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Volume 2, Chapter 26 – Judging and Seizing the Situation, Vast Swords Essence Cultivation


“Even though there would be civil war in the Water State, but Young Master’s status is the Azure Ocean Sect’s emissary. Since disciples from various factions came over to this birthday banquet, could it be there would be some people that intentionally want to trouble Young Master in the Water State?” Luo Xiao felt that it was somewhat strange, because even if the Water State fell into turmoil and became chaotic, it perhaps wouldn’t involve Zhang Yan.

Zhang Yan waved his hand and replied, “King Zhen’s conducts have always been dense, and easily creates disturbance. If he could come out unscathed in this Alchemy Competition, then it would be fine. However, if he was kicked out from his position and even imprisoned, every single thing he had done in the past would be investigated, such as borrowing the Golden Manual just now. If that were to be exposed, it would become a major crime. If I don’t hurry to leave, wouldn’t it be the same with waiting to be implicated in it?”

On the other hand, the Rainbow Stonefield Water State’s topography was extremely peculiar since its chaotic energy fluctuation would render anyone’s flying ability to be useless, no matter if one’s cultivation base was high or not. Regardless, whoever won and usurped the power, they would absolutely seal off the 8 Gateways so as to avoid any important people from escaping. If this happened, Zhang Yan’s life and death would also be at the mercy of others. And this predicament was not something that Zhang Yan wanted to see.

Luo Xiao’s expression turned cold, “What Young Master has said made sense. I’m going to prepare the ship quickly.”

But Zhang Yan shouted to stop her, “Hold on, before we leave, I need you to buy a batch of those beautiful demon mermaids. I’ll bring them back to the island to decorate the scenery.”

He had always been thinking to leisurely bring along Luo Xiao to the Sect. And since he had been sent to the Water Country, wasn’t this a golden opportunity? He could buy one group of demoness here and bring them along with him to the Sect. Not only could he use them to befriend other disciples within the Sect, he would also be able to conceal Luo Xiao’s status, and could keep her at his side in the open.

Luo Xiao’s beautiful eyes turned, and then understood his intention. She nodded her head and asked to be excused.

Under the dim light of the night, Zhang Yan gazed at the gleaming reflection of waves on the lake’s surface. He secretly thought, “It’s really a pity, I could have broken through into the Third Stage of the Radiant Qi Realm had I finished refining 3 more strands of spiritual qi here. But now that it seems that I must leave, the Dark Yin from this Frost Qi in this place must not be wasted.”

He took a deep breath and started to absorb the chilling cold qi emitted from the underwater Earth veins, and then stored it into one of his Qi Openings.


At present, he had 3 Qi Openings. The first Qi Opening was to specifically be used for the Three Opening Arts, the second one was to store the Evil Qi blended with the Yin Yang poison, while the third one was currently being used to absorb this Frost Qi.


The Frost Qi stored in his third Qi Opening was sufficient to be refined into one drop of Dark Yin Heavy Water. After he had returned back to the Azure Ocean Sect, he must seek an Immortal Cave with Frost Qi.

Half an hour later, in the west side of the South Laurel Palace—the Lucid Water Mansion—Jiang Yue pushed the door open and entered the mansion. She saw that her Senior Brother, Shen Yuefeng, was wiping flying swords. Although his looks were just like his usual imposing aura, however, the swift and fierce murderous intent in his eyes couldn’t be concealed; even his wrists were also slightly trembling.


Jiang Yue approached and asked in a deep concerning tone, “Senior Brother, how are you?”

Shen Yuefeng didn’t lift his head as he replied, “I’ve sent someone to monitor Zhang Yan. After he has returned, he reported that today at mid noon, his follower held the Bluish Green Cloud Pavilion’s Token Seal and came out looking around for a ship to rent. It seems that he has something planned.”


Jiang Yue was surprised and spoke, “Senior Brother, you want to…”


Shen Yuefeng’s looked at the wiping cloth with a calm expression as it suddenly scattered into fragments, “This is a good opportunity, Zhang Yan is a Azure Ocean Sect’s disciple. I don’t know when I will be able to get revenge for the Second Younger Brother. But now, the heavens have opened their eyes and bestowed on me this golden opportunity, so how I can miss it?”


A touch of worry surfaced on Jiang Yue’s complexion as she spoke, “But Senior Brother, a few years later, there will be a Sword Fight Competition between 16 Great Factions. Although I also want to get revenge for Senior Brother Shen, but why should we be this anxious to act?”


