Even those Senior Brothers at the Profound Light Realm may not be able to get one, let alone you!”


Zhang Yan’s expression didn’t flinch as he said, “Senior Brother’s words are wrong. Others perhaps may be unable to get one, but I’m originally a disciple from the Lower Court. And since I’ve successfully opened my meridians to ascend the threshold and enter the Upper Court, for me to obtain a Blessed Land’s Immortal Cave is actually reasonable.”


Huang Shouhe calmed himself and coldly spoke, “Even if you are a disciple from the Lower Court and was promoted to the Upper Court, you still have to abide by the rules.”


“Since you mentioned the rules, then, myself would like to ask one thing. Are these rules made by Senior Brother Huang or the Heaven Ascension Pavilion’s rules?”


Zhang Yan sneered in his heart. Could this Huang Shouhe be thinking that, since he had just entered the Upper Court, that he didn’t know anything about it?


These matters about the Upper Court were as not as confidential as practicing cultivation techniques. As early as he had been scheming to enter the Lower Court, he already inquired these regulations clearly and repeatedly asked Ai Zhongwen and the others for advice. He cannot say that he perfectly knew everything, but it also could be said that he was crystal clear about many things. If ones wanted to fool him in this aspect, they must give up this idea!


“This…” Huang Shouhe hesitated, “… This is naturally the Heaven Ascension Pavilion’s rules.”




The table next to Huang Shouhe suddenly broke into pieces as Zhang Yan cranked it up. He could not help but be startled and scared, “What do you want to do?”


Zhang Yan moved two steps forward as his tall stature approached Huang Shouhe and coldly spoke, “Once the Lower Court’s disciples have opened their meridians and enter the Upper Court, they will be a True Disciple. They are qualified to have their Immortal Cave in either The Fairyland or The Blessed Land with thick Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi. This is the rules set by the Azure Ocean Sect. And you, a mere deacon steward, dare to show off and secretly conduct trickeries. Blabber nonsensical words that the Heaven Ascension Pavilion’s rules are bigger than the Sect’s rules. Could it be that you think that I can do nothing to you? Do you think I have no means to “clean the house” for an old deacon like you?”


Huang Shouhe’s hands slightly flicked and trembled as he subconsciously stepped back twice and was barely able to keep his calm, “You sprout out these words to scare me. Can it be even possible that a young small apprenticeship branch’s disciple can “clean the house” on a sect’s elder as you please?”


Zhang Yan nevertheless broke into laughter and said, “I AM a true disciple, let alone the elders, even the Sect’s Master could be dragged to have an audience with in the Palace Hall had he broken the rules! It seems that today Senior Brother Huang is interested in trying the power of the ‘house cleaning’s punishment stick’?”


Upon hearing this, Huang Shouhe was instantly frightened and apprehensive as he secretly complained, ‘The Wang Family’s Fourth Young Master had neither said that this boy’s root is bottomless nor that he was aware of the Upper Court’s internal affairs. Otherwise, how would he understand it clearly?’


The matter with this Immortal Cave was originally deployed as to deceive the ones that were not aware of the circumstances. However, since he had long been a deacon in the Heaven Ascension Pavilion, his conduct method was not something the Wang Family’s Fourth Young Master would be able to compare with, so in case something accidental happened, he had prepared another subsequent plan at hand. And since he realized that he could not contain Zhang Yan with this method, he immediately changed his countenance as he put on a smiling face and said, “Junior Brother, please don’t be so anxious, this poor monk has just remembered that there is a vacant Blessed Land which is perhaps being kept for you. For Junior Brother to take it is very appropriate.”


He stretched his hand into his sleeves and pretended to dig for a while, taking out a piece of a Token Seal to him, “This place is called Spirit Leaf Island, located in southwest direction from the Nine Changes City. This deacon’s child servant would go together with you to this island.”


Zhang Yan accepted it while smiling as he cupped his hands over and said, “Thank you, Senior Brother.”


“Hahaha, Junior Brother, it’s no problem, no problem,” Huang Shouhe and waved his hand repeatedly with a face full of smiles, giving off the appearance that the previous unhappy remarks had long been gone.

Zhang Yan thought for a moment. Although Huang Shouhe had decided to not put out a lower grade Immortal Cave, but happily gave him the Blessed Land grade instead. This meant that he definitely did not know the true reasons. However, Zhang Yan did not want to get to the bottom of this matter. The cultivation path had always been rough and unsmooth. What significance did little twists and turns have anyway?


