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Volume 2, Chapter 27 – The Fight Above the River, Forcefully Robbing the Origin Talisman


Zhang Yan could see that the river ahead had a lot of twists and turns. An idea suddenly crossed in his mind as he leaned to the side and whispered to Luo Xiao. She understood his intention as she then leaped up and jumped into the billowing river water. With her nimble and light body, not even a trace of water was sprayed on the surface.


Zhang Yan himself released his mist secret art as layers of thick mist, as if it was suddenly dropped from the sky, spread out in a split second. Not only did it wrap all 5 ships, but the surface of the river was also covered with lingering light mist, causing the far and near scenery to be only faintly visible, as if it was imaginary.


When Shen Yuefeng’s ship arrived at the river’s turn, he also saw the scene where thick mist covered the river. Unconsciously, his brows wrinkled.


If he had integrated his Sword Bullets with his Divine Sense, he wouldn’t have cared about this confusing obstruction, since he would only need one sword slash to cut it off. But who was using this secret art and intended to constantly conceal them? At this time, he was unable to suppress a touch of jittery feeling that rose in his heart. Had they were able to leave this river, they could have flown to escape and hid deep in a remote mountain. Where would he go to find them by then?

Just at this time, he felt his footing was shaking as the ship’s hull suddenly shook a few times, while the ship’s crews shouted loudly, “The ship is leaking, the ship is leaking!”

Shen Yuefeng was startled, although the river current was rapid and turbulent here, but he had picked the most skilled individuals for the ship’s crews that had long been experiencing the activities in this river. They could even be said to be able to sail back and forth in this river even with their eyes closed. Even if the mist covered the river, how could it be this prone to have accidents? This was surely because Zhang Yan had played his tricks!

He sneered, “It’s a worthless technique you have. Do you think you can stop me with this?” He jumped down to the ship’s bow and enveloped his feet with his profound light as he then tread on the water to rush into the mist and followed the sounds’ direction to chase the ship in front.

A gentle sound emitted from the water surface as Luo Xiao slowly slid and leapt up back to the deck. Not even a drop of water sprayed on her clothes as she then smiled and spoke, “Young Master, his ship has already been punctured!”

Zhang Yan nodded and spoke, “Well done.”

Although ahead was filled with mist, but he could still clearly see Shen Yuefeng’s figure. With a calm expression, he took out the Spirit Eraser Ink-Stone and threw the Fate Decree Pen to Luo Xiao. He also whispered some words to her and then took out a gold-colored copper mirror with his other hand as he stared at the front.


Shen Yuefeng hadn’t realized that his every actions and movements had been watched by others. He ran on the water surface for a hundred steps as he then heard loud sounds from the ship ahead. He knew that the distance between him and the opposite party’s ship were near and quickly waved his sleeve, causing a paper charm to be released out of nothing. He slapped his palm and shouted, “BREAK OFF!”


The paper charm spontaneously combusted, and then drifted forward as it then reached and attached on the hull in a blink of an eye. A group of azure flames suddenly flared up and “BOOM”, it exploded and sent the fire sparks to all sides. The mist within 50 feet radius in the surrounding area suddenly dispersed.


With his vision unobstructed, Shen Yuefeng was immediately able to see Zhang Yan and Luo Xiao clearly. After having hesitated for half a minute, his finger pointed and condensed a gold-colored Sword Bullet, and released it in a flash as it bolted straight at Zhang Yan swiftly.


At the same time, Luo Xiao also flicked her wrist as a scarlet-colored cloud pattern pen brush flew to the air. However, it wasn’t directed toward the Sword Bullet but blitzed straight toward Shen Yuefeng.


The Sword Bullet came in front of Zhang Yan in a flash. When the Sword Bullet was about to hit him, a white light suddenly came out for the first time. The Fate Guardian Jade Tablet automatically flew from his chest and accurately gridded down the Sword Bullet and hit it in the air. The both of them were instantly paused.

A chance!


Zhang Yan focused his eyes and took out the gold-bronze copper with his right hand upward. The bronze mirror hovered midair as its rays of light shone down and immediately wrapped and bound the Sword Bullet.


Upon seeing his Sword Bullet rendered motionless, Shen Yuefeng was greatly startled, and exerted all of his strength to summon it back. His sleeve widely waved, but he suddenly saw the Fate Decree Pen had already arrived in front of him, causing him to stop his intended move and quickly wave his robe to throw stacks of paper charms, setting it ablaze in the next second. A mass of grayish fumes were blocking ahead, the moment the Fate Decree Pen brushed the fumes, its spiritual energy was instantly eliminated and flew back.