Shen Yuefeng firmly shook his head and spoke, “You can see for yourself how incredibly fast Zhang Yan is in cultivation. Now, he’s only a step away from the Third Stage of the Radiant Qi Realm. The Azure Ocean Sect is one of 16 Great Factions, if I waited for a few years more, to what degree would his cultivation be by that time? If I don’t kill here and now, it will be extremely difficult to kill him in the future.”


Upon seeing Shen Yuefeng could neither be persuaded nor be calmed down, Jiang Yue quietly reminded, “Senior Brother, that woman cultivator at Zhang Yan’s side is also very powerful, how much confidence do you have to be successful?”


Shen Yuefeng coldly snorted and spoke, “I have an Origin Talisman with endless spiritual qi in my hands, why should I fear them?” He stood up and waved his sleeve. With successive “clangs” sounds, all 6 flying swords on the table flew and entered his sleeve.


Dawn had come and Zhang Yan had already prepared to take the journey back home. This time, Luo Xiao had bought more than a hundred Demon Mermaids and rented 5 ships that lined up in a row on the vast water surface as the ships sailed and cleaved the waves in the morning, filled with breeze mist.

When they first entered the Water State, they went downstream from the south side’s high elevation terrain and then entered the Water State. However, this time, they must detour against the upstream and then changed course to another stream that exited to the north.

After having sailed for an hour, the previously 80 thousand feet mountain wall gradually became shorter as they descended along the downstream. The lake water’s surface gradually rose as the sky turned wide open and bright, with the pale white full moon still hanging down on the horizon.

Having sailed for a few more miles, they changed course in some rivers. As the time had already passed 5 AM, the sun was rising up while the rosy-colored clouds were dancing at the dawned horizon. The golden-colored rays of light reflected from the river’s surface, sweeping the clouds and mist away.

A huge mountain wall presented ahead as the turbulent rapids flowing along in the river course inside the 600 feet high cavern tunnel the mountain’s stomach. The rapids sent out whooshing sounds as the Red-crowned Crane occasionally howled once in awhile.


Luo Xiao then spoke, “After we cross this river, we will have officially left the Rainbow Stonefield Water State, and there will be no magnetic force from the origin energy anymore, so we can fly from there.”


At this time, she suddenly turned and glanced around a few times as she then spoke, “Young Master, take a look at that ship. That ship has been tailing us for awhile.”


Zhang Yan looked at the back and saw that a ship was approaching from the distance. After a short while, the distance had been reduced to 600 from 700 feet as a cultivator clad in greenish black-colored vestment was standing on the ship’s bow. In a glance, he recognized that it’s the Profound Light Realm youth that had brushed past them at the guardhouse in the South Laurel Palace.


Upon seeing that Zhang Yan was looking at him, the youth’s complexion sank as he pointed his finger, where a bright light flashed along with a sword light that cleaved the empty air. Luo Xiao promptly moved forward like lightning to block it fast as black-colored profound lights flashed from her body, just like an unfolded screen being ready to cradle that flying sword.


Having collided after a short while, and didn’t managing to fall down, with a brushing sound, the flying sword flew back.


Zhang Yan asked from afar, “Who is this Lowly Excellency?”


The cultivator in green vestment shouted, “Zhang Yan, do you remember Shen Jingyue?”


Zhang Yan nodded and replied, “Naturally, I remember Senior Brother Shen.”


The youth cultivator fiercely snapped, “I’m Shen Yuefeng, Shen Jingyue’s older brother. That day in the Clear Sky Peak, you had harmed my younger brother, causing him to vomit blood and die. Today, I came to claim your worthless life.”


Zhang Yan bursted into laughter.


Shen Yuefeng startled and then spoke furiously, “Why the hell are you laughing, punk?”


Zhang Yan sneered, “If you want to kill someone, kill him thoroughly. I’m laughing at your stupid intention to kill me today, because you seem stupid enough to not realize that I can also kill you today.”


Shen Yuefeng flew into rage and bellowed, “Brat, today you will taste how powerful I am!”


He waved out his sleeve as a bright band of sword lights bolted and blitzed in a flash.


A strand of profound light enveloping Luo Xiao’s body wrapped a flying sword and shot at that band of sword lights, as its profound light then unfolded to block it. But Luo Xiao didn’t expect that the lights turned out to have 4 swords lights, causing her to draw back a half step while holding her flying sword as she tried to brush away the other 3 flying swords. When the sixth sword light came, she was unable to withstand it anymore, and had no choice but to withdraw and avoid it.

She didn’t have the chance to even use her bladed weapon as the 6 sword lights rotated and forced her to continuously recede step by step, compelling her into a dangerous situation.