After Zhang Yan bid farewell and left, Huang Shouhe let out ridiculing smiles as he walked to the back of the hall with a happy and proud expression. But, he actually saw an old Daoist walk near and made him surprised. He immediately came up and respectfully greeted, “Martial Uncle Wu.”


This Daoist was precisely the Heaven Ascension Pavilion’s Master. When he saw Huang Shouhe, he slightly nodded his head and said, “Has Zhang Yan come here today?”


“Yes, he has.”


“Well, what type of Immortal Cave did you gave him?”


“Since he is originally a Lower Court’s disciple, this Martial Nephew defers to the convention and permitted him to take The Blessed Land.”


Wu Yu’s eyelids lifted up and asked, “Which Blessed Land?”


Huang Shouhe hesitated for short while before he spoke in a low tone, “It’s the Spirit Leaf Island.”


Wu Yu frowned before speaking, “You gave him that fierce Golden Phoenix Blazing Inferno?”


Huang Shouhe hastily explained, “Although this Martial Nephew has explained the reason, but this youth is stubborn and doesn’t want to listen to admonishment. He even thought that this Martial Nephew lied and was intimidating him. Therefore, this one has given him permission, so that’s why this one gave it to him.”


Wu Yu glanced at him and said, “You put best into it.” He shook his head as he walked away with hands crossed behind his back.


Before he left, he looked at Huang Shouhe with an indifferent and cold expression as he saw that he was still feeling elated and was still unaware of the true circumstances. He couldn’t help but sneer. He knew that although Sun Dao Master usually didn’t meddle with others business, but as soon as Zhang Yan came to the Upper Court, Sun Dao Master had bestowed him a maidservant even though he didn’t directly take Zhang Yan to his apprenticeship branch. Judging from this Master’s plan, as to meddle with the friction between the apprenticeship branches and the ancient families, would it even him bring any benefits? Hadn’t he seen how several deacons were afraid as to avoid it? But why were you so tight and dense as wanting to flatter the Wang Family? Should you not carefully get a hold of yourself, you could have met with a cruel, horrible death with no burial place!


Zhang Yan followed the deacon’s child servant that led him out of the Heaven Ascension Pavilion. When he saw Ling’er who was waiting outside come and greet him, he then waved at and spoke, “You go inform Lady Tang that I have chosen The Blessed Land.”


“The Blessed Land?” A happy expression immediately covered Ling’er eyes, “This one doesn’t know where the place is. It’s better to hurriedly inform Young Lady Yan as to get prepared to board on the flying ship so that later we can gather again with Young Master.”


Zhang Yan said, “This is also good. The place is in the Southwest, Spirit Leaf Island.”


Ling’er shouted in surprise as she then covered her mouth and spoke, “Spirit Leaf Island?”


“Hmm, is there anything wrong?”


Ling’er replied with an anxious expression, “Young Master, the spiritual qi in the Spirit Leaf Island is overbearing and chaotic. Two Golden Fires had always been wreaking havoc there, and the place is not suitable for cultivation, but a place of death; it’s extremely dangerous!” She then complained, “Young Master, Young Lady Yan used to live in Dao Master’s beautiful and magnificent Immortal Cave Fairyland and always lived a happy, good life. She might not be able to bear the hardship with you there. Young Master, don’t you want to exchange the place again?”


Zhang Yan’s brows twitched and cold spoke, “Your family’s Young Lady wants to cultivate to become an immortal or want to enter the Palace? Treading on the Great Dao, one must constantly steel oneself and overcome all obstacles, even if one is unable to enjoy happiness, honor, wealth, and splendor. If she doesn’t want to come along with me, then she doesn’t need to go.”


Having said that, he flicked his sleeve as he took the child servant and headed straight to the vacant flying ship.


Ling’er’s complexion instantly turned bitter and angry as she bitterly stomped her foot before she went back to report.


Soon after, Tang Yan knew about the news, but she was silent for a very long time… without a word.


Concerns and worries were drawn on Ling’er complexion as she came up and spoke to her, “Young Lady Yan, we’ve never thought that this Zhang Yan was familiar with the Upper Court’s affairs. He told me to wait outside there, but that Huang Deacon is also a damn and even gave that wretched place. Wouldn’t it mean that we also have to suffer together?”