Upon seeing the Sword Bullet was about to struggle within the rays of light at this time, Zhang Yan didn’t let it free as he opened his mouth and spat out his Evil Qi which was mixed with Yin Yang poison. In an instant, the Sword Bullet was as if a hot iron being thrown into cold water as it released a ripping sound. The profound light above it turned dark and gloomy as its movements turned stiff.

With Zhang Yan’s orders, Luo Xiao saw that an opportunity had finally appeared, she had long been waiting to wield the hammer, and then pounded the Sword Bullet. “Ping” sounds sounded twice as the profound light attached to it fiercely swayed, as if it a candle that was about to be blown off by the wind and might be extinguished at anytime.


Shen Yuefeng quickly acted as he formed a seal and tried to summon back the Sword Bullet. However, since its profound light was almost thoroughly dissipated, he could see that it only swayed a bit inside the gold-bronze mirror’s rays of light and couldn’t get free. He shouted loudly and released a line of profound light immediately. His profound light carried along with it a metal and gold element attributes, which had been refined with his qi and was equal with an ordinary flying sword, albeit this white gold-colored qi didn’t need to be supported with his profound light. Luo Xiao didn’t fear it as her profound light also similarly branched out from her body to meet it head on. Her hands didn’t stop moving and continuously pounded the Sword Bullet with the hammer once more.

A deafening exploding sound was heard the next second as the Sword Bullet’s profound light dissipated. With a cracking sound, a crack appeared on it as it lost its spiritual qi and fell down from the air.


Pain stroke through Shen Yuefeng’s soul as “poof” sounds were then heard. He spurted out a mouthful of blood’s essence. As he looked up, his Sword Bullet that was captured by Zhang Yan and Luo Xiao had already lost its luster and turned into an ordinary thing. It was needless to say that it had already been broken.


The Sword Bullet was the most powerful skill he had. And since it had been broken, a hesitating expression surfaced on his complexion as he looked at Zhang Yan and Luo Xiao, he finally found them difficult to deal with.

Upon seeing that he seemed to have the intention to withdraw, Zhang Yan intentionally let out loud ridicules, “Shen Yuefeng! You aggressively come to threaten me. I’m really waiting in vain to see what abilities you could have. It turned out that you’re really pathetic. Now your Sword Bullet has been broken. Let me see what else you have to even make me injured!”

After hearing these words, Shen Yuefeng’s blood suddenly surged up, even overshooting his heart. The anger made his whole body violently tremble. He loudly yelled in a ferocious voice, “Zhang Yan, bastard brat. Do you think I can’t claim your life?” His hand quickly waved over, as a few gleaming paper charms revolved and flew, as it unexpectedly dispersed a sharp metal-element aura.

Contempt and disdain filled Luo Xiao’s eyes. She snorted lightly and swiftly released the Fate Decree Pen to the air. The moment this magical pen revolved around in the air once, it then drew out an invisible spiritual qi field as it brushed out and instantly out washed those paper charms. On the other hand, Zhang Yan, who had taken back the gold-bronze mirror, saw an opportunity and swiftly waved his sleeve as an azure light directly soared to Shen Yuefeng’s chest.

The Divine Shuttle had yet to arrive in front of him, but all the hairs on Shen Yuefeng’s body suddenly rose as a foreboding sense of danger suddenly filled his heart. Without any time to spare, he hastily moved as his profound light emerged just like a tide behind him and instantly condensed to shield him. He barely blocked the Divine Shuttle with great difficulty, while Luo Xiao also directed the Fate Decree Pen to bolt at him. He couldn’t help but let out a hoarse and deep shout and gushed his profound light out to block it head on.

The Fate Decree Pen revolved around and out washed this profound light and stroke again. Shen Yuesheng’s profound light also shot out from his body to block it. It was the third time for Luo Xiao to have hit and out wash his profound light with the Fate Decree Pen, but Shen Yuefeng seemed to have given birth to another one for each time, as if his True Primordial Qi was inexhaustible and infinite. This made Zhang Yan and Luo Xiao realize that there should be an auxiliary treasure on his body that assisted him in recovering his True Primordial Qi.

Luo Xiao sneered as 2 black light needles appeared along with her profound light behind.


These crafty-venomous needles were personally refined by herself, and were tempered from the venom in her teeth. Its color and luster was the same with her profound light, and also could be launched silently along with her profound light to suddenly injure the enemies stealthily, causing it almost impossible to guard against. Previously, He Fang was also stabbed by these needles, causing his whole body to be unable to move and easily killed.