Upon seeing this, Zhang Yan quickly threw something and shouted, “Fellow Daoist Luo, catch this!”

Luo Xiao quickly took it over, and the moment she successfully grabbed it, her will moved as the sword lights then fell. She quickly waved her hand to smash it, and with a loud “clang” sound, the divine light enveloping the flying sword instantly vanished and fell down. In this small time gap, she quickly formed a seal and then shouted, “Go!”

The magical weapon in her hand flew to the air as the sounds of metal exploded. It then directly struck down a flying sword as it swirled and stroke from the side, breaking that flying sword.

Having seen his 3 flying swords continuously destroyed, Shen Yuefeng’s heart couldn’t help but be startled. He saw that the weapon in Luo Xiao’s hands was emitting glittering reddish-purple light and took the shape of a hammer. He was aware that this magical weapon was the one that turned his flying swords useless. He anxiously summoned back the rest of his flying swords. But Luo Xiao was also unwilling to let them off, her hand wielded the hammer handle and chased to strike at them, and “BANG”, another flying sword was struck broken, falling into the river and instantly disappearing without a trace.

When Shen Yuefeng recalled back his flying swords, and seeing that there were only 2 flying sword left intact, he snorted coldly, “This isn’t finished yet, I’ll still keep you here!” Exerting his strength, a “crash” sounded twice as the 2 flying swords were broken into fragments and thrown to the deck.

His eyes were just like sharp blades staring at the opposite ship. The split moment he formed a seal, a golden colored ray of light emitted from the center of his forehead, whereas his finger pointed to a certain spot and shouted, “KILL!”

Luo Xiao’s beautiful face slightly discolored as she shouted loudly, “Young Master, quickly hide, that is a Sword Bullet!”

When cultivators had successfully mastered their profound lights, they would be able to extract metal or gold properties from corresponding objects with that element and condensed a Sword Bullet. After having gone through a certain sacrifice in practicing and integrating it with their will, they could use their profound light to fuel and enable it to fly and kill remotely.

After repeatedly condensing this Sword Bullet, its quality and might would be getting more and more powerful. When one were to have perfect command over it, it would have flexible movements and it would be hard to block. Ordinary treasures might be able to keep it off for a while, but would eventually be unable to stop the repeated chain of flying shots afterwards.

In a frontal close fight, people that are able to use Sword Bullets were often the most difficult enemies to deal with. Because once their opponents released magical weapons and they saw that they would be overwhelmed and unable to face them, they could use the sword light to escape until the their opponents called their magical weapons back. Once it happened, they could return and strike back.

In the case that these people’s sword art was quietly sophisticated, they could go back and forth for a few times and would be able to distinguish their opponent’s’ flaws. Ordinarily, they would able to kill the great majority of cultivators on the same cultivation realm.


Upon seeing that the Sword Bullet was coming lightning fast, Luo Xiao hastened to hit it with the Purple Heart Core Hammer. However, she had yet to refine this magical weapon with her soul and blood, causing her movements to be inevitably slow and sluggish. The Sword Bullet circled around and began to strike straight towards Zhang Yan. Luo Xiao was too late to block it as her complexion turned pale.

At this time, darkness fell from above as the wide river came to a turn, and the mountain wall could be seen ahead. The ship had just changed course to the corner as the Sword Bullet in midair slightly paused and lagged before it flew back.

Luo Xiao was relieved and sighed, “Fortunately, he had yet to successfully transform his flying sword into a Sword Spirit. Otherwise, once he has successfully turned it into spiritual entity and integrated it with his Divine Sense, he could have been able to control his Sword Bullet at will, enabling it to never miss the target.”

Having spoken up to there, she couldn’t help but sigh, “That day, the path I had taken was the “Qi Path”. Had I been practicing the “Strength Path” and practiced a profound cultivation law for it, my whole body would be as strong as a metal weapon. With a body such as a Divine Weapon in hand, would I even have to worry about this pure essence Sword Bullet again?”

As if victory was within his grasp, Zhang Yan’s expression was still calm and composed when he replied to her, “Fellow Daoist Luo, you don’t need to worry. Although, at this time, his strength is seemingly imposing and powerful, but he still isn’t far from his own death. Now, he can only rely on his flying sword to hit and strike. I believe he wants to escape. But at present, this place’s magnetic force and chaotic origin energy from the Earth’s vein is causing him to be unable to escape. At this moment, he has lost his greatest advantage to kill me. If the two of us are unable to kill him, wouldn’t it be the same as a joke?”

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