Tang Yan slightly opened her red lips and spoke, “It’s all right to spend a few months being hard boiled and in distress. This Zhang Yan also has some capital it seems. Otherwise, he could not have become a Lower Court disciple. But his meridian’s type is the Mist Apparition, let’s see how he can practice in this Golden Phoenix Blazing Inferno’s Immortal Cave. After the third month, an Immortal Master from the Sect would come to inspect his cultivation level. If not otherwise, after Young Master Wang has crossed beyond the great wall in the sixth month, tidying up Zhang Yan would be as easy as a pie. But, in these days you need to be careful, so as to avoid Zhang Yan grabbing the opportunity to punish us.”


Ling’er cautiously spoke, “It’s a pity that Young Lady Yan has to go and be with Zhang Yan. He really doesn’t know his own value.”


Tang Yan shook her head, “Since it’s a bestowment by Dao Master, how could we treat this matter as child’s play? If Zhang Yan has no ability to take care of me, the Dao Master naturally would not interfere. But, should I act and decide it on my own initiative, do you really think that Sun Dao Master won’t kill us?”


Ling’er was so scared that she was shivering and did not dare to mention the matter again. She thought for a while and comforted Tang Yan, “Young Master Wang really has an extraordinary aptitude. After birth, he used the Jade Flower Essence to wash his marrows and refines the bones. He started cultivating ever since he was 9-years-old, and now it has been 11 years, but he actually has reached the Second Stage of the Radiant Qi Realm. He also comes from the Boundless Shore’s Wang Family. I heard that recently, he has worshiped Du De Immortal Master as a teacher. He really has limitless future, and since he has deep feelings for Young Lady Yan, he would be unlikely mistreat Young Lady Yan.”


Tang Yan nodded and said, “I hope so.”


At this time, Zhang Yan was still on the flying ship, flying toward the Spirit Leaf Island. The child servant driving the flying ship pointed underneath and said, “Senior Brother, the Immortal Cave is on that mountain’s summit.”


Zhang Yan hadn’t had the time to examine carefully as he felt an evil and foul spiritual pressure blowing at him. He couldn’t help but narrow his eyes, and as when he opened the eyes again, he looked and found that there was a mass of steam-like mist and billowing smoke in the center of the island. There also a volcanic crater on the highest peak of the mountain, which was shaped like a sharp pointed cone as towering ancient trees surrounded the island, while spirit birds and spirit beasts fluttered and rushed in the air filled with exuberant vitality.


In his eyes, as well as other cultivator’s eyes, the spiritual qi in this island soared to the heavens, resembling a rainbow sword dancing in fire, enveloping the entire island with an overbearing yellowish red luster. This island Heaven and Earth spiritual qi was really abundant.


Huang Shouhe gave this Immortal Cave to Zhang Yan, and although this place was indeed called as The Blessed Land, but everything here was far too overbearing. Such as this Immortal Cave, each and everyday, for every three hours, the golden fire of the blazing inferno rose, which could boil and burn one’s skin, piercing into the bones and burning the meridians. Practicing for a long time in this overbearing and excessively powerful spiritual qi environment could even damage one’s foundation.


But there were also some occasions that the ancient families’ disciples in the Azure Ocean Sect had a rare and unusual meridian’s type of the Golden Fire. However, even if there was one, they would also choose a more temperate Immortal Cave. This place’s Immortal Cave had been vacant for a long time since no one was willing to come here.


The flying ship slowly descended and the child servant was seemingly afraid to stay longer as he hastily departed after he landed and spoke a few words with Zhang Yan.


At the moment, Zhang Yan carefully observed the thick and dense spiritual qi in this place. He was actually not frightened, and instead felt a great joy. The “Taiyi Golden Manual” he was ready to practice would benefit a lot from the essences of Wind, Fire, Gold, and Thunder. The baleful and evil qi and lightning in this place perhaps could burn one’s True Primordial Qi, but he could use this Gold element spiritual qi to temper and quench himself. And now, the Sect was actually giving him this Immortal Cave voluntarily, of which, had greatly helped him to exempt finding his needs to improve his cultivation.


In the eyes of others, this place was an extremely dangerous death trap. But in his eyes, this ImmortalCave was absolutely the true Blessed Land. He looked up to the sky and let out a wide smile, “The so-called ‘the poisons for others are the effective medicines for me’ couldn’t even surpass this!”

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