Her left hand secretly pinched the Core Hammer and stroke at Shen Yuefeng’s profound light, reducing it once again.

A depressed feeling engulfed Shen Yuefeng. He did intend to retreat, but when he was about to run away, he was actually chased and tied down by the Divine Shuttle. He knew that this magical weapon was powerful, and he was barely able to meet it head on and keep it off with great difficulty, so how would he dare to casually let it chase him from the back?

While he was looking for opportunities to escape, he saw that the Fate Decree Pen had been recalled back, but the Core Hammer was striking in its stead. He couldn’t help but get scared and intended to use his profound light to block it, but he felt something seemed to flash in front of him as his body instantly turned stiff and numb the second after, even unable to use his qi. In this split second, he was barely able to slant his body and leaned to the side, when suddenly a “bang” sound was heard. His shoulder had been suddenly hit by a hammer and shattered. He wailed painfully as his body was unable to stand firm anymore and fell down to the water.


Upon seeing Shen Yuefeng was falling into the water, Zhang Yan knew that his plan had been achieved, so he quickly shouted, “Fellow Daoist Luo!”


Luo Xiao nodded in answer as her right palm stretched out and released a huge pitch-black ink-stone to the air.


When Zhang Yan was using the Spirit Eraser Ink-Stone, he could only enlarge it into 50 feet in width. But under Luo Xiao’s hand, it expanded into 300 feet in width within seconds, which even fully covered the whole river’s surface.

Luo Xiao shouted with her tender voice as she turned her palm and crushed the Spirit Eraser Ink-Stone to the spot where Shen Yuefeng had fallen. “BOOM!” Gigantic waves boiled up as billowed waters rapidly rushed forth, causing all 5 ships to be almost overturned and pushed by hundreds of feet, causing the rope made from twisted bamboo that tied them together to tilt. The ship originally carried beautiful Demon Mermaids, but instead of getting scared, they jumped into the water as they cheered full of joy. But Zhang Yan didn’t worry that they would run away since they were bound by the Blood Contract imprinted on their body.


Luo Xiao stared at the river’s surface for a few times. Having seen that there were no movements, she took back the ink-stone and jumped down into the water. The Spirit Eraser Ink-Stone had the ability to completely extinguish the corporeal body as well as the Primordial Soul; coupled with a body that was poisoned with a violent venom, Shen Yuefeng was impossible to be able to run in that short time window. With such a sudden strike and suffering, he should have died.


Zhang Yan stood on the surface of the water as his body fluctuated along with the waves up and down until the waves gradually calmed down. With a “crash” sound, Luo Xiao drilled out from inside the water and flung a Universe Pouch to Zhang Yan, “That man’s corpse decayed while his Primordial Soul also has been dispersed.”


Zhang Yan received the pouch, opened and looking inside. It seemed that that guy also had brought some medicinal pills and several Dao manuals. He quickly took them out and read one of the manual’s titles, “The Charm Pocketbook Manual”. This manual was actually the secret method in the Vast Origin Sect to draw magical charms that was secretly passed on. He conveniently flipped over its pages and saw a lot of dense explanatory notes and commentaries. Zhang Yan couldn’t refrain himself to read it over a few times.

This manual originally would be presented to Jiang Yue by Shen Yuefeng after the Alchemy Competition was over. Therefore, all the commentaries and notes were very detailed and dedicated. Never would anyone know that Zhang Yan would obtain it cheaply. As he recalled about how these magical paper charms were actually able to slightly keep off magical treasures, as well as having all sorts of wondrous uses, Zhang Yan was unable to restrain the heat of interest in his heart, as he was then enthralled when he began reading it up.

At this time, Luo Xiao had came over and stood at his side. She took one thing and asked, “Young Master, take a look at this. Do you know what this is?”

Zhang Yan looked up and saw the thing in Luo Xiao’s hand. It seemed like it was a sheet of magical symbols with gold-colored lights circulating on its surface, while its spiritual qi was lingering on it. Even by only glancing at it, he knew that this object was extraordinary.

Luo Xiao then spoke with an excited expression, “This thing is called the ‘Origin Talisman’. It’s a unique sole possession of Vast Origin Sect and was forged by that Sect’s elder. It’s able to gather and send True Primordial Qi as well as spiritual qi to whoever wears it, and it’s very convenient to use in fights.”

“Is this the Origin Talisman?”

After having heard that this object was the Origin Talisman, Zhang Yan was also unable to suppress his joy as a happy expression was drawn on his face.